Spanish Government Orders Google To Delete App Used For Catalan Independence Vote

Catalonia’s High Court on Friday ordered Google to delete an application that it said Catalan separatists were using to spread information about a disputed independence vote this Sunday, Reuters reported. The court also ordered Google to block any future applications developed by the gmail address “”, according to a written ruling.

The app, which was available on Google Play until just before 7 p.m. on Friday, helps people to find their polling station via their address and shows the closest polling stations on Google Maps via GPS, the name of the town or keywords. It also allows users to share links to polling station locations, according to The Spain Report.

Google told The Spain Report that: "we remove content from our platforms when we receive a court order or when it violates our terms and conditions". The app no longer appears to be available from Spain.

The court order told Google Inc—at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 (USA)—to take down the app located at that URL and also to block or eliminate any future apps submitted by the user with e-mail address "" or identifying as "Catalonia Voting Software". The judge said in her ruling that the tweet with the app link is "only a continuation of the actions of the [Catalan government] to block" Constitutional Court and High Court orders "repeatedly".

The High Court in Catalonia issued an order on September 23 allowing police to take down any referendum websites linked to by members of the Catalan government on their social media accounts. Friday's new court order was issued because this is a referendum mobile app, for download, not a link to a referendum website or domain directly.

The "reluctant attitude" of the Catalan government to obey the previous orders about referendum websites is "clear, once again", says the judge. "…they mean to dodge said blockades with computer applications for mobile devices, which, like the web pages, only promote and facilitate the holding of the referendum on October 1."

The Civil Guard notified had notified the judge earlier today that a link had appeared on the Twitter profile of Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan First Minister, at 8:30 p.m. on September 27, "announcing the availability of a mobile app with information about the referendum in Catalonia, along with a link to download it". The judge has ordered the Civil Guard to take the actions needed to enforce the order. Some 140 referendum websites and mirrors have now been taken down on court orders since the beginning of September.

As reported earlier, Madrid, which claims the authority of a constitution that declares the country to be indivisible, remained implacably opposed to Sunday's vote. “I insist that there will be no referendum on Oct. 1,” central government spokesman Mendez de Vigo told a news conference following the weekly cabinet meeting, reiterating that the vote was illegal.

However, as also noted previously, it appears that the local population has no intetion of complying with the crackdown. In a sign that large crowds are again expected on the streets on Sunday, department store chain El Corte Ingles said it would shut three stores in central Barcelona. The central government said airspace above the city would be partly restricted, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, lines of tractors draped in the red-and-yellow striped Catalan flag left provincial towns on Friday, planning to converge on Barcelona in a sign of support for the referendum.


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OK, so what they are trying to do, beyond creating chaos and divide et impera, is to paint the right as the bully.This is happening in the U.S. with Trump, Rajoy from the PP rightist party (conservative, Christian Democratic), Hungary and others.Now the truth is that everybody is bought and part of the system, or better said, of the false dialectic, led by the "enlightened" ones.

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  The idiots in Madrid are going to learn the hard way that at times a government cannot suppress a population that is determined to be free. It only takes 10 percent or so who are willing to give it all up and fight to start a revolution. There are estimates that up to 65% of the colonists were loyalists during the Americaqn Revolution.

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Not a good sign that the farmers are involved - it's a busy time at the moment; lots of harvesting to be done. If tractors are taking time out to head for a protest, it means that farmers are more interested in politics than covering their debt. Might concentrate the thinking in madrid, or it might not.

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Exactly. Separatism in Spain has a long history of association with the radical left. An independent Catalonia would be pro EU and open borders.They've handled it poorly but I don't disagree with suppressing it in principle. Franco would have just rounded up all the leaders and have them shot. 

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Yes, precisely.  Saving the West is more important than Self Determination as a principle. I am a Nationalist but I don't believe Balkanizing Europe into Micro States is a sensible policy. Especially if the goal of it is to pursue the very policies that are destroying it.These people are Communists and will invite more invaders into the continent. They can wrap themselves in Nationalism all they want. I'm not fooled. 

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It's not so much Blue team vs Red team, more DC screwing over Texas kinda thing.In 2012 Madrid thought to hardball structural debt bailout (Catalunya was building 200mph Paris train terminus & infrastructure / new Airport etc from pre 2007) PP party thought it would be more fun to keep the cash in Madrid and give Cat the finger.... Reply came back: try this on for size...

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There is more going on here. These asshats show the world they're terrified! Total fear over an non legal referendum. Whatever the outcome. It's not relevant. Madrid will take over contol by force if necessary as they have the law on their side. Catalonia taking their land by picking up arms? Sure... And pigs can fly.Divide et impera, sure. It's all emotional driven nowadays. People don't think! As for the smart assholes behind the screens. They don't have much to hide behind anymore, now do they? One after the other [their puppets] gets caught up in some scandal. Their puppets suck and they know it. Yet they seem confident anyway... Draw any conclusions you like. I did! And since when... Do US corps obey sovereign laws? Don't they have treaties to HIDE behind??? Spain has no say. They can't ban an app internationally. Only in Spain. 

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Catalans acclaiming Franco (it looks like quite a crowd) during his visit in 1970. They do look oppressed those Catalans, NOT.Please note his usage of a topless car, easy to take him out with a deer rifle from one of the many buildings along the path. Out of the millions of Catalans none of them wanted to take an easy shot if he was hated so much? and by that time it was very easy to get a gun like a hunting rifle in Spain.The independentists do not want it badly enough to be violent, stop dreaming about a Civil War in Spain (and thank you for the kind wish).

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One slight observation. You seem to think you're part of some solution... Which you are not. Hiding behind logical fallacies. You don't like it. That much is clear. Yet all you have is... logical fallacies. I agree what they're doing has very little use and won't give them much. But rather fact based. What I do applaud them for is showing how corrupt and stupid all this centralization is. The EU will have none of it ( they like corruption, but the headache of everyone succeeding is not worth it). Does that mean they should bow down? I don't agree. Do other Spaniards get a say? Ridiculous! By your same rhetoric I should be given a say what my neighbor has in his house and garden. We live in the same street. He wants to change his lawn. Fuck, not without my say!  Distored view of how things works. Because you don't like that either. But the robbermint, your savior, your God has that right? That don't make no sense. Then I have that right as well to demand you get rid of that stupid lamp you have because I say it's stupid. File a motion and get it passed. And don't get constitution on me. A handfull can bend it to their liking (Madrid, EU, etc) while the rest of us don't? And this applies to Catalonia as well. As this is happening. Things are not black and white. Where is the border? People are fed up with it. Problem here is emotion. The only way you get out of it is by disobedience and fighting for your right. Which they try with some "democratic" process that ain't even LEGAL... Not even well thaught out! Because... What comes next? Where we go from here? No, ...emotion. In this case anger or dissatisfaction. But no good plan. Sounds dumb to me.Hence civil war. Not that I expect you to understand any of it. You like things centralized while everything goes to hell. Somebody being born? You think you have some right to demand something from that person... Yes... You are so much better than the ones you claim to dislike. Robbermint is the problem. Only way I see Catalonia independent is when they fight for it. Here's the big question. Will you fight against them or with them? Sometimes life is simple like that. You perceive them as Spaniards and Spanish property. They claim they don't see it like that (Again, I miss the point of their actions, but if they want this... Who am I?) Will you fight to kill them? Kill the Catalonians to take back what you believe belongs to the Spanish? You can't have it both ways. It's a "tribal" war you idiot. This tribe wants to break with the main tribe. What are you going to do?  Here you IDIOTS never thought about. And Madrid their actions, based on logical fallacies, will turn against them. Go opress the dissident tribe going WE ALL SPANISH, while at the same time acknowledge Spain has different "tribes". They want to leave the collective. Be on their own. Spain wants all their tribes to remain. Simple as that. Threatening them as hostiles will alienate them even more. Giving in to their demands will fracture Spain even more. You guys painted yourselves in a pretty damn awful corner. All of you. Sit on that for a while. 

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Time for Catalonians to snipe Spanish (((Global-Lusts))).Sometimes there is only one message, only one remedy that works, no matter the unpleasant taste of the medicine.After all, sociopathic Global-Lusts and Banksters have NO qualms about their constant use of Deceit, Lies, Fraud, Theft, Oppression, Violence and Murder. Mass murder (False Flag acts of fake terrorism or even war), if need be.  Time to restore the Republic to health, by removing and disposing of all Pathogens and Parasites.Beware of this (((scum))) creating a FF, to discredit the Catalonians.

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This thing is a FF! FFS, the most corrupted area breaking free, wanna join the EU?FFS, what do you think will happen tomorrow? You think this is about the Catalonians? Hard-core AntiFag scum gathered. So they can burn the shit down like in Hamburg. How will that benefit the Catalonian? It will cast a shadow over it all. Nothing the Cataloians can do as their popo can't kick these agents provocateurs out do to... Yes, Ghordious his beloved EU, values (which values? Do they stand for anything accept easy money?). That would outrage the EU. Telling NONO Spaniards their not welcome in the area for very good reasons... But they should!!! We send back a buncha Zee Sjerman Antifags when they departed the train. FUCK OFF, go home! No hamburg here. Get your damn ass back in that train or go directly to the Police department. But those damn EU values eh, that clash with European values. We got away because it wasn't that serious and prevented it denying them. Buncha aliens stirring up shit. That was a low profile thing. But Catalonia... High profile. This is all one big staged thing. Robbermints that lost control of their pets... Gee... Sounds very familiar. 

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Meanwhile the western population busy on facebook and netflix..... Fat ugly pigs and monkeys...getting wasted at the bar or watching TV.. The human being must be destroyed. The Depopulation program must accelerate....... I'm not worried about a thing. The robot and A.I will end the human...I can't wait.

RealityCheque Fri, 09/29/2017 - 14:00 Permalink

Clearly they haven't heard of the Streisand Effect.I just uploaded it to APKMirror. Should be live in a few hours. Someone with a github account might submit it to F-Droid as well.

NYC_Rocks Fri, 09/29/2017 - 13:59 Permalink

More evidence of how government is aggression/violence and does not represent the people.  Government hates secession because it dismantles their power.  Decentralization of government is good (Brexit etc).

Don Diego Moe Howard Fri, 09/29/2017 - 14:35 Permalink

The Catalan goverment is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims, espcially Moroccans who hate Spain, and fast-tracking them to citizenship. A bit like Democrats in the USA importing half the world to change the demographics of the states. Would you like your state seceding from the US because some politicans imported hundreds of thousands of naturalized  foreigners and now your people are in a "democratic" minority? The same thing happened in Kosovo. A historic Serb land until they were bred out by Muslim invaders.

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Joe A Don Diego Fri, 09/29/2017 - 14:50 Permalink

Because of the separatist movements in Spain, Spain refuses to recognize Kosovo, as do 4 other EU countries and some other non EU European countries such as Russia. Catalunya uses the ICJ court ruling regarding Kosovo (which is very ambiguous in its wording) as a precedent. The ICJ ruling states that the proclamation of Kosovo independence was not illegal. It does not say that the actual independence is legal, it merely states that the proclamation itself was not illegal. With this, the genie is out of the bottle because everybody and their cat (no pun intended but a bit funny) can now proclaim independence.

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I sure would, because this is a free country. If my state is a cesspool of libtards and religious zealots, I'll just move to another one. Preferably one that supports surrounding the soon-to-be new country of Kansastan with machine gun embankments, barbed wire, and land mines. That way those guys won't be able to escape to fuck up another state.

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LOL, people from Nevada and Colorado said the same thing about Californians (fuck them), now the Californian exilees are massively voting Democrat in their new state. Sorry but "Democracy" is a fool's errand. Why a majority has to rule over me? especially if that majority are brainwashed idiots or illegal alliens?

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Anyone want to bet that Rajoy came to the US for intelligence assistance? He had a problem in Catalonia that could not be identified. I'll bet he has all the scoop on evry "terrorist" leader in Catalonia now.