US Cities Demand Federal Help As They Brace For Influx Of 100,000s Of Puerto Ricans

As the disaster-relief effort enters its second week, air traffic is slowly resuming, which means hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans will likely flee the devastated island to stay with friends and relatives in the continental US as they wait for FEMA to rebuild roads, repair power grids and and revive the island's communications infrastructure – a process that could take months, if not longer.

While the urgency of the situation leaves many of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million population little choice, the Financial Times is reporting that the scramble to flee could worsen the population decline as some of those leaving may opt to permanently resettle. Meanwhile, cities with large Puerto Rican populations are asking for federal assistance as they prepare to absorb as many as 100,000 people fleeing the hurricane.

Mainland US cities with large Puerto Rican populations are warning that they will need federal help to cope with an anticipated influx of island residents fleeing the devastation visited on the US commonwealth by Hurricane Maria.

“If it’s as large-scale as we anticipated, it’s got to be a federal and state-co-ordinated response,” said Buddy Dyer, Orlando’s mayor. “It can’t be city by city.”

Some have said they expect to host the disaster victims for up to six months.

“We are expecting a large influx of evacuees to the state,” said Teresa Jacobs, mayor of Orange County in Florida, which includes Orlando. “We will have a major evacuation population for an extended period of time — three months, six months.”

Some city officials claimed that they’re working with state and federal officials to formulate a coordinated response.

Officials from the Orlando area said on Wednesday that co-ordination with the federal government was in the early stages.


“We are reaching out to federal authorities,” said Ms Jacobs. “We are planning to have a forum next Tuesday with federal authorities as well as state authorities just to get the conversation started about the co-ordination and the logistics of this effort.”

As the FT noted, the severity of the crisis was underscored on Thursday when President Donald Trump waived the Jones Act, allowing more ships to make their way to Puerto Rico. In a series of tweets, Trump lauded the disaster response, saying that navy vessels have delivered millions of dollars of supplies to the island.





Congress, meanwhile, has pledged to deposit another $7 billion in Puerto Rico's emergency relief account by the end of next week.

However, as WSJ reported, thousands of shipping containers holding potentially life-saving supplies have been marooned at ports in San Juan as FEMA scrambles to rebuild roads and set up a makeshift distribution system to deliver supplies to needy disaster victims across the island.

Crowley Maritime Corp., based in Jacksonville, Fla., but a major operator of cargo ships to Puerto Rico, had 4,100 containers with both relief supplies and commercial cargo waiting at San Juan’s port on Thursday. Another carrier, TOTE Maritime, said earlier this week it had more than 3,000 shipping containers stacked up at the port awaiting transport.

While Democrats have criticized the disaster response, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said Friday that the Trump administration has been very attentive in its response to the situation in Puerto Rico, as the Washington Examiner reported.

"I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions. FEMA, Brock Long, has been on the phone virtually all the time with me, checking out how things are going," said Rossello, leader of the New Progressive Party.

Puerto Rico is US territory, which grants its residents citizenship but not the right to vote in US elections. Over the past decade, many have left the island as its economy has deteriorated, resulting in Congress appointing a federal oversight board to oversee to manage the island’s finances while it negotiates an accord with its creditors.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Puerto Rican capital San Juan issued an angry response to acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke, who, in defending the Trump administration’s response to the disaster, described the situation in Puerto Rico as a “good news story in terms of our ability to reach people.”

“Well, maybe from where she’s standing it’s a good news story. When you’re drinking from a creek, it’s not a good news story.”


“Where is the good news here?”

As much as 40% of Puerto Rico doesn’t have access to potable water.

Meanwhile, in the rush to get off the island, crowds jammed the cruise ship dock in San Juan desperately hoping to board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship the Adventure of the Seas, which was sent to help evacuate people struggling to find a way off Puerto Rico following the destruction of Hurricane Maria.

According to the New York Post, more than 2,000 people sweltered in the hot sun, forming a line stretching down the shore and a pier.

Expect the exodus to the mainland to intensify as shell-shocked Puerto Ricans scramble to get off the island by any means necessary.


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Up in the NYC area and the surrounding Suburbs we already have a very large population of Americans that used to live in the territory of Puerto Rico.  They should just go there.  Tons of people to assist them.  However be warned, our former PuertoRicans don't play well with the illegals and the illegals have come in large numbers over the last decade.

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Omen IV JimmyJones Fri, 09/29/2017 - 16:51 Permalink

Yes which means the blacks / PR's and others are the losers with Amnesty

Give these cities nothing - property taxes - these people - if they want to educate their kids should pay their tuition - no reason for anyone to pay taxes to educate anyone else's children

Go to NY / Chicago / Baltimore and the equivalent
The liberals need them and pay for them

Property taxes for education should be zero

In an age of Artifical Intelligence no reason to educate anyone

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I'd be suprised if a million people lived on PR a decade from now.  The capital that allowed the place to be inhabitable in the first place has been inlfated away.  It will be decided that it's cheaper for PRs to live in America than to rebuild the place per building codes.

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BeansMcGreens peddling-fiction Fri, 09/29/2017 - 15:14 Permalink

Right you are about Agenda 21. Notice the continuous drum beat of FEARING the ravages of just normal weather. Hugo was the last major hurricane to hit that area.Hell, where I live now and conduct business we went through Hugo, Fran, Floyd, and just last year Matthew, trees down, loss of power for at least a week, flooding in the area, roads closed and or washed away.One just cleans up and goes on.

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Agenda 21 is a great plan, don't you think? Pack all the mud people and useless white liberals into big cities, get them hooked on EBT, then collapse the dollar. Mud people eat the useless liberals, then stream out of cities and quietly disappear into shallow graves and dog stomachs.

This actually happened to hundreds of Roman cities in the 5th century AD.

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Mike Masr, your ignorance is appalling.Have you ever heard the great USAmerican maxim ""taxation without representation is tyranny"?Puertoricans have zero representation in the US government; they have one solitary, toothless, powerless, and vote-less observer in the US Congress that is officially known as a "Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico".Whether your feeble brain realizes it or not, you are advocating for colonialism and tyranny against millions of human beings- i.e. taxation without representation.You are a legit, 24 carat, solid gold moron.

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Oh man, you are hilarious! Let me catch my breath for a sec...I take it you haven't heard of the maxim "taxation without representation is tyranny"?It kinda proves my point about you being a moron, doesn't it?The point stands, and you have proven you have no reply other than a hackneyed "If you were here, I would rip your head off and shit down your throat, man!"REALLY? LMAO!Not in your wildest dreams.Please threaten me with some more physical violence! Insiders here who know me and my abilities are reading this and laughing their asses off.Thanks for the laughs; you have "definately" made my day...

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This is ALL that I said on this topic, "US Citizens that pay little or no income taxes"Then you go off on a rant based upon only nine words telling me I'm ignorant, feeble and a moron. How do you arrive at your conclusion about what I know based upon only nine words?  Everyone has a right to post their opinions here. After thousands of replies and posts I have NEVER called anyone names or hurled personal insults based upon a posting. If you don't agree with something down vote the post. Picking fights with people using personal insults because you don't like their posting, or you assume you know what they know, is NOT what this forum is about.   You come off as a "know it all" and an online bully.The entire thread is visible for all to see, including "insiders" here who know you and your abilities. I basically say very little and then you go off on a "know it all" tirade and personal insult rant.This exchange was started by you. I cannot laugh as you disgust me.

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They don't have that representation because they are not a state. Every time they have a vote on statehood they vote it down. Seems they have more benefits by not being a state. Until they expired Puerto Rico had many US corps down there, especially drug companies, enjoying the benefit of huge tax breaks courtesy of the US. Since they expired many corps left and took thousands of jobs with them.The world must go on, we can't all stop what we're doing and rush down there as that could collapse large parts of the US economy which helps no one. Then we get people bitching about where's my aid because I was too stupid or lazy to prepare for the worst. Like fill every container in the house with water beforehand instead of fighting for bottled water at the store. It's not like a tornado where you only get minutes of warning. It also doesn't help that down there everyone is on "Carribean time" where it gets done when it gets done no hurries. Now that the SHTF everyone expects it's Star Trek and Scotty will beam everything they need and it will appear in minutes. Most of the islands down there import most of everything especially water and food. Instead of basking in the sun flipping the bird at us northerners shoveling snow they should have worked at making their islands self sufficient especially food and water. I was watching some videos of the US Virgin islands where guys were driving around after Irma giving the world a glimpse of the damage which wasn't as bad as it was reported by the local pols. What was striking was how few people were out cleaning up the damage. Plenty of people driving around and plenty of business at the liquor stores. Lots of robberies and ATM's stolen.  Lots of people call the preppers crazy or whatever and maybe some are. But they are relying on themselves and are not asking for sympathy or others to do their stuff for them and don't bother others. If the SHTF these people will suffer greatly as those that played and did nothing to help themselves will beat down the preppers doors and "invite" them to share their bounty as they steal all of it.

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Puerto Banus NA 38BWD22 Fri, 09/29/2017 - 18:39 Permalink

Different language, culture, and race.They pay no US fed taxes...the little they pay in fica they receive back in multiples...One ploy of the wealthy there..go to DR, get your MD, open shop to medicare, medicaid recipients...bleed the gringoCuba, Phillipines and PR all became territories following the Spanish Am war...why don't they man up and take their independence as the others did?It's constant hand holding and ingratitude that has cost us trillions.

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Right you are ...ever hear of the 193 Inf Bde (PR NG) ... better known as the switch blde Bde ... trained them one ..not too bad ...problem is you run out of others people money ..just when you need to save lives ... cut all welfare and food stamps ...I call it share the pain plan ... 

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The PRs+Mayor Lindsey+the wild spread of dindus out of Harlem to places like the lower East side destroyed New York City. it never recovered imo.Bongo drums, oxtail soup stores and violent crime soared and the city never became safe again.A good example is this; didnus chased a kid for his jacket then killed him for it on the lower east side: LES teen is slain for $600 Marmot parka

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Yes, I served with them.  Overall they were good soldiers in duty but got into trouble when going drinking.I think they function much better when separated from other Puerto Ricans.When they get into a group, they get this pack mentality and they tilt towards stupid.....and in doing stupid things.I will take them over Dindus any day. 

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