Meanwhile, Bitcoin Soars 40% From Post Dimon, China Lows

Whatever doesn't kill bitcoin - and many have tried in the past month to do just that - has a habit of making it stronger, and two weeks after the cryptocurrency crashed 40% from an all time high of $5,000 to less than $3,000 when first China banned ICOs and exchange trading of cryptocurrencies, then Jamie Dimon called it a fraud, the BIS said it has no future unless it is subsumed by central banks, days after South Korea likewise ordered an end to ICOs, the SEC filed the first ever civil charges against companies raising capital through ICOs and Switzerland announced it too was cracking down on ICOs, bitcoin has soared over 40% from its lows, and its price is now back where it was before the Chinese crackdown.

... while ethereum, now back over the resistance level of $300, has staged a similar remarkable rebound despite constant attempts to crush both cryptocurrencues and end ICOs (which as we said several months ago, will likely make ethereum more attractive in the long run as the outright criminal scams associated with ICOs become a distant memory).

As Mate Cser points out, Bitcoin is "getting closer to the $4400 resistance after leaving behind the $4150 level, with the most valuable cryptocurrency being in the forefront of the advance yet again. BTC is the closest to its all-time high among the majors, as it is up by more than 40% since hitting the bottom. With several strong support/resistance levels already below the current price, $4000, $3800, and $3500, the coin looks poised to test the all-time high near $5000 in the coming weeks."

Meanwhile, as if responding directly to a recent report from Macquarie's Viktor Shvets who said that "modern finance" - with global financial instruments of $500 trillion, or 5x global GDP not bitcoin, is the true fraud...

... and that the real danger is not bitcoin, but the reserve status of the dollar, on Friday Philly Fed president Harker said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are "unlikely to weaken the Fed Reserve's influence on the U.S. economy." He is right: the Fed is perfectly capable of doing that on its own, especially if Yellen makes a few more admissions how it is clueless about inflation... and everything else for that matter. Harker spoke at a fintech event hosted by the Philadelphia Fed.

While some have worried that the rise of a cryptocurrency would make it harder for the Fed to manage the rate of inflation, Harker said that he isn't concerned about the prospect. Onstage, he went so far as to contend that bitcoin has yet to be tested by a real catastrophe, but that when one happens, people will be more likely to flock to government-backed money.

"The paper that's in your pocket, that we call money, only has value because we believe it has value, because we believe the government stands behind it. It's all trust issues," Harker said.

"And so, when cryptocurrencies and other forms of currency emerge, I think the basis of that has to be how do they create that trust?"

Some could counter that the Fed's $4.5 trillion in QE has also yet to be tested by a real catastrophe, and should it fail the test, the consequences for the US currency would be catastrophic.

Harker also acknowledged that while citizens have put varying degrees of trust in what he called the "sovereign states" that stand behind currencies today, other currency models might be possible. This includes, he said, ways in which trust might come from another "large player," or as in the case of bitcoin, an algorithm.

But, as Coindesk noted, his most pertinent critique was perhaps that cryptocurrencies have not been significantly tested enough to ensure confidence. Despite issues such as the collapse of Mt. Gox, once the bitcoin's network's largest exchange, or the ongoing bitcoin scaling debate, Harker argued that cryptocurrency has been largely insulated from "bad times."

"Everything can work in good times," he added, although he may have been envisioning the global stock market which is at all time highs only thanks to trillions in liquidity injections by central banks.

This leads to the second reason Harker said he's not concerned about cryptocurrency hamstringing the Fed's monetary influence: If – and, according to Harker, when – things go wrong, the Federal Reserve and other state agencies will likely be asked to get involved anyway.

"When things really go bad, where do Americans turn?" he asked "Well, they're going to come back to the government. That's the history of the country."

Translated: when, not if, a new crisis comes it will be up to US taxpayers to inject trillions to keep the system going. Again.

Separately, Harker also discussed cryptocurrency regulation. The Philly Fed president was asked how the Federal Reserve might assist or advise on such a strategy. (The Federal Reserve has previously noted that it does not have the authority to directly regulate the technology.) On this point, he was inconclusive, suggesting any ideation is today in early stages.

"How do you regulate an algorithm?" he asked, drawing laughs from the audience. "I don't know yet. The answer is we have to continue to study this."

Still, that doesn't mean there aren't possible next steps. For example, those studies might include looking more closely at how another algorithm, perhaps one created by the Federal Reserve, might ensure fairness in mathematical form, something Harker said is crucial to any potential cryptocurrency controls.

He concluded: "Before we even think about how you regulate an algorithm, how would you even build an algorithm that would have that sense of fairness in it? It is a fairly deep technical question."

Ah yes, the Fed which itself admitted last week it has made America's "Top 1" 70% wealthier than the "Bottom 90%"


... opining on matters of fairness. Brilliant.

Meanwhile, the cryptosurge continues.


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So all the BTC bashers and gold ONLY lovers. Lets do a paper trade and see how good your opinions are. Lets paper sell our BTC right now, roll it over into physical gold and check back a week, a month, a quarter, a year from now and see how good youre calls are. 

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tion eforce Sat, 09/30/2017 - 15:36 Permalink

Those exchanges are likely to fuck people over sooner or later anyways.Notice, they can only enforce anything that falls under their legal fiction statutory umbrella. These cryptos are imo the safest most effective way to break the current fiction, we just need to make sure the blockchain remains voluntary and doesn't get erected as a new fiction.

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Mementoil tmosley Sat, 09/30/2017 - 15:00 Permalink

I can't tell you what will happen in a day, a week, a month or even a year from now.But I'm betting that within a decade a gold ounce will be selling for well over 10,000$ (in the black market, because holding physical gold will be outlawed), and BTC will no longer be trading at all.There will be many crypto-currencies out there, but they will be government issued, and the people holding them will be cursing the day they were invented, because they will facilitate the government's ability to track their every move.

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overbet VD Sat, 09/30/2017 - 14:41 Permalink

Think about more like a gift card if it helps. I do appreciate that governments will consider any alternative to their fiat as an act of war, but I also support alternatives and do not believe they have the ability to stop it. They will try to their dying breathe. 

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VD overbet Sat, 09/30/2017 - 14:44 Permalink

i dont speculate in gift cards LOL think about it more like an NSA trial balloon, which is what it is. but hey there's a cadre of crypt0-turds here zealously pumping their fantasy coinz. its charming, it will end badly, again. then back to videogames in mom's basement.

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Im not pumping anything. I like this site and its members. I want you all to do well. My opinion is you would do well to own some cryptos with your metals.  I do speak up when I think people speak or bash something theyve done little research understanding and you may interpret that as pumping, but its not my intention. 

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VD overbet Sat, 09/30/2017 - 14:57 Permalink

i've done quite a bit or research when btc was practically free years back. and i'm telling you blockchain is going to be surpassed by superior maths. ANd those maths are for facilitation, not as value "coins" or units of currency. this is the huge cognitive dissonance of the crypt0-muppet and i appreciate why they've so desperately latched on to this maths, bc the the game is so badly rigged. but it aint gonna b diff this time either. sorry.

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No, you have displayed nothing but stunning ignorance on the subject.You know nothing, and have been making shit up as you go along.Like that faggot ET trying to tell us he sold ETH at 93 AFTER it started falling. Also noticing the naming convention here, BTW. Might want to switch that up next time.

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ssssuure whatever makes your delusion in ur mom's basement feel better. calling people fags and kikes is yet another sign of what a basement dwelling troll you really are.  now, i think i've given the Tylerz enough free content for the day. njoy trolling out ur moms basements my little crypt0-muppetz.  

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