Caught On Tape: Spanish Civil Guard And Catalan Police Fight At Polling Station

After reluctantly complying with orders to shut down polling places, it appears the local Catalonian police have had enough of the Spanish Civil Guard's brutality. To wit, videos have surfaced showing members of the local police - known as the Mossos - clashing with Civil Guard officers as they try to stop federal police from storming polling stations and attacking peaceful voters.

Public support for the Mossos has remained high despite the crackdown following the terror attack in late August, and video that emerged earlier showed crowds clapping for Mossos officers as they entered a polling station. One video published by the Spain Report shows Civil Guard riot officers physically pushing Mossos officers as they move to enter a polling station in the town. The Mossos officers resist and push back and an angry confrontation ensues for several seconds.

Earlier, Catalan firemen were caught in tape being beaten by Civil Guard officers armed with clubs as the Catalonians tried to protect civilians attempting to vote.

Another video, published by Civil Guard trade union AUGC, showed Mossos officers facing off with Civil Guard riot squad officers, though it didn't specify where the confrontation took place.

As the Spain Report pointed out, the National Police and Civil Guard had managed to close 92 polling stations in Catalonia by 5 pm. The Catalan government had announced on Friday that there would be 2,315 polling station in total, which means state-level policing actions on Sunday only managed to close 4% of the total, across the region.

The physical clashes followed reports of criminal charges being filed by national police trade unions against their Catalonian counterparts. Five National Police trade unions announced they would take legal action, via criminal complaints, against the Catalan Police (Mossos) and Mossos chief Josep Lluis Trapero for what they believe is a dereliction of duty and for preventing National Police officers from carrying out orders in Catalonia.

"Impunity cannot be allowed in a police force, like the Mossos, which held all of our respect", said the statement:


"A large number of regional police officers are professional and honourable. But today's actions open an intense debate about the public security model in our country."

National Police trade unions condemned Catalan Police chiefs' commitment to "separatists' political sectarianism".

"There are no half-truths here: either you are with the law or committing a crime."


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Dear Tahoe BillyYou act as though Switzerland would not be one of the meanest baddest mf'ers around when it comes to war.Dude I am of Swiss ancestry.  You really don't want to fuck with people who actually think it through before they do something........that's the worst enemy of all.  You'll end up with a broom pole permanently sticky out of your ass.  We have a good sense ofhumor and some compassion so the broom part will be hanging downwards so you'll be able to sweet floors for living.

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The Alarmist TeethVillage88s Sun, 10/01/2017 - 15:54 Permalink

Gee, if I was a human rights lawyer, I'd take the case:

The people seek to petition their central government (Article 10 ECHR), which is freedom of expression that may in limited cases be abridged by the state, but I would love to see Madrid justify using riot police on persons seeking only to vote. Of course they will say it is to maintain public order.

I guess the Article 3 prohibition on torture doesn't apply to police beatdowns, and the Article 2 prohibition on the state taking lives doesn't apply to people committing the crime of petitioning their government, which is an act of public disorder.

Gee now that I think of it, the ECHR, like the legally distinct EU, is little more than a veneer of respectability to otherwise anti-democratic institutions.

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He is right though. English common law arose without the state. It is the best way. A government will create laws for its own benefit and people IN government are usually evil child-molesting corrupt expenses-fiddling bribe-taking bags of scum. You want those kinds of people to tell you what is right and what is wrong?

Common Law starts with the assumption that people have ALL the rights. The courts then deal with conflicts between people and through precedent a body of law emerges.

Government needs to be out of law, religion and money.

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Yea, lived and worked in Swiss, married in Austria. Swiss have had their clocks cleaned by the Zionist bankster cartel in USSA, rolling over their centuries old banking privacy laws. Can't have a New World Order without handing all your Countries data the USSA. Then they voted down increasing Gov gold holdings. Basically swiss has become another libtard Euro nightmare. At least the men can still pack heat at home.

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When folks start losing their pensions, their homes, cars and jobs, that I have to see.Private pensions were modelled on an interest rate of 6 to 8% and since CB's suppression of interest rates these pension funds have not seen yields like that for over a decade and they are all taking on water, even government schemes.It is also compulsory for pension funds to hold a certain % in soveriegn bonds which are going to fail like most of them did in 1932. We are heading for disaster and all us folks that were laughing at the preppers five years ago, things are not so funny now, yea.Lets hope we end up with something better on the other side of this event! When Rome fell it delivered us into feudalism and we had the dark ages until the enlightenment.A quote from Gerald Celente, when folks are losing and they have nothing else to lose, they lose it. He also talks about the three g's, gold, guns and a getaway plan.

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Seldom is the world what it seems. Seldom Black and White.

Franco Trained by Catholic Priest, then into the Navy was aided by Fascist. (36 year Rule over Spain)

"The general and dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) ruled over Spain from 1939 until his death. He rose to power during the bloody Spanish Civil War when, with the help of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, his Nationalist forces overthrew the democratically elected Second Republic. Adopting the title of “El Caudillo” (The Leader), Franco persecuted political opponents, repressed the culture and language of Spain’s Basque and Catalan regions, censured the media and otherwise exerted absolute control over the country. Some of these restrictions gradually eased as Franco got older, and upon his death the country transitioned to democracy."

- Perhaps Spain has been tolerant, but Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy... Spain has been much less willing to distance itself from fasicm, National Socialism, that Europe... Only the USA of the Western Powers supported Franco

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But that's their business. It's the basis of their structure. The whole idea of state has been usurped by counterfeiting scoundrels backed by the enforcing branch of their fascist corporation. See the latest High Impact Flux vid to see the total takeover. We're either going to fight this or we've doomed our children to corrupt monetary servitude. I mean, we're already in it, are you going to leave the fun to them?

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