Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Vegas Attack; Says Paddock "Converted To Islam Months Ago"

In a bizarre development, the Islamic State's news agency Amaq has claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas concert attack, alleging that Stephen Paddock is one of its "soldiers" and that he converted to Islam "months ago".

To be sure, there is no evidence for these claims, and the statement comes after the Las Vegas police stated earlier that there is no link to international terrorism.


The US, however, isn't buying it:

Meanwhile, from Reuters:



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Well my other immediate question after finding this completed snapshot, WHY was she cropped out of the initial snapshot. I mean I'll tell ya one thing, this guy was El Blotto, in that pic at least ,,, Just talking shit here, but had a bit of a casino and drinkin trouble, perhaps easily "managed."Whole lot of firepower eh, up on the 32nd floor ..I have to say, I'm very pleased with my lttle tribe here, as they are all aware of what has happened, and not one of them has turned the TV on .. they're learnin ..Now of course I fully expect at some point they will, but I'll take this as a small victory ..They've got to be beatin this shit into the ground .. per usual.

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Herd Redirecti… jefferson32 Mon, 10/02/2017 - 13:18 Permalink

Here's my question.  These casinos are famous for their security.  If a guy tried to rob the casino, using one gun, let alone 10, he would be dead in under 30 seconds.So how come a casino lets a guy shoot from 32 floors up, for upwards of 10 minutes?  They didn't know he was up there?  They were scared?  Are you telling me mafia-types don't run the casinos any more? My point is, they say it wasn't preventable, but it was.  As soon as the windows of the hotel are broken, the security must know about it.  Let alone when shots start being fired.

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vato poco Herd Redirecti… Mon, 10/02/2017 - 18:21 Permalink

welll, as a vegas guy - kindly ignore the spammer cocksucker above - let's look at it. A) guy supposedly checks in on thursday. coupla bags, 2 guns each, he carries them to his room. how's the casino to know? B) over the next 2 days, he goes & gets more guns & ammo - more on that later - and brings them in in a small bag. again, how is casino to know this? C) window breaks, shots start ... C1) security is nowhere near guest suites on 32nd floor C2) even when they figure out where he is and get there, are YOU gonna charge into a room containing an unknown # of shooters with an unknown # of automatic weapons?? C3) with your piddly little semi-auto handgun? C4) for a princely $15 an hour? C5) not knowing if the guy who managed to get automatic weapons didn't *also* get his hands on some claymores, now pointed at the door of his suite?  D) why would a gun guy bring "10 long rifles"? he's only got 2 hands. common sense says bring 2 long guns - spare is in case of jam - and a handgun, and LOTS of bullets. E) the mob was 99.5% driven out of the casino biz long ago. corporate MBA assholes can't hang around with bent-nose guidos! my GOD, what would the fellows at the club THINK???so. you say it's preventable ... how do you prevent it? pro tip: metal detectors & searching guest baggage ain't gonna fly in a hospitality business

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They are saying she is innocent, but most news accounts are sketchy about the girlfriend and non existent with details about the rest of his family other than one brother who has not seen him in 10 years. He rather bravely came forward to discuss his shock about the incident with the press. When other mass shootings occurred, details were less sketchy. The brother had not seen him in 10 years, said the news report. So, how does he know what he had been up to in terms of military-style training, etc.?

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Handful of Dust TungstenBars Mon, 10/02/2017 - 12:12 Permalink

isis makes sense. They financed the purchase of these expensive guns with the help of their Indonesian muzlim mole here who pursuaded this gommer to convert and then brainwashed him with islamic BS and anti-Trump and anti-American hatred.that's why he attacked these white conservatives instead of some alt left group.makes sense to me.ban islamic tearrists, not guns

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The guy owned two planes and apartment complexes. He lived in a house with an 18-hole golf course. He could afford the guns.

But it does seem like ISIS changes up the social types they recruit, like the Orlando and San Bernardino terrorists who had young children and wives, whereas many of the other terrorists were young, unattached men. It would make sense for them to use the surprise element of an elderly guy, but it still seems unlikely.

Still, how did this 64-year-old man with no military training learn to shoot like that? Most people do not know how to do something like that. He learned it somewhere. Why are they not checking the records at shooting ranges, etc.?

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"How about we ban Islam instead of banning guns?"At present, there is no reason to believe that Islam had anything to do with this, unless you put a lot of credence into ISIS press releases.You seem pretty desperate to fit these events into a pre-determined world view.  Its called cognitive dissonance, and it result in really dumb thing, like voting a reality TV huckster in as president of the United States.

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"If only the people at the concert were carrying long range sniper rifles, they would have been in a position to defend themselves.  Of course every other guest in the hotel would have been shot as well, but that is a small price to pay for the Second Amendment."  Interesting fiction. There were people who saw flashes from where the bullets were being fired from. The 22,000 who were at that concert probably all wish someone in the audience had a long riflle with them,  to engage the shooter.

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My original post about concert goers having sniper rifles was literally the most absurd thing I could think to post, and this dude actually agrees with it.  The guy was firing out of a window at a quarter mile and 32 floors elevation, and this dude thinks if would have been better if the crowd started to return fire.  If your rifle is zero-ed in a 200 yards, what's the compensation for 400 yards and 32 floors of elevation?

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