Russia Military Accuses U.S. Of Supporting ISIS

Two week after Russia released a set of satellite photos from Syria, which allegedly showed US special ops located in immediate proximity to ISIS positions, the Russian defence ministry doubled down on Wednesday and again accused the United States of supporting Islamic State jihadists, enabling them to mount counter-offensive attacks in eastern Syria.

"The main thing preventing the final defeat of ISIS in Syria is not the terrorists' military capability but support and pandering to them by American colleagues," Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Quoted by AFP, he said recent attacks on Syrian regime forces were all made "from a 50-kilometre zone around At-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordan border" where the US-led coalition is operating a garrison.

As we first noted at the end of September, in recent weeks Moscow has repeatedly accused the US of hindering the offensive in the east of the country against IS jihadists mounted by Syrian regime forces with the support of Russian airstrikes and special forces on the ground.

The Russian military also said the regime forces "neutralised mobile IS groups on the road from Palmyra to Deir-Ezzor" and freed the captured villages. "If the US side views such operations as unforeseen 'accidents', Russian aviation in Syria is ready to begin complete eradication of all such 'accidents' in the zone they control," Konashenkov said.

Russia has been flying a bombing campaign in Syria since 2015, when it stepped in to support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and tipped the conflict in his favour.

Two weeks ago, the Russian Defense Minister released a trove of photos which were meant to demonstrate the cooperation between the US and the Islamic State in Syria.

We repost several below:

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Of course the US gov supports terror.  They invented it.  Let's chat about that "black market" for oil that .gov have never been able to shut down, but claim to be the source of ISIS funds.  What does .gov itself do as step 1 during war?  They invoke economic sanctions.  Yet, ISIS and the "black market" for oil elude the global banking system.All one big fat lie. 

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 Notice that Trump is not saying shit about it. No tweets, no nothing. We don't seem to be hearing much of any denials from MIC either.I think Trump is content to allow people to dig their own graves, especially those of the intelligence services which we know are behind much of this Syrian shit.

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After truman created the NSA (1947),... the NSA gave birth to the CIA (1947) and quickly learned/realized he had created a monster, which years later he dubbed the, 'american gastopo/kgb'!Truman couldn't control J, Edgar Hoover's FBI, nor could he control the clandestine CIA!Eisenhower found out the hard way when he told his SOS John Foster Dulles ((younger brother Allen W. Dulles [Dep. CIA  Dir. 1951-53][ CIA Dir.1953-61]) that his brother had made his legacy a 'heap-of-ashes'...---  Allen .W. Dulles just did what he wanted with J. E. Hoover over`riding Ike's input, or keeping the POTUS out of the loop!JFK had the same problem so Allen Dulles had him assassinated two years after JFK fired him in 1961!LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H. W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, Obama, and now Trump have no idea what the NSA does with its CIA/Mossad.Btw, Mossad hooked-up with the CIA big tyme after Ike & JFK were out of the political limelight holding back Zionist Israel in the ME!!!   Every POTUS has been owned by AIPAC (Congress/ SCOTUS) or 'HELD HOSTAGE' by the ZIONIST 'Samson Option'!Hello, Kim,... can you hear me now?!?Ps. After WWII and the forgotten war in Korea the American people were fed-up with war-- Big Tyme'!  It was Allen Dulles who introduced covert -ops to Ike in a preemptive way to keep america out of any major wars and the lifes of brave american's fighting, as orea left a bad taste in IKE's Mouth! So it was Allen Dulles agenda to introduce sunni v. shiite in the MENA as a divide and conquer or diversion for Zionist Israel. It worked fantastically. Just look at history in ME in the 50's to present.        read 'Islam Inflamed' Morris /1954

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works like a charm every time"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty norsecurity."-Franklin

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Well, they should have plenty of evidence, but my guess is that their oligarches are simply trying to negotiate something behind the scenes with our oligarchs...

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Thinking Americans know America supports ISIS. Only people who let others do their thinking, for them, don't know ISIS is American corruption, all the way.