Senate Intel Committee Says Investigation Hasn't Determined Whether Russians Supported Trump Or Clinton

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Vice Chairman Mark Warner told reporters on Wednesday that, after conducting more than 100 interviews and reviewing 100,000 pages of documents, it has yet to come to a finding in its probe into whether Russia meddled in the US election to benefit one candidate over the other.

So in the spirit of being sufficiently diligent (or in forcing Trump to live under a cloud of unfounded suspicion for as long as possible), Burr and Warner announced that they’re expanding the scope of their inquiry to involve...even more interviews and document review as the fishing expedition enters month nine.

“We have interviewed every official of the Obama administration to see what clarity they had on Russian involvement…and more importantly what they did or did not do and what drove those actions.”  


“We have interviewed indiviuals from around the world…it’s safe to say that the inquiry has expanded slightly…document review generated hundreds of requests on our part for information and identified leads that expanded our initial inquiry."

Burr reminded reporters that the committee had three objectives in mind when it launched the investigation: To determine if there was collusion by either the Clinton or Trump campaign, offer an assessment of the ICA – the intelligence community’s initial assessment that Russia interfered in the US election – and provide an assessment of ongoing efforts by Russia to meddle in the US political process. The committee has concluded that the ICA’s assessment is accurate – though it’s not ready to close that part of the investigation just yet.

“There are some areas of our investigation that we hope very soon will reach a definite conclusion – but we’re not there yet.”

However, one element of the investigation that has been exhaustively explored is whether President Trump intended to obstruct justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. The committee has found nothing to support this allegation, and is moving on.

“The last thing I want to cover is the Comey memos. This topic has been hotly debated and I just want to say that our investigation into it has reached its logical end with regards to its relation to the Russia investigation.”

“Questions that you have about Comey’s firing are better answered by the general counsel of the Department of Justice, not the intelligence committee of the United States senate,” Burrs said.

But the comment that provides perhaps the most clarity on the state of the investigation, Burr reminded reporters that the committee hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Russian entities intended to help the Clinton campaign.  

"Neither Mark nor I have said that there was a campaign against one. The ICA [the intelligence community’s original assessment alleging that Russia interfered with the election] looked at Russian involvement in the election process, we’re in agreement on that. We have not come to any agreement on collusion or Russia’s preferences.”

Warner and Adam Schiff, Warner’s counterpart on the House Intelligence Committee, have both called on Congress to release copies of the 3,000 “Russia ads” to the public.

In a stunning irony, just minutes after Warner appeared to purposefully mischaracterize information released by the DHS (the agency has publicly repudiated claims that the agency told state officials that it had definitely linked the attempted voting-system intrusions to Russia), the Virginia senator emphasized that while the committee is aiming to finish the investigation as quickly as possible, “following the facts” is paramount.  Burr said that while the committee is shooting to finish its investigation by year’s end, the real hard deadline is the 2018 mid-terms…which means periodic “updates” like this one could continue for another year.  

Reinforcing the notion that the committee has found nothing to support the collusion narrative, Burr scoffed when a reporter asked if there’s still a chance that the 2016 election might be annulled.

“All I can tell you is the votes were counted, one person won, and that’s how it’s going to stay.”

Watch the entire briefing below:



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So we've decided to continue looking into a whole buncha stuff to keep you safe.Do it!I fucking double dog dare your asses to actively and truthfully investigate the Democrats (Broad brush, including the mad woman of Westchester) and their NGO (read Soros, likewise of Westchester county, who has an arrest warrant outstanding from Hungary, is it?) buddies

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You'd think she did something personal like to you.Why not have her offered up as a messiah offering to the giant apes of some imaginary island somewhere, for Christ's sake do we really have to keep being dragged all over the same fucking stuff every God damned day?Wait!  I hear a "We interrupt our regularly scheduled programs for this emergency message from Brian Williams"Arrrragaggggagggahhh!"Hi, Brian Williams here, and I'm here tonight to tell you about this fabulous offer from Skinnimnflint Mortgage Associates.  The way the fuck over levered 3x inverse forward contract hedged reverse mortgage .... "

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I think we can save a lot of money by not having elections here.  We'll just let Russia vote on who they want, and then we'll pick the other guy.  Anybody that Russia wants is by definition, apparently, the wrong guy, so logically, the person they don't want, must be the right guy.Move the election to Russia.  We'll save billions in campaign contributions.

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The political parties spend 100's of millions, each, by hiring the best advertisers, to convince you, to vote for them.

You now want me to believe that the 3,000 “Russia ads" on facebook that cost less than $100,000 had a greater impact on the voting choice than the best advertisers and the most money.

I must be really stupid.
These investigators are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Yeah, like 911.Errr, nevermind.Mueller ain't gonna do shit to his people.  That is the problem. They will stake Martha Stewart to a tree, string up Roger Clemens for lying to them, but in reality, their whole existence in government is one big lie.Of, by and for the people?  Bwaaaah.Burr can choke on a bag of dicks. He is from my state. As soon as he got in he became a sleeze. Big MIC guy. Of course, my state is like #2 MIC state outside of Virginia.Trying to drum up the whole Russian "Evil Empire" again when we all know who the real Evil Empire is.  Russia isn't involved in countless wars around the globe, forcing it's currency and debt on the rest of the world.pods

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That even doesn't work. Think of the last two. The baseball one and Gabby.The media will spin and turn anything around and wrap it in the flag.Shit, look at what they did to Joe Stack.  His writings could have been penned by many here. Flew a plane into the IRS building.Media gets ahold of it and spoon feeds the idiots and voila, a whackjob.Withdraw consent and do as little as you can to keep the system afloat.pods

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Good question. Let's refer that one over to our guest experts. Tonight we have John Kerry and Al Gore.  For those that don't recall these two eminent personages, John is a decorated Vietnam Vet who distinguished himself in combat and was awarded the Medal of Honor. Oh wait, that was Robert Kerry, my bad.   Al is a famous Senator from the State of Tennessee who made his money by being the lackey for Armand Hammer. To this day the Gore's receive a sizable income for NOT drilling for oil on their property.  Oh shit, that was Al's Dad. Damn.  Well anyway, let's hear what they have to say but I see we've run out of time. 

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It's an absolute pleasure to watch the evil sewer USSA implode. Soon every city in USSA will light up like Vegas.Onward to the civil war reloaded, because we will harvest what we have sown. We are ISIS, we have always been I$I$!

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What morons. And to think these bozos have the power to pass legislation that affects our lives.We interfer with Lybia, Somalia, Ukarain, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador and so many others.We have the head of the FBI meeting with a husband while his wife is under investigation by the FBI,The Democrats don't even bother to say they didn't try and rig their last primaries, but instead wondered in court why the population would expect a "fair and balanced" primary.And these bozos worry about Russia?They afraid Russia is going to invade the cess pool called America when they can't even govern their own country?What dolts we have in D.C. 

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Senate Intel Committee Says Investigation Hasn't Determined Whether Russians Supported Trump Or Clinton

It's evidence that Putin has infiltrated into the Senate Intel Committee.