7 Independence Movements That Could Destroy The EU

Authored by Alex Christoforou via TheDuran.com,

Catalonia continues to press on with its independence movement, much to the dismay of Spain and the European Union. Catalonia is not the only region in the EU demanding more autonomy or independence.

Here are seven regions in the European Union that may seek separation, and cause more fragmentation in an already weakened Europe.

1. Scotland, Britain

In 2014, Scotland had a historic referendum on leaving the United Kingdom resulting in a narrow 55 percent vote against leaving the UK.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, head of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, is now calling for a second referendum once Britain’s exit from the EU becomes clear.

Scotland is home to 5.2 million people and has been semi-autonomous since 1998 with a devolved parliament that handles matters of education, health, environment and justice.

Diplomacy and defense remain under the control of London.

Sturgeon openly condemned the Spanish police violence during the Catalonia independence vote.

2. Flanders, Belgium

Housing the center of EU oligarchy, Belgium is anything but a unified state.

Created 1830 as an independent nation to act as a buffer between France and Germany, Belgium is a mix of a Flemish-speaking, conservative northerners and  French, left-leaning southerners.

The Flemish nationalist sentiment is more powerful than ever, and the separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) is now one of the biggest party in Belgium, and a key partner in the coalition government.

The N-VA is pushing for the creation of a Flemish republic, and during the 2018 elections, it may have its chance.

Flanders’ Minister-President Geert Bourgeois called on the Spanish government to start talks with “the legitimate leaders of a peaceful people”.

3. Basques, Spain

Separatist group ETA was founded in 1959 to promote the interests of the Basque region. later turning into a violent independence campaign blamed for 829 deaths.

ETA carried out its last attack in 2010. It has since disarmed in April of this year.

ETA members have now joined a Franco-Spanish Basque political party called Sortu that is working for “full freedom” for Basque’s 2.2 million population.

40,000 people demonstrated in Bilbao in support of Catalonia’s referendum.

The regional president, Inigo Urkullu, called for the recognition of the Catalan and Basque nations.

4. New Caledonia, France

Under French rule since 1853, New Caledonia reached an agreement in 1998 with Paris for greater autonomy, although many activists say autonomy has not been fully granted.

New Caledonia has on-fourth of the world’s known resources of nickel, but as is the case with most colonial relationships, wealth is properly shared.

5. Corsica, France

Corsica is a Mediterranean island with a population of 330,000 people. It is part of France with its own language.

The separatist National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) ended its armed struggle in June 2014, and has now pushed for a political solution to its demands.

Since 2015 nationalists have been leading the island’s assembly, as Corsica currently has a special administrative status that affords it certain powers, and retains strong autonomy.

The Corsica assembly highlighted “the indisputable legitimacy of the government of Catalonia”.

6. Faroe Islands, Denmark

With a population of 48,000, Denmark’s Faroe Islands will hold a referendum in April 2018 on a new constitution that would give the islands self-determination.

Faroe Islands have been autonomous since 1948.  Foreign affairs and defense are under the control of Copenhagen.

7. Lombardy and Veneto, Italy

These wealthy regions in northern Italy are set to hold non-binding consultative referendums on October 22, asking voters if they favor more autonomy from Italy’s central government.

Politicians in Lombardy and Veneto, which combined account for nearly a third of Italy’s economy, demand a bigger share of tax income.


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There is one good thing about the muzzie invasion and this independence wave is it. Thank god leftards are more self-destructive than any other group....

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I can't blame these groups. The central gubmints have forced draconian regulations on them as well as shoved millions of rapefugees down their throats.If they become independent, they can throw the unwanted rapefugees out and build a robust economy and infrastructure without the Boot of Brussels unelected people ordering them what to do and stepping on their throats.Makes sense.  Attacker kills two women at Marseille railway station Two women were stabbed to death and their assailant shot dead by soldiers in the southern French port city of Marseille on Sunday in what police sources described as a “likely terrorist act”. Three police sources said the suspect had shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) as he carried out his attack at Marseille’s main railway station. The two victims – one aged 17 and the other 20 – suffered gory injuries, two police sources said, saying one had her throat slit while the other was stabbed in the stomach. https://www.yahoo.com/news/attacker-kills-two-women-marseille-slideshow-wp-155642903.html   Obama refuses to condemn these acts and instead said, “Diversity is our strength.” 

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... meanwhile, here's some OT events which might have been missed due to distractions and noise ... if you have some time to waste, these links might highlight a few items that might not yet been covered here at ZH ... >>> "Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank settlements" >>> https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/03/netanyahu-backs-annexation-of-west-bank-settlements... as a reminder, here's a Liveleak video of part of (((Red Shield's))) master plan for NWO ... >>> https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ce4_1507160918 >>> "Russia & Saudi Arabia sign billion dollar deals during King's visit" >>> https://www.rt.com/business/405749-russia-saudi-new-relations/ >>> "‘Unacceptable!’ RT pulled from YouTube prime ad list in US without notice "  >>> https://www.rt.com/news/405735-rt-youtube-ad-list/  >>> "Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?" >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNqxUuyHFzc ... and here's one that might raise a few eyebrows because of its source ...>>> "Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Probes Stolen Weapons Flight To Nevada" >>> http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2400.htm ... ... here's what's unusual about this report ...... "... So it was a “shock/surprise” this past week, this report continues, when MOSSAD recorded the arrival of “certain” Russian mafia figures at the just opened US Air Base located in the Negev Dessert—and who departed from there on a known CIA C-130 transport that had been there since 10 September—and that the Americans had claimed was due to “maintenance issues”. Upon MOSSAD discovering this “linkage” of Russian mafia persons and the CIA, this report explains, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) command ordered an immediate inspection of all arms depots—and who then shockingly discovered a massive breech in one of the emergency armories where a large quantity of military-grade weaponry and ammunition, including explosive devices, were discovered missing—and that included thousands of rounds of 5.56 mm diameter bullets—like those used during the “Pyramid Massacre” in Las Vegas. ..." ... ... "... Most troubling about the CIA flight that left the US Air Base in the Negev Dessert, is that its destination was the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada—and that was originally due to arrive there between 22-23 September—but due to its “maintenance issues”, didn’t arrive until a week later on 29 September. The critical significance of this CIA flight being delayed for a week, this report says, is that it coincides with the actions of Stephen Paddock too—and who was preparing to carry out his “Pyramid Sacrifice” massacre last week upon the Life Is Beautiful Festival headlined by Lorde and Chance the Rapper—and as evidenced by his renting multiple condos from the Ogden 21-story luxury building overlooking this venue, and exactly as he had done a week later at the Mandalay Hotel.  ... " ...  ... have a good day ...

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 @PhysicalRealm wrote:>>> "Your link to whatdoesitmean is an article by Sorcha Faal, who is a known purveyor of lies and fabricated crap and has been for years."... thanks for your omniscient insight, however, ... if you could unequivocally without any shadow of a doubt know about everything that's happening in the world, or that you know everything about what others would know and if you have an absolute knowledge of who Sorcha Faal is, I'd like you to share it with us, please.... I'm sure there are more fake news outlets and You Tube video "expert" purveyors out there that purport to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but these so-called "experts" will only lead us into the deepest rabbit holes in our search for the "real" stories. However, if we could only filter out what's propaganda and lies from what is considered reliable and credible news, we would be making ourselves believe that we could obtain a crystal ball to decipher the real events from the fake purveyors of lies.And if your argument only says he/she "is a known purveyor of lies and fabricated crap and has been for years", you're only setting yourself up to swallow everything the lamestream media would offer you as gospel truth.I, however, would keep an open mind that if the whatdoesitmean.com writer (whoever that person is using the pen name Sorcha Faal ... which is Gaelic, apparently ... and some had attributed to a conspiracist named David Booth) has some knowledge, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek news approach, well, so be it ... but I find that the links the writer sourced are true links which could be "ignored" if they're not covered by the Western Lamestream Media (which we all know the majority of them only "create" their own "fake" news ... ie CNN, NY Times, WaPest, etc.).In the interest of those ZH readers here who are still scratching their heads (like me) for the "gross lack of motive" in the Paddock/Vegas massacre, I'm only sharing what "could be" a more sane explanation of the horrific event ... and Sorcha's links about "missing" military arms from Negev Desert in Israel brought in by the CIA transport into Nevada and possibly used in the Vegas massacre, has indeed more credibility than chasing a news report about Paddock's Filipina girlfriend, mentioned elsewhere as Indonesian, muslim or Australian, rumored to be married to two guys, Danley and Paddock, concurrently,  and with apparently FBI attachments as an informer.... these are the "sorcha" links on the article/report I linked on my posting above:>>> https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-first-us-establishes-permanent-military-base-in-israel/>>> https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201710041057923325-idf-israel-stolen-explosive-weapons/>>> https://www.thedailybeast.com/las-vegas-gunman-stephen-paddock-may-have-first-planned-to-attack-chance-the-rapper-and-lorde-concert... I'm sure you would agree these links are not "lies and fabricated crap" ... unless you might be one of (((them))) who would "benefit the most" (cui bono) in a "false-flag" event as I don't believe that the Paddock/Vegas massacre was "conceived" and "perpetrated" by only one solitary drug-induced old man ... Like most critical thinkers in the world, I'm only trying to connect the dots on the "allegedly" false-flag event courtesy of those who would benefit the most ... cui bono? >>> "the (((purveyors))) of x-ray and scanner high-tech equipment worth billion$ >>> "Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?" >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNqxUuyHFzc ...... I guess, to each his own ... Make (((Ashkenazis))) Great Again? ...   

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The fact that a) you got your panties all outta whack because of my post and b) you seem to be defending Faal makes me think you're part of his/her 'work'.

Sorcha Faal has been a known disinfo agent for over a decade. Way before "fake news" became a thing for people who believe the MSM, _everybody_ knew about Sorcha Faal - he/she was always kind of a joke that way. So your eruption of outrage leads me to believe you knew that and that you're part of the problem; otherwise you would have checked out what I had to say and said "Oh. Thanks".

A few links, since you apparently didn't see my posts in 2013 and 2015 about Faal (and you asked):

A number of individuals have been duped by totally fake stories written by "Sorcha Faal," a pseudonym for David Booth, allegedly a U.S. computer programmer and which may also be a pseudonym for another individual or group of individuals. Faal, Booth, or whatever his name is acts as a cyber version of an arsonist who releases fake stories attributed to Russian intelligence sources and then sits back to assess the impact of his prankster works. The fact that a number of Russian news organizations have re-published Faal/Booth fake articles as actual news leads some to believe that U.S. intelligence plays a role in the obvious disinformation operation. Faal/Booth has a number of competitors in the field of cyber-pranksterism.

Sorcha Faal... Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of David Booth...
posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 01:06 PM
On almost a weekly basis some outrageous claim is made in an ATS thread, and usually the topic is centered on the demise of civilization as we know it. Here are some recent threads that are based on Sorcha Faal's "research" and "insight."


SORCHA FAAL and Whatdoesitmean.com: an infamous internet hoaxer
22nd May 2017

Sorcha Faal a known disinformation agent www.whatdoesitmean.com is run by OSI Navy intelligence. Everyone knows that by now Sorcha Faal has been around for YEARS.

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"Obama refuses to condemn these acts and instead said, “Diversity is our strength.”"Except, of course when it's about the Crimea peninsula that held a referendum to detach itself from the Ukraine (after Washington orchestrated a coup and installed its neo-nazi puppet-regime in Kiev) and reunite with Russia.Then of course it's called Russian agression, instead of selfdetermination.

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Actually, behaviour of France is unpredictable because although rational to maintain unrestricted access, their politicians/civil service (including French contingent at the EU) may well irrationally
wish to 'punish' the British for having the temerity to want to leave their fledgling Euro-superstate.

But Germany is always more sensible, and anyway pays the EU's bills, so the result will probably be OK.


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conintuing that thought... imagine if Miami voted to join Cuba...The USA voted on kicking out California....The Southern states voting on exercising their right to suceed as the quorum to re-estblish the USA was never met.  A process not in the constitution becuase it indeed assumed the opposite... that states had the right to leave at anytime.  What country do you really live in?  One of guns and your fear.

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I've seen a couple articles about the U.S. splitting up... I think the key is taking out D.C.... If little Kim hits D.C., and.gov can't get it's tax base rolling again quickly.... well, regions will definitely take up where the feds left off.

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Yes the Falklands are full of English and English entitlement.

Same in Northern Ireland too many who adore the English and self identify as such... the Vile DUP and Orangemen. Remember the Planatations set up by English invaders to disposses Irish of their lands, and Cromwell sale of the best east lands prior to his invasion and slaughter and profitable commencement of slave trading with the americans. A visitor certainly one from English colonies to Ireland might recognise the smell of English blood wherever it is , cruelty, self hate, low level narrowness and parasitism.

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On a more serious note this type of break up has been theorised in depth by some notable futurists. See City States future scenarios etc... cultural vulnerabilities, monoagribusiness, petro shock, war etc. "...The inherently distributed nature of these resources will lead to more distributed economic and political power at the level of cities, their hinterlands and organisations focused at this scale.... It is possible that these same processes could lead to highly inequitable, even feudal systems. However the universal focus on more local production and reduced consumption that is not forced by remote and arbitrary central power....more sustainable..." NOTE: The above is extracted from Holman who'se a permaculture left field guy. But I prefer to read across all spectrums to get a broader view, and prevent information blindspots.http://www.futurescenarios.org/content/view/12/26/index.html

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Crazy - definitely crazy.Anyway - Gibraltar and Falklands have had referenda already.  Unlike other countries, the UK is a democracy - and does not beat the shit out of little old ladies at polling stations  It has also offered votes to Scotland and NI (wrt Anglo-Irish agreement).But to topic in hand - most of example cited above are more prosperous areas wanting to leave less prosperous countries.  In case of both Scotland and Northern Ireland, they are both less prosperous areas of UK - so why should they want to leave whilst the English taxpayers keep sending them money?  So I do not see either leaving UK any time soon.

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OK - very simply THIS:US must increasingly seek conflict/dominance with China and her allied block. Global hedgimony depends on this. (Conflict not nec. War).Russia is key nat. gas supplier to EU zone (550m consumers) and Rus. is ally of China.UK is net consumer from EU - yet key annual contributor (15%).UK opts out of EU saves fee, threatens loss of consumers.EU pivots (slowely*) East to its gas supplier and its new Chinese consumers.UK fucked.*Pivot has to be slow, EU stalls while deciding where its replacement consumer buyers will come from, and politicing itself out of existing agreements.PS note Germany was passive service supplier, (to USA Hedgemon) allied with France seeks EU dominance & militarize EU as independent of NATO force.EU and US will go seperate ways over 10 to 15 year cycle.  Return to multipolar world. 

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Yeah, Gibraltar voted something like 92% in favour of remaining part of the UK, they look like their going to leave any time now.Falklands?  Why?  The islands are unihabitable without modern era shipping, which means they need to be part of a larger nation.  And they voted 99% to stay part of the UK rather than Argentinia.Northern Ireland will be a blood bath if they go indepedent or join Ireland.  They will also be a bloodbath if the tax payers hose of free cash is turned off too.  We should have let them sort their own affairs out in the 70's and see who ethnically cleansed the other out.  At the time it would likely have been the unionists, at least the matter would then be settled.You are totally blinkered in your pathological hatred for the UK.  No idea what your problem is, but its impairing the cognative functions of your brain, I'd get it fixed if I were you.

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Probably I have some cognative bias there. I've seen their OP up close and its not pretty. ( I've had good chats with David Shayler and some nameless others who know the inside track & its ugly underbelly). ...I just don't really get what UK has to offer to market, its at the cutting edge of what exactly? Germany, Holland France & Belguim are daily poaching City of London jobs. It's the EU who are City's main customers, though some offshoring may be needed to dodge EU tax codes.There was no ethnic cleansing in N. Ireland in '70's there WAS however a covert Brit stratergy to simulate one and use officers of RUC to do their dirty work. N Ireland is in a dilemma regarding open borders with Ireland proper. According to UK Plc this will not change so Hard Border must be with UK proper. Keeping Geographic Ireland a unified space.... so what do you think will happen with that over time? Clue: Businesses that benefit from Eurozone economy will seek integration with trading partners. Falklands was supposed to be Deep Water Horizon Mk II ... for reasosn unknown (sarc) it was put on hold. the logical land base to launch that from is a touch closer than UK. agreements will follow if and when that comes on line as currently FI is a current (ongoing) nett loss to UK Plc.EDIT:Oh and Gibraltar is a expat Tax Haven, and Airwaves monitoring / spook hangout. Tax haven types will follow the money wherever it leads. Brainwashed Little Englanders will salute the flag until its underwater then get a reality shock. UK Plc. will offer joint cusdody when their purse runs dry. Which following Brexit won't be long.How many Nations of the old Empire / Commonwealth chimed up ... "We stand with you Blighty!" ... a resounding chorus of  ZERO. Its not my pathological hatred, just lived in that soup long enough to know what it smells of.

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They [Northern Ireland] will also be a bloodbath if the tax payers hose of free cash is turned off too

True, but unfortunately the current UK government got itself into a position whereby survival
depends on the goodwill of Northern Irish Members of Parliament.
So the cash flow to Northern Ireland was recently stepped _up_ by GBP 1Bil or so.
Theresa May runs a (very) close second to Edward Heath as being the most over-promoted
totally out-of-his-depth Prime Minister the UK has produced since WW2.


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I know nothing about the husband, but the woman is truly useless, _even as a politician that
is supposed to act in the interests of her own political party_.

She was never any good as Home Secretary.
The inability to even count those coming into the UK got
blurred by her supporters into the separate issue of being legally unable to refuse entry to other EU nationals.
Football game turnstiles and counters...too difficult for TM.

It is an unfortunate truth that the Conservative Party finds it very difficult to dump
past-it leaders. Couldn't do it with Churchill (strokes and general age disability),
more recently Thatcher (Poll tax, delusions of grandeur: '[Royal]We are now a grandmother')


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I can-t believe I overlooked the dissapearance of the EU gravey train failing to stop at all UK shitholes....In the dystopian future that all here feel is lurking around the next bend (2025 cont. to  2035 IMHO for hard times period).Theresa´s husband may have the dubious honor of being first in line for some medeaval dystopian public retribution.Bet that will tickle a bit...

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The EU needs to be destroyed. It was a last gasp inflationary / control move that has run it's course to the failure it was from inception.People are waking up to the fact that these elite that inhabit every continent with no true nationality want everything for themselves and poverty, misery and death for the rest of us. They are Satan's minions and must be exterminated..

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See, this is where you clowns ALWAYS GO. You just can't help yourselves. My only question is, how many of you fucks are paid CIA agents or Russian GRU or? pushing this nasty bullshit to what??, and how many of you are organic? "They are Satan's minions and must be exterminated.." It's actually the other way around. The same spirits that were in the actual Nazi's are now working in y'all. They cannot WAIT to do the genetic experiments again. InfoWars & PJW have NOTHING on the Bible when it comes to weird & possibly alien conspiracy theories. YRMV.

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The herd has been restless for awhile now. Las Vegas spooked some people bad. When we have 3 Las Vegas' in a week we'll see some shit. How about 20 malls in 20 cities with 100-200 dead in each from grenades & machine gun fire? Hmmm? Mumbai, Beslan, Bataclan?, Pulse nightclub and so many many others.... Radical Islamic terrorism beats this Paddock guy 100 to 1 in frequency and/or severity. Check out all those horrible ME bombings with death totals over 100. ALL.THE.TIME. Liberal EU fucks piss and moan about GUNS IN THE HANDS OF US CIVILIANS while your new Muslim friends just killed 80 people in France by running them over with a truck on a thruway- no escape. YOU WIN! Your people are dying from being mangled by cars and trucks, stabbed & sliced with sharp blades, screaming in pain from disfiguring acid attacks. One person with a concealed handgun could have stopped the truck rampage but no one but cops & military are armed. 

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