Ominous Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone Supervolcano Now One Of Longest Ever Recorded

The rumblings beneath the formerly dormant supervolcano known as the Yellowstone caldera just won't quit. And the ongoing earthquake swarm at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is now one of the longest ever recorded, having started on June 12.

Over the past three and a half months, almost 2,500 earthquakes have been recorded in the western part of the national park. This is on par with the biggest swarm ever recorded, where more than 3,000 earthquakes took place over three months, Newsweek reports.

In its latest monthly update about activity at Yellowstone, the US Geological Survey said 115 earthquakes had been reported in the park during September. Of these, 78 were part of the ongoing swarm 6 miles north of West Yellowstone. The biggest event in the swarm last month was magnitude 2.3.

“This is the sort of work that will happen in the months to come, as we gather up all of the available data and start crunching numbers,” Poland says. “What we can say now is that through the of September, the University of Utah has located 2,475 earthquakes in the swarm. This puts the 2017 swarm on par with that of 1985, which lasted three months and had over 3,000 located events.  end


“[This is] certainly a fascinating event and one that we hope to learn more about through some post-swarm analysis,” he adds. “There's a lot to work on this winter, for sure.”

While scientists at the USGS have brushed off the threat of a supervolcano eruption, scientists at NASA have said it represents a potentially devastating threat to the US population. These same scientists have suggested several risky strategies to prevent an eruption if one appears imminent.

Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, and several other NASA researchers over the summer shared a report previously unseen outside the space agency about the threat Yellowstone poses, and what can be done to prevent an eruption.

According to NASA, an eruption at Yellowstone could plunge the earth into a volcanic winter and destroy crops and livestock, precipitating widespread famines.  Food reserves would only last about 74 days, according to the UN, after an eruption of a super volcano, like that under Yellowstone.

With an eruption long overdue, NASA has devised a plan to drill into the caldera and try to artificially cool it – a strategy that researchers say comes with its own risks.

Scientists at the USGS say the monthslong earthquake storm at the caldera has ended; however, they played down the risks posed by the swarm shortly after it started over the summer, only for the rumbling to continue. Others maintain that an eruption is long overdue.


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Why do they need to drill INTO it to pull heat out?  Just drill NEAR it and you can still pull heat out of the ground.  Ever put water into 350 degree oil??  What happens??  It EXPLODES!!  Because it boils at 212 (or lower at higher altitudes).  They make geothermal heat pumps that pull heat out of the ground with coils running about 10 feet under the surface.  They should be able to pull mass amounts of heat out of the ground near that lava chamber without drilling right into it, and run electric plants for 1000's of years for vitually FREE!!  Oh wait, FREE energy is bad for investors!!!

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Correctomundo.  Just what does NASA, a Fed-funded non-productive apparatus, have to do with anything?  Since James (?) Hansen, NASA has not issued anything factual in a terrestrial context.  Why should any thinking person give credence to NASA issuances?Now to the matter at hand:  how about someone with some actual reasoning sense and factual records showing all of us that there is a high correllation between earthquake swarm frequency and  a subsequent significant earthquake (i.e. say > 7.0) ?

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but moreso, we're approaching the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Dec 21, 2020 which is also aligning with larger cycle convergences and is increasingly distorting the Earth at the equator as the increased gravitational pull between our Sun and its two dwarfs play tug of war with our planet.some, including myself, noticed the sun's more northern position on the horizon at sunrise and sunset this summer. could we already be in a pole shift phase? 

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"Scientists at the USGS say the monthslong earthquake storm at the caldera has ended"Which rather begs the question: why was this article even written? Did Tyler order a job-lot of Doom for August, and he is just being economical and using up the dregs, even though it is out of date?Hard to be frightened of an earthquake swarm that is NO LONGER SWARMING!There might be a scorpion living in my bathroom - much more scary. I haven't ever seen it, but it MIGHT be there, in the dark, just waiting. Watching. It could be true. Perhaps. Scared now.

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Think what is being hinted at is the "geologists" at Jellystone have reprogrammed their machines to be less sensitive. What else would explain all the earthquakes, large or small, all around that area, yet none in Yogi Bears home? I ain't fraid of no scorpion. I see one, I step on it. Actually, I'll try and cover it with a glass, slide a piece of cardboard under it, and take the critter outside, release him to his natural habitat. But, if it acts all tough and shit, like he's gonna chase me around the room, SQUISH! ;-)Wolf spiders do that, act all tough, get in your face, do some crazy dancing. I expect that from them, they're basically harmless anyhow. ;-)

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The world should weigh in on their BRIGHT IDEA to drill.The consequences are huge. These douches are arrogant pieces of shit.Leave it alone. And stop fracking.

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Beware ISIS drill rigs that can bore horizontal holes 10 miles laterally into active magma chambers in YNP.  They are stationed just outside the border of YNP.  /s