Trump Expected To "Decertify" Iran Nuclear Deal Next Thursday

Update:  Confirming our note from earlier this morning, the Washington Post has just confirmed that President Trump will deliver a speech next Thursday to officially announce plans to "decertify" the international nuclear deal with Iran.  According to WaPo, Trump is expected to lay out a broader strategy with respect to Iran but will stop short of reimposing sanctions that would nullify the agreement.

President Trump plans to announce next week that he will “decertify” the international nuclear deal with Iran, saying it is not in the national interest of the United States and kicking the issue to a reluctant Congress, people briefed on an emerging White House strategy for Iran said Thursday.


The move would mark the first step in a process that could eventually result in the resumption of U.S. sanctions against Iran, which would blow up a deal limiting Iran’s nuclear activities that the country reached in 2015 with the U.S. and five other nations.


Trump is expected to deliver a speech, tentatively scheduled for Oct. 12, laying out a larger strategy for confronting the nation it blames for terrorism and instability throughout the Middle East.


Under what is described as a tougher and more comprehensive approach, Trump would open the door to modifying the landmark 2015 agreement he has repeatedly bashed as a raw deal for the United States. But for now he would hold off on recommending that Congress reimpose sanctions on Iran that would abrogate the agreement, said four people familiar with aspects of the president’s thinking.


All cautioned that plans are not fully set and could change. The White House would not confirm plans for a speech or its contents. Trump faces an Oct. 15 deadline to report to Congress on whether Iran is complying with the agreement and whether he judges the deal to be in the U.S. national interest.

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In the months leading up to the November 2016 election, Trump repeatedly referred to Obama's secretive Iran Nuclear deal as "the worst deal I've ever seen negotiated" (here's just one example).  Of course, for a man who only speaks in absolutes, it's difficult to know what that meant for the fate of the deal but it didn't sound positive, nonetheless.

Now, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Trump, over the objections of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, could declare Iran in breach of Obama's deal as early as next week and set the stage for Congress to once again impose stiff sanctions on the Islamic Republic. 

The Trump administration is expected to announce next week that it will not formally certify Iran as in compliance with the landmark nuclear agreement, a move that could kill the agreement and set the stage for Congress to reimpose harsh economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic, according to multiple U.S. officials and sources familiar with the situation.


While some senior Trump administration officials—including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis—are pushing for President Donald Trump to preserve the deal, it has become increasingly clear the president is frustrated with Iran's continued tests of ballistic missile technology and rogue operations targeting U.S. forces in the region, according to these sources.


Designating Iran as in non-compliance with the deal would loosen restrictions on how the United States can target Tehran and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, which has been the main entity behind Iran's military operations in Syria and elsewhere in the region. It also would allow the administration to save face in the short-term by not technically walking away from the agreement.


The final nail in the coffin, these sources said, was the recent admission by the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, that it cannot fully assess whether Iran is working on sensitive nuclear explosive technology due to restrictions on inspections and specific sites in the Islamic Republic.

Still, according to the Financial Times, the increasing rhetoric from the White House could be nothing more than an effort to "minimize political embarrassment" while ultimately "maintaining the deal."

Western officials say Mr Trump is frustrated by rules that require him to certify an agreement he framed as the “worst deal ever” every 90 days, in keeping with a 2015 law giving Congress oversight of the agreement.


“He is looking for options that minimise the domestic political embarrassment of ultimately maintaining the deal,” said a western official.

Trump Iran

Of course, Tillerson and Mattis are not alone in their opposition to withdrawing from the controversial deal as several other military and intelligence experts argue that some oversight is preferable to none at all.

Retired four-star Gen. Michael Hayden, former head of the National Security Agency, told the Free Beacon that there are always challenges to ensuring Iranian compliance. However, some level of inspections is better than none at all.


"Confirming compliance is always challenging," Hayden said, echoing the thinking of many current and former U.S. officials. "That's why the intelligence folks always insist on an invasive monitoring regime. That combined with national capabilities should give you reasonable confidence."


"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs said yesterday that Iran was not in material breach of the deal," Hayden noted. "That looks to be true and I would expect the intelligence community to be able to detect significant breaches."


The chief challenge is ensuring Iran is not cheating on the deal by engaging in illicit research activities or other types of nuclear work that are less easy to detect, according to Hayden.


"Cheating around the edges would be a different matter," he said. "Of course, all this would be harder to do if the deal collapsed and the international inspectors were no longer able to perform even their current tasks."

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz, a long-time, vocal opponent of the deal, maintains that Trump has no option but to decertify Iran and allow Congress to enact harsh penalties because of the IAEA's admission that Iran continues to refuse them access to various military facilities - a clear requirement of the terms of the deal."

"The IAEA's admission that they are unable to verify a fundamental provision under the nuclear deal—that the Iranians are not engaging in activities or using equipment to develop a nuclear explosive device—is highly alarming. In these circumstances, issuing a compliance certification would be serious mistake," Cruz said.


"If the Iranians are serious about a peaceful program, they need to prove it. Iran's continued refusal to allow IAEA access to military sites—a clear requirement of the terms of the deal—renders the JCPOA utterly ineffective, and, even worse, a sham that only facilitates Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons," Cruz said. "This absence of any meaningful verification is yet another reason to vitiate this foolhardy agreement."

Other administration insiders who spoke to the Free Beacon said the president no longer wants to pretend the deal is working.

"The president already knew that continued sanctions relief to Iran was inappropriate and not in our interest given their behavior, which was more than enough to decertify. He said so repeatedly," said one veteran Iran analyst close to the White House and privy to discussions about the matter. "Now there's this new issue where the IAEA just admitted publicly they've been unable to verify entire sections of the deal, which makes the whole thing a no-brainer."


"Decertifying clears a lot of clutter off the table because our guys no longer have to pretend the deal is a good deal," the source said. "They can let it stay in place for a while or try to fix it, all while focusing on the rest of Iran's aggression."

So what say some oversight better than none at all or is Trump right that the United States is just getting outwitted by a cunning adversary.


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Israel is driving the anti-Iran hysteria. One of the  worst terror nations the world has ever seen. Read this: Zionist Jews - Godfathers Of Terrorism to get a grasp how damned genocidal these fine young bunch of Nobel prize winners have been ever since, including the Pole Menachem Begin who proudly boasted himself about having slaughtered personally dozens of unarmed Arab men, women and children.Some background how the usual English devils willuilly designed the mess in the Near East:   Balfour and Palestine, a legacy of deceit, by Anthony Nutting | The Balfour ProjectIt is reassuring to know that a Zionist is one of the most influential family members of the US chieftain's tribe.

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Kill the treaty because of Iran's..."rogue operations targeting U.S. forces in the region".Rogue operations?  That sounds like a real nuclear treaty deal breaker.  I wonder if those "rogue operations" corresponds to Israel's statement that they are "seeing Russians and Iranians in Syria 24/7"?I also wonder if this treaty busting corresponds with any recent events in Las Vegas ?

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The inspection of military bases was a major bone of contention in 18 months of negotiations leading to the nuclear deal.Iran's top authorities have ruled out any foreign access to military sites, describing it as a matter of national security.Under the accord, the agency [IAEA] needs to justify its access request with adequate, credible evidence of irregularities.But the US case for the inspections is said to be far from convincing.Shamkhani [Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council] said Tehran could not be compelled to assume obligations beyond what the nuclear pact has stipulated.Foreign Access to Military Sites Ruled OutIt is interesting that "The US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, paid a visit to the International Atomic Energy Agency's headquarters in Vienna last month to meet with its nuclear experts and Director General Yukiya Amano.She later acknowledged that the meetings during her trip were meant to press the UN nuclear watchdog to consider inspecting Iran's military sites."It is sad that the UN is so easily bullied by the US. When the previous UN IAEA chief, ElBaradai, or the weapons inspector Hans Blix, disagree on facts, they are removed and replaced by US approved puppets who will be more amenable like Yukiua Amano, so that the US can pursue its aggression.I can imagine if Trump tries this game, some really damaging intel with hard evidence will come to light about US rogue operations with ISIS terrorists in Syria connecting directly to the Whit house. I hope so anyway. We already know who the bad guys are anyway.  

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'What's it All About, Mr. President?'Does Netanyahu cause you heartburn?Does Jared threaten divorce?Or does the Zionist And Christian Zionist Cruz (missle) lobby plan on getting you 'IMPEACHED'?Who would replace your 'Highness'?Do you realize the american troops dying for the Zionist with a fair ratio of 100:1 American's to one Zionist and a thousand to one Iranian's. Hitler would be poud! Afteral, the Palestians were Nazi Germans in drag.Here is 'Roger Water's Documentary Film on, 'How Israel Interfers in American Politics'!Additional reading:  by Alan Hart "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews"    <buy em---read em>  

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 Exactly, along with National Review, a ((supremacist)) site whoe goal is Israeli domination of the Middle East, and an Iran-US was would please them greatly.You can tell their article is bull when they don't reference the section of the agreement where Iran committed to grant foreign spies access to all of its military sites.  They learned from the Iraq fiasco that the IAEA inspectors are replte with hostile spies and they request inspections merely for military reconnaissance purposes.The latest IAEA report indicates full Iranian compliance, including with the Additional Protocol (para. 26).

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I have just read all 6 pages of the latest IAEA report and there is ZERO mention of any difficulties, problems, or hindrances with respect to the JCPOA. Iran remains in full compliance.I checked the original article and it provides ZERO sources for the spurious claim that the IAEA "cannot fully assess whether Iran is working on sensitive nuclear explosive technology due to restrictions on inspections and specific sites" and Lyin' Ted Cruz provides ZERO sources for his quoted claim of the "IAEA's admission that they are unable to verify a fundamental provision under the nuclear deal—that the Iranians are not engaging in activities or using equipment to develop a nuclear explosive device."I then looked at the bottom of the freebeacon article and saw the following information about the author:

Adam Kredo is senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Formerly an award-winning political reporter for the Washington Jewish Week, where he frequently broke national news, Kredo’s work has been featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico, among others.

OK, now I understand. It's all just another lie.The innuendoes about lack of access sound very similar to those made by Waffle House Nikki:

Further innuendo about unseen violations involved a topic Haley has talked up on earlier occasions, which is inspection of sites not declared as nuclear sites. She quoted an ill-considered Iranian remark about not giving foreigners the run of Iranian military installations, and strove to create the impression that Iran is denying access to suspect facilities. It is not.She said nothing about the carefully-defined procedure that the JCPOA lays out for inspection of non-declared sites. If the IAEA is given reason to suspect prohibited activity at any such site, it can request a visit. If the IAEA and Iran cannot agree on such a visit, the matter is ultimately decided in the Joint Commission — where Iran can be outvoted, and the inspection authorized. There has been no Iranian denial of access, and again Haley provided no reason for suspecting any violations.… hysteria about sunset provisions is also another steaming pile of bullshit.…

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One phrase in the article stood out: "sanctions relief".I like that. Is it just me, or is that as Orwellian as you can get? We impose sanctions on everyone, but some countries get sanctions relief, as long as they behave. Surely "sanctions relief" = no sanctions = normal relations?A little honesty might be better for everyone: the US wants to attack Iran, because they need to attack someone, anyone, and this might actually provide some benefit to the US once their country is destroyed.The truth will set you free. Apparently.

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Who frikkin cares?!Thump is increasingly irrelevant, as is the Zio-USSA on the world stage.Good luck in telling the world how to salute the ZOG flag, use its Fed (((Casino chits))), or run from its tranny army and Mercs, who can only fight from afar (sniper scopes or joysticks).MAGA?  LMAO.  MIGA is more like it. Stop hiding, and s*ck Bibi's dick openly. The Dems will understand. Heck, they may even approve.

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The real reason for demonizing Iran is that Iran is Russia-friendly and will not let us profit from their oil. It is as simple as that.

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There's other reasons TOO.
Our fight is with the unseen wicked spirit forces. Iran has been foretold to come out of nowhere they'll destroy the financial world as we know it.

The world for the most part will rally around Iran as they've shown everybody how to live under US sanctions since 1979 and still thrive. They have some of the world's largest oil and gas preserve.

Also the largest educated young population on the planet.

Google how many European countries and banks are realigning with Iran.

No one will care about a SWIFT banking program and a useless dollar that nobody uses anymore.

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OBOR South, baby!  OBOR South (China, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Europe)!The ZOG is scared witless with OBOR South leading to ever escalating De-Dollarization, and with it, the end of the Dollar-based Empire.W/o its US attack dog, the Likudniks would actually have to negotiate in good faith with their neighbors ("Oh vey, the horror!"), who are no doubt "squatting on Israeli land, water and gas".  ;-)

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"Trump is right. "Hey Cheapsob,Do you know ANY of the history of the relationship between the US and Iran?Try listing all the wrongs that Iran has done to the US and then list all the wrongs the US has done to Iran. It is quite, lopsided. Bigly.How is that OBOR and Shanghai Cooperative coming Donald? Hey Donald, what are your friends Putin and Xi gonna think when you push this?Are you actually trying to accelerate the death of the petrodollar Donald?Looks like it to me.

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Just how many Zionist(s) are there inside the Iranian government still attempting to subvert post-1979 coup?...

Well I guess we can start with at least this one (…)!

Plenty more Zionist Shah Pahlavi "lovers" movin and shakin with their money in the U.S.A. and based on this SF read Canada!!!

What they don't realize is that they better open a Russian bank account sooner rather then later if they want a "safety net" and they don't wish their luck to run out! This and maybe picking up that second language speaking Russian as well as their native Farsi for next place(s) to put the CV just in case they need to move!

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OOOooohhhhh!  Tough guy Dumbass Donnie at it again.  Good cop \ Bad cop might work in shady real estate investment deals, though in international politics, everyone just knows he is a liar.  

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"Russia has latest methods of American Government / NSA computer methods:"

I'm sure that some of what the WSJ printed is actually true. You see.... Just like Mossad our NSA boyz and girlz get paid top "Ruble" when the paycheck they are getting in USD$$$ keeps depreciating!

That attitude of no brand loyalty is instilled in their work ethic.

And why not?... when you're government can do this ( as cover for the biggest looting operation in history that has murdered countless millions and bankrupted itself by it's own act(s) of treason that murders it's own in order to promote hegemony through it's own currency that is now WORTHLESS!

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Unless he actually starts world war 3 Trump himself is not the worst deal ever voted, but he's up there with them.As for the Eastern axis they are fully aware that America is a full of shit puppet and they only pass polite comment on American antics as they are fully aware that America cannot participate in a win/win Silk Road without first destroying their Anglo/Zionist win/lose economic model. So they humor Jewmerica and do what needs to be done.

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Given the propensity of the US to change regimes, its understandable that Iran wants a bomb, just like NK. Why should we expect anything different?  And they'll get one, regardless of the deals or inspections...plenty of smart scientists and engineers in Iran.