What Hurricane: Full-Time Jobs Soar By 935,000, Biggest Increase In The 21st Century

Not only was there much confusion ahead of the September payrolls report, there was just as much confusion inside it, because while the market decided to ignore the 33,000 drop in payrolls (as per the Establishment Survey), the first monthly decline in 7 years and instead focus on the just as widely expected spike in average hourly earnings, a result of hurricane-induced labor shortages, what it appears to have forgotten is the "other" Household Survey, which showed a vastly different picture. Here, according to the BLS the number of employed Americans soared by 906,000 one of the biggest monthly increases on record.

However, an even more dramatic observation was revealed when digging into the components of this increase, because according to the BLS, while the number of part-time workers increased last month by 81,000...

... it was the full-time increase that was an absolute outlier: at 935,000 this was the single biggest monthly increase in the 21st century (excluding the bizarro Jan 2000 print), and one of the 4 highest monthly prints in history.

Which begs the question: if three hurricanes can result in a near-record increase in wwell-paying, full-time jobs, maybe it's time for a few tactially placed nukes above the US: with everything else having failed, surely they would remove all the slack in the economy overnight, and unleash the long-awaited wage hyperinflation.


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The jobs numbers are based on Pay roll data the unemployment is based on benefit claims.  Unemployment number can be deceptive but the Jobs numbers is harder to "fudge".  You are either getting a pay check or not. I hope this is accurate because its a good sign.  #MAGA Can we get the info that number is based on so that we can do an analysts and verify? 

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I've been mystified by his taking credit for the stock market and slightly better "jobs reports". Even a Democrat could understand that owning a bubble this long in the tooth is a pretty bad idea. I think his plan is to blame democrats and deep state republicans for not passing his agenda when the market crashes. Or, he's just being an idiot.

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On the earlier hurricane post from yesterday, I posted a comment....I said " by tomorrrow the unemployment rate will be 3% unemployment, and by end of year it will be 1% if note zero"  Some of you may have seen my [post from yesterday... Altho, do keep in mind, alot of people may have been hired for clean up work, that is possible I suppose.

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I forgot the sarcasm remark on my first sentence...of course I dont believe these numbers.  I understand most all of the lies whether it is stock market, unemployment numbers, false flags etc... It is possible that alot of jobs opened tho for clean up.  But isnt the money for these jobs coming from our taxes?  TRrump said he was giving billions for clean up..So maybe more jobs, but people who are working will be taxed for it...And our debt ceiling will go up etc.  Or, maybe alot of baby boomers are dieing..From what I hear, every person who dies, they assume two more jobs open up..p.s. As you notice, I try never to put down other people on ZH.  I dont even give down arrows, if I dont like a post, I reply to it with professionalism, not calling people names..

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Completely useless garbage. It's bad enough that we have central bankers centrally planning the econony, but using this garbage to make their decisions is even more retarded. 

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Help wanted: ZH proofreader and spell-checker.  Long hours, short pay.Hundreds of armchair grammar Nazis to keep satisfied.  When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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More GREAT news!  Remind me then, why the fuck do bankers and financiers still need access to essentially FREE MONEY (ZIRP/NIRP)?!?!?!Your move Mr. Yellen!

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There's a big difference between "full-time jobs" and "permanent full-time jobs".Hiring someone full-time to do the cleanup is not creating permanent full-time employment.(although this cleanup may take a long time)

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What is the difference between "payrolls" and "full time employment?" How does one decrease 33,000 while the other increases 906,000 while part time employment increases 81,000?