Is This The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century?

Authored by Cyril Widdershoven via,

The geopolitical reality in the Middle East is changing dramatically.

The impact of the Arab Spring, the retraction of the U.S. military, and diminishing economic influence on the Arab world - as displayed during the Obama Administration - are facts.

The emergence of a Russian-Iranian-Turkish triangle is the new reality. The Western hegemony in the MENA region has ended, and not in a shy way, but with a long list of military conflicts and destabilization.

The first visit of a Saudi king to Russia shows the growing power of Russia in the Middle East. It also shows that not only Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but also Egypt and Libya, are more likely to consider Moscow as a strategic ally.

King Salman’s visit to Moscow could herald not only several multibillion business deals, but could be the first real step towards a new regional geopolitical and military alliance between OPEC leader Saudi Arabia and Russia.

This cooperation will not only have severe consequences for Western interests but also could partly undermine or reshape the position of OPEC at the same time.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is currently hosting a large Saudi delegation, led by King Salman and supported by Saudi minister of energy Khalid Al Falih.

Moscow’s open attitude to Saudi Arabia—a lifetime Washington ally and strong opponent of the growing Iran power projections in the Arab world—show that Putin understands the current pivotal changes in the Middle East.

U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and even the UAE, have shown an increased eagerness to develop military and economic relations with Moscow, even if this means dealing with a global power currently supporting their archenemy Iran. Analysts wonder where the current visit of King Salman will really lead to, but all signs are on green for a straightforward Arab-Saudi support for a bigger Russian role in the region, and more in-depth cooperation in oil and gas markets.

In stark contrast to the difficult relationship of the West with the Arab world, Moscow seems to be playing the regional power game at a higher level. It can become an ally or friend to regional adversaries, such as Iran, Turkey, Egypt and now Saudi Arabia. Arab regimes are also willing to discuss cooperation with Russia, even though the country is supporting adversaries in the Syrian and Yemen conflicts and continues to supply arms to the Shi’a regime in Iran.

Investors can expect Russia and Saudi Arabia to sign a multitude of business deals, some of which have already been presented. Moscow and Riyadh will also discuss the still fledgling oil and gas markets, as both nations still heavily depend on hydrocarbon revenues. Arab analysts expect both sides to choose a bilateral strategy to keep oil prices from falling lower. Riyadh and Moscow have the same end goal: a stable oil and gas market, in which demand and supply keep each other in check to push price levels up, but without leaving enough breathing space for new market entrants such as U.S. shale.

Putin and Salman will also discuss the security situation in the Middle East, especially the ongoing Syrian civil war, Iran’s emerging power, and the Libya situation. Until now, the two have supported opposite sides, but Riyadh has realized that its ultimate goal, the removal of Syrian president Assad, is out of reach. To prevent a full-scale Shi’a triangle (Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon), other options are now being sought to quell Tehran’s power surge. Moscow is key in this.

Putin’s unconditional support of the Iranian military onslaught in Iraq and Syria, combined with its support for Hezbollah in Lebanon or Houthis in Yemen, will be discussed and maybe tweaked to give Riyadh room to maneuver into the Russian influence sphere. The verdict on this isn’t yet out, but Riyadh’s move must be seen in light of ongoing Moscow discussions with Egypt, Libya, Jordan and the UAE.

A growing positive Putin vibe in the Arab world is now clear. The strong leadership of Russia’s new Tsar has become a main point of interest for the (former pro-Western) Arab regimes. The U.S. and its European allies have only shown a diffuse political-military approach to the threats in the MENA region, while even destabilizing historically pro-Western Arab royalties and presidents. Putin’s friendship, however, is being presented as unconditional and long lasting.

Even though geopolitics and military operations in the Middle East now are making up most headlines, the Saudi-Russian rapprochement will also have economic consequences. Riyadh’s leadership of OPEC is still undisputed, as it has shown over the last several years. Saudi Arabia’s eagerness to counter the free-fall of oil prices has been successful, but a much bigger effort is required to bring prices back to a level of between $60-75 per barrel. Russia’s role—as the largest of non-OPEC producers—has been substantial, bringing in not only several emerging producers, but also by putting pressure on its allies Iran, Venezuela and Algeria.

The historically important Moscow-Riyadh cooperation in oil and gas is unprecedented. Without Russia’s support, overall compliance to the OPEC production cut agreement would have been very low, leading to even lower oil prices.

The Saudi-Russian rapprochement could, however, be seen as a threat by the West and OPEC itself. Western influence in the region has waned since the end of the 1990s, not only due to the peace dividend of NATO, but especially because OECD countries are moving away from oil. Saudi Arabia had to find new markets, which happened with China and India. The Saudi future is no longer based on Western customers or support, but lies in Asia and other emerging regions. The FSU region has also popped up on Saudi screens. Investment opportunities, combined with geopolitical support and military interests, are readily available in Russia and its satellite states.

For OPEC, the Moscow-Riyadh love affair could also mean a threat. Throughout OPEC’s history, Riyadh has been the main power broker in the oil cartel, pushing forward price and production strategies; most of the time this was done in close cooperation with all the other members, most of them Arab allies. This changed dramatically after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to cooperate in global oil markets. Through the emergence of this OPEC/ non-OPEC cooperation, Moscow and Riyadh have grown closer than expected. The two countries now decide the future of global oil markets before they discuss it with some of the other main players like UAE, Iran, Algeria and Nigeria. King Salman’s visit is seen as another step toward a more in-depth cooperation in oil and gas related issues.

Besides global oil market cooperation, Saudi Arabia is and will become more interested to invest in natural gas development, not only to have an interest in Russia’s gas future but also to bring in Russian technology, investment and LNG to the Kingdom. 

At the same time, media sources are stating that Saudi Arabia is NOT asking Russia to take part in the long-awaited Aramco IPO in 2018. Russian individual investors and financial institutions, however, are expected to take an interest.

Putin understands not only Russian chess tactics but also the Arab “Tawila” approach. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman already will prepare his Tawila strategy, putting enough stones on the table to ensure his successful end game. MBS, currently de-facto ruler of the Kingdom, is targeting a full house—Russian cooperation in energy, defense and investments—while softening Moscow’s 100% percent support of the Shi’a archenemy Iran.

For both sides, Moscow and Riyadh, the current constellation presents a win-win situation. Moscow can reach its ultimate goal in the Middle East: to become the main power broker and knock the US from the pedestal. For Riyadh, the option to counter the Iranian threat, while also bolstering its own economy and hydrocarbon future, is now within reach.

King Salman’s trip could go down in history as the point of no return for the West. Pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin and King Salman of Saudi Arabia could replace historic pictures of King Saud and U.S. President Roosevelt (Bitter Lake, 1945). In a few years, King-to-be Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman might tell his children that this was one of the pillars that changed not only the Middle East but also supported his Vision 2030 plan of becoming a bridge between the old (West) and the new (Russia-Asia).


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My question is when is this going to reflect in our actual standard of living and currency exchange rates?How many more countries have to drop the petrodollar before we collapse.  I've been reading the collapse is here for almost 10 years now.What in the world will it actually take?  This is a serious question.  If you have any idea of the answer I would certainly like to hear it.

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  Hoo boy…… If you thought Russia was made out to be the planet’s greatest villain of all time, just wait until this sinks in. I wonder if the deep state will ever come to grips with the fact that their grand plan for a “New American Century” has blown up in their faces.

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Putin just goes around and says how can we work together to help each other.   The USA does the NSA John PErkins Confessions of an Economic Hitman to entrap and blackmail countries, Alternatively, we use armies and proxy armies to loot or overthrwo countries.  Europe and the evil corrupt EU just go along because they do not want to end up dead in an Operation Gladio.  Kill off a few politicians in Europe and the rerst toe the line.  The USA and EU are run by evil scum satanic scum like Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefelllers, Bushes and others.It helps that Russia and Putin have pipelines that crisscross most of Eurasia.  And with China they will have rail lines that connect all of EurAsia.

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Russia, Iran, Turkey.  Add a sane Germany (OK, that might take a few years) to the mix, and this alliance would rule Eurasia.China would co-operate if not ally outright.  Britain would co-operate.  America would be forced to co-operate, esp. if trans-continental rail was expanded even further (let alone a 'World Land Bridge').Look at the time of the 'Mongols', this is about the area they controlled, with periods of great influence or dominance in Eastern Europe and or China.   (BTW, the Mongols in the west of the Mongolian Empire were ethnically MAJORITY Russian and Turkish).

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Do you know what Putin's secret weapon is to defeat the United States? It's not the S-400, burrowing nukes into our eastern shores, or anything dramatic.It's the truth. The USA has come to have its reputation tarnished in the world, and we have come to be known as a bunch of backstabbing, go with the wind wannabe political hacks running from fabricated shitstorm to fabricated shitstorm. Meanwhile, you have Russia doing nothing more than just being more trustworthy than us. Heck, they just need to seem more trustworthy.The question we have to ask is cui bono. Look at who owns the congress to find the answer. It certainly isn't the American populace. 

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The USA is just the muscle, the (((parasite))) controls many countries. A measure of freedom and peace on this planet we all share can only come when we stand together and expose it to the light. When all see the truth, the (((filth))) will die, their false god will not save them.

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Is This The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century?My response: Nothing new here if you have read and understood the Prophetic Books of the BIBLE (Isaiah thru Malachi). This is happening exactly, and I mean exactly, as YHWH Elohim predicted in His inspired, infalliable, inerrant and authorative word which was written thousands of years ago.Of course virtually no one on ZH or most of America reads that silly book anymore. My guess is that less than 5% of Americans have ever read the entire Bible at all during their entire life time.

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One thing the Saudis, Iran, and Russia all have in common is financial jeopardy from the US in the form of sanctions or lawsuits.  They all would love to have their trade and assets out of reach of the US, which means developing alternative banking systems, trading networks, and asset markets.  Perhaps Washington overplayed its hand.

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Yes, but who will give a fuck?This author seems a little confused. Fact is, the Saudis and the Iranians are not enemies, the Saudis are only allied to the US because of the threat of invasion, and opposed to Iran for the same reason. BUT, the balance has been tipped, you filth in the US can't bomb us all, and certainly not without consequences. NOW FUCK OFF AND DIE, and take the brits and your orange (((cheese-pope))) in chief with you.

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is right on track cowboy. Unlike dull-witted occidental exceptionalists - and the sites which cater to their fantasies...

kabbalist talmudists tend to constantly update their tactical approach to take full advantage of shifting conditions... thereby making hay of every new opportunity to degrade the defenses of the west.


that statement of fact confuse thee... let's jus lay it out, shall we?

A |NEW MERIKAN CENTURY| does not actually involve Americans... it's a 'dual passport' thang - guys whose parents or grandparents showed up as refugees in the land o liberty, took err... "liberties" with the goodwill of their ... ummmm///"Hosts"/// to design a custom suite of measures by which talmudist Noahide law would come to reign supreme over that same Lady L...

and the proxy forces of Mordor which Merika thereby became... would step by step DISMANTLE the reputation of that once mighty Republic round the world... so that the

project for a NEW AMERICAN CENTURY would reveal itself as the project to make this century the final chapter... in a long experiment in free folk finding common ground within a framework of equality and enterprise.

This site has become a land of nodding-off dreamers... unaware of the NIGHTMARE LAND mEriKa has become... and those who find satisfaction in leading them into it.

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As JamesBond points out, it's already been happening. The kind of dramatic hyperinflation you're looking for likely still won't come for a few more years. You're overlooking that as the world reserve currency, A LOT of foreigners have very large USD reserves--especially oil producers. They don't want these to turn to ashes over night. A great deal of currency has to be divested from, and carefully. The time to hunker down and prepare is now, because powerful entities are beginning to secure contracts in other denominations, swaps, and out-right barter.

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Surely you can look back 10 years and see the decline in your living standards and the purchase power of your money?That is evident as well as higher unemployment. If and when the dyke breaks, it will break with a bang and be instant.If the US dollar loses it's reserve currency which, is what's happening it will gather momentum and the obvious will become more obvious as time goes on.I'm no economist but to me, it will happen with an ever growing inertia until there is an instaneous bang

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I think that this is a good metaphor for future of USA economy,and also necessarily applies to the globalized economies insidethe Empire of Finance,or the Empire of Debt: iceberg in Antarctica!Bit by bit, the people that controlled the people that controlled the government of the USA have been hollowing the system out. They appear to want to destroy the republic, and they are clearly succeeding in doing so. I can not think of anything but implausible series of political miracles that could change the path that "they" are on … therefore, there MUST come some time in the future when that video above is a good metaphor for what finally has to happen.However, the difference is that the collapse of the American economic system is on an astronomically amplified scale, with consequences that are quite impossible to imagine. (I also think that there are correlations between nature going nuts, at the same time as civilization goes crazy.)"We" have very rapidly built a system of global electronic fiat money fraud, backed up by atomic weapons. The collapse of a system of that ASTRONOMICAL SIZE no longer fits within any kind of common sense comprehension. Rather, "we" are looking at the magnification of lies, backed by violence, by billions and trillions of times, … until the collapse into chaos of such an incomprehensible system is a psychotic breakdown somewhere around quadrillions of times more insane than can actually be fully imagined.Within the context, that the "Project For A New American Century" were Zionist plans, which had effectively captured control over all NATO countries, the extreme evil inherent in those plans, in my opinion, tends to mislead some other people into believing that there are any genuine "alternatives" being offered by countries which were relatively outside of that. ALL of the countries, corporations, and churches, etc., which dominate the world today have become runaway criminal insanities. That the previously most dominant were the most criminally insane does NOT mean that those which were previously not as dominate are not also similarly insane.The magnitude of the triumph of the frauds, backed up with force, that built the currently established systems, EVERYWHERE, seems to have become the only thing keeping them going … In particular, nobody can imagine what happens after the American Dollar and American Military became like flying unicorns and dragons, whose sheer unintelligiblity was the only thing keeping them in the air. Old Orwellian & Huxleyian ideas have been outdone by several orders of magnitude. For example, the secretive ESF, Exchange Stabilization Fund, etc., that appears to be behind the five biggest American banks holding hundreds of trillions of units of whatever the hell their derivative complexes represent, have systematically stabilized a pyramid scheme house of cards to be able to built, until it went over the dark side of the moon ... While other countries have been joining in that global gangster gang bang of debt slavery, to the degree that those are ALL integrated into the globalized Empire of Finance, as globalized Empire of Debt, where "money" is made out of nothing as debts, in order to "pay" for strip-mining the planet's natural resources.Every “success” of the most dominate established system made it possible for its huge lies to make and maintain FRAUD TO BE KING OF THE WORLD. Those who were relatively less successful are nevertheless still based on the same sociopolitical systems of being able to back up lies with violence, despite that being able to do so never stops those lies from still being fundamentally false. In that context, I can somewhat sympathize with those who regard the apparent "alternatives" to the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, including all the NATO countries, as somehow being "better." However, EVERYWHERE the same imperatives are driving the globalized Empire of Debt Finance to strip-mine the natural resources of the planet as fast as possible. EVERYWHERE, EVERYTHING is dominated by fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, including ALL the apparent "alternatives" to the dominance of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire.The longer that the established systems “succeed” in their efforts to stabilize themselves, and to benefit from that, then the more unimaginably spectacular must be the final psychotic breakdowns, due to the fundamental insanity of global electronic fiat money frauds, backed by nothing but mass destruction weapons. We are witnessing the triumph of organized crimes on an astronomically amplified scale, which no longer makes the slightest bit of common sense anymore, and which, therefore, cannot be predicted nor understood with any kind of residual common sense. But nevertheless, some people like to day dream that some "alternatives" are somehow genuinely "better."To return to the image in the video above, the difference is that we are sailing in and through, looking up at those systems that we are INSIDE. Therefore, the whole world is deserving of a “Darwin Award!” The ability to get away with backing up huge lies with lots of violence for so long has created systems that "we" almost all depend upon to live, but which are utterly insane, to an astronomically amplified degree. Natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as humanly possible, which has become about exponentially more dishonest. Within that overall context, I regard it as being goofy hagiography to expect that those who were less dominate than the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, including NATO countries, were somehow going to become the "good guys."The American Dollar and American Military became the heart of the global money/murder systems. "We" are living on the basis of astronomically amplified systems of organized lies operating organized robbery. However, "we" blithely keep sailing through those established systems, taking them for granted. It is apparently impossible for "us" to understand what "we" are doing! In my view, any suggestions that any of the publicly recognized apparent "alternatives" would genuinely be any better are ridiculously unrealistic.Physical science and technologies have multiplied capacities and powers by billions and trillions of times. However, the basic design of Neolithic Civilization then became based on lies, backed by violence, that were billions and trillions of times BIGGER. I see barely the slightest signs that society will be able to understand what is going to happen to it. Rather, we shall be going through extraordinary social psychotic breakdowns, that go far, far beyond the ability of the socio-psychopaths that control our civilization to comprehend! Those who somewhat recognize that the previously most dominate groups were the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, and all NATO countries, then somewhat superficially recognize that other groups relatively outside of That are supposed to be "better alternatives." However, I regard that as nostalgic nonsense.I guess there maybe was never any way out of the dilemmas of the human experiments in the evolution of intelligence. As Einstein joked, it seems that human stupidity is infinite. However, there must be some limit, somewhere, to the established systems of global electronic fiat money frauds, backed up by the threats from mass destruction weapons. We just have no way whatsoever to actually imagine what those will be …As in the video linked above, each imaginable example of the collapse of the American (petro) Dollar system are like watching small pieces of the whole break off, and fall away, while STILL the basic system stands. BUT, that is also generally the case regarding everything, everywhere, throughout Globalized Neolithic Civilization. As each new piece falls away, and the system as a whole gets more and more hollowed out, theoretically, there must come some point where the arch of the system as a whole collapses down to whatever level of reality is left there afterwards. Perhaps some may survive through that somehow, and thereafter come to better terms with things like electronics and atomic energy, to rebuild some new systems, from the surviving seeds of the old. BUT, to do so requires "we" change our politics just as much as "we" changed our physics, in order to make those technologies possible, which drove the creation of American Dollar and American Military, that "we" take for granted today.In my opinion is it grievously mistaken to perceive that any emerging "alternatives" to the dominance of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, which effectively controls NATO, are genuine "alternatives." Those who previously became the biggest and best organized gangs of reproducing robbers are basically doing the same things as their apparent "alternatives." I do not regard anything which might be touted as "The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century" as finally amounting to anything more than the continuing globalized versions of the metaphorical illustration in that little video I linked above. The overall important things were the ways that some human beings learned to harness inanimate energy sources, and thereby animate those, whose most common sense experiences were the ways that petroleum resources became the focus of geopolitical concerns, and so, drove the history of wars for a Century.However, what continues to be the case throughout all of the publicly significant "alternatives" to the dominance of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, operating throughout NATO countries, is that those never get remotely close to going through sufficient series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in political science in order to actually provide any genuinely "better alternatives."Overall, the intensifying paradoxes automatically get WORSE, that while some human beings understand some energy systems, most human beings deliberately ignore and misunderstand themselves as also manifestations of general energy systems. While some human beings within Globalized Neolithic Civilization have been able to harness the chemical energy in fossil fuels, and indeed, petroleum resources were the most important issues to that Civilization, that some human beings were also able to harness electrical and atomic energy raises the issues of the degree to which human beings living within those systems understand themselves. I see no solid grounds to expect that the apparent "alternatives" to the dominance of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire are not also criminally insane in the same basic ways."The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century" should actually be for enough human beings to understand themselves, such that the harnessing of inanimate energy sources could reconcile natural selection with artificial selection. At the present time, ALL the artificial selection systems, operated by ALL the countries, corporations, and churches, etc., are based on being able to enforce frauds, while ALL those sociopolitical systems continue to operated by the best available professional hypocrites, in ways which enable the overall sociopolitical situation to become about exponentially more fraudulent.

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sheeple don't want to see it. I predicted the 2008 scam down to a month. A friend (one of the best US architects from the MIT - every house he used to design ended up in many books and magazines) was re-doing an old house in Palisades in LA. I told him to hurry up as much as possible  because the real estate market was about to collapse. Luckily he listened. He sold the house for 3.2m and a week later the market went to shit - he would have gotten max 1.5m or so

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How much more debt can the US get into? 20 trillion in debt and still printing exponentially. by the time Trumps term ends The US will be 28 Trillion in debt. The dollar crash is a mathematical certainty but it could be 10 more years before everyone drops the dollar. But something tells me it could be in 2018

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As a Brit.Who has been through collapse of empire... It's a process. Took about 70 years. Things just keep getting worse. More corrupt, more incompetent,  less effective. More authoritarian as the try to maintain control.The process has been running in the US for a while now. See the F22 as an example.On a monetary level 1/2 of USD are outside the country, so that limits just how bad inflation can get.

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Let me offer you my view of the situation. From my perspective it took 20 years (roighly 1 generation) to deconstruct the Soviet Union. According to Cathrine Austin Fitz the elites gave up on US in 1997. Plus 20 years will bring us to 2019. On 1988 The Economist cover we see Phoenix with a gold coin on the neck rising from a bunch of burning currencies. On the coin there is,a number. I would submit it means October of 2018. Then we supposed to have a year of chaos, remember " Order out of Chaos" is their motto. That points to 2019 again. But, here is this big BUT. You understand it was a plan and I hope you understand that in order to build a New World Order you need to eliminate large coutries and possibly break them down to smaller pieces, but subjects of a global governance. The reason they gave up on the US is beacause they though the Soviet Union is done with, Russia is under control of the chosen tribe under Yeltsin, so they gave a green light for US demolition. Then out of the blue comes in a quiet dude in Russia, agregates slowly power around himself and begins to stir the ship in a different direction. It is a threat, but not mortal to the NWO, they could just wait untill he dies of natural or not cases and resume their course of events. But, as Vlad took power he also released a new po l itical teaching in Russia, known as Concept of Public Safety, a set of teachings that gave slaves understanding as to how the world is run. Therefore all the attempts to organize a coup in Russia failed. So what is the outcome? I think the global economy (Titannik) was set to a course to collide with an iceberg, and it will. I think they will try to explore organised chaos to take the situation back under control. So, the shit will hit the fan on October 2018 and carry on for a year. But, this is just one dude's opinion. Take it for what its worth.

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Hi there.  The world is going off the petrodollar standard to the SDR as global trade currency.  This should be 2018 if they stay on the IMF timeline.  (A hunch: this is why Lagarde's comments on Bitcoin as the possible new standard sent BTC skyrocketing.) For a background on the situation and definitions of SDR, see YT for Kenneth Storey's presentation to his investment club titled "GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET" (here's the link - ) .  We should see the world begin to shift away from Petrodollar in keeping with this - and we have (Venezuela, the Chinese futures contracts etc),  And we should see much joy and happiness as the world no longer has to run all their deals through SWIFT. IMHO: Trump was brought on to take the US to the new currency standard. Listen carefully to his comments regarding "take us to an equal playing field" - from his first big China press conference. The big burning question is: how will all these Fear Porn sites survive if US doesn't actually have a "collapse" (sarcasm)?  Instead, we all watch the biggest long, slow print and buy Central Bank LBO of the markets.

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Hi there.  The world is going off the petrodollar standard to the SDR as global trade currency.  This should be 2018 if they stay on the IMF timeline.  (A hunch: this is why Lagarde's comments on Bitcoin as the possible new standard sent BTC skyrocketing.) For a background on the situation and definitions of SDR, see YT for Kenneth Storey's presentation to his investment club titled "GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET" (here's the link - ) .  We should see the world begin to shift away from Petrodollar in keeping with this - and we have (Venezuela, the Chinese futures contracts etc),  And we should see much joy and happiness as the world no longer has to run all their deals through SWIFT. IMHO: Trump was brought on to take the US to the new currency standard. Listen carefully to his comments regarding "take us to an equal playing field" - from his first big China press conference. The big burning question is: how will all these Fear Porn sites survive if US doesn't actually have a "collapse" (sarcasm)?  Instead, we all watch the biggest long, slow print and buy Central Bank LBO of the markets.

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