Dianne Feinstein: "No Law Could Have Stopped Las Vegas Gunman"

Four days after the NRA revealed its tentative support for a ban on “bump stocks” – a product that nobody had heard of until last week when Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used them to convert semi-automatic rifles to fully auto – California Senator and vocal gun-control advocate Dianne Feinstein made a stunning admission on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when she said that "no law would’ve prevented Paddock" from carrying out his deadly plan.

Paddock, Feinstein says, was a “well-to-do” man who “wasn’t mentally ill” (this despite reports speculating that he may have been schizophrenic). Given his financial resources, grim determination and – most importantly – ability to easily pass background checks, his right to own a firearm was never in question.

JOHN DICKERSON: What do you make of increased sales of bump fire stocks in wake of this shooting and then now legislation?


DIANNE FEINSTEIN: See, I don't know what to make of it. What this event said – this is a well-to-do man, he wasn't mentally ill. Um, he wasn't a criminal, he wasn't a juvenile, he wasn't gang banger, and he was able to buy 40 weapons over a period of time, have 12 bump stocks, line them up, break through two windows in his hotel suite, and take aim at tens of thousands - well I guess over a thousand people at a concert. And this was such a cross section of America that it really struck at every one of us, that this could happen to you. And we want to stop it.


JOHN DICKERSON: Could there have been any law passed that would've stopped him?


DIANNE FEINSTEIN: No, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions.


JOHN DICKERSON: From the other side, those who would like to restrict guns in America, who hear a bill targeted as you've described it narrowly at this idea – at bump fire stocks – and say, "The only way to stop this kind of situation in America is to ban these kinds of semi-automatic weapons, and weapons that can fire with rapidity, and anything short of that is insufficient." What do you say to those people?


DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I agree with them to a great extent. What I don't – because, as you know, I did the assault weapons legislation in 1993, which was law of the land for 10 years. So I believe, I mean I've watched this thing from the Texas bell tower to today, in schools, in businesses, in workplaces. No one appears to be safe anywhere.

This admission from Feinstein is surprising, considering her longtime support for gun control (she helped champion the 1993 assault weapons ban) and the fact that she was one of the first to speak out about the need for more effective gun control laws following the Las Vegas shooting, offending many victims and their families in the process with her transparent attempt to politicize the tragedy.

Feinstein, it’s worth noting, is one of the sponsors of the bill to ban bump stocks that has garnered support from many Republican legislators and the White House. Bump stocks are already banned in California. The NRA has said it would support “additional regulations” on the devices.

“Face the Nation” Host John Dickerson quickly turned the conversation to the Russia investigation, prompting yet another revealing, but ultimately unsurprising, admission from the longtime California senator. Namely, that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign has yet to find evidence. Though she later insinuated that Chairman Richard Burr – who delivered a memorable status update last week – and his fellow Republicans have been trying to undermine the investigation, without elaborating as to how. She added that proof will "likely" be uncovered by the Mueller investigation which has grand jury power... although if that were the case, one would expect it to have been leaked by now.

JOHN DICKERSON: Let me switch here to another topic for you, which is the Senate Intelligence Committee work that you've been doing. Chairman Burr of that committee said that the question of collusion between the Russians trying to influence the election and the Trump campaign was still an open question. Is that because there's more disclosures that suggest it's a possibility, or just because nothing's been found yet, and it's an open question because there's no proof that it's happened?


DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I think the latter. It's an open question because there's no proof yet that it's happened, and I think that proof will likely come with Mr. Mueller's investigation. He's got the ability to use a grand jury. He's got the ability to use the power of subpoena without question. And he's got the ability to do a criminal investigation. And that's what's going on, and I think that's where the information will come.


What happens in a political body, and I am finding this as the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, everything has to be negotiated with the party in power, and it's very difficult to do an investigation under those circumstances.

Does the fact that Paddock would’ve easily sailed through background checks suggest that the rush to judgment after the shooting was premature? Perhaps: more importantly, instead of a blanket solution, perhaps the far bigger issue at hand here is the gradual devolution of US society, where banning guns is simply dealing with the symptoms of what is fundamentally a far more troubling - and bigger - underlying malady, one which has its foundation in the unprecedented splintering and polarization of American society, and where contrary to cheap talking points, there sadly is no simple solution how to "get things back to normal."


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Does the fact that Paddock would’ve easily sailed through background checks suggest that the rush to judgment after the shooting was premature? Perhaps: more importantly, instead of a blanket solution, perhaps the far bigger issue at hand here is the gradual devolution of US society, where banning guns is simply dealing with the symptoms of what is fundamentally a far more troubling - and bigger - underlying malady, one which has its foundation in the unprecedented splintering and polarization of American society, and where contrary to cheap talking points, there sadly is no simple solution how to "get things back to normal."Abomination of desolation.  Your house will be left unto you desolate, babylon the great whore that sits on many waters.

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Here's what I can't figure (and I have no gun experience, just trying to reconcile what is being reported):He has bump stocks, which are claimed to reduce the accuracy.  Turning the guns into spray weapons, but wouldn't matter for a clustered target.He had a sheet to take into account for the trajectory physics to improve accuracy - similar to what a sniper would use.  But why, when he was just going to put a lot of ammo into a confined space?

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Trajectory physics ISNT gonna help you if you are armed with a basic semi-auto you've fitted with a bump stock.  You will kill some people, but not ~60 with 500 wounded.  Charles Whitman was trained as a Marine sharpshooter before he took to the belltower in Austin TX.  In 96 minutes, he killed 15 and wounded 31.  He had pistols, shotguns, an M1, and at least 1 other rifle, with 100s of rounds of ammo.  The Vegas story doesnt make sense. 

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There is NOTHING new under the sun.  Freedom, including the right to keep and bear arms, is going to be abused from time to time.  And there is NOTHING childish about my response to anyone trying to take my guns.  I will shoot to kill.  I know from Armenian clients how genocide starts in the modern age.  It starts with gun confiscation.  And you can shove your fracking claptrap sideways up your asshole.  You want to know about the externalities of supporting those Goddamn Wahabis in Saudom Arapeia?  Your ilk deserve a bullet thru the brain for your braindead tyrannies and the economic corpse the policies have created in Murrica.  Fuck you, twice, sideways, with a sharp pointy edge.

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The reality, is most gun deaths are suicide and mass murderers prefer unarmed people who are forced by LAW or regulation to disarm, like going into shopping malls etc.Don't you find it the least bit odd that the very people who say government can protect you via "a law" want to do away with the law of the Second Amendment...an amendment who's very purpose is to check an out of control authoritarian government and it's draconian laws?

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Exactly.Also consider---There are laws against beating and stabbing people to death. Moar people are beaten and stabbed to death, some 300% moar, than are shot by rifles.Quite obviously this is not about preventing murder. It is about disarming your political opposition. It is about tyranny, and very un-American.To have tyranny, you must first have a progressive.       Grimaldus      

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All props.......you should know that by now... Paddock didnt do it. A cursory review of the information is enough to confirm that.......So forget about all the props and b.s. and get back to being very very concerned about Deep State and what they next have planned......That is where we should looking right now.......And DiFi is definately imbedded within..........

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None of this story makes much sense at all. And I'm not buying the Valium thing for a second. Sure, SOME people may experience anger, but it's a goddamn muscle relaxer. It's about as plausible as telling me he smoked a bunch of weed and that's why he did it. This thing had to be planned for weeks, probably months...so he didn't come to his senses when the medicine wore off? It's total bullshit.

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"cnn shows the faces of the 59 people killed...if that doesnt break your heart and cause yout to act...." How come DiFi is not in the least upset about the thousands - THOUSANDS - killed in chicago alone over the last few years??  nothing.  They already have the very laws she wants to impose nationally.    

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They have to spin this. So all current laws are not good enough, we have to get rid of the 2nd. I remember the time when serfs got killed for hunting deer by the nobility. That only because they got so badly taxed and for survival they wanted to add food. Can somebody tell those politicians nobody trusts those goons of the NWO anymore. If you would deduct all false flags and hoaxes, the gun loving Americans are actually very peaceful.

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I've been writing & emailing to her offices on many issues over the years. Bureaucratic / political BS always comes back in response to justify her position. Ya gotta be comprehension challenged to buy into it. Same crap from when she was on the Board of Supervisors & Mayor of SF. Nothing positive accomplished - just political steeping stones for her. Bread & circuses & fast track to massive personal wealth.

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Yes, a lobbying ban is what we need instead of term limits. The ban needs to extend for 10 or more years, and it needs to include the family members and the staff who often get six-figure jobs with firms that seek to influence The Swamp. The ban needs to include lobbying by wealthy foreign interests, including contacts that might pay Swampians handsome sums for minor amounts of work after leaving office.

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Evil does exist in the heart of every man.  It is pre-programed.  Environment determines expression of embedded evil or lack thereof.If you were taken from your crib at birth and raised to be an Nazi Storm Trooper you would be evil straight to your core.Man is infinitely malleable.There is evil inside you right now, it is locked away and controlled and thus a non factor but it is there. 

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