Spanish Government Issues Veiled Death Threat To Catalan Leader

In a quite shocking escalation of the rhetoric in Spain, a spokesman for the ruling People's Party just issued a (barely) veiled death threat to the President of Catalonia.

"Let's hope that nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the person who makes the decalartion will end up like the person who made the declaration 83 years ago."

For those whose Spanish history is a little shaky, here's a reminder:

Lluís Companys i Jover (21 June 1882 – 15 October 1940) was the President of Catalonia (Spain), from 1934 and during the Spanish Civil War.



He was a lawyer and leader of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) political party. Exiled after the war, he was captured and handed over by the Nazi secret police, the Gestapo, to the Spanish State of Francisco Franco, who had him executed by firing squad in 1940.


Companys is the only incumbent democratically elected president in European history to have been executed.

Seems about as clear as it gets from Rajoy's PP to Puigdemont - Call for Independence and Die!

That does not seem to be the reconciliatory tone the market has been hoping for.

And as reports, Catalan separatists and others in Spain immediately reacted with fury to Mr. Casado's ambiguous comments.

Republican Catalan Left (Esquerra, ERC) MP Joan Tardà tweeted: "Yes, Pablo Casado, we know how our President Companys ended up, shot by the army. Does it make you happy to remind our defenceless people of it?".


Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias tweeted: "Casado says Puigdemont might end up like Companys, who was tortured and shot. Either he is ignorant or irresponsibly provocative".


Iñigo Errejón (Podemos) called on Mr. Casado to "rectify immediately or resign. They are arsonists".


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The bigger political philosophy point is this, and no one likes to admit it: federalism is a timebomb.The happiest states are unitary states: Singapore, Mongolia, Bhutan, South Korea, Iceland.Federations are like marriages with prenups. They are hardwired to fail.United States: having to obey federal, state and local law is an onerous task, leading to massive overcriminalisation and a monstrous growth in government.United Kingdom: since Scottish, Welsh and NI devolution, England has been subsidising the other nations, and a lot of bitterness has ensued. Ultimately, it's a disaster waiting to happen without serious defederalisation.Canada: BC and Ontario are leading the liberal charge and making like shitty for more conservative rural Canadians.European Union: the most monstrous bureaucracy ever created is working to ensure that you are officiated into the ground if you try to do anything private or entrepreneurial.The solution is unitary states, although no one will admit it.

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They'll announce it with a timeline. 2, 3, or 4 years to full Independence pending reaching certain benchmark touchstones along the way.Still just the announcement could possibly trigger a round up that Pinochet would have been proud of in his peak. I'm hoping for some very careful wording....but I'm really not sure if Puigdemont understands what a bunch of hammer mechanics he's dealing with.

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Seriously guys, you are getting all of this shit wrong. Rajoy is just a lazy bastard. He is waiting for the other side to commit a crime to justify an arrest. He will pardom them in a few months in an attemp to contempt the separatists and continue with the status quo.

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Soros was behind the alterante demonstration with the white flag (really) for the "let's talk" approach between the two known positions. If that position is the true Soros position, then he wants Catalonia to continue in Spain but with more independence. I am a true zerohedgian and I am not really getting why you guys are in the side of the Antifa people. Catalonia is the land of the extreme-left here, demanding more rapefugees and more social free shit.

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It is not a case of being "on the side of" anyone in this matter.    Catalonia is extreme left and I certainly would not choose to live there if they obtained their so-called independence (so-called because they wish to remain in the EU.)    BUT, if that is what the majority of Catalans want then they should be entitled to have it - self-determination.   The brutality of the police at the behest of the Madrid government is completely unacceptable as is the complicity of the EU/Brussells bureaucracy.   It is the mismanagement and brutal repression which has produced sympathy for Catalonian independence, rather than any support for their political stance.Madrid has acted undemocratically and stupidly.   It is not even clear that the majority of Catalans do want independence as Madrid's interference with the referendum prevented the majority from voting.   Madrid should let the Catalans have their referendum and should respect the result.   I strongly suspect that they would find a majority do not support independence.   Madrid has caused this situation.   It could have been avoided.

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Ines Arrimadas, leader of the anti-independence Catalan opposition, tweeted that demonstrators should refrain from waving fascists flags “in front of the press.”

Unionists and their supporters took to the streets of Barcelona to protest any moves toward independence as a result of Catalonia's referendum vote, with a number of demonstrators raising their right arms in fascists salutes, according to the Daily Mail.…

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The only problem is... that was a fake twit account.  Check the name spelling, little boy. If that were true you'd be posting the tweet, the real thing, not an article for a shitty local tv station. Ah, your only chance is staging fake victimistic performances, but that's useless. Pigdemont will end like Companys as long as he repeats Company's crimes. Period.

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Catalona must pay a lot of money in taxes.  Its very simple.  Communities and societies will band together and merge in support of each other as long as it is beneficial to everyone.  Historically it was about personal safety and common protection.  Since those risks are no longer evident or around, what's left to bind us together has to be mutually beneficial.  If its not, and the imbalance of benefits becomes apparent and egregious enough, somebody is going to want out.

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Grow up. kid. Territories do not pay taxes.   People and corporations do.  The same taxes all around Spain.  You pay depending on income, not on where you live. Regional govs. have some taxes on its domain. Catalonia has punished their ownpeople qith the highest in SPain, but that's ther own elites sucking, not spain. Lot of national companies selling in Spain had HQs in Barcelona, and render taxes there. But those taxes were collected in all Spain, obviously.That's why they think they are so important.  But most of those big companies has moved HQ to other parts this week, scared of Pigdemont and his crazy zombies, so that missunderstanding is solved now. LOL.  

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Sure.  Taxes are collected wherever the business is made.  The issue here is WHERE ARE THOSE TAXES TOTALIZED: Whereever the company has their HQ. It was in Barcelona for many of them, and that was one of their more used fallacies: pretending all that taxes came from catalan payers. No, it was not. That misunderstanding is now solved.

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