NATO Launches New Black Sea Force To Target Russia

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NATO has announced the launching of their multinational Black Sea Force, based in Romania, and including an entire Romanian brigade of 4,000 troops.

“We are sending a very clear message: NATO is here, NATO is strong and NATO is united,” Stoltenberg told assembled Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese soldiers.

The force is there to target Russia in the Black Sea region.

Romania insisted the deployment is “not a threat to Russia” and that the purpose of having more troops there to “target” Russia is “peace, not war.”

“We are not a threat for Russia. But we need dialogue from a strong position of defense and discouragement,”

900 US troops were deployed to Romania to participate in this force.

Since Russia doesn’t border NATO anywhere in the Black Sea region, the force appears to be largely pointless, except for additional grandstanding about NATO’s “readiness” for a fight with “invading” Russian forces, in an invasion that’s been predicted for years.

This appears to be an attempt to mirror the creation of NATO’s much larger Baltic forces, which are all deployed at or near the Russian frontier, and which see large western military contingents placed in tiny Baltic states.


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In 2011, Stoltenberg received the United Nations (UN) Champion of Global Change Award in New York City, New York, US, chosen for his extraordinary effort toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals and bringing fresh ideas to global problems.[4]Stoltenberg's first steps into politics came in his early teens, when he was influenced by his sister Camilla, who at the time was a member of the then Marxist–Leninist group Red Youth.Vietnam era protester and activist of US policy to head snake as globalist warmongering mouthpiece ..Seems to be a recurring theme  ...And he had such an honest face too ..

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NATO is WW1 2.0 -- all the same earmarks.WW1 was planned in the 1890's by central bankers and their corporate slaves in the boardrooms of New York, DC, London, and Frankfurt.In order to rope in all the target armies and civilian populations who would eventually be killed off  and clear the way for easier rule, they first had to come up with a fabulous con.And they did.On the pretext of international security which was always an issue from expansion conflicts since post Roman times, a series of treaties were drawn up that stated that if one nation was attacked they were all attacked and had to quell the attacker.The treaties were furthermore drawn along cultural lines, making it easier to form bigger alliances.Austro-Hungary was allied with Germany, and Serbia was allied with Russia, and those were only starters.So the trap was set and only needed a match.The schemers had all the armies ready, and picked the day when the Archduke was to die and set the match aflame.Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were visiting Sarajevo in August 1914 when he was killed by a Serbian assassin which triggered the war.Actually, there were 8 Masonic Black Hand assassins in Sarajevo that day, and each one missed the Archduke when he shot at the open car from a different location.Gavrilio Princip was the youngest of them, not even assigned to the main gang, but exiting a cafe when the Archduke's car passed.He knew something was amiss when the Archduke was still alive so he pulled out his revolver and fired the shot that warped the world forever.So the NATO prototype dominoes started to fall -- Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia.Serbia's ally and patron Russia declared war right back on Austria Hungary.France was allied to Serbia so she also declared war on Austro-Hungary.Germany was allied to Austro-Hungary and so declared war on Russia and France. And on and on it went until every nation that was tangled up in the bogus alliances descended into the process of mutual self destruction, just as the planners intended.It was a dream come true for the central bankers, the Federal Parasite Reserve, and all their water boys.They even managed to fool the officer corps of the various armies into thinking that it was a real war instead of a mass murdering scam.They must have been jumping for joy in their conference rooms higher than the flames engulfing the millions of houses, terrified populations, and disposable military pawns.They had truly drawn in the world: it was over, the central bankers had full control of money, resources, and labor.They didn't lose a penny, and none of their vile spawn got so much as a scratch.They didn't waste any time either and got to work planning the next big bloodletting 20 years hence, using more or less the same script -- Germany would be the baddies again, the Allies/Axis teams would be used again, ethnic agitation and population transfers again, etc., etc., etc.The MSM would be as unquestioning and compliant as ever, so they would broacast the cover stories as fast as they could catch them from the warmongers.Hollywierd would romanticize the war with movies pushing the official stories by abusing the emotions of theatre audiences, creating a perfectly hateful population, which would come in very handy at war's end.Both WW's were in fact the perfect crimes.The massive Russian Empire was overrun with Federal Parasite Reserve sewer rats and turned into a diabolical new social experiment where people could be killed off by the millions.If it worked in Russia it could be applied elsewhere.The same twisted intentions are at the core of NATO and its twin SEATO although the latter was disbanded, maybe because Asia was too difficult to control and destroy administratively.This is where unnatural, bogus alliances and sly instigations of NATO  are bringing the world.It worked for them before -- big time -- and they are betting that it will work for them again.Some stupid reporter should ask alound during a presser whatever happened to SEATO and chances are the NATO rep never heard the word.The NATO spox are just as stupid as the MSM, and are doing the bidding of malefactors behind the scenes.But they don't care and don't want to know about all those future deaths because the current bennies and fat paychecks are too good.And besides, they know their vile spawn won't suffer a scratch.   

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That's what our psychopathic leaders always do -- they foment trouble at the ethnic identity level because it is they easiest way to get the target population agitated.That is exactly why our "leaders" go to such trouble to dilute ethnic identity and replace it with multicultualism.Some ethnic groups are glorifed, praised, placated, etc., because they pose no threat to the power structure and it keeps them distracted.   

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NATO is sending a message loud and clear all right

Yes, they are telling us that they are frightened by the Russia-Saudi deal, which is a sign that the warmongering is causing more and more members of the DC Empire to get cold feet.

Maybe we could learn from them instead of scream at them?

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“We are not a threat for Russia. But we need dialogue from a strong position of defense and discouragement,”

Dialogue about what? It's a currency war and if it doesn't go NATO's way they will raise a tantrum. Here are some comments I came across Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Rejection of Petrodollar continues as Iran and Turkey agree to bypass dollar and use own local currencies China and Russia's model of bi-lateral currency settlement is gaining more steam as two more nations have come to an agreement to bypass the dollar for primary settlement and begin using their own local currencies in its stead. On Oct. 10, the central banks of Iran and Turkey signed an agreement to use their own sovereign currencies in trade settlement and are looking to cut their dependence on the global reserve currency. An agreement on using local currencies in trade has been inked between the central banks of Iran and Turkey. The aim is to improve economic links and make bilateral trade easier.  Under the deal, the Iranian rial and Turkish lira will be easily converted to help reduce the costs of currency conversion and transfer for traders.  Banks in the two countries will also be able to use international payment tools to convert currencies into rials and liras.  The preliminary agreement was signed during last week’s visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tehran.  “We have made very important decisions to strengthen and expand economic relations, including the use of our national currencies in trade,” said Iranian President Hasan Rohani after meeting his Turkish counterpart.  The leaders of the two countries have agreed to boost bilateral trade which currently stands at around $10 billion. – Russia Today Both Iran and Turkey have created a strong partnership when it comes to negotiating around the Petrodollar as they were intrinsically linked to the Oil for Gold trade during the time the U.S. imposed decade long sanctions on the Middle Eastern economy.  And with Turkey moving more and more into Russia's camp following the failed coup against Erdogan a few years ago, the trend is continuing more and more towards economies bypassing the dollar for their own local currencies. The derivatives are coming back to haunt the central banks. "51 large euro zone banks vulnerable to rate shocks." Well big whoop.... who cares about rate shocks? Very simple.... "the too big to fails" are too big to fail because of their over abundant "derivative position holdings," and those darn derivatives are measured in interest rates. So if the interest rates go up beyond what the banks can handle relating to their derivative positions.... then so does the value of those derivatives they hold that they can not maintain..... so boom. Hence, the European central bank mentioning "51 Euro Zone Banks vulnerable to "rate shocks." ECB - 51 Euro Zone Banks Vulnerable to Rate Shocks Oct 9, 2017 51 large euro zone banks are leaving themselves exposed to a sudden change in interest rates and may need to aside more capital against that risk, the European Central Bank said today.

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Bloody war mongering progressive usurpers are in control of the FEDGOV. What did you expect?See any true constitutional conservatives anywhere? Nope. They are the only hope for non-interventionist foreign policy.To have wars and illegal foreign intervention, you must first have a progressive.     Grimaldus 

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I take it you do not live in Romania or the Baltic states. Or Georgia, Ukraine or Crimea. Po, po ol Russia. Al dey wan is ta be frens. What the fuck. Enough all gd ready. Listen, I understand well enough the need and wisdom in not provoking Russia and the whole  MIC(key) narrative, and I agree very much to a certain degree. I respect Russia. She's a great co country in her own unique way. But the whole po ol Russia and St. Vlad narrative  on this site is such fucking bs. It's a very complicated FR world and there plenty of blame for everyone to share and enjoy. But will y'all please get a get a fucking grip on reality.  Vlad would take the Baltics, Ukraine and more if he thought he could with relative ease. But not everyone is on board with that idea. So go fucking move to Romania or Ukraine if you're so gd sure of St. Vlad. My humblest apologies to all the Russians on this site. You have a great country and you have many reason to be proud of her. But if we can pound US policy all the long day, then maybe a little light all the way around the table is in order. It's just a  patrol of ships which could be taken out with relative ease if they really posed a threat. Okay, now all you Western Vlad blowing mfs, put on your knee pads, it's a new day.

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Consider this mister lack of consideration.The Baltic countries, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland are in MIDDLE of two land powers.  Russia to the East and Germany to the West.Prior to this Germany was between two powers, Russia to the East and France to the West.  In this pre ww1 case, France was a maritime power.  Maritimes powers have had the upper hand, in the last few hundred years.Your diagnosis is sophomoric.Russia is no longer an expansionist power, if it ever was.  Catherine the Great took Crimea as a pathway to the Oceans, to then hold off the sea powers (Britain and France), as a defensive move.  Today's Crimeans VOTED in a referendum to rejoin Russia, and they are happy they did.  The former Tatars in Crimean region and Khazars of Ukraine gave Russian Tsars and later Russian leaders almost more than they could take.  It is a miracle Russia has survived this far.What most Western observers don't get, is that Stalin morphed Communism (a jewish western thought construct) into a Nationlist form.  It was no longer "international" after Stalin go through.  The Wall Street crowd that funded Bolshevism lost out and has been trying to get back ever since.  The Jews tried again to get Russia during the Yeltsin years, but were beaten again as the Oligarchs were jailed, or removed under Putin.Russia is re-christianizing, which is against the Satanic new world order crowd, now running the West.  Western illuminist Oligarchs are afraid of Russia and her independence.  Russia is now the moral arbiter of the world, not the West.  Having some 800 military bases around the world, indicates extreme paranoia, and expanding the military in a hegemonic fashion everywhere is specifically an American and before that British/Zionist Atlantist (maritime) method.   Russias military posture is land based and defensive.  They do not power project with a large fleet of aircraft carriers.Wake up and pull your head out of your ass. 

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Georgia is between the black sea and caspian.  The caspian has lots of proven oil reserves.  So, the U.S. West (Oil interests) wanted Georgia for oil pipelines, and to deny Russian access to Caspian oil.  As well, control of the Black Sea would be a twofer.So, control of the seas is a Maritime power projection, and Georgia fits into the narrative.

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Putin has learned some very important lessons from the fall of the Soviet Union. I believe one of them is to be prudent with you defensive spending. You do not need a huge navy or even a huge Air Force to defend your country when your country is as big as Russia and has nuclear weapons. All we have to do is be able to make it too costly for your adversary to conquer you and if all else fails the nuclear weapons of the Ultimate Defense. You won't see Russia spending their naval fleets and station them all over the globe.  Too expensive. 

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Russia tells Britain give back the Falklands before telling US what to do.RUSSIA has told Britain it should "clean its conscience" and give back the Falkland Islands before it criticises them over their involvement in Ukraine. Moscow's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin made the shocking remarks when responding to his British counterpart Matthew Rycroft at a UN security council meeting in New York. (Daily Express 4 Feb 2017) -Funny thing to say when Argentina has never legally owned the Falklands. So how can they 'be returned' ?Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina: The bad guys ?

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Bob, the fact that Argentina can challenge once great Britain means that your country is a has been. The fact that you went down there and got a bunch of troops killed over a lot of sheep shows how far you have fallen.Are you even CAPABLE of discussing ANYTHING BUT the Falklands?Keep paying your taxes to keep the Falklands free. The idiots down there are laughing like hyenas.

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BritBob, even the paper you linked only states " Argentina made several attempts to assert sovereignty over the islands but whether any were stable enough to give her clear title is questionable."Yeah, right, that's all your fucking empire could come up with. In layman's terms: Britain stole the islands from Argentina before Argentina could have established its control for a "sufficiently long period of time".That said, I think that the will of the people on these islands should be respected - and they are obviously overwhelmingly in favor of staying with Britain. That's pretty much the same as with Crimea - it has been Russian homeland for centuries and people there overwhelmingly voted to belong to Russia. Just that Britain is unwilling to apply the same standards there that it uses for their own territories. The whole point of Tschurkin ( a great diplomat he was, btw!) was to point out these double standards applied by Britain. 

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GB has controlled the islands continuously since before Argentina was a country. If Argentina wants the islands for their special sheep or offshore oil they can simply buy off the 3000 islanders who are of mostly British descent. They have to use real money though, not whatever fiat they are currently printing as part of their endless national bankruptcy loop.

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