Spanish Government To Hold Emergency Cabinet Meeting Wednesday About Catalonia

There is a lot of confusion as to what is going on in Spain at this moment, with The Spain Report noting that "TV presenters asking politicians and guests if there has been a declaration of independence or not, and that "Spain confused."

Wikipedia took a more pragmatic approach, and defined Catalonia's independence as lasting all of 9 seconds: from the moments Puidgemont announced independence, to his declaration literally 9 seconds later he was suspending the outcome of the Catalan referendum.

It did not help that moments ago, the following two Bloomberg headlines hit:


As AP explained, Catalan lawmakers are signing a document they are calling a declaration of independence from Spain, but are delaying its implementation. Regional president Carles Puigdemont was the first to sign the document titled "Declaration of the Representatives of Catalonia." After him, dozens of other lawmakers signed it.  The signing ceremony came a few hours after Puigdemont addressed the regional parliament, saying Catalans had earned the right to independence from Spain after a referendum on Oct. 1. But he called for dialogue with Spain's government, which has condemned the referendum as illegal and unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has said it would not hold any dialogue with the breakaway region, whose referendum it has repeatedly said was illegal.

In an attempt to clarify matters, on Tuesday evening a Spanis government official said that the Spanish government will hold an emergency Cabinet meeting on Wednesday after Catalan lawmakers signed what they called a declaration of independence from Spain.

Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria made the announcement in Madrid hours after a speech by Catalan president Carles Puigdemont at the regional parliament in Barcelona. Puigdemont said Catalans had earned the right to independence but said separatists would delay implementing it for several weeks to give dialogue a chance.

But Saenz de Santamaria signaled that Spain’s government was in no mood to talk, saying that the Catalan leader “doesn’t know where he is, where he is going and with whom he wants to go.”

The Spanish Cabinet meeting will be held Wednesday at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is due to address parliament in the afternoon.

And so the painful waiting period has been extended for at least one more day before Spain announces whether it will or won't trigger Article 155, leading to the next, and potentially far worse, step in the Spanish sovereignty crisis.


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more like gratitude, some of the signs welcoming Franco are in Catalan (language who was never forbidden by the Franco regime unlike the lies some people write here). The only thing that Franco did was to declare Spanish as the only administrative language (as has done France where Catalan and Basque are not used in the Administration).

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 Brussels won't let Madrid lose Catalonia, As I noted earlier
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“Free” Kosovo…                      check “Free” Afghanistan…               check “Free” Libya”…                        check ‘Free” Iraq”…                           check “Free” Ukraine…                      check "Free Donbass"…                    not permissible Free Scotland…                       permissible Free Catalonia…                      unthinkable  

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Xredsx Manthong Tue, 10/10/2017 - 17:19 Permalink

I get your point but why????? You see, the agenda of the nwo requires an end to Monarchy.. Yeah, i know, i am that amazing. You see, i don't pretend to be blind to the fact that bible prophecy is being played out... Audit and investigate all tax free foundations and expose the lawless man. Then just watch what happens. May God save the Queen.

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  All 1984 of the ruling elite NWO globalists at the current time are primarily concerned with Spain and the other EU countries staying in lockstep with Brussels. I would not be surprised if they are thinking they need to go full totalitarian on Catalonia to set an example for northern Italy and other would-be defectors. 

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Freedom1798That is due to Avast polling Yandex who found a translation that had malware included when there was an infection 4 years ago.  The offending pages have been removed but Yandex is VERY slow to re-index.  So issue addressed and put to bed.  The Russian Yandex was much more interested in the foreign language translations than google.  That's why google shows ok.  Had to sign up for and I have to tell you it was a real headache figuring out what was going on.

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DownWithYogaPants z530 Tue, 10/10/2017 - 21:13 Permalink

No.  The infection was 4 ish years ago.  Was one of those base64_decode things. Removed the entries in the PHP files but the static html files that were created by the Global Translator plugin sat in a cache folder unused and unscanned by google for that time.  Yandex must have only found these recently due to their other than english propensities.  This issue with Yandex was reported to me last week and so it has been about one week at this time that I deleted the static pages that had the base64_decode issue........short answer has been 1 week since offending pages deleted. Yandex still not gotten to that.  I think when I looked at the list of offending link on Yandex that maybe 2 were now gone in from their list.And if you think figuring all that out was easy when it's not really my specialty well you would be 1 headache in your underestimation.

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lucitanian Tue, 10/10/2017 - 16:44 Permalink

Interesting that the Deputy PM is making the statement and not Rajoy. Did they already decide to give him the heave-ho. Or is he busy signing the many arrest warrants to be issued by the Guardia Civil?Let's call it a per-declaration of independence, a letter of intent subject to detailed negotiation. Not so confusing.

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Durden realizing he's been fooled and now, after thge showdown, starting to flip and reckon damage.ZeroHedge snowflake division triggered.ZeroHedge Doomers still waiting for the bloodbath LOL  I'm loving it!