Spanish Government Begins Process To Suspend Catalan Autonomy

In a much anticipated televized briefing, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy formally demanded the Catalan leader clarify whether independence has been declared, saying that is needed before he can decide what steps to take. The Spanish leader announced that the central government has moved to take the first step towards suspending home rule in Catalonia on Wednesday morning.

"Cabinet has agreed to notify the Catalan government [so that it may] confirm if it has declared independence", he said.

And while Rajoy said that he will send a letter to the leader of Catalonia’s regional government, informing him, essentially, that the referendum was illegal, and that they are considered to have broken the law and should desist, he did not go so far as the trigger Article 155 yet. Also in his statement, Rajoy did not set a deadline for the reply.

In a veiled threat, Rajoy said the clarity was required by the constitutional article that would allow Spain to intervene and take control of some or all of Catalonia’s regional powers. The Prime Minister mentioned Article 155 of Spain’s Constitution, hours after Catalan President Carles Puigdemont declared independence for the region, and then suspended it.

"In the reply to the notification", said Mr. Rajoy: "Mr. Puigdemont has the opportunity to respond to the clamour of petitions made to him to return to the law".

"This notification is necessary when it comes to activating Article 155 of the Constitution", he added.

Rajoy issued the demand Wednesday following a special Cabinet meeting to respond to an announcement from the head of the wealthy Catalonia region that he was proceeding with a declaration of independence but was suspending it for several weeks to facilitate negotiations.

According to Bloomberg, making a formal demand on a regional president to correct his behavior, or to change his administration’s policies, is a necessary step toward possibly suspending his regional government under Article 155 of Spanish Constitution. The central government can only advance in this action if response from regional president is unsatisfactory.

According to various observes, it is rumored that the Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, will ignore Spain's demand at which point Article 155 may be properly exercised, which would empower the government in Madrid to suspend the autonomy of the regional government and call new elections.

The FT reports: “If the government uses Article 155 to curtail Catalonia’s powers, it would be a significant escalation of a tense conflict between Barcelona and Madrid that threatens to turn into a severe constitutional crisis”.


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One of the worst parts of slavery must be the discovery that you are actually a slave and that your freedom will not be handed over to you willingly.Hopefully it helps the Calalans that they each have a large number of people, all making this same discovery at once. It will be interesting to see what they do about it - if anything.

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The Spanish bankers need an excuse for their failure in their next crash, they will blame the economic collapse on the Catalan independence. The same they will use the Brexit for and the election of Trump. Anything anti globalizm will be at fault for the next collapse. It will be largest collapse in human history and the parasitic elites prepare well for it.

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Unlikely. Catalans rarely resort to violence. The illegality of the referendum comes from the Spanish government. If you listen to Puigdemont speech last night, you will see that according to Catalonia, the process of organising a referendum was done after lscrutinising  the Spanish Constitution. It is their word vs the Spanish government word. It is all about interpretation. Catalonia has successfuly moved a so called internal Spanish issue to a European issue. The EU cannot look the other way. I bet that Rajoy's government is about to collapse. The PSOE although unionist is against the use of art 155.

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land_of_the_few Overflow Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:18 Permalink

Colectivo Utopía, an international movement that defends the interests of the working class, believes that the referendum in Catalonia is planned by the directors of the “color revolutions” in favor of the world bourgeoisie, although it looks like some struggle for freedom with a left accent. In fact, behind the Catalan referendum there are such odious figures of the world behind-the-scenes puppeteers as the sponsor of the “Maidans” George Soros and the famous mystifier, media expert on the fueling of conflicts Gene Sharp.… 

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Ghordius fjcruiserdxb Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:39 Permalink

"The EU cannot look the other way"this line has been used too often, and too often in the wrong waytwo ways of meaning "the EU", often confused on purpose by some- either you mean the org, "Brussels", and the answer there is a definite "No". because of the treaties. that org has no say whatsoever in the internal matters of one of it's members if it's not part of the "Aquis Communitaire", what was given to the org to care for- or your mean the 28 sovereign countries that are members. whereas nearly all of them have their own secessionist movements. so why should they look in that way? National Interest says... no(and no, the case of the breakup of the "Union of Southern Slavs", aka Yugoslavia is not similar in any way. because it was a civil war, because several countries were bitching between each other on what to do all while the war raged on, and because the whole was a moment where the US decided to grab a nice little spot for one of the biggest military bases it ever built, all while Russia was too occupied to do much about it)so no. there is no national interest in looking at Catalonia as far as I can see, by no member of the EU. and a whole lot of reasons to look the other wayif Catalonia wants independence, the very best way is to convince Spain, to have a referendum throughout Spain to change the Constitution, and to have Spain to foster that independence, as a Mother Nation to a Daughter Nation. and if they do that, Catalan Independentists get all what they are asking for, including EU membership. See Scotland's independence discussion(or see how the US has it's Amendments, for example by entering and later exiting Prohibition)

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Overflow aurum4040 Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:05 Permalink

But the FACT is that half of Spaniards not only they'll n ever vote a Constitution reform to open sovereignty, but the opposite.  We have learned we gave way too much power to local administrations and, in case of Constitution reform, we would vote to Re-centralize strategic national competences. So; half the people wants more decentralization and breaking sovereignty. The other half of us want to rewind the Autonomy mess...maybe we already were in the reasonable mid point. Don't you think so?

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lucitanian fjcruiserdxb Wed, 10/11/2017 - 11:26 Permalink

So let me understand this right. Madrid made the referendum illegal. The referendum went ahead anyway and yet again proved the will of the Catalan people. The interim independence, declared is meant as a departure point for negotiation. Madrid refuses negotiation, and stands by "one Spain united" under the constitution. If the Catalan government does not respond to this letter requesting a clarification of "declaration of independence" it will apply art. 155 suspending the autonomous government of Catalan, which can only exacerbate the frustrations of the independence supporters and add to their numbers, and which in turn will require a call for new elections for a new Catalan government, under the Spanish constitution.Now tell me, if the voters of Catalan vote in a new government of an overwhelming majority running on a platform of independence from Spain, will this not be the equivalent of a "legalized referendum" in a democratic sense?Perhaps we're going around in circles, but we're getting to the same eventuality a necessity for Madrid to negotiate a separation with the Catalan State, due to the will of the people. And Rajoy has only succeeded to : further intimidate the separatist movement and strengthen the view that their autonomy is less than skin deep: Opened the question to public political debate, where it should have been in the first place: Possibly, created a more determined and a clearly mandated autonomous government.The chances the Rajoy and (the the right wing) PP are still in power in Madrid by then are looking slimmer by the minute, as he tries to double down and kick the can down the road, avoiding the realities presented. My summery: The Catalan people are winning.BTW: For those interested who may be impressed by the pervasive comments of Don Diego and Overflow on this site, from whom we have been often referred to videos of the happy times of Generalismo Franco on this subject and who may wish a broader perspective, may I suggest a short documentary on the independence movement in Catalan:SPANISH SECRET CONFLICT [Documentary about Catalonia]  

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BritBob Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:50 Permalink

What chance do the Catalan's have when Spain won't even admit that the people of Gibraltar have the right to self-determination? PM  Rajoy- Gibraltar "this is the such territory in Europe and that affects to our own integrity territorial", said the Mr Rajoy, saying that Britain had "ignored the mandate" of the Assembly General of the UN. (Daily Telegraph, 26 September 2013)Talklng hogwash about self-determination and forgetting that Spain has effectively Ceded the territory to Britain 3 times! Gibraltar – Spanish Myths and Agreements (1 pg):

Mimir BritBob Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:14 Permalink

Thanks Britbob, but why hang your hat on three colonial agreements ?The World has moved on.If the UK could agree on the triparts cooperation around Gibraltar (including Campo Gibraltar) as numerous resolutions of the UN (de-colonisation resolutions) have mentioned (latest 2015) there might be an agreement to be found between the UK and Spain on the question.

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BandGap Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:51 Permalink

They, TPTB, are trying to make it about the man, not the movement. Hope the catalans have a succession plan in place for their leadership.Ramping up to breakaway speed.

Ghordius Don Diego Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:04 Permalink

what are 9 seconds of Independence in the context of 500+ years of National Union? which predates Columbus' discovery of the New World? an endeavour that was financed by the Queen "of Catalonia, too", btwa blinkas I wrote before, Don Felipe might have to address you, toosomething in the tune of "say something nice a day about your Brothers, the Catalans, even the Independentists"of course you could preempt that and start now

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BobEore GodHelpAmerica Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:49 Permalink

an attempt to diffuse anger and placate the masses as they quietly ring-fence the crowd...

That was 1937/
when the anarchists received mysterious orders... from their "leaders"... to stand down, from confronting the Bolshevik putschists in the streets...

and after handing in their weapons, watched helpless as the armored cars roar out of the communist barracks, machine guns ablaze.

The loss of the authentic Spanish revolt against international finance capital would result in all of Europe being set 'ablaze'... as fascists and commies battled for the spoils of empire.

Now... history syncopates... rather than repeats. Merikans are getting repeated previews of their future - in accordance with the laws of kabbalistic necromancy - the victim must ALWAYS be forewarned of their fate.

Having witnessed the first 'social media' driven coup... by a government against itself, in July 2016... Merikans are hitting the snooze button hard once again - the secession of states from the union being what will come next, to a USA destined for fracture from factionalist politics...

the wealthy no longer accommodating of the weaker states, an a federal government in the hands of kabbalists just waiting to touch a match to dynamite.

Fascists and bolsheviks... all fighting over the same fallen Republic. Soon come.

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lucas991 Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:55 Permalink

WRONG! He did trigger article 155, the first step of which is to "ask" the President of the Comunidad Autónoma: Si una Comunidad Autónoma no cumpliere las obligaciones que la Constitución u otras leyes le impongan, o actuare de forma que atente gravemente al interés general de España, el Gobierno, previo requerimiento al Presidente de la Comunidad Autónoma y, en el caso de no ser atendido, con la aprobación por mayoría absoluta del Senado....

Joe A Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:05 Permalink

Well, there is no reply date so why should he answer? And from Puidgmont's prespective the question is not even legal anymore so why would he answer? Why would he answer to a "foreign power". The answer lies in getting no answer at all. Or if he answers.Oh jolly, ambiguity all over.

Ghordius Manipuflation Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:50 Permalink

is there never an end to that "guns" discussion?nobody, no country on Earth has the kind of arsenals that Americans see as "normal", nor it's gun laws. Russia and China includedyes, we have some guns. roughly, some 100 million firearms. yes, you have much more. roughly, some 300 million firearmsthis just means that if we pick them up, we have only one gun to carry, while you need a pick-up truck just to bear all of yours, and another just for the ammo you store in your basementhave your 2nd Amendment, but stop thinking that anybody out of your country really cares much about all thatit's not us foreigners complaining. it's not us trying to take them away from you. we, and perhaps I really speak for the rest of the whole world, are still amazed how much time you spend to talk about that issue of yours. or the Prohibition issue, last time

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