Virtue Signaling Ben Affleck ‘Saddened and Angry’ About Weinstein, Immediately Called Out For Molesting Two Women

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After actor Matt Damon had to answer for allegations he pressured a journalist to drop a negative story on disgraced Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, his good buddy Ben ‘get them titties out‘ Affleck was called out by two women who claim the actor sexually molested them, while a third says he was well aware of Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

After Affleck’s virtue signaling statement that he was “saddened and angry” at Weinstein’s behavior (without actually naming him), actress Rose McGowan – featured in the bombshell NYT report on Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior – called BS on his statement…

Ben allegedly didn't “do” much to make sure it didn’t happen to Rose (again)…

And on Wednesday, actress Hilarie Burton responded to a tweet that Affleck had grabbed her breasts during an appearance on MTV’s “TRL” (Total Request Live):

For which Affleck apologized:

Only to be accused shortly thereafter of molesting another Hollywood female, makeup artist Annamarie Tendler, at a 2014 Golden Globes party.

One has to wonder if Ben is “saddened and angry” that he just got called out?

Updated 10/12/17 @ 6:00 to reflect Annamarie Tendler's profession as a makeup artist. She was originally referred to as an actress. 

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