Did Bannon Just Take Down Harvey Weinstein?

Authored by Tom Luongo via TomLuongo.me,

The biggest open-secret in Hollywood was that Harvey Weinstein was a Grade-A pervert.  And his ‘coming out party’ this week is incredibly intriguing.  Hollywood is a dirty place.

It’s Chinatown, squared.

And, at this point it’s what we don’t know that is more interesting than what we’ve heard so far.  But, staying focused on Harvey Gropeman, Producer at Large, his position has been to act as one of the main enforcers of the status quo in all of the power centers of the United States.

From the casting couches of Hollywood to the banks on Wall St. to the grubby think tanks in D.C., this story won’t have all the twists and turns of L.A. Confidential, but it will have the same implications.

Weinstein, in effect, was perfectly suited for his role.  He is a man of infinite appetites with poor impulse control.  A pathetic loser with power over hot, young women desperate for fame.

And these women made the trade willingly.  “Small price to pay, right?”  Wrong.

Look at the women most opposed to Trump, the Ashley Judds, the Gwynneth Paltrows.  They were all used by Weinstein or someone like him.  More will come out every day.

Ben Affleck is next because he couldn’t handle fame and power any better than the rest of them did. He’s also Batman and Disney will not pass up the opportunity to bloody Warner Bros. nose.

The story is perverted by the desperate need of the powerful to maintain their power at all costs.  Weinstein’s film companies acted like money laundering operations for the DNC.  How many millions did he raise for people like Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein?

How many millions were added to the budgets of performer’s salaries to be funneled from Wall St. financiers to those same people?

The whole thing is an internecine nightmare of quid pro quo and the shadiest of finances.

And Steve Bannon just attacked all of it.  In real time.

The Bannonator

Yes, you heard me. Steve Bannon is the Dr. Evil in this movie.  He’s the mastermind behind this.  Except that Bannon isn’t the villain (well, to Harvey Weinstein he is) but the protagonist.  Think about it for two seconds.

Who else has motive, means, opportunity and, most importantly, the will to take on the biggest, most powerful (and pathetic) people in the world.

And he doesn’t want money.  Bannon’s already rich.  Remember, as Bannon left the White House he said that there he had influence, but at Breitbart he has power.

We’re seeing the first effects of his deploying that power.

Go through it like Jake Gittes or Sam Spade

Motive?  Bannon, for whatever faults he has, is a patriot.  He’s a disciple of Andrew Breitbart who routinely castigated Hollywood to ‘stop raping the children.’  Bannon joined Trump’s campaign and turned the messaging into a pale reflection of his film, “Generation Zero.”

Bannon understands the cultural and generational imperatives of this moment in time.  If you haven’t watched that film then you don’t know who Steve Bannon is.

Means?  The man runs Breitbart.

Opportunity?  Bannon made millions as a producer on Seinfeld.  He worked in Hollywood for years.  Bannon also saw all sorts of stuff while working for Trump.

Remember, I told you on the outside he would be Trump’s Secret Agent, using his newly-found knowledge (cue the Hero Cycle!) from the Underworld of Washington to deploy sump pumps in the swamp.

Will?  That’s my guess.  Spending time in Washington changes everyone.  It corrupts the venal and galvanizes the principled.  Bannon didn’t want to cut deals to govern.  He wasn’t interested in governing the U.S. with Trump, he was interested in blowing up the vile status quo.  He runs Breitbart.

How do I know Bannon was behind this?  The headlines today are all about how Bannon did some business with Weinstein over a decade ago.  A minor company that Bannon ran into the ground.  It went bankrupt.  Simple guilt by ironic association.

Here’s a better question?  Who hasn’t worked with Weinstein in Hollywood?  This story is simply chum to feed to the loony left’s Facebook feeds.  It will alienate even more people from that pillar of thought control.

The left crowed when they thought they’d chased Bannon from the White House.  They thought they had Trump cornered and without friends.  But, Bannon’s leaving the White House wasn’t the end of the movie, it was, simply the end of a smaller arc.

The Weinstein Turn

In writing, there is something called the “Mid-Point Turn.”  It is the moment when someone does something so singular, usually bad, that it ensures things can never go back to the way they were at the beginning.

The fall of Harvey Weinstein is the ‘Mid-Point Turn’ for this part of the story.  The lid has been blown off the abuse cycle in Hollywood. Someone finally is going down for their crimes.  The guy behind the outing is still in power and the dominoes will continue to fall.

Trump was right to lean on the NFL like he did.  It galvanized his base.  It exposed the hypocrisy of a hyper-violent sport played by criminals and financed by taxpayers.  They think they can just stop taking a knee for a few weeks and all will be forgiven.

No.  It won’t.  The same thing with the image handlers in Hollywood.  They think that isolating Weinstein, putting out rumors of rehab, etc. will make this thing go away.  Harvey Weinstein is going to jail.  He’s a sex offender.

But, the real story is how much this disrupts the money laundering cycle of the entertainment industry to maintain control over the narrative.  Trump’s base already didn’t like Hollywood.  Now they hate it.

George Clooney recently ranted about Steve Bannon saying,

 “Steve Bannon is a failed f**king screenwriter, and if you’ve ever read [his] screenplay, it’s unbelievable. Now, if he’d somehow managed miraculously to get that thing produced, he’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my a$$ to get me to do one of his stupid-a$$ screenplays.”

Well, George, Bannon is right now producing one of the best screenplays I’ve read in a long time.  He has power and your boy Harvey has lawyers.  How’s that for an act reversal?


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The "Plant" has given its first interview.....here are the highlights...."At first I thought it was my yearly pruning but then I heard what I thought was a walrus moaning and I thought "have they moved me to the zoo again..." "The other plants begged him to stop but I chose to remain silent to maintain my verdancy, so disgusting.....like a tsunami of really old, curdled god knows what"

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Did Bannon Just Take Down Harvey Weinstein? No. Is this a slow news day? A Onion piece? Or, are we supposed to turn this into a conspiracy that frames Bannon? Or should be the liberals that frame Bannon? Not sure what to make of this article, but I am gonna go with the first part of the third choice.  

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Excuse the musings of our illustrious Brazilian member above, but the real question is; when will the underage child actors come forward that have been molested by the Hollyweird moguls for decades... The brew is just warming up on the liberal media machine and it's going to get ugly, very ugly... The left took the gloves off years ago, retribution is waiting in the wings... 

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This is just the begining of Trump's revenge on the left power centers, the lefties forced Trump in survival mode and he as a harshed business man had to come with decisions and solutions to defend himself, now, they'll learn what means raw business - there, in the left, will be blood.

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....and licking my a$$ to get me to do one of his stupid-a$$ screenplays.” 

So what Clooney is saying is he too requires "sex" for his services.  Hollywood is committing suicide with it's sister, the MSM.  Nobody had to bring them down, it's a self inflicted wound. I don't watch the MSM, haven't been to a theater, or watched an "awards" show in many years because of these smug elite servants of Evil, who constantly parade their hate of basic morals and values. The empire is crumbling, and the rats are eating each other.  Who needs a movie, when we have a circus show on display.  It's the greatest show on earth!!

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I think your right, eventually if not sooner the stars who where young long ago or not to long ago will start to out those producers and henchmen and even older actors who molested them and abused them.  Corey almost did it but he was scared I think if his friend would have backed him up he would have done so.  One will come out and the whole thing will come apart.  Also I do believe from the article that Harvey is the key/pivot point to power moving from banks to politics to hollywood (aka money and women).  Taking him out disrupts the whole thing and leave many many people open.Have any of you wondered why that no one of his group who control most of the media in the US have came out and defended and/or did everything they can to protect him and/or destroy the victims like they have did for years?  I said before that it could be just inter tribal warfare, but I also said that maybe that white people (that are non J) realize or have the ability to go after the one group of people who have been giving America trouble (and other parts of the world) for years.  From blackmail to bribery to outright lying.  Lets face it Harvey is a big fish and very powerful and they no matter what good or bad that Harvey did can't allow him to go down because it makes it easier for them to take down the other powerful ones that are on the list. 

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...In his piece, Klein makes several arguments regarding Bannon’s friendship towards our community. He cites Bannon’s support for moving the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — an aggressive maneuver that diplomatic experts call “a very bad idea.” Klein mentions that Bannon thinks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a “terrorist.” He lauds Bannon for opposing the Iran nuclear deal, the peaceful diplomatic arrangement that has successfully stopped Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon. And Klein mentions that several of Breitbart Jerusalem’s hires “are yarmulke-wearing Orthodox Jews.”  


Flip of a coin...chose wisely circumcised goyem...8 years of Israeli BLUE team has given way to Israeli RED team...

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Well, it was the NY times that started this Whinestein shit; probably at the request of the CIA to draw public attention from their shoddy performance Black Op they pulled in Vegas for the purpose of Gun Control (notice the 'Bumpfire Stock' ban Senate bill actually seeks to regulate the firing mechanisms of all Semi- Auto weapons in particular & not just gatling trigger cranks or bumpfire stocks?)-Anyway, their little Vegas false flag story has so many version changes w/ holes shot in it right now; 52% of the U.S. public believe the FBI is lying & not to be trusted; apparently along w/ the Vegas thing McCabe & Comeys behavior has a lot to do with this also...!

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Talking about join dates on a website shows that you are a pathetic millenial 4chan/reddit turd who knows nothing about Zerohedge, or what it was like before you tweens overran it with your bullshit.Not everyone is on their first account, and join dates mean nothing.Keep talking like a big man on campus and you can get your shit blown up like tmosley, and he's been a lil bitch on here a lot longer than you.

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Exactly.  And what about Trump's disgusting abuse allegations that are out there.  What is good for Weinstein is good for Trump.  All men that sexually abuse women should go to be prosecuted/shamed/fired, etc.  Whoever the predators are (Liberals/Conservatives) should all be brought down.  Equality for all abusive men. 

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If Bannon really set his mind on taking down Weinstein he wouldn't limit himself to one grubby pervert.He would demolish the whole town and send its guttersnipe inhabitants scurrying under rocks and down degenerate rabbit holes. Hollywierd had better hope and pray that Bannon does not start sizing them up for obliteration.  

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I'm reminded of a park ranger I knew, who took out a pack of wild dogs with his SKS. He let the pack wander across a road, then shot the very last one. The others then turned around and came back, which let him start picking them off.

You do have to wonder if there's going to be a buildup to a crescendo - the various sides are well known but they don't publicize every move in advance.

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We don't need no stinkin proof!

We need to pump Banonos' image desperately here... so as to prepare our dupe readers for our PENCE/BANNON barrage forthcoming on the anniversary of our TRUMP DECEPTION victory 11 months ago!

Get wit the program moishe

(this post hands down wins "most pathetic piece of tripe" of the year award... more desperation than a pleading Weinstein lookin for 'support' from his joollowwood buddies!)

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no, this can't be right. the media has repeatedly assured me that bannon is a grossly incompetent one-trick pony failure who was run out of DC as soon as they got wise to his act. "war". you think (((they're))) beginning to see the breaitbart boys were serious about that?

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u a lil slow, lobster bouy?

Everybody knew that Breitbarts' proxy war on behalf of telaviv
... gainst Merika and Merikans ...

would get 'serious' once the goldman dozers had cleared out the white trash... and made Treasury safe agin...for mordor.

War... on America. Bannons' War. u bought it... yu own it suckas!

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still don't get it. There are so many scandals surrounding the catholic church, I lost track and interest. Only thing me little peasant can do, is warn people about organized religion. Especially those who can absolve your sins in the name of God. WTF!?Point is, it's time to view the vatican like isis - enemies of humanity. And God.

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The pedo priest issue, IMO, goes back to an edict that priests cannot be married. This violates the 1 Timothy 3 principle that church leaders must be married and have their families in good order, and be of good moral character. My understanding is that the change was about money - seizing land from the priesthood since the priests would no longer have children, and would take the vow of poverty.

Moral authority must be paired with extreme accountability, otherwise there is too much opportunity for abuse.

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2 and a half hours at the minimum, for producing such shit as "the hateful 8". Two hours of the Tarantino trademark - senseless dialogue, 20 minutes brutality, 10 minutes credits. Heck, these assholes (Weinrantino) managed to make Walton Goggins boring. 

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Whinestein may do no jailtime; but he's basically blacklisted now from Hollywood, as no-one want's to even be seen w/ him, out of fear he may tarnish their reputation in the eyes of the American public!Yeah, & his company? I'm afraid they are blacklisted now in Hollywood, even though they changed their name last week after firing Harvey; after it came out yesterday in the news that Whinesteins company 'contract' stipulated that he be allowed to sexually harrass all Whinestein company employees, as talent listing agency's & the extras union have pulled over 180 people of all the current Whinestein company projects as a result of the scandal!

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I gotta agree with you there. These are adult women. They made their choice and kept silent about it. All were above 18 I believe.

Let's talk about gay Hollywood and abuse of post pubescent boys below the age of consent. They deserve our sympathy.

And let's remind ourselves that people like Seth Rogen sell garbage and depravity to our children.

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