IRS Pulls Equifax Contract In "Precautionary Step"

And the hits just keep on coming...

Until today's headlines indicating the possibility of another breach of Equifax's security, dip-buyers had been enjoying a few days' relief as analysts clammored to explain how one of the biggest cyberhacks of all time did nothing to hinder Equifax's business model. Tonight, they might just start questioning that as Politico reports The IRS has temporarily suspended the $7.2 million, no-bid contract it awarded to Equifax to verify the identities of taxpayers.

As Politico reports, the short-term suspension means that taxpayers will not be able to establish new accounts through a program called Secure Access, which grants them access to online records and transcripts. Those taxpayers who already have accounts will not be affected, the agency said.

The IRS plans to continue reviewing the security of Equifax's systems during the suspension.


The agency had previously said its hands were tied and it had to keep the contract with Equifax.


"The IRS emphasized that there is still no indication of any compromise of the limited IRS data shared under the contract. The contract suspension is being taken as a precautionary step as the IRS continues its review," agency spokesman Matthew Leas said in a statement.

For now the dip-buyers have slowed down...

In letters to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, some members of Congress questioned whether Equifax could be trusted to handle taxpayer data and suggested the contract should be revoked.

Is Equifax's business model starting to come into question?