Twitter Labels Ben Affleck "Buttman" After Women Accuse Him Of Groping Them

Nearly two dozen women have accused Harvey Weinstein of crimes ranging from sexual harassment to groping and even rape in a scandal that’s upended the entertainment industry’s power structure and threatening to tarnish the reputations of several other public figures, including politicians like Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance Jr., who killed an investigation into Weinstein back in 2015.

But of all the Hollywood figures who’ve been criticized for tacitly condoning Weinstein’s behavior, none have sustained quite as much reputational damage as Ben Affleck, who’s been branded as a hypocrite by Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan for his half-hearted condemnation of Weinstein’s actions.

Soon after Weinstein accused Affleck of lying in a statement disavowing Weinstein, twitter users brought up a 2003 incident where Affleck appeared to grope actress Hilarie Burton live on camera, which in turn prompted several women to come forward to allege that Affleck groped them during a party years ago.

Twitter users gleefully responded by branding Affleck with a hilarious new epithet: The Buttman.

Affleck famously played Batman in a widely panned “Batman vs. Superman.”

Affleck has apologized to Burton...

Then the other women came forward.





Then Buttman was born...


Affeck has yet to respond to the groping accusations.

…But just in case you weren’t an avid watcher of TRL back in 2003



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The big loser in this cover-up is Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, as crooked a DA as New York has ever had, surpassing DAs Robert Morgenthau and Charles Hynes.  Vance prosecuted Dominique Strauss-Kahn on orders of then Mayor Bloomberg, who hand-picked the Criminal Court judge who handled this case, Melissa Jackson.  A former Bronx ADA who, in spite of being related to the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, was going nowhere due to her shortcomings.  Until Bloomberg got her appointed to the bench.  Then the is the case of Abacus Savings Bank, which Vance prosecuted on charges he knew were false, based on the testimony of a fired bank employee who was an embezzler.  PBS's Frontline aired a documentary on Vance's criminal prosecution of this small bank, in which Vance was unable to explain why he filed criminal charges against this bank, which had, as I recall from the documentary, 9 mortgage defaults among the more than 3,000 mortgages it issued in the time frame under review.  "Microscopic", as the bank's defense attorney said before Vance's prosecutor objected.  DA Vance should resign right now.

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Now that Trump is president and Democrats are out of power, they've finally decided that sexual harassment isn't OK, even though they all said "it was only sex" when it came to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  The Democrats started the enablement.In defense of Afflack, feminist Goria Steinem told us we get one free grope and that provided the groper backs off with a negative response, it's OK:    Frankly though, seems to me one should make a verbal pass first, and Steinem should have known better.  What Weinstein did, when he had power over who's chosen for roles in films, is criminal.  What Afflack did, is simply make a pass, though a poor choice of a pass.  The line should be drawn at physical contact.  And Trump was right when he said a lot of women want the rich and powerful to grab them, but it doesn't mean he did it either. 

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Freddie MoreFreedom Thu, 10/12/2017 - 14:23 Permalink

Oddly, Christian Bale's dad was married to Steinim.   His died has since died.  Christian Bale at one of the family dinners finally got sick of her constant pontificating.  He blew up and said "can someone please shut this woman up!"LOL!   the family deferred to him because he was their meal ticket.  Bale was the only great Batman.  George Clooney was the g*y Buttman. 

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True Blue Stan522 Thu, 10/12/2017 - 15:28 Permalink

Because in their crowd, it is cool; hence the double standard.Hell, I worked two days as an extra on an ultra-lib TV production once. I got to witness not only endless rounds of libs bashing everything in my beloved State of NC (trailer trash, gun-toting rednecks etc. etc.) but the 'director' wanted to demonstrate something to the guy from 'Young Guns' who giggled about what $1.20 in dimes from a shotgun would do to a $20.00 steer. She wanted him to 'protect' a young Asian girl; and to demonstrate, she swooped down on this <15 year old and slid her hand right down the girl's ass with her middle and ring fingers sliding right between the girl's legs and blatantly groping her (as in wiggling her claw-like fingers and getting a really good feel in.) The poor girl's eyes got as big as saucers and she looked like she was both appalled and terrified. The girl did not return for the second day's filming, and once I got paid I never went back either. (To be fair, he (the actor) was very gentlemanly and careful in his actions (almost grandfatherly) with the girl and I saw no impropriety from him, even perhaps a bit of pity.)Sick reprobates always give other sick reprobates a free pass -birds of a feather and all that. And those who depend on sick reprobates for their paycheck probably learn to keep their trap shut.

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2_legs_bahhhhhd Thu, 10/12/2017 - 13:20 Permalink

Who the fuck cares ? twitter is for twats.

How much money leaks out of the real economy every year with millions jerking off on social media all day long. Fucking pathetic, ban this shit.

tmosley VWAndy Thu, 10/12/2017 - 13:49 Permalink

No, that's the human condition. Adult men don't have much to offer to other adult men sexually. Weinstein clearly isn't gay (and gays go overwhelmingly for twinks/young boys in any event), he's just a hetero rapist.If Affleck had sold Good Will Hunting to a gay producer/director, that might have been the case.

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