Did Morgan Stanley Buy Millions Of Fake YouTube Views?

Via StockBoardAsset.com,

Well, it seems fake news or just ‘fake’ in general is not limited to Wall Street. No, I’m not talking about the Dow Jones headline of Google planning to buy Apple for $9 billion. I’m talking about Morgan Stanley buying millions of fake viewers on Youtube to artificial build a social media platform.

Glancing at MS’s Youtube page, you will first notice 4,800 subscribers, and over a two week period an average of <100 views per video. 

Then about 3 hours ago, a video titled: “What Will You Create?” shows nearly 627,000 views. Odd right?

Well not exactly, this is called ‘view count gaming’ and it’s downright not allowed on YouTube.

YouTube’s Policies state: Purchasing views for your videos directly from third-party websites is NOT ALLOWED.

Notice the video from tonight. There are more than 627,000 views with 2 likes and 0 comments. With all those views wouldn’t you expect a higher engagement level? Well, that’s a major red flag of buying illegal views and a direct violation of YouTube’s agreement.

Back in September, another video with +300,000 views has 13 likes and just 2 comments. Once again, another major red flag of low engagement level considering the amount of views.

Simple google search: ‘buy YouTube views’.. We found pricing Morgan Stanley might have paid for fake views..

What does this mean? Well first, YouTube could suspend Morgan Stanley’s account, but we doubt that would ever happen, because YouTube’s algos/staff are too busy suppressing alternative media. But, we ask one question: if Morgan Stanley has to fake YouTube views, what else is the company faking?