Watch Live: Trump To De-Certify Iran Deal, Ask Congress To Impose Sanctions "Trigger Points"

In what is set to be the least-surprising, and most-telegraphed event of the day (unless the president decides to do a press conference Q&A afterwards), Trump delivers his statement de-certfiying the Iran Deal and punting it to Congress...

Live Fed: due to start at 1245ET...

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Update (11:40 am ET): As expected, Trump has confirmed that the White House wants to leave the Iran deal intact - for now, at least. In its official announcement, the administration said it plans to decertify the Iran nuclear deal on Oct. 15, but instead of withdrawing from the pact, it will punt the issue to Congress. Most of the official announcement was not unexpected. However, in one notable development, the administration said it would push Congress to amend US law to adopt sanctions "triggers" - such as evidence that Iran has come within one year of building a bomb. By endorsing triggers, Trump is effectively endorsing the Corker-Cotton plan for strengthening scrutiny against Iran - an amusing coincidence given Trump's recent spat with Senator Bob Corker.

Other trigger points could include future ballistic missile launches or a refusal to restrict its fuel production.

However, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted, it's entirely possible that Congress will choose to do nothing and leave the current deal intact.

Trump will also direct Treasury Dept to target Iranian Revolutionary Guard members with sanctions

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After months of feverish speculation about the fate of the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump is expected on Friday to announce that he will refuse to certify that the accord serves US interests, leaving the dirty work of deciding whether to kill it to Congress.

In response, Russia warned yet again that abandoning the deal would have a negative impact on global stability and efforts to ensure non-proliferation of atomic weapons, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call. Peskov added that reports of Russian military officers being denied US visas to attend a UN briefing on missile-defense were "very worrying."

Trump will make the declaration in a speech set for 12:45 pm ET, during which he’s expected to outline a broader policy of containment aimed at curbing Iran’s controversial ballistic missile program, as well as its support for terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Bloomberg reports.

Reuters reports that the new strategy will include three key goals: Fixing the nuclear deal to make it harder for Iran to develop a weapon, addressing its ballistic missile program and countering Iranian activities that Washington says contribute to instability in the Middle East.

The administration has long argued that the way the deal is structured will eventually allow Iran to develop a weapon. Of course, Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful and denies it is developing nuclear weapons.

Two Republican senators, Bob Corker and Tom Cotton, say they’ve developed a plan to address the administration’s complaints about the deal. Their proposal would involve automatically reimposing sanctions should Iran’s nuclear program advance to the point where it could develop a nuclear weapon in less than one year.

As the administration announced its plan for Iran, Republican Senators Bob Corker and Tom Cotton said they had developed legislation intended to address what they see as deficiencies in the Iran nuclear deal.


In a proposed legislative framework, they offered a plan to automatically reimpose sanctions if Iran’s nuclear program were to get to a point where Tehran could develop a nuclear weapon in less than one year, known as a “breakout” period.


They said their measure, if passed by Congress, would remain in force indefinitely, lead to tougher inspections and limit Iran’s centrifuge development.


It was unclear what chance the measure, expected to be offered as an amendment to the existing Iran nuclear review law, would have of winning enough support to be passed by both the House of Representatives and Senate.

The deal’s other signatories – the UK, Germany, France, China, Russia and the European Union – are less than pleased with the US’s attempts to kill the accord, particularly since they disagree with the US’s assertion that Iran hasn’t complied with the terms of the deal.

Given that the notoriously fickle US Congress will now decide the fate of the deal, the other signatories will be forced to brook the uncertainty surrounding the deal's ultimate fate. Last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the only way Iran would be persuaded to continue to observe the limits on its civil nuclear program would be if the other signatories all agreed to defy the US’s order to reimpose sanctions.

According to Bloomberg, European diplomats have discussed a scenario where they “create a win” for Trump by endorsing his criticisms of the Iranian ballistic missile program and the country’s support for groups like Hezbollah. 

Efforts to unwind or rewrite the accord will be a hard sell to the other nations that joined the U.S. in hammering it out in months of talks - not only Iran, China and Russia but also the U.K., France and Germany. The U.S. assertion that Iran isn’t complying with the agreement “contradicts the assessment of all member states of the European Union - and it contradicts our assessment,” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters in Berlin on Oct. 9.


European leaders have echoed some of Trump’s concerns, especially about Iran’s ballistic missile program and its support for groups they consider terrorists. One European diplomat said on condition of anonymity that allies hope to “create a win” for Trump by endorsing his criticism of Iran in the hope that he will move on to other issues.

Unfortunately for the White House, Corker is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so any legislation will need to pass his committee before the broader senate can bring it to a vote.

Trump famously laid the blame for the Iran deal at Corker’s feet after the senator told the New York Times that the White House was functioning like an “adult daycare center”. Notably, Corker’s plan would stop short of trashing the deal.

But with only a slim two-vote majority, a handful of foreign-policy moderates could feasibly stop the Senate from implementing its plan, creating another situation where Republicans are begrudgingly forced to accept the status quo.  


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"Promise"...LAND... his piece Klein makes several arguments regarding Bannon’s friendship towards our community. He cites Bannon’s support for moving the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — an aggressive maneuver that diplomatic experts call “a very bad idea.” Klein mentions that Bannon thinks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a “terrorist.” He lauds Bannon for opposing the Iran nuclear deal, the peaceful diplomatic arrangement that has successfully stopped Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon. And Klein mentions that several of Breitbart Jerusalem’s hires “are yarmulke-wearing Orthodox Jews.”
Flip of a coin...chose wisely circumcised goyem...8 years of Israeli BLUE team has given way to Israeli RED team...

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"the president has (probably) decided to "decertify" the Iran deal"

What do you expect? Trump is a Jew.

In fact, Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton are all Jews;

Almost the entire congress are Jews or covert Jews so having Congress decide is the same as throwing the Iran nuclear deal in the garbage.

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and the trumptards look the other way because of flag kneelers I've called the White House to express my displeasure with certain Trump policies mostly having to do with war and peace. Why do you define that as "looking the other way?" this is why america is a mess no accountability, party before country I was a Democrat most of my life, I registered Republican briefly on two occasions in order to vote for Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania primary and I'm now Independent. Why do you believe that voting for Trump in order to block Hillary and then praising Trump for his good points while chastising him for his bad points constitutes putting the Independent party (which doesn't exist) before the country?

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Trump has selled the american people beyond obama."Has selled"" (or rather "has sold") is past perfect tense while "next year at this time" lies in the future. Why move the goal post? He flip-flopped on everythingTrump ended TPP, the Paris Accord and appointed a Constitutional conservative to SCOTUS. Why do you believe that fulfilling those promises constitutes flip-flopping on his part?

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Thanks for your reasonable reply. I agree that those who embrace an idea without occasionally testing the veracity of that idea do themselves and others little good.I do object to the phrase "trumptard," on conversational grounds. It's a vaguely defined collectivist term which leaves me wondering whom specifically you are addressing.

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All presidents are puppets. The bankers rule our world. They want war, they need war. Why all of you think we have growing tensions. North Korea, Ukraine, South China Sea, Yemen, Syria etc. and now Iran again.

They need a war to cover up the next global crash. They need someone to blame and that the sheeple are ready for the slaughterhouse or otherwise they might wake up and go for the bankers.

All wars are bankers wars

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  We need them like we need crack cocaine and syphilis.  The only dealers offering credit should be merchants and manufacturers.  The immediate closure and seizure of all central banks and their assets followed by speedy fair trials then executions of ALL owners and management is what we really need.   The treasury then prints currency which is spent into existence.  Banks then become strictly savings and loans and are allowed to issue their own notes which must be redeemable in a fixed quantity of gold or silver.  Severe criminal penalties are enacted for default. No insurance products, no investment products or trading services offered by banks.  Investment banks are completely separate entities.  Let the public choose their currency for trade and savings.  Can it really be worse than what we have now?

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Correct, but there`s something they seem unable to realise, the next war will be the final war. In all previous wars the Pigs have had a ringside seat watching the cannon fodder peasants doing the fighting and dying while their cash registers were getting white hot with all the weaponry profits being rung up; it won`t be like that in a nuclear war, in a nuclear war EVERYBODY IS IN THE RING, there is no audience !.Certainly the Pigs can take to their bunkers in New Zealand, but they can`t stay donw there forever, and when they resurface all the wealth they have will be worthless, dollars will not be acceptable payment to the mutant cannibal holocaust survivors, human flesh however will be most acceptable; and it may not even be creatures of human descent waiting for them, it`s a fact that the only multi celled lifeform on Earth that is immune to radiation are the Cockroaches.However the Pigs are consumed, it will better than they deserve, MUCH BETTER.

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  Don't kid yourself or fall victim to that propaganda.  An all out nuclear war will hardly be the end of life on this planet.   It will be the end for half to two thirds of it's population and things will change in a horrific manner.  Some places will become uninhabitable for thousands of years.  The survivors will happily embrace a world government and total control in order that it not happen again.   Those who seek power or dominion over others don't care about the state of humanity as long as they rule over what is left. 

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Whilst the effects of an "all-out" Nuclear War would be very unlikley to exterminate ALL multicellular life on Planet Earth, the effects on the Human population could easily amount to complete eradication.Before trotting out the various "studies" on this mattter, it might be wise to note our inability to accurately forecast the weather (at a local level) more than three days hence, and there's the "not mentioned in polite society" issues of Global Freezing ("Iceball Earth" - all the rage in the late 1970's), Global Warming (Still popular), and the current "Catch-All" mantra of Climate Change (Anthropogenic of course!).If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer NOT to see if "Nuclear War" is surviveable . . . . .

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Agreed but this time Iran will emerge the winner in the world's eyes. This has fully exposed the USA to change the rules whenever they want. This will weaken anything on NK if that was even the object. I've said it for years Iran is the one they want and need. Our battle is against the unseen wicked spirits who are truly running everything. Iran has been foretold to rise from the abyss. This is the demons last chance to thwart God's will, and they will fall.

Get ready it's going to get real interesting real quick.

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But, but... it's the Russians that influence our elections. Hopefully when all this hysteria is said and done they will have put an end to all foreign influence, including the state of Israel, in our elections. That would require Congress to find some ethics and bite the hand that feeds them. Maybe they could ban duel citizens from having anything to do with American foreign policy. Ban duel citizenship all together. Pick a country and show fealty to that which you belong.

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Is there any REAL (as in independently-verifiable) evidence that Iran is in breach of ANY of the conditions in the agreement? If not, then just how is this unilateral action legally justified? Attention Trump (and by extension America - you "voted" him in after all). The rest of the World does NOT have to think "The American Way", and all you are doing is bringing the fall of Empire that much closer.

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Oh please... like Indians kept their side of treaties!  Good grief, how many times did one indian chief make a treaty only to have another one come along and claim it was invalid and the "real" treaty needed to made with him and his?  History is hard n' stuff.  Some tribes took it in that ass.  There is a reason so many got wiped out... a lot of them chose very badly who to side with.  Siding with the English or the French or the Spaniards didn't work out so well.

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