Casualties Reported After Iraqi Troops Enter Oil Rich Kurdish City Of Kirkuk; Oil Spikes

In a major escalation involving the disputed Iraqi Kurdish region, which last month declared independence following a referendum which was not recognized by any of its neighbors or Baghdad (in fact, only Israel has supported the legitimacy of the Kurdish referendum to date) Iraqi state media reported that on Monday morning Iraqi federal troops entered territories occupied by the nation’s Kurds, with the FT confirming that Iraqi forces moved to enter the city of Kirkuk. The Iraqi advance comes three years after Kurdish militias seized the areas outside their autonomous region as a pretext to defend against an advance by the Islamic State extremist group.

Al-Iraqiya TV said the military, anti-terrorist units and federal police have taken control of "vast areas" around the oil-rich city of Kirkuk which has long been one of the country’s deepest faultlines, claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad. Iraqi TV also quoted Prime Minister Abadi who said that he "gave the order to capture Kirkuk"

While the TV report said the Iraqis advanced without firing a shot and "without opposition from Kurdish Peshmerga", unconfirmed social media reports suggest that at least one peshmerga has been killed in the fighting:

Separate twitter reports showed fighting in the southern part of Kirkuk in line with reports of clashes breaking out between Iraqi forces and Perhmerga:

A Rudaw report of heavy gunfire was also captured on Twitter:

According to local reports, coalition warplanes were "intensively flying over Kirkuk"...

... while CBS quoted the Pentagon commenting on the latest Kirkuk situation: "We strongly urge all sides to avoid additional escalatory actions...that further undermine Iraq's stability."

Additionally, the FT writes that Najmaddin Kareem, Kirkuk’s governor, was shown on pro-Kurdish channel Rudaw urging the people of the city to take up arms in its defence. Assuring that further bloodshed appears inevitable, Hemin Hawrami, a senior adviser to Masoud Barzani, KRG president, told the Financial Times that the peshmerga forces would defend the city.

“We have orders, if they come close, all Peshmerga forces will respond very strongly,” Hawrami said. He added that the KRG president had held talks on Sunday with Muhammad Fuad Masum, the Iraqi president, that aimed to resolve the stand-off, saying that it sought “peace and dialogue”. “It seems that Iraqi government and PMF (Popular Mobilisation Forces) made their decision to launch the offensive without even waiting for President Masum to go back to Baghdad tomorrow to take our proposals for talks,” Mr Hawrami said.

"Iraqi forces and Popular Mobilisation are now advancing from Taza, south of Kirkuk, in a major operation; their intention is to enter the city and take over [the] K1 base and oilfields," said the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Security Council.

As Reuters adds, citing Lieutenant Colonel Salah el-Kinani of the Iraqi army’s ninth armoured division, the aim was to take the K1 air base, west of Kirkuk.  Iraqi forces had gathered to the south of Kirkuk in recent days threatening to reclaim a city they had fled in 2014 after Isis militants captured nearby Mosul. The KRG’s peshmerga fighters have held the city for the past three years but its inclusion in last month’s independence referendum, where Kurds voted overwhelmingly to leave Iraq, has enraged Baghdad, and drawn strong opposition from Iran and Turkey.

The AP adds that, for now at least, a commander of the local Kurdish police force said Kurds remain in control of Kirkuk province’s oil wells, with Kurdistan24 reporting that Kirkuk oil is still flowing to Ceyhan via the eponymous pipeline. That may change very soon if Iraq has indeed sent troops to reclaim the local oil infrastructure.


Earlier in the day, Iraqi Kurdish media accused Iran of closing most of its border as its leaders met to discuss rocky relations with Baghdad, to pressure them into making concessions to the central government. As Zero Hedge reported earlier in the day, in an unexpected diplomatic turn of events which underscores the seriousness of escalating tensions between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard (which last week were designated by the US as a terrorist organization), General Qassem Soleimani, arrived in Erbil on Sunday and met with Kurdistan regional president Masoud Barzani to discuss the growing crisis at a moment when Kurdish Peshmerga forces were blocking Iraqi Army access to Kirkuk oil fields and military installations

As a result, Iran and specifically its Shia militias appear to be also involved: according to the FT, there are fears among Kurdish officials of the involvement of Shia militias, such as the PMF, in the advance. They have played a critical role in ending Isis rule in Mosul but have made a series of threats to the KRG in Kirkuk in recent days.

Qais Khazaali, the head of one of Iraq’s most powerful Iranian-backed Shia militias put out a statement on Twitter: “We all stand with our heroic forces in implementing the orders of the general commander of the armed forces and the decisions of parliament for the state to regain control over areas overtaken [by the KRG].”

The autonomous Kurdish region exports about 550,000 barrels a day of crude oil, including from fields operated by the federal North Oil Company.

Following news of armed clashes in the oil rich region, oil prices jumped more than 1 per cent in early Asian trading, with Brent crude oil hitting $57.76 a barrel.

For those trading oil overnight, here is a live feed from Kirkuk:


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The end result will be the death of Western Civilization, Christianity, and Caucasian peoples, so what that it coincides with the end of the age. Our rulers are Christians right? And the nice honest folks who run the media are also Christians right comrade?And that Crescent Moon and Star does not come from Babylon.  Ohh and Freemasons worship the Christ, thats represented by the eye on the pyramid.  

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No, General,  the nice honest folk who run the media (and show biz) are Jooish.   But that's not important.What's important is how many Big Bangs there were before ours?  And what did the universe look like in the nano second before the Big Bang?  Was it The Void or was it the last and ultimate contraction of the previous universeinto the singularity that became our Big Bang? Do we believe that our Big Bang, like the Judeo-Christian God, is only One?  Or is it an infinite number? Were there zillions of them before ours and will there be zillions of them after ours?

"The end result will be the death of Western Civilization, Christianity, and Caucasian peoples"

  SMALL POTATOES                                                       "Stop, Hey What's That Sound"Actually, General T, from some relative observation point, doesn't the possible and continualrepetition of the Big Bang sound just like the putt putt putt of a small internal combustion engine?

Putt putt putt = the sound made by a small internal combustion engine or imitative of its operation.

But aren't we now at the point of making the internal engine de trop? 

"There's something happening here.  What it is ain't exactly clear."


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Kurdish Peshmerga is a Israeli GolemArabs, Turks, and Persians see the Kurds as a recalcitrant nomadic mountain tribe and stooge of Israeli interests. In the mid 1960s and 70s Israel cooperated with Iran, then a U.S. ally under the Shah, to fight against its Arab enemies - Iraq, Syria and Egypt. As part of the cooperation the Mossad sent Lt. Colonel Tzuri Sagi to develop plans for and build up a Kurdish army to fight Iraqi troops in northern Iraq. Tzuri Sagi was also responsible for the Israeli assassination attempts against Saddam Hussein. His Kurdish cooperation partner was the leader of the Barzani clan, Mullah Mustafa Barzani. The Kurdish army the Israelis created is now known as Peshmerga. The son of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, Masoud Barzani, is now the illegitimate president of the Kurdish region of Iraq.

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Cute cut n paste from moa...

unfortunately, your scissors are bit too selective...
as further down in the same post we read

"A landlocked Kurdish state of some kind could produce a lot of oil, but how would this oil reach the markets, especially Israel? The neighbors Turkey, Iran and Syria all have Kurdish minorities and have no reason to help a Kurdish state to enrich itself and see that money funneled to their unruly minorities." from 2005...

who woulda guessed... a Turkish terror state supporting a breakaway sraeli puppet state... KRG oil sales reaching srael via a pipeline through a 'hostile' neighboring state...

Sraels' foreign policy directives are MUCH more intricate than your simple simon comic book captions allow for.

KRG mystery... proof of the veracity of that ol adage - a lil bit of knowledge... is a dangerous thing!

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I would welcome some ZH insight as to how this fits into the greater Zionist/MIC/USA geopolitical objective. Or perhaps all the potential Kurdish oil revenue will reimburse US taxpayers for W's Crusade.

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Insights? Puta madre... we don need no steenkin 'insights' here hombre!

We are gathered together here, at the behest of our media masterz...

to mouth the latest mantras - by which to make ourselves seem smart n cuttin edge... and hide the truth more effectively... by bein ELECTIVELY blind to the scam behind all the sham

'reportage.' Short button point follows>

a)America. Under the bus ... no longer needed. TBD(to be destroyed)

b)Russia - oil giant and sraels' partner in setting up new global energy cartel - siphoning muddled eastern gaz n oil into hostage Europe via client state Turkiye... with the participation of junior 'partners' Iran, Syria, Iraq... and big shout out to newest member... "Saudistan"!!!

c)Srael - home of international finance capitals' pirate empire... string puller extraordinare... and official EXECUTIONER of dying host USS Merika.

d)KRG "Kurdistan" - minor piece on the chessboard, used solely to formalize on the ground cooperation tween the two forementioned geo-political giants... of the NWO... Rosneft and Genel Oil Octupi. Add intrigue, fake news media minions... and stir to a boil...

your horoscope = \trouble n toil/ all bow to the 'new jerusalem'

Thats @@ ALL folks!

buttons - outraged muttons!

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He does this so often it must be his special mission.He can't see that Russia's intervention to rescue their ally destroyed Zino plans for the ME.Latest news, it may be all over already."Kurdish forces abandon oil fields, military bases after the Iraqi Army rolls into Kirkuk"…

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FSFF... the perfect foil/dupe for sio-media psyops.

|He can't see that Russia's intervention to rescue their ally destroyed Zino plans for the ME.|

You've successfully absorbed the meme de jour ... and can move 2 paces ahead on the board! Nice work/you win this matryoshka doll ... authentically reproduced by displaced Palestinian womens' arts commune.

When you actually LIVE in the muddled east - and learn to see things for what they are, chump... it gets a little easier to see thru the smoke n mirrors...

and put down the exceptionalist master of the universe schtick.

The sraeli-russo "plans for the middle east" are jus gettin started. You need to catch up.

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If we had a sane president with a great deal of experience, like Hillary Clinton, things like this would be under control.  Instead a fucking white male, who is Literally Hitler, is in the office instead due to Russian hacking of the election and sick white supremacists who hate immigrants because of the color of their skin and who don't want to turn in their fucking guns.  White men are the major obstacle to a global government headed by the highly oppressed Jewish people and so that is why they must perish!

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Yes, in 1988 at Halabja, Saddam gassed Kurds ... With our help and blessing. See photos of Rumsfeld palling around with Sadam.However, according to Wiki, as far back as 1957, Kirkuk was not majority Kurdish. It is not a Kurdish city. Look it up yourself.This is bs too.  "so he could get control of the oil fields around Kirkuk."Sadam's control of the Kirkuk oil fields was never in question until the US invasion and regieme change.

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Well your memory is faulty. The war with Sadam ended in 2003. The US occupation government was conducting local elections in 2005. Just exactly who do you think you were fighting in Kirkuk on 2005?The Kurds did not seize Kirkuk until 2014 when central government authority in N. Iraq collapsed under ISIS invasion."Analysis: The Kurds take Kirkuk, now what?by Tanya Goudsouzian & Lara Fatah 16 Jun 2014"… is a Zionist endeavor. As such, the figures for Kirkuk ought to be biased towards the Zionist proxy Kurds. Even so, Wiki still shows that Kirkuk is not a Kurdish city.Anyways, the point was, it is not a Kurdish majority city as the title of the article implies.

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Stupid business by the Kurds holding that referendum despite being warned not to by all the main players in the mid east (except for Israel). The peshmerga are going to be left holding the bag on this one... no chance in hell Uncle Sam will want to get involved in another civil war.Fucking hell the quicker the US bugs out of that insane region the better...

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Uncle Slam is going to stay there and if they had any sense they would back the Kurds. I’m not saying it is right for the US to screw around in the Middle East! I’m just talking about what would be the best option to do that. Turkey is not going to be a vassal state for much longer. If Slam wants to keep a foothold/forward base the attack Iran the Kurds are it.

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"If Sam wants to keep a foothold/forward base the attack Iran the Kurds are it."Look dumbAss, we don't want to attack Iran. Only you slimy Zionist weasels want us to attack Iran for you. Do it yourself and see how far you get.The stupid Kurds have picked their poison again and will now pay the price.Permagesh = the new ARVNIsrael is in deep shit and I say Great!

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Welll, one wonders.

Trump decertifying Iran is a step in that direction. The NeoCons corporate media is braying for war. The Shiite Militias would make fine targets and Washington did send 200 truckloads of weapons into Kurdish Iraq.

The Turks just invaded Syria. The Iranians just had a meeting with Barzani. The Syria gambit has collapsed, Russia Iran and China are winning the ME and the last hope of the Empire to maintain influence after the failure of "Sunnistan " aka the Calphinate is Kurdistan.

Iraq and Syria must be divided, the Silk Road project must be stopped and the worlds biggest untapped oil field near Mosul must remain under imperial control.

As ISIS collapsed everyone in the ME started talking about the Twar Twar, or the war after the war. Perhaps it starts today.

The only question is if Trump stays true to his base and stays out, or if he goes all in in a last ditch effort to grab something from the ruins of the collapsing America Empire.

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The Kurds are no match for Iraq's allies, Russia, Iran, and Turkey.   The US can not visibly support them, in their efforts to realize Kurdistan, if the Pentagon wants tokeep its base at Bagram, which the Pentagon is saving for its two-pronged invasion of Iran. The US can't support the Kurds and their referendum after the fuss they kicked up about the onein Crimea and their support of Madrid in the Catalonian kerfuffle. If Baghdad suspected that the US was behind all the recent Kurdish moves toward independence(which, of course, they are, and which Baghdad must know) the US would be asked to leave tomake room for Russia.  Then noble America, like royal Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, can also say:

When sorrows come, they come not single spiesBut in battalions.

"Hurricanes, wild fires, floods, recessions, nuclear threats, O Gertrude, Gertrude...." Expect a major event in Kurdish Iraq when Albadi finally asks the Pentagon to leave.    

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If anyone thinks the Iraqis like America, you are delusional.  Saddam was no prize, installed by the CIA, but the uSA with Zato allies have made Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and other places hell on earth.  Allk for the Illuminati, Deep State, Rothschild-Soros monsters.If Iraq knew they could invite Putin and Russia in and boot out the USA, they would do it in a minute.  It makes me sick to see what the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and their controllers have done to these people.  Millions of innocent people murdered.  War is murder.  Sadly, most Americans view war as another football game.

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Another Neo-Con failure.. See those completely regular looking trucks, they could have WMD's.. /sarcasm. Who is next? Venezuela? Don't let failure keep you down and hold you back! Fail onward Neo-Cons! Failure onward!

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A non-story.  The report, "...Iraqi forces moved to enter the city of Kirkuk." Should have been reported as,"... Iraqi forces moved to enter the Iraqi city of Kirkuk."But whatever.  The absolute bonus here is that Iran and Iraq are now seeing eye to eye.  And seeing as the rogue state of Israel is the only country recognizing the pickaninny Kurd plebiscite as meaning something....well, that alone speaks volumes.

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Saddam had IT under control...When Dickless Cheney goes to Hell, he will be sentenced to eternally licking Saddam's asshole and smiling while he does it!...

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Wow 1%?Oil spikes  2-5% almost every morning for no other reason than just because. Shooting in an oil rich region can only muster less than 1%?Fuck, guess we need some nukes to go off. Actually just float some rumors of Russia cutting production and we'll get 10% by 8AM