"We Microchip Dogs, So Why Not Athletes" - Olympics Suggest Implants To Prevent Doping

Companies in Scandinavia and the US have already embraced microchipping as a way to make the office experience more seamless by allowing employees to easily unlock doors or pay for food in the cafeteria.

Of course, while workers say they've welcomed the technology (one Russian hobbyist has reported self-implanted six microchips), and companies not to abuse the technology, the temptation to do so should make people nervous.

But the use of microchips in the workplace likely won’t be limited to corporate environments. Pretty soon, microchipping might become a common tool for monitoring professional and amateur athletes as sports leagues try to eradicate the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs.

At least that’s what recent remarks from Mike Miller, chief executive of the World Olympians Association, appeared to suggest. Speaking Tuesday to anti-doping leaders at a Westminster forum on integrity in sport, Miller said the Olympic Games should begin microchipping athletes to try and prevent the type of state-sponsored evasion of anti-doping rules purportedly organized by the Russian government ahead of the winter games in Sochi, the Guardian reported.

Because cheating is so widespread, Miller said such a radical approach is justified to help protect the integrity of the games. However, in what appears to be an ill-conceived attempt to preempt criticism, Miller clumsily compare human athletes to animals, saying that, since microchips are now being used to monitor pets, using them on humans wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.  

“Some people say we shouldn’t do this to people,” Miller said. “Well, we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?”

The Olympics should act quickly to begin microchipping, Miller said, because a breakthrough in the technology is on the horizon that could allow microchips into a potent tool for cheaters. For example, the chips could be used to determine when levels of banned substances in an athletes blood have returned to “normal” levels.

What about the invasion of privacy inherent in using microchips? Well, Miller has an answer for that, too, noting that sports are “a club and people don’t have to join…if they don’t want to.”

“In order to stop doping we need to chip our athletes where the latest technology is there. Some people say it’s an invasion of privacy, well, sport is a club and people don’t have to join the club if they don’t want to, if they can’t follow the rules.”


“Microchips get over the issue of whether the technology can be manipulated because they have no control over the device. The problem with the current anti-doping system is that all it says is that at a precise moment in time there are no banned substances but we need a system which says you are illegal substance-free at all times and if there are changes in markers they will be detected.”

To be sure, Miller said he was not speaking on behalf of the organization, and that his remarks about microchips reflect his views alone. He was merely throwing out an idea to try and guage the public's reaction, he said.

“I’m just throwing the idea out there,” he said. “I’m gauging reaction from people but we do need to think of new ways to protect clean sport. I’m no Steve Jobs but we need to spend the money and use the latest technology.”

The WOA supports the 48 national Olympians associations and 100,000 living Olympians.

As the Guardian notes, the idea of microchips being inserted into athletes might not be so well-received by national teams and individual athletes. Some feel the current system of vigorous testing is already too invasive. According to current Olympic rules, athletes must declare on an online database where they will be every day for a one-hour window between 5 am to 11 pm to allow drug testers the opportunity to surprise them.

Nicole Sapstead, the UK’s anti-doping chief executive, said she’s wary of using microchips to monitor athletes, adding that the Olympics would never be able to guarantee that the technology is immune to tampering.  

“We welcome verified developments in technology which could assist the fight against doping. However, can we ever be sure that this type of thing could never be tampered with or even accurately monitor all substances and methods on the prohibited list?”


“There is a balance to be struck between a right to privacy versus demonstrating that you are clean. We would actively encourage more research in whether there are technologies in development that can assist anti-doping organizations in their endeavors.”

Miller isn’t the first person to cite the increasing use of microchips to monitor pets as possible justification for using the technology on humans. Last year, a local NBC News report appeared to advocate implanting children with microchips. In one particularly galling passage, the report tried to guilt-trip parents by asking them: “How far would you go to keep your children secure?”

With that in mind, how far should the Olympics (not to mention professional sports leagues) go to stamp out the use of performance-enhancing drugs?

What do you think?


SafelyGraze BennyBoy Mon, 10/16/2017 - 05:57 Permalink

"we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?”this is a very sensible point of view.we also "put dogs to sleep".and put them in kennels. on leashes. with electric shock collars.because we love them.Shock collars are a type of aversive training initially used in the 1960s to train hunting dogs. These days, shock collars are often used to curb a variety of stubborn and unwanted behaviors in family dogs, from excessive barking to food aggression, as well as to train pups to stay safely within a property line or to stick close by while off leash.Shock collars are not intended as a punishment, but more as a deterrent to train negative or unsafe behavior out of a dog. The theory is that your dog will associate the unwanted behavior with an uncomfortable shock and stop doing it until they no longer require the reminder.https://www.caninejournal.com/shock-collar-for-dogs/hugs,stanley milgram "how the german people could act inhumanely" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLobqJg-4TE  

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Rapunzal SHsparx Mon, 10/16/2017 - 07:16 Permalink

Economic crash, WW3, depopulation agenda and finally RFID chipped neofeudalism. It's coming fellas. Unprosecuted crimes by the parasitic elites including organized child abuse.
It will be a modern day dark age, why ? Because we are lazy, cannot imagine how evil the people at the top are and we always hope it will be better one day ;)

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Dormouse Mon, 10/16/2017 - 02:55 Permalink

I was an athlete on the US Olympic Team and subjected to invasive drug testing by pervert doctors with contempt for athletes. You must provide a quarterly schedule of where you'll be at all times and they can just show up whenever. Then these dick-inspectors get within punching distance and watch as you try to squirt out enough to preform the chemistry experiment on your coffee table. USADA doctors went to med school to watch people piss! They should get a Hustler movie instead.

HRH Feant2 Mon, 10/16/2017 - 02:57 Permalink

This is what counts as logic?

Dogs are microchipped.
Athletes cheat.
Therefore athletes need to be microchipped like dogs?

Holy fucking shit. Shoot me now. Idiocracy is here!

waspwench TheSilentMajority Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:13 Permalink

The Olympics as they are presently conducted are a travesty and a nonesense.    Unless they can be conducted in the proper, traditional spirit of olympic competition they should be abandoned.To compete for the pleasure of doing so, to compare oneself with others, to refine one's technique and to share the experience with others of similar standard and skills should all be worthwhile things to do for their own sake.   The modern day Olympics is an over-commercialized, over-hyped, and over-budget event which has become so debased as to be pointless.

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GoldenDonuts Mon, 10/16/2017 - 03:05 Permalink

Because an athlete is a human, not a dog.  You childfuckers.  Hey from what I read here eveyone who runs anything is a ped.  Except Whinstein of course.   He rapes adults.

Marcecamb Mon, 10/16/2017 - 04:00 Permalink

Microchips deals with Radio Frequencies radiation and that un turn messes up the inmunity sistem of anything alive. And in UK can get you in legal trouble if you refuse to microchip your pet, even parrots must be microchipped. I know first hand, I was taken to court not for refusing to microchip my dog, but for refusing to say to the government whether I did or did not microchipped my German Shepherd one year ago. The final goal is to recreate The Matrix.  I told this to my vet surgeon and said to her that in the States just passed a law that allow certain medical professions to microchip vulnerable patients with deseases like alzheimers so they can be located by satellite. She could not believe me. At least I tried to wake up one more fellow human. Interesting times we are living on.

waspwench Marcecamb Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:34 Permalink

I  couldn't believe this.   I googled it and, yes, the law went into effect in 2016.   The UK is rapidly becoming a model police state.   Enforced microchipping of dogs, loss of free speech, hate crimes (what the hell is a "hate" crime?) and Amber Rudd wants to control what people look at on the web.   Did I say "is becoming"?   Perhaps I should have said "has become."The England in which I grew up was a free country.   No more.  The US is only a little better.   It is getting very scary out there and we do not seem to have the will (or perhaps the means) to put a stop to it.

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alphasammae Mon, 10/16/2017 - 03:52 Permalink

This is nothing new. Remember Nikita and Michael? someday it will be the same for everyone as in the Matrix. Humans will be 'digitized control assets" which the banksters, FED and the IRS would love to adopt globally on behalf of the central bankers and the technocrats in China, the future digitized new world order. When that happens everyone will be tagged to crypto-currencies. Most likely many of us will not be around to witness,  we are lucky!  but it is sad for the sake of our future enslaved generations. On the good side, you will be freed from a crypto wallet subject to hackers as everyone will have a wallet embedded in the chip.ouch!

theprofromdover Mon, 10/16/2017 - 04:41 Permalink

Great idea, I think we should run the trial by chipping all these Olympic guys in suits.Would be very interesting to see when and where the brown envelopes were passed to favour bids and "oil the wheels"Maybe we culd just handcuff them at the same time we chip them.Do that trial for 20 years and then we'll review it for the athletes -and the spectators of course.

Anteater Mon, 10/16/2017 - 04:55 Permalink

We just had one of the greatest cons in market history around lab on-chip in 2016, $B's scammed, and now this idiot doesn't even understand how LOAC works, but wants tip pump some new IPO? Broom him.

blargg Mon, 10/16/2017 - 05:02 Permalink

“Well, we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?”

We also cage dogs, lock them inside houses, feed them food we wouldn't consider fit for human consumption, sterilize them as a routine operation, etc. Do you really want to apply this logic?