Ron Paul Warns "The American People Are Being Neo-Conned Into Another War"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

President Trump has been notoriously inconsistent in his foreign policy. He campaigned on and won the presidency with promises to repair relations with Russia, pull out of no-win wars like Afghanistan, and end the failed US policy of nation-building overseas. Once in office he pursued policies exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on.

Unfortunately Iran is one of the few areas where the president has been very consistent. And consistently wrong.

In the president’s speech last week he expressed his view that Iran was not “living up to the spirit” of the 2015 nuclear agreement and that he would turn to Congress to apply new sanctions to Iran and to, he hopes, take the US out of the deal entirely.

Nearly every assertion in the president’s speech was embarrassingly incorrect. Iran is not allied with al-Qaeda, as the president stated. The money President Obama sent to Iran was their own money. Much of it was a down-payment made to the US for fighter planes that were never delivered when Iran changed from being friend to foe in 1979. The president also falsely claims that Iran targets the United States with terrorism. He claims that Iran has “fueled sectarian violence in Iraq,” when it was Iranian militias who prevented Baghdad from being overtaken by ISIS in 2014. There are too many other false statements in the president’s speech to mention.

How could he be so wrong on so many basic facts about Iran? Here’s a clue: the media reports that his number one advisor on Iran is his Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Ambassador Haley is a “diplomat” who believes war is the best, first option rather than the last, worst option. She has no prior foreign policy experience, but her closest mentor is John Bolton – the neocon who lied us into the Iraq war. How do these people live with themselves when they look around at the death and destruction their policies have caused?

Unfortunately the American people are being neoconned into another war. Just as with the disastrous 2003 US attack on Iraq, the media builds up the fear and does the bidding of the warmongers without checking facts or applying the necessary skepticism to neocon claims.

Like most Americans, I do not endorse Iran’s style of government. I prefer religion and the state to be separate and even though our liberties have been under attack by our government, I prefer our much freer system in the US. But I wonder how many Americans know that Iran has not attacked or “regime-changed” another country in its modern history. Iran’s actions in Syria are at the invitation of the legitimate Syrian government. And why won’t President Trump tell us the truth about Iranian troops in Syria – that they are fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda, both of which are Sunni extremist groups that are Iran’s (and our) mortal enemies?

How many Americans know that Iran is one of the few countries in the region that actually holds elections that are contested by candidates with very different philosophies? Do any Americans wonder why the Saudis are considered one of our greatest allies in the Middle East even though they hold no elections and have one of the world’s worst human rights records?

Let’s be clear here: President Trump did not just announce that he was “de-certifying” Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal. He announced that Iran was from now on going to be in the bullseye of the US military. Will Americans allow themselves to be lied into another Middle East war?


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When we are all dead or glowing from radiation, people like Ron Paul will only say, "I guess I was wrong."  That won't help, moron.  You should have studied history BEFORE making your opinion. 

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"ZioNeoCon Fascist"That's a rather superfluous definition.Try having a normal conversation with one of your neighbors and interject that expression into the exchange.It's not that I disagree with you, it's just that those types of phrases and expressions will quickly get you labeled a paranoid schizophrenic while trying to navigate within polite society. 

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Yeah, try using some other term dude, you'll get slapped and told to stop listening to alex jones, a different aproach might get better results, build rapport with people and approach from there to change their minds like "Have you ever wondered why all people in power tend to be jews?I think they're up to something" and then joke and laugh casually, it will linger around in peoples minds.

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Slight modification:  Neocon mean the right-wing, fundamentalist, militant faction of Judaism.  Embodied in the Likud party of Netanyahu and the American Neoconservatives (who are mostly Jewish). They have internalize an Old Testement vision of God commanding Joshua to conquer, take the land (and kill every living thing).Many of my Jewish American friends are much more tolerant and do not at all endorse the slaughter of non-Jews for the Glory of God and the Jewish people.But alas, the Mossad and Isreali military are being run by the ultra-right wing orthdox militant faction. So SHIT.

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Iran may elect presidents but the Mullah's give them permission and control everything that is done.  Just like ISIS they are an Islamic death cult who believe you can bring back their god by creating destruction and death.  Ignoring Islamist got us Osama bin Ladin, ignoring ISIS got us the longest running war in US history and what Osama was wanting in the first place to bankrupt us.  I agree with non-intervention policy but allowing Iran to become the next caliphate is idiotic and will end up in further horrific wars.  Not stopping their nuclear ambitions will not work out well for us.Sometime you can and should listen to what they are actually saying.

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Neocons have shilled for an Iran war for years. They've never hidden that away. They've been very public about deliberately bringing on a conflict. Meanwhile you ignore Saudi Arabia's much larger role in funding Islamic terrorism around the world. Wahhabism is the vilest and most grotesque ideological thought of Islam.

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LOL!!!  Sure sure, the good news is that it is pretty apparent to the rest of the world that America is now bankrupt and cannot afford shit, certainly not an open engagement anyway.Oh well, back to those "need to know" black ops actions.  Probably better anyway, as we were much more efficient with our killing back then.

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How many Americans know that Iran is one of the few countries in the region that actually holds elections that are contested by candidates with very different philosophies? Do any Americans wonder why the Saudis are considered one of our greatest allies in the Middle East even though they hold no elections and have one of the world’s worst human rights records?

How can this not be widely known when America's journalists and teachers are the greatest in the world!

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First off, we're not going to war with Iran.  We have to take care of the Norks first.Second, Iran fighting ISIS they did for their own reasons (ISIS stood in opposition to Iran's interests in the area), not because they wanted to help the US.Iran wants to be a regional power at least.  They WILL achieve that goal, with or without nuclear weapons.  There is very little to stop them at this point, short of the US building a coalition and attacking them directly (which, as I said, above, is not in the cards as I read them).  We have destabilized every damned country around Iran and they have been unphased.  Arguably, it has made them stronger.This conclusion that rejecting the nuclear deal equals going to war with Iran I reject completely. 

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Iran will always be the ultimate goal.  I can't see the Norks getting attacked because of their "Trump Card" (i.e. artillery pointed at Seoul).  It's been claimed that there's about 30K troops in Afghanistan where most are classified as PMCs.  Attacks against Iran will be in the form of terrorism, not like a traditional war (i.e. Iraq).

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Donald J. Trump, the man, has a genius-level intuitive understanding of the media and mass psychology in the US, in our popular culture.  That was enough for him to absolutely smoke the GOP primary system, and to eke out an Electoral College victory in the Presidential election, by appealing to enough partakers of mass popular culture in enough states.  It worked.  He proved the thesis that US Presidential elections are fundamentally the same as the televised popularity gameshows consumed by a large-enough group of people in contemporary American society.But that's all he proved.As President, he's mostly been disproving things.  He's disproven that there's any particular wisdom inherent in business moguls.  He's disproven that government can be simplified by merely ignoring the way things work.  He's disproven the idea that everyone is bullshitting all the time, so merely bullshitting can be a workable replacement for analysis and thought based on facts and multiple perspectives.Unfortunately, the old expression "You can't bullshit a bullshitter" is another thing he's disproven.  It's like "You can't con a con."  In reality, you can really only con a con.  All the oldest scams require a victim who is looking to get something for nothing.  A con, in other words. So when Trump shows up with no serious philosophy, coherence of world-view or policy agenda, merely spouting what he thinks (pretty accurately) will be popular with people who already like his media-generated persona, he's completely defenseless against real con artists.  People like John Bolton, Tom Price, Ryan Zinke, Greg Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, everybody at Goldman Sachs, the Generals who run the Pentagon; Trump is putty in their hands.  Defenseless.  He doesn't know the facts and doesn't care.  He operates based on gut-level reactions as to what will be popular with people who consume mass-media entertainment.This would all be fine if Trump were working through the script for the next season of a TV show.  In a position of actual responsibility for things that matter in people's lives, it's an outright disaster.  Trump has installed a true Kakistocracy, rule of the worst.In the long run, this is probably a good thing.  It's a necessary phase in the dissolution of the American Empire.  The world will be the better for it, if we can get through the collapse without a nuclear war, or a conventional World War.But it's going to be hella painful along the way.  Most of us in America aren't well set up to take an 80% hit to our standard of living.  It would have been better to phase that in over a few decades, but Trump seems unwilling to do the management work to allow that to happen.  Instead he's pulling a Samson in the Temple routine, having it all out in a very short period of time.Eventually the rest of the world will catch up and will merely isolate the US as much as possible, rejecting America as a viable, responsible or credible partner in anything.  As I say, in the long run that will be good for everyone else.  But it's going to be very bad for us.

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Agreed...Exactly where are Paul Wolfowitz & Richard Pearle thses days....These Kikes were 'Instrumental' in getting the US into theIraqi War.....when will you dumb 'beer drinking', baseball & NASCAR lovin Rednecks ever learn???USA!...USA!!.USA!!...FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Its not really the American people being neo conned. Its more like our so called government workers going along to get along. Like atomotons doing whatever messed up shit they have to do to get paid. Oh the mental gymnastics they will do for a stack of fiats. Think about the FBI for just a second. They coild not be this flipping stupid. No they are a party to it. The same thing goes for the media and so many others that proffit from the systemic corruption.

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Why is he lying?  Cause that what he's best at.  That is why he got elected.  He is a world class lying sack of shit.......and has been his whole life.If any of you doubt that, then you are a dumbass sheeple that doesn't have a clue about reality.  He works for liars and must therefore be a qualified liar to hold down the job." She has no prior foreign policy experience, but her closest mentor is John Bolton – the neocon who lied us into the Iraq war. How do these people live with themselves when they look around at the death and destruction their policies have caused?"How do they live with themselves? I don't really give a shit.  What I want to know is why these evil bastards have not been arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law......or at least lost their damn positions?  Why Mr. Paul?  Why hasn't someone with money, authority, position or all three done one fucking thing about these lawless sons of bitches?  How is it we can get no justice anymore in this country?  Why wasn't that Bolton bastard brought up on charges for his lying?  What about Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld?  Are they immune because of their position? Not supposed to be that way in this country.Tell us little people, Mr. Paul, what do we do?  What recourse do we have?  Where is our leadership to take back this country?  Why don't you put together a team with the help of you son, let's focus on a specific area like the Justice Dept and go after some people.  Start up a law suit and do a Gofundme account.  Help us find some way to start burning down their fucking playhouse.  Start a tax revolt.  You don't have long left on this earth, give this younger generation some direction.  Put it all on the line.  Revolt.  Go out like one of your heroes from the Revolutionary era.  That's exactly what I would do......and I'll help you if you get it started.

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"Will Americans allow themselves to be lied into another Middle East war?"Yes. That is easy. You can see the writing on the wall.The whole NFL flag thing straight from the playbook to get the flag waving and the drums to beginTrump Goes Full Shabbos Goy, the upcoming wars with Iran, and maybe NK, will not be the mild disaster that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was; a war which has destroyed civil liberties, our economy, and has lit the middle east on fire and created a huge refugee crisis.This time the distaster will be of a whole magnitude worse, where Americans get to feel like what it must feel like to live in Syria or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Lybia......... Not gonna be fun. But dont worry, when the civil unrest becomes too much they will use these MIC forces on our own people. Then the fun begins.