UC Santa Cruz 'Liberals' Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis: A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing

Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com,

A meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over and subsequently shut down by hard-left students who literally screamed that the groups very existence was a threat to their safety.

The leftist group initially organized the effort to derail the free speech of Republicans on campus in a Facebook post that openly called for shutting down the groups “right of assembly” while also labeling mainline conservatives as white supremacists and fascists.

“White Supremacist, fascist-sympathizing College Republicans are having a meeting at McHenry library, room 0332. Everybody be aware of this violent racist activity happening everyday on this campus!” wrote a student.


“We need a movement of people on this campus that rejects the ‘right of assembly,’ or ‘right of free speech’ for white supremacists and fascists.”

The group then went through with their social media threats, banging on the meetings door and eventually barging into the room to full on disrupt the peaceful meeting while screaming about fascists, racists, and white supremacists. Remember, this was a meeting of mainline conservatives.

Details published by Campus Reform include the fact that the leftist group refused to have any sort of dialogue with the College Republicans.

According to the UCSC College Republicans, their offers to discuss the concerns of the protesters were met with exclamations that “dialogue is violence,” after which the protesters called the club’s presence a “threat to the library” and demanded that the CR members vacate the space immediately.


The protesters even reportedly berated library staff members when they refused to shut down the pre-approved meeting. One staff member eventually asked the CR members to leave in order to end the disturbance, but meeting attendees chose to respond by sitting quietly and refusing to leave the area.

One student protester laughably ran out of the meeting hysterically screaming about nonexistent “Nazis downstairs”.

The commotion culminated in one of the student activists running out into the main library area screaming that there were “Nazis downstairs,” but while the gimmick drew several spectators, many of them expressed indignation at the actions of the protestors. 


“As a Democrat, I am embarrassed that some people on the left act this way,” remarked Phil Leonard Vogel, creator of the moderate campus news publication City on a Phil. “They give all of us a terrible name.”


After nearly two hours, school officials eventually called the police, who reportedly arrested three of the protesters.

Unbelievably, one of the protesters even claimed that the groups very existence was a disturbance.

You truly can’t make this stuff up.

“Your existence is a disturbance, your existence is a disturbance to every marginalized person in this country.”

This is apparently what it means to be a liberal (at least for some) in the year 2017.


Blue Steel 309 Truther Fri, 10/20/2017 - 22:06 Permalink

It is self interest. They can't directly access the unequal rights of being a POC, so they figure if they latch on to the anti-white movement they can get some unfair advantage as hangers on.

I think we all know the twisted psychology of self hate, that is the other half of the equation. It is required of professional victims.

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Manthong Manthong Sat, 10/21/2017 - 02:40 Permalink

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  You know the nice thing about crazy lib women in that area is that they go down easy but often leave some painful reminders…. Like when I was trying to soothe my crotch going into the dispensary at Subic … oh, no that is just a story I was told.

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847328_3527 new game Sat, 10/21/2017 - 08:40 Permalink

All the violence and hate has been coming from these "liberals." These are the 2017 "Red Shirts" of Chairman Meeow who beat up people and/or killed anyone who disagreed with them. Mussolini's Black Shirts.Hitler's Brown Shirts.All domestic tearrists and a threat to our national security.It's very clear where Soros' $18 Billion is going; namely, to fund these tearrist groups.Sessons and Rosensteen need to be fired and replaced and get Americans in there.

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redmudhooch 847328_3527 Sat, 10/21/2017 - 09:59 Permalink

Speaking of Antifa, watch this video, at 50 min. 20 second mark, they show a group of protesters outside Ernst Zundel's place.You all know who Ernst is correct? What does he do? Holocaust revisionism, who do you think sent these protesters?Israel, Zionists. These protesters are a carbon copy of Antifa.Who funds Antifa?Just watch it, I dare you to come to a different conclusion...Its a pretty old video too, probably 90'sErnst Zundel - Off Your Knees, Germany!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzr3Aj71HQc

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UselessEater doctor10 Sat, 10/21/2017 - 07:07 Permalink

They would not survive 5 minutes under Stalin's regime. They are too useless to even be Bolsheviks! 

Stalin: “There are no Russian prisoners of war. The Russian soldier fights on till death. If he chooses to become a prisoner, he is automatically excluded from the Russian community"…Hundreds of thousands of Russian women and children were murdered simply because their father or son had been taken prisoner. 3 million soviet POWs died of starvation or illness.

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Vageling IH8OBAMA Sat, 10/21/2017 - 11:41 Permalink

Looks to me they're primarily a danger amongst themselves! The dude telling them he's a registered democrat and after hearing that they go beserk. Nah... After they ate their own there won't be much left. What is left will learn that people fight back. Something they think won't happen. Fuck em. From my POV these guys are a huge threat to their own, mainly. Something with collective bullshit ;) Obey! LoL! No? They hate those moar amongst their own.I bet the centre lefties are starting to realize this too. Should have not fucked with Pandora's box, muppets. I am enjoying their implosion.

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NoDebt espirit Fri, 10/20/2017 - 22:48 Permalink

Oh, my GOD, I would have so much fun in college if I could turn back time.  Sadly, I wasted my time drinking, smoking pot and doing a shitty job of getting laid.  By the end of this somebody would be bleeding unconscious in the corner, I'd be banging one of those girls protesting and there wouldn't be a single frame of video of any of it.I completely wasted my youth.  I could have done SO MUCH MORE DAMAGE when I was younger.  I really wish I had.   

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new game Manthong Sat, 10/21/2017 - 07:45 Permalink

do debt, hmmm, sounds simular. lol....ten years of college. lol.2 year aa degree and over a hundred extra credits sitting on some shelf looking for lost brain cells.it was fun though, until the ten step program kicked in. then it was time to grow up.16, but 26, tryin to figure out what up dude. lol...

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Vageling in4mayshun Sat, 10/21/2017 - 11:54 Permalink

Need a cushion for your butthurt, libtard? I'm an conservative liberal (in European ways that is, so yes... Makes "center right"). I don't believe in the unicorn surfing an rainbow while shitting skittles. I'm a realist. I sure as hell don't feel addressed either. You do... Now think about that. What does that say about you? Fucking libtard.

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HardAssets Cynicles II Sat, 10/21/2017 - 06:48 Permalink

Who knows if they're all students.

But one professor said that 60% of those in college have absolutely no business being there. They lack the intellectual capacity to do the academic work. It's easy to assume that people like this are applying Saul
Alinsky tactics. They may just be stupid & actually believe what they're saying.

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new game HardAssets Sat, 10/21/2017 - 07:52 Permalink

when nobody is listening, violence is inevitable, as we aree seeing. third option is to sit it out.just observing and remaining scare free...living in the country has it's rewards.to be avoided, until it comes to my front yard.then, hmmm, i won't say a word.u can,imagine...the...rest...of the story.

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Vageling Cynicles II Sat, 10/21/2017 - 11:27 Permalink

That stupidity has no bounds is something these copulation mistakes prove. Leaving mommies provided "safe space" - the rest of us call that an basement - to complain about... Wait for it... Not being in their safe space. Fucking brilliant! Give them the Darwin award. They like "trophies", makes them feel validated.

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HRClinton Stan522 Fri, 10/20/2017 - 22:21 Permalink

They need to stop taking those Crazy Pills.Instead, they need to smoke pot, take drugs and have lots of unprotected sex.That will cure their current hysteria, and give them more basic and real things to worry about. Guaranteed. And we swear (all the damn time!) that we will leave them alone, and do a wide berth around them. Pinky swear. Cross my heart.

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Son of Loki The_Juggernaut Sat, 10/21/2017 - 12:48 Permalink

Plus, try to find a relatively unused college coed on most of these liberal campuses .... you won't. STD's are rampant and the recent reports show men now are getting cancer of the mouth and throat due to herpes papiloma virus in epidemic volumes across the USA. Scary for those who thought kissing would prevent catching that nasty infection from liberal what's her name who has slept around -- alot.

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