Are You Infuriated Yet?

Authored by Chris Martenson via,

More and more, I'm encountering people who are simply infuriated with how our "leaders" are running (or to put it more accurately, ruining) things right now. And I share that fury.

It’s perfectly normal human response to be infuriated when an outside agent hurts you, especially if the pain seems unnecessary, illogical or random.

Imagine if your neighbor enjoyed setting off loud explosives at all hours of the day and night. Or if he had a habit of tailgating and brake-checking you every time he saw your car on the road. You’d been well within your rights to be infuriated.

Or to use a much more common example from the real world : When your politicians repeatedly pass laws that hurt you in favor of large corporations -- that, too, is infuriating. Especially if those actions run directly counter to their campaign promises.

There’s a lot of be infuriated about in the world today, so go ahead and embrace your rage. By doing so, you’ll be in a better mindset to understand things like Brexit, Catalonia, and Trump, each of which is a reflection of the fury of your fellow citizens, who are finally waking up to the fact that they've been victims for too long.

An easy prediction to make is that this simmering anger of the populace is going to start boiling over more violently in the coming years. Welcome to the Age of Fury.

'Over The Top' Dumb

Do you ever get the sense that, as a society, we're being dangerously reckless? Perhaps so dumb that we might not recover from the repercussions of our stupidity for many generations, if ever?

There are economic and financial idiocies in motion that are, by themselves, unsolvable predicaments without a peaceful solution. But when combined with resource depletion and declining net energy, they're positively intractable.

Take for example the hundreds of trillions of dollars-worth of underfunded entitlement and pension promises. Those promises cannot be kept and they cannot be paid. Everybody with a basic comprehension of math can conclude as such.

Yet we continue to operate as if the opposite were true. We comfort ourselves that, somehow, all the promised future payouts will be made in full -- even though the funds are insolvent, their returns are much lower than the actuarial projections require, and payout demand mercilessly rises each year.

Spoiler alert: This isn’t some future disaster lying in wait. It’s unfolding right now.

Take these headlines spanning the past several years:

When it comes to broken retirement promises, the future is now. It will be with us for a very long time.

Why? Because the math simply doesn’t work. It’s broken, it’s been broken for a long time. You can't put too little in the piggy bank at the start, then raid it over time, and still expect to have enough at the end.

And yet we, as a society, have preferred to pretend as if that weren’t the case. Which, it turns out, was a terrible “strategy.”

But if you think that's bad, you’re going to positively hate this chart:

S&P 500 chart

The pension liabilities now blowing up are contained within the thin green smear in the middle of this chart. Think on the nation's inability to handle that single crisis, and now reflect on how overwhelmed it's going to be by the far larger predicaments that lie elsewhere on the chart.

The Infuriating Plunder-fest That Is Health Care

The Medicare liabilities (the orange and largest band on the above chart) are immense, and will only become more so as our largest demographic, the baby boomers, further ages. But they become especially infuriating when seen in the larger context of the racketeering that drives the health care system in the United States.

Instead of doing anything constructive about the high number of IOUs building up within Medicare, Washington DC politicians are sidestepping the most obvious elements that contribute the most to the problem. Enormously wasteful, the “healthcare” system is entirely out of control and spiraling deeper into an abyss that threatens to literally destroy the most productive segment of the US social structure: the middle and upper middle classes.

That should be a topic of serious discussion in the halls of power. But none is being had.

Literally each day brings worse news on the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. But, as with most topics,  the media mostly focuses on the symptoms (prices) rather than the causes of the issue.

The real culprits here are the insurance cartel and a hospital system that has the most unfair, incomprehensible, and inhumane billing process ever devised. One easy to grasp feature of both the insurance companies and conspire to pay the executives far more than they actually deserve or are truly worth.

Health care premiums for 2018 set to go up by as much as 50 percent

Oct 5, 2017


Several states have announced rates for health insurance premiums on the Obamacare exchanges for 2018. Topping the list is Georgia, with rates that are 57 percent higher than last year, while Florida said some premiums will be 45 percent higher.


Among the reasons for these increases is the uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act. President Donald Trump has vowed to repeal and replace the health care law, which was passed under his predecessor President Barack Obama.


Insurers are raising premiums in the face of repeated threats from President Trump to stop funding so-called cost-sharing reductions, payments to insurers that cover out-of-pocket costs for some low-income consumers. Trump previously referred to these payments as “bailouts” for insurance companies and threatened to stop making the payments so as to “let Obamacare implode”.


That’s the story the health insurers are going with: they have to raise rates because they're uncertain whether they will get AS MUCH LOOT under the new rules being considered as they did under the utterly disastrous Obamacare provisions.

How much loot are we talking about? Look at this chart of the stock price of United Healthcare (UNH) since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare):

S&P 500 chart

If this chart showing massive near-4x gains in just 5 years, coupled with your steep annual premium increases, doesn’t infuriate you, you are just not getting it.

Even if your employer pays for your health care (somewhat obscuring the true impact of premium increases), the cost to you is fewer and lower pay increases, as well as steady yearly reductions in covered services along with higher co-pays and deductible amounts.

Still not infuriated? Ok, maybe this will do the trick. Here how much executive compensation at the major insurers was last year:

S&P 500 chart


The average family health care insurance premium in 2016 was $18,764, meaning that Mark Bertolini from Aetna alone required 100% of the premiums from more than 2,200 families just to pay him in 2016. Of course, the “C-suite” of these health care insurers are loaded with other high-paid parasites who are just as busy gouging the young and old alike.

This is a complete travesty and joke. Congress and the Senate, sitting on their deservedly low approval ratings, pretend they cannot do anything about it. Too complicated they say. Bullshit I say. Go after the obscene pay packages and profits of the insurance industry as a first matter of business. Then make it a crime for hospitals to bill people differently for the exact same services.

That’s a no-brainer. Can you imagine if your mechanic had a secret pricing formula for every customer that was, literally, based on their maximum ability to pay? Nobody would stand for it, it’s disgusting that we tolerate this when it comes to something as vital and necessary as our health and even lives.

Fury, not tolerance, is what's needed now.

Conclusion (to Part 1)

The future has arrived. The pension losses are here and just getting started and the future will have a lot more of those sorts of broken promises.

The health care insurance crisis has been with us for 20 years or so now and Obamacare just put some extra accelerant on that fire, which is now consuming middle class households by the tens of thousands.

Both the pension and health care crises are infuriating and self-inflicted wounds. We could have avoided them by making wiser choices in the past. We didn't. We could limit their damage by making better choices today. We almost assuredly won't.

Current conversations and proposals are thinly disguised sleight-of-hand movements whose purpose is to deflect attention from the thefts underway. Anybody who studies the system and its math comes to the same conclusion: the corporations have all the power and they are misusing it for private gain.

Why there aren’t more politicians willing to call a spade a spade and actually protect their constituents is a real mystery. But the next wave of populist candidates certainly won’t be. People are sick and tired of being asked to give more and more while corporations and wealthy elites keep taking more and more.

It’s simply infuriating.

But that’s not the worst of it. The mistakes we are making right now in terms of energy policy and ecological destruction are far more dangerous to your personal health, liberty and future prospects than a simple market crash.

In Part 2: It's Time For Action, we uncover the hidden downside risks in today's financial markets and explain how, as destructive as a coming market crash will be, the longer-term damage to society and risks to your well-being are rooted in the potential breakdown of the systems we depend on to live. As with pensions and health care, we are pursuing similar dangerously misguided policies in our farming & food systems, extraction of industrial resources, and ecological management -- to name just a few.  There's an appropriate time for fury. And that time is now -- provided we use the anger to spur us into constructive action. Get your fury on. Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)



Honest Sam Sat, 10/21/2017 - 12:43 Permalink

" yada.....our "leaders" are running (or to put it more accurately, ruining) things right now." Right now?  WT F have you been the last 50 years?(looks like the CEO of Anthem should be pissed for being underpaid).

SixIsNinE JRobby Sat, 10/21/2017 - 20:54 Permalink

feeling infuriated?here is the selection of "Music for Tyrants" courtesy of the BBC: classic Tyrannical Performances :  In this ambitious three-part series, Suzy Klein explores how the power of music to rouse our emotions gave it a crucial role in some of the most turbulent years of the 20th century – from the Russian revolution and the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin to WW2. “What fascinates me”, says Klein, “is music’s uncanny ability to stir us up, calm us down – to express every possible human emotion. It bypasses language and reason and aims instead directly for our souls. And that’s what makes music so incredibly powerful, and potentially incredibly dangerous.” This bonus collection of music features extended extracts from some of the key musical repertoire from the documentary if you really want to let it out, go here:…     - performing live as I type -  if you want to jump right into the BASS just skip to the 30minute mark and enjoy

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Itinerant . . . _ _ _ . . . Sat, 10/21/2017 - 13:57 Permalink

There is a serious thought error when people think that pensions would be any more solvent if people had put more money in in the past decades.No matter how you finance it, pensions have to come from current production. You cannot hoard eggs, tomatoes, or nursing care and save them up for later use. Saving (especially with a money system that inflates away the purchasing power steadily year on year) is possible only by investing in income-generating assets. What happens if the pension funds had invested twice the money in assets than have? The price of the assets would be far higher, and the return would even lower than the low low returns they are receiving today. Just as with bond prices, asset prices and incomes returns are inverses of each other. And regardless of how much money would be put into bidding up asset prices, all pensions must still come from current production. The imbalance in the demographics leaves no other possibility than that there is a bubble in asset prices as all the people in the demographic bubble buy assets (which will deflate as we pass over the bump in the demographics, leaving the elderly on the tail end with much less money than they thought because the price will be plunging just as they are on the verge of liquidating to supplement income). And since all income must come from current GDP, a larger share will be going to pensioners for an interval. Mathematically there is no other possibility, regardless the financing. None of this even has anything to do with policy, the fed, budget deficits, etc. The only thing that matters is whether investments went into a more productive economy (more income) or sqaundered in financial engineering (paper wealth for the wealthy).As for the medical entitlements, that is a whole other story.

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toady JRobby Sat, 10/21/2017 - 16:41 Permalink

Tough stuff when you reach the end of the line.Two of my grandparents gave up, let the medical industrial complex take them, and lost everything before they died.Two fought off the doctors insisting they go to assisted living/hospice, lived their last few years in pain locked in their homes refusing visitors, and left an estate for their children to squander.Choices....

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In both cases poor planning because they refused to believe that they would get old and just let it catch up to them.  Its all based on fear of dying.  No one wants to, not even the fucks that believe they have immortality through religion.  Those sons of bitches fight just as hard as anybody else.  They simply try to HEDGE their bets with the faux belief that they will join god and all of their loved ones.  its NOT tough stuff, if you plan appropriately.  But really, who wants to plan something like death?  Yeah, virtually nobody.  

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1033eruth cynicalskeptic Sat, 10/21/2017 - 18:49 Permalink

I gave you a thumbs up but billionaires WILL BE safe because they know how to diversify their currency.  You SHOULD know this from being here in ZH for any lenghth of time.  Kind of makes you look stupid when you say something like that.  I'm going to give you an example donut.  Lets say someone anticipates horrifying inflation like you proposed and actually I agree with you on that account.  My motto is Puerto Rico in 10 and Venezuela in 20.HOWEVER, if I bought a 100 cases of 1.75 liters of various kinds of alcohol, I do believe that I would be shielded from inflation because you can barter that shit.  Notice how I didn't say cigarettes?  I think Uncle Fraud is going to tax them out of existence.  

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BrownCoat . . . _ _ _ . . . Sat, 10/21/2017 - 15:42 Permalink

"This article seems to have been written as though the people have any control over their government or their finances."The article focuses on the money. I am infuriated over the loss of my culture!My thoughts are no longer "politically correct." I am supposed to be OK with criminals getting off scott free while whistleblowers are fugitives. AND this is normal! Add to that, I am just one event away from another Muzzie mass murdering spree! It's already the end of the world as I knew it. 

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Expendable Container BrownCoat Sat, 10/21/2017 - 18:46 Permalink

"Don't Get Mad, Get Even!"… it all is COMMUNISM. Against the East - Russia, China etc - the weapon was Economic Marxism.For the ethnic-European nations of the West, these same Communist festering in our midst in every country are using the weapon of Cultural Marxism to collapse American civilization including 'Political correctness', lies about our History and historic heroes. The 'Culture of Critique' is being used. WHAT'S THAT mean? Simply - to criticize! Anything and everything in order to eat away at the firm foundations of ethnic-European culture.

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Infnordz Expendable Container Sun, 10/22/2017 - 12:05 Permalink

And what's behind Communism and Cultural Marxism? The Jews, including the Jewish Frankfurt School, which created Cultural Marxism, as mentioned in the book "The Culture of Critique", together with subversion of/in the sciences, including the Social Sciences (Freud, Boaz), and Physics (Einstean) etc.  The Jews, even non-practicing, are always aware of the own predatory tribal interests, and are well practiced at hijacking European univeralism to disguise Jewish cultural subversion to push their "superior" interests above others.Fuck Jewish Cultural Marxism propaganda like "Political Correctness", "Gender", "Racism", "Feminism", "Sexism", "Post Modernism" etc.; homogenous identity, tradition and demographics are critical for the survival of a people!All countries with European individualist based cultures must wake the fuck up fast and realise that non-assimilating, collectivist, predatory tribes like Jews and Islam are cultural poison; so must completely reject their ideologies and myths, deport all of them, and keep them out!

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Radical Marijuana . . . _ _ _ . . . Sat, 10/21/2017 - 18:24 Permalink | For Your Consideration | 2That little video rightly concluded with a chart indicating that the patterns before "World War II" are repeating in anticipation of some possible "World War III."Of course, such an event could become many orders of magnitude worse than anything previously possible in human history. However, after several decades of worrying about that, and spending several decades in efforts to attempt to postpone or mitigate that, I am now NOT "infuriated," but rather resigned.

... people have any control over their government or their finances ... They (we) do not.

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JRobby logicalman Sat, 10/21/2017 - 14:57 Permalink

Good one! Infuriation Fatigue. Or better yet, Infuriation Syndrome. Of course the "professional practitioners" will prescribe an "anti-depressant" which numb down / dumb down and don't go particularly well with alcohol, the goal being that you won't care that the establishment threw us all overboard 40 years ago and ramped up the efforts to control and kill us all.After 9/11, I knew it was us against them. But I know I was aware of it much earlier. I thought the repeal of Glass-Steagall followed immediately by the tech bust was also a big red flag for me.Of course the migration of retirement savings from defined benefit to 401k in the 80's and the '87 crash were very, very large clues that the control fix was beginning. Now it is a reality. One has to see a relationship in the timing of the massive, white population boom known as the "baby boom" reaching an age where the establishment has assumed that most of the fight has gone out of them so they can begin to push them into the grave and serfdom while simultaneously flooding the country with younger immigrants pumping out babies as a very well orchestrated, coordinated plan.

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Yog Soggoth JRobby Sat, 10/21/2017 - 19:46 Permalink

Agree, and upvote, even though I consider myself First Nation and whites as invaders, even if they had no realistic choice.  The plan has continued, and that plan is mud people ruled by the orchestrators of the plan. The Romans were successful because they would invade a country with someone else's army with the promise of rape and pillage to be continued by them being a ruling force in said country, if they swear alliance to Rome. The result was loss of ancient heritage and strife to be exploited by Rome. Taught by West Point.

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There IS A Solution! But it's not pretty!  Why doesn't your fucking edit bar work fucker?  This is some sorry shit here too!It's like the 5 non-egg laying chickens I just butchered for being worthless!These prostitutes who have been outright fucking everybody but their mothers need to be put fucking DOWN!From Strump to Mcshitstain to Hitlery and her rapist fucking piece of shit "husband" and I use that word with a condom!It's time to arrest try and kill these motherfuckers , tryin to BOLD here motherfuckers, TOFUCKING TODAY!This lyin thieving fucking trash needs to be destroyed by,  bold again, ALL OF AMERICA!I mean DEAD like these fucking chickens........I, WE, YOU know these cocksuckers deserve a dull machate!Time to start the recovery......kill ALL of these fucking pieces of shit from the fucking bankers to the corporate offices......including the fucking cocksucking FED!   I say let the streets run with their tears of sorrow nad their BLOOD!YOU CAN"T KNOW HOW MUCH WE HATE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!SOMBODY START THE PARTY!

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VW Nerd newdoobie Sun, 10/22/2017 - 10:00 Permalink

Many americans would opt out if giver the option.  Unfortunatly more and more, they are not afforded an option.  Social Security/Medicare, Obamacare and the fraudulent currency are all "legally" mandatory.  Separatist movements are shut down.  Rogue gov's are shut down.  Obamacare and others are mechanisms to maximize "consumption" and prevent wealth accumilation by the 99% (15.3% social security/medi tax impacts the sub $100k earner and small businesses FAR more than income tax does, but you will NEVER hear your rep. menition it).

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ffed JRobby Sun, 10/22/2017 - 18:51 Permalink

Then take action, I will walk to DC tomorrow if you join me(no way I walk ALONE (i think we need to be armed to to protect ourselves, .gov is not afraid to take poeople OUT, when we arive we will hope to have a MILLION stong.  Then we shut this FUCKING BULLSHIT DOWN.  THe whole rotten thing.  Let the down votes commense and fuck u too.

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A better question is: Is Heaven the largest banquet facility / theme park anyone can ever imagine with massive, grand ballrooms of infinite size segregated by specific religion????Religion on Earth is a control mechanism to manage the weak minded. It has nothing to do with the realities of God and Satan.

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It may be time to start saying Zionists instead of Jews.  There are many Jews who are anti-Zionist.  They also feel that the Zionists in Israel are nonpracticing Jews.  They also don't believe in the so called, Jewish state of Israel.  They also feel that Yahoo has no say in how they feel and that he doesn't represent them.  I have had many Jewish friends throughout my life.  I have no time for Zionists.

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