Liberals Love Trump's Tax Plan (When Told It's Bernie's)

President Donald Trump's proposal for comprehensive tax reform was almost immediately dismissed as heartless and impractical by his political opponents.

But Campus Reform wondered what would some of those opponents think if they were told the same plan was being proposed by someone they adore - Senator Bernie Sanders?

To find out, we headed to George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. WIthout much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan.

“It’s not the most efficient, nor beneficial to the general populus,” said one student when asked her opinion of Trump’s plan.


“It’s better for the upper class than anyone else,” added another.

After watching student after student express their disapproval of the plan, we then asked those same students what they thought of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new tax plan.

Immediately, they expressed excitement and support after hearing the details of the plan.

The only problem for them? There was no tax plan for Senator Sanders. The plan they loved was actually President Trump’s.

How did they react?


Additionally as MishTalk's Mike Shedlock writes, unsurprisingly, Students Despise Obama Policies...When Credited to Trump.

In anticipation of the 100-day mark of Donald Trump's presidency, Campus Reform asked students at George Mason University to evaluate some of the president's accomplishments.

The students predictably blasted things like the "Apology Tour" and stimulus package, even comparing them to Nazi policies, at least until learning that they were actually accomplished during President Obama's first 100 days.

What's Going On

1. These students are so brainwashed by mainstream media they respond to the person, not the idea.


2. More fundamentally, the students know nothing of current events or they would not fall for these types of gotchas.

To be fair, we do not know the percentage of students who did not fall for the traps. However, I strongly suspect the vast majority of the students (and most likely the average person on the street, not just students) would tend react to the person, not the issue.


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Immediately after being told that it was Trump's Tax Plan, and not Sanders', the students immediately denounced the Tax Plan as 'Racist,' 'Hateful,' and 'Like, too White Privilegey and stuff.'

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This next verse is for every person
And I don't mean to make anybody feel worthless
And I know nobody's perfect
But we done did a lot of work, and it's going in the dirt quick
So this next bit for all y'all
And I could care less if it's gonna piss y'all off
'Cause honestly I hope it do
'Cause I'm tryna light fire under you, listen up

This generation's full of lazy idiots
That think they got the world figured out.
Fools, that want everything handed to them
And it's all lookin so dim, so quick.
Y'all make me sick.

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Peanutz don't realize that they are peanutz. Their brains don't work like that.Hence the rise of anonymous image boards as a place for ideas to take root and grow based on their merits.There was a time when I had hoped Tyler would make the comment section anonymous, with names only being revealed in debate threads. Oh well...

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critical thinking was replaced with critical theory by the frankfurt school.Critical theory (German: Kritische Theorie) was first defined by Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School of sociology in his 1937 essay Traditional and Critical Theory: Critical theory is a social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole, in contrast to traditional theory oriented only to understanding or explaining it. Horkheimer wanted to distinguish critical theory as a radical, emancipatory form of Marxian theory, critiquing both the model of science put forward by logical positivism and what he and his colleagues saw as the covert positivism and authoritarianism of orthodox Marxism and Communism. He described a theory as critical insofar as it seeks "to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them".[7] Critical theory involves a normative dimension, either through criticizing society from some general theory of values, norms, or "oughts", or through criticizing it in terms of its own espoused values.something ZHers daily apply in their comments here.

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It might also serve as proof that the Uniparty rules, offering one tax-cut / tax-welfare plan after another, playing both sides by favoring two groups: the rich, particularly those with kids, and poor parents.

These parents are “poor” if you don’t count their layers of unearned, monthly income from taxpayers, their yearly unearned income from the U.S. Treasury Department that often includes a child-tax-credit check as big as 4 months of $9-per-hour wages in a full-time job, untraceable income from boyfriends and help from parents, grandparents and family-centric charities.

Twenty-eight percent of the U.S. population is over 40 and childless, and if you count the large group of millennials who will be in that category at 40, the number jumps to almost half of the population.

This half is simply taxed without representation.

Parents in power represent other crony parents. Most of them — the vast majority (almost at 100%) — do the same thing when in power in workplaces: back-watching and backscratching, hiring / retaining in the interest of other parents. This is why extreme and frequent absenteeism is excused among mom cliques in the many near-100%, mom-dominated workplaces. This is what happens when a group is above critique due to their personal lives or social characteristics.

Amazingly, I heard one momma anchor on the ultra-progressive MSNBC, advocating for fairness to all, not just to fellow parents. I was shocked. She said they should lower taxes even more for all in the lower brackets, rather than giving the expanded child tax credit.

The child-tax-credit part of the “tax cut” is just tax (cash assistance) welfare, like previous tax-welfare handouts by the other wing of the Uniparty. It is just one more expansion of the unfair-to-the-max, lump-sum, child-tax-credit welfare system—the most frivolous of all forms of welfare.

When handing out those child tax credits in a job, I saw a momma of a single momma take her $6,000 child-tax-credit check away from her, saying she “was not going to spent it all at once again this year.”

It is easy to spend the average, $300-or-less tax return of a single, childless employee who makes the same low wages as a welfare-buttressed mom without enjoying the free rent and free groceries allocated to the single momma.

But the welfare-fueled mommas manage to spend those $3,337 (average) to $6,269 (maximum) child tax credits faster than you think, many of them spending the tax windfalls on mom indulgences.

Obama raised the child-tax-credit checks for some citizen and noncitizen parents to $8,000 in his stimulus, giving mothers of 3 or more as much as half of the yearly wages of many full-time workers in one tax-welfare check on top of their other welfare. My state’s per-capita income is 19k. Many people who get none of that welfare and child-tax-credit welfare work for 6 months to get $16k.

The truth is that most who receive those child-tax-credit checks do not pay income tax.

The government allocates billions every year in child tax credits between $3,337 and $6,269 to citizen single moms and legal / illegal immigrants with a sole, male breadwinner, with many of them also getting all of their major household bills covered by taxpayers — free rent, free groceries, free energy — in addition to monthly cash assistance, all for working not very hard for the welfare-reform-required 20 hours per week, staying below the income limits for welfare.

This lowers wages and hours for millions of underemployed single, childless citizens, noncustodial parents and older, single moms who no longer qualify for the pay-per-birth potpourri. This makes life even more miserable for those who must cover all unaffordable bills, including rent, on earned-only income.

This system rigs workplaces that often favor applicants who have “somethin’ comin in” from government that makes low pay and part-time hours tolerable.

It is undermining the whole concept of work and its value.

Hey family values crowd: It not only makes a mockery of hard work.

Take the older, single mom I heard rooting for her pregnant, single, teenage daughter to break up with her child’s father so that she could move into subsidized housing with her.

A $10-per-hour job will not cover rent. It will not cover rent when nothing has exited your birth canal, either, or when you lack a womb. It will not cover rent when you have not irresponsibly produced a bunch of kids you cannot afford to feed, no matter how much effort, sales production, etc. that you put into the job. Welfare/taxfare moms, working the 20-hour-per-week, welfare-“reform” minimum without meeting the quotas in the crony-mom jobs, are so much better off than individual citizens who bust their cans to work 40 or 50 hours per week, coming to work every day, staying all day and meeting the quotas for low, earned-only income that will not cover rent.

Now, we’re going to see more married moms with spousal income that covers their rent and divorced moms with child support that covers rent, getting the child tax credit when competing for part-time and temporary jobs with low wages. That is so very absurd.

All the Uniparty does is come up with new welfare and tax-welfare schemes, offering these cash-welfare-taxfare handouts to moms (and babies) because of the emotional decoy that it provides when they are, concurrently, designing actual tax cuts, like the estate tax cut, in which massive wealth transfers from parents to children will be taxed at lower rates.

They focus the debate on the benefit to poor children.

Never mind that, when their rent and grocery bills are paid by taxpayers, welfare-buttressed moms can brag at work about using their “child” tax credit on Florida beach trips with their current boyfriend or on master bedroom furniture, while mocking colleagues for living in mom’s basement. Their colleagues must live on the low, earned-only income without the sex-and-reproduction-based welfare and tax-welfare handouts from Uncle Sam.

Millennial Generation: Beware of the Uniparty and its tax-code teacher’s pets.

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You took the words from me. I'll also add that not only do lazy, irresponsible people who have no business reproducing keep having kids that responsible people are forced to pay for, but they make more on welfare than many educated citizens do with degrees. When you look at the systemic racism against those who are poor and not illegal immigrants or minorities the harm to the people looking to find opportunity is snatched from them while they're blamed for another country's current situation (whatever it may be). We have a very backwards system of tax code that encourages people to make poor life decisions and punishes those who have goals that encompass more than just watching trash TV and leasing a luxury car while living in Section 8 housing. Our economy is also working to keep the poor even more impoverished than the irresponsible parents who had them because technology is consolidating jobs as well as work responsibilities. I do NOT owe some lazy illegal immigrant or Christian slut in my town a living they refuse to work for unless it's on their back. They can either prove they are able to take care of themselves or a baby or be on state sponsored contraceptives. I don't care how mean it sounds but boys should be forced on it too as well as there should be tax-payer funded abortions. Tax-payer funded b@*$^rds only create more of the same!

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What it proves is that people are indoctrinated to support the candidate/person they feel represents their needs/wants.  With that indoctrination...critical thinking is replaced with emotionalism...a blind support of those you supported and a circle the wagons close mind if that person is under attack.  This example would have been much more relevant if they conducted if with supporters of all three (trump, HRC, and sanders)

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What?!  White kids being taught that their ancestors are the root of all evil, and that they really should just kill themselves as to end the 'White Privilege Genocide?'Why, that's a fucking BARGAIN for $60,000/yr.! (/sarc - for the fucktards out there)Try teaching the need for a Jewish Genocide, Black Genocide, Hispanic Genocide, or Muslim Genocide and see how long you keep your job, tenured or not!

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The problem on both sides is that they have no patience and they have little or no understanding of how Washington works. The Syria thing was Trump throwing the MIC a bone. The MIC has a lot of power and influence in Washington and if Trump continued to oppose them, his job would be even more difficult. So Trump gave the order to dump 15 year old cruise missiles on an abandonned air base, after warning Russia he was going to do it.

As far as DACA is concerned, Trump is playing it very smart. He has given Congress 6 months to pass a legitimate bill, as the courts have already decided that Obama's executive order is unconstitutional. However his primary condition for signing the bill is getting the funds to build the wall. If the dems want to keep DACA badly enough, they will give him the money.

The sad part is, the Trump supporters think that because Trump won the election, everything he campaigned on would happen in 6 months. That is just totally unrealistic especially when members of his own party work against him. Trump is not a dictator, he is president and his power is limited. Get angry at the republican establishment in Congress.

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I saw this article on Drudge.  Great example of people being idiots and supporting anything that their guy proposes even if it is awful.  Kind of like anyone who voted for Trump thinking the Trump tax plan is anything but a complete piece of shit because it's Trump's.This is why we're all doomed.  Most people will support their Team even when it does the exact opposite of what it promised.

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and trump supporters would bash the plan if it were presented as a bernie plan. so what? people are stupid and beg to be taken advantage of....and they are, all the time by everyone from .gov to banksters because that's the way they roll.