MSNBC Catches Illegals Jumping Border Fence With Mexico As It Reports On Trump's Wall

In an delightfully ironic lesson why border protection is important for the US, an MSNBC crew was reporting on the prototypes of Trump’s proposed border wall near San Diego, when the interview was interrupted by a group of “migrants not from Mexico” hopping over the existing fence.

“What happened?” the MSNBC reporter shouts as a group of agents on horseback move in to catch border jumpers. “The people are crossing!”

“Almost on cue, a group of asylum-seekers, migrants not from Mexico, jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves in to border agents on horseback,” the narrator explained.

“It’s like, a small group of three people jumped over in the middle of the day,” he told a border patrol agent he was interviewing. “There’s a girl there in a pink backpack. Can you explain to me what’s going on?”

What's going on is that, as the border agent explained, it’s just another day at work fighting the battle to secure the nation’s southern border.

“This is the reality of every day border enforcement. The United States is still the draw, the ultimate draw, for people that have dire situations where they’re at,” the agent said. “We’re going to continue to witness this. It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

“And it did here just now,” the dismayed reporter replied, as first observed by the American Mirror.

* * *

Meanwhile, construction crews are currently erecting eight roughly 30-foot-tall prototypes for the president’s border wall in a remote section of the border near San Diego, where at least a half dozen illegal immigrants have been arrested while attempting to cross amid the construction, according to NPR. The prototypes currently include four made of solid concrete, four made of steel and concrete and one topped with spikes.

“Customs and Border Protection is paying $20 million to six construction companies from Mississippi, Maryland, Alabama, Texas and Arizona” to construct the models by the end of the month, after which CBP will evaluate them based on three criteria, NPR reports.

“We want a better barrier. One that is hard to scale, hard to penetrate and hard to tunnel under,” Roy Villareal, chief of the San Diego Border Patrol sector, told NPR. “We’re hoping innovation from private industry combined with our experience generates the next evolution of border security infrastructure.”

For those who missed it, here is our exclusive drone footage of the 8 different wall types currently under consideration.


J S Bach Deathrips Mon, 10/23/2017 - 22:47 Permalink

Did you hear the retarded script-reading reporter?!..."A group of asylum-seekers, migrants NOT from Mexico, jumped over the existing fence."This kind of deceptive "reporting" and language is purposefully used to diminish in the minds of the average altrustic American lemming the fact that they are actually ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS!  God, if only I could get that time machine of mine in the basement to work.  I need to leave this insane century.

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TeamDepends Gaius Frakkin'… Mon, 10/23/2017 - 23:47 Permalink

(TRIGGER WARNING:  Decidedly un-PC peanut gallery commentary)  "Yeah Chip those are some beaner babies, probably Mexican unwanted by their own government, who have come ready to breed and suck off taxpayers courtesy of the Welcome Wagon rolled out by Teddy Kennedy several decades ago and bondoed and painted up real nice by the Obongodinga administration."

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Yog Soggoth insanelysane Tue, 10/24/2017 - 09:01 Permalink

That is not for certain. the majority of the population of the planet lived at what is now under the sea level only a couple thousand years ago. Underwater archeaology is taking it's first baby steps. I suppose you don't believe that black people originated in Africa? What if there was a reverse migration to Siberia that explains why certain tribes so closely match those in Russia? All I know for certain is I don't trust a christian white to tell me my history, especially when we were here first. I think that you are just upset that you are living on my land, and feel as if you have to justify it some way.

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Cloud9.5 ACES FULL Tue, 10/24/2017 - 09:37 Permalink

Here is the deal; all of Latin America is within walking distance of Laredo.  As economic conditions continue to worsen the flood of people heading north will turn into a torrent.  It is a humanitarian crisis.  While I am more than willing to hand a sandwich to a hungry child, I am smart enough to understand that it does not end there. Four hours later he is going to be hungry again.  I am not willing to adopt him. Because by doing so, I take resources away from my own children.Mindless altruism simply overlooks the reality of the finite constraints placed on us by living in a closed system.  The limits of growth are at hand.  Even the rocket scientists at NASA are warning that systemic collapse is at hand. are in a life boat boys and girls.  We either paddle away from the Titanic and its drowning masses or we get swamped and go down with them.  

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tmosley Mon, 10/23/2017 - 22:26 Permalink

They can go be in a dire situation somewhere else. They should be machine gunning them when they catch them, and sending videos of the shootings back to where ever the fuck they came from.

nevertheless historian40 Mon, 10/23/2017 - 23:37 Permalink

Lots of Zionist paid trolls on Zero Hedge, always pushing their lies.  On conservative web sites they push loyalty/support for Trump, and on so called "liberal sites" they push hate for Trump and love for Clinton/Obama.  Its all about divide and conquer, and supporting the Zionist shills they put into office, like Obama, Chump and Clinton, Bush, Reagan. 

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