In A Dramatic Pivot, Shia Militia Leader Tells US: "Get Ready To Leave Iraq"

The Baghdad government and its paramilitary forces increasingly see American troop presence as the actual foreign menace.

A prominent Iraqi militia leader with close ties to Iran has told the United States to go home while also accusing US forces of not actually being interested in fighting ISIS: “Your forces should get ready to get out of our country once the excuse of Daesh’s presence is over," said Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, the commander of the Shiite PMU group Asaib (Popular Mobilization Unit), through the group's TV channel on Monday. The threatening statement was issued the same day Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi publicly rejected Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's earlier suggestion that Iraqi paramilitary units who have for years fought Islamic State terrorists are actually "Iranian" and not Iraqi nationals.  

On Sunday Tillerson controversially asserted that Iranian "militias" need to leave Iraq as the fight against Islamic State militants was coming to an end while in Riyadh where he engaged in rare high level talks with Abadi and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. “Certainly Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fighting against (the Islamic State group) is coming to a close, those militias need to go home,” Tillerson said during a press conference in Riyadh, just before boarding a plane for Baghdad. "All foreign fighters need to go home,” he added.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday. Image source: Government of Iraq/Prime Minister's office.

But Iraqi PM Abadi pushed back against the Secretary of State in a face to face meeting in Baghdad on Monday. Abadi's words to Tillerson were publicized through a statement on the prime minister's official Facebook page posted late Monday, which has been translated by Zero Hedge (emphasis ours):

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi during his meeting with the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson assured him that the fighters of al-Hash'd al Shaabi [PMU militias] are Iraqi fighters who fought terrorism and protected their country, they sacrificed in order to win against Daesh [ISIS], and that Hash'd al Shaabi is an official institution under the state. The Iraqi Constitution doesn’t allow for foreign armed groups under state institutions, and further said that we should encourage these fighters because they are the hope of our country and for the region.

And a separate statement issued earlier in the day by the prime minister's media office warned, "No party has the right to interfere in Iraqi matters.” So it appears, based on today's rebuttals, that the Iraqi government and its paramilitary forces increasingly see American troop presence as the actual foreign menace which potentially threatens Iraqi national sovereignty.

Interestingly, Abadi's defense of the PMU forces appears to hinge on Article 9 section 1A of the Iraqi Constitution

Tillerson's statements, however, are a reflection of the Washington foreign policy establishment's increased frustration at Shiite-led Iran’s expanding sway in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq. US regional allies Saudi Arabia and Israel are arguably even more frustrated, reflected in the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric coming out of both countries, and the fact that the two former enemies are finding more and more common ground against Iran and Syria.

But the US and its allies have created the very situation and conditions they now find untenable. In Syria the West's fueling of an international proxy war for regime change pushed President Assad to increasingly rely on Iranian forces in a now more than 6-year long war against both homegrown and foreign Sunni jihadists. Furthermore, Iran's chief paramilitary ally in the region, Hezbollah, has played an even bigger role in pushing out ISIS and other al-Qaeda linked insurgents from Syria's major cities.

In Iraq, Shiite parties have dominated politics since the U.S. toppled the Sunni-dominated secular Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Essentially, the neocons handed Baghdad to the very pro-Shia forces in Iraq that they now rant in frustration against, as is now commonly understood even among some of the very architects of Bush's war.

The ultimate fear from the perspective of the US-Israel-Saudi axis remains the possibility of, in the words of Henry Kissinger, "a Shia and pro-Iran territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut" and the establishment of a supposed "Iranian radical empire." For neocons, the next Middle East threat ever-looms ad infinitum (there will always be another boogeyman...and another, and another, and another...) as an excuse to maintain America's "forever wars" in the region.

And of course, Iraqi PM Abadi understands all of this very well - he further knows that American officials believe in the principle of "sovereignty" until they simply don't, that is, up until the point that US allied sovereign governments refuse to remain pliant puppets of American interests. In this case, the some 80,000 to 100,000 Iraqi PMU militias perceived by the US as being under Iranian influence and serving Iranian interests are considered by American and Saudi officials as intolerable, even while they fight ISIS.


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There are times when I really love zh.  Seeing the number of posters on here, even now after the site has degraded quite a bit from the early days, who are capable of using their own personal experience to judge people is very gratifying.  Like the majority of commenters on this thread (see below), I have had several experiences with Iranians in my life, and every single one of them has been positive.  I heartily add my voice to the praises already offered regarding Iranian individuals, their culture, and their women.  And like others have said, I have stated this publicly whenever the subject comes up.  We need to keep going with this, because it is our voices and our experiences which will provide the counter to TPTB's attempt to portray Iranian culture as all of the things it has no history of being - i.e. ignorant, aggressive, radical-simpleminded.  Iran is a society like any other, with good people and bad in it, and their politicians are most likely every bit as venal and pathetic as politicians in all societies; politics is the realm of the weak and insecure.  But as cultures go, Iran's history is head and shoulders above most, and far above the other culture in that area the US political elites remain slave to, that which posters on zh are familiar enough with that I need not mention who I'm talking about.

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I would agree with you in most areas. The Iranians I have worked with have been decent normal (by my accounting) people. However a point of disagreement is in the history of the Persian people. Islam has completely destroyed the Persian people. The great history of Persia was long before Islam came in and subjugated the culture to the backwards and violent behaviour that now seems sadly common not only to Iran but to too many areas under Islamic subjugation.

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"It's because Iranians are stinky muslims and mulims are naturally dumbfucks. They can not speak English because they are stupid a"This is not my experience and I know quite a few Iranians, All that I know are intelligent, know history and are very polite. Most speak english quite well Most can recite Hafez or some other Iranian poet.All are very clean and their children polite.Ill throw in a kicker too. Their language farsi is extremely beautiful -not just how it sounds. It is made to be a poet -when you try to express yourself you naturally feel like you are being a poet. Its part of the language. The women by the way are extremely beautiful. THAT is what should scare america. They could easily, I say EASILY, destroy Hollywood and Fasion. 

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Yes, I second that. I know a lot of Iranians living in Europe, including some very beautiful women who have married into prominent European Banking and other families. Many of them went into exile during the period the Shah was being overthrown by the See Eye Aye but were already highly sophisticated and educated at leading Universities in The US and The UK. And incidentally, Iran never attacked anybody for over 300 years, evenn before then largely in self-defence. Iran is a highly cultivated and ancient civilzation.Ignorant attitudes as exemplified by the OP are both just that, ignorant and also in part due to the propoganda from TPTB through the MSM. Most Americans could not locate Iran on a world map and wouldn't know an Iranian from any other A-rab (which of course they are not, they are Persians who speak Farsi not Arabic. But that would mean little to the people who post this garbage.

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Agreed philipatLet me*3rd* that & say the following;I live in a small town in Sweden. My Iranian friends M. & M. are truly wonderful people.M. & M.'s 3 children, 2 sons who came to Sweden at the ages of 10 and 12 to avoid being children martyr soldiers on the Iranian-Iraqi War-front, are hardworking, have multiple degrees in economics & engineering, and are very polite and respectful men.M. & M.'s daughter, who came to Sweden as a baby, recently received her Ph.D in microbiology and works within the public health sector.For those that don't know, Iran is from the root-form of Aryan :""Aryan" or is a term meaning "noble", which was used as a self-designation by Indo-Iranian people. The word was used by the Indic people of the Vedic period in India as an ethnic label for themselves and to refer to the noble class as well as the geographic region known as ?ry?varta, where Indo-Aryan culture was based.More at Wikipedia " X-

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I'd love to meet an high intelligence Persian woman.  Indeed the immigrants that I have known from Persia / Iran have been compelling people.One can not help but wonder if why the USA has a hard on for Syria, Iran and North Korea is ??? is???Let's see it can not have anything to do with the fact they do not have private central banks could it? Naaaawwww.

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Now who aided Saddam to get power in Iraq and go to war against Iran ... anybody have a clue?These kinds of foreign controlled wars start to stand out now around the world.Need to start looking at the ones instigating this ... is that Russia? China? USA? UK? EU nation?The last 3 come under "one pirate flag now" its called NATO.Amazing what you see when you look.

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I know this guy Kavad who I've seen at parties a couple times and he understands American politics far better than probably 98% of Americans.  We argued with a congressional staffer for about an hour that the Mossad did 9/11.  The staffer didn't see the light at the time, but when I threw that bombshell out there Kavad instantly considered me a friend and ally.Iranians are good people, just interested in continuing their own very special and proud civilization.  Kavad is working on a PhD for what that's worth, a real one in the hard sciences, all paid for by his family back home and he sucks not a dime from the American taxpayer. 

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"This is not my experience and I know quite a few Iranians, All that I know are intelligent,"Yes ahmed. I will not argue with you and your islamic muslim lie.Everyone who has read the quran knows that mulims lie in order to defend each otther asses. There is a simple way to how to deal with liars - whenever a muslim is opening his mouth, consider it to be a lie. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! Their woman aren't hat good looking eirther, thats why they put them under burkas to hide their ugly faces to not to be forced to look at that visual disgrace. Muslims are well known to have ruined their genetics with massive incest and purpose marriage and incest + purpose mariage makes future generation more ugly and more stupid - and that's exactly what iranians are.

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Totaly agree. I had a few Iranian colleagues at University and a few at work. All good looking,very,very smart,very educated . What I would say,high class. They had moral values and spirituality.I also had  5 chosenite colleagues in high school and a few at work. All physically ugly ,scheaming,trying to cheat you,to obtain advantages through the back door,not by merit.All oriented for profit and to make shekels at any price. 

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"American Woman" is profound when you deeply analyze the lyrics."I don't need your war machines, I don't need your ghetto scenes..."This is to say that when you're in a matriarchy the propensity for war actually increases because male life is greatly devalued, and poverty becomes rampant as families are destroyed and children abandoned because women force fathers out of the home with legal and societal backing.

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saying that in Hebrew... with the appropriate Yiddish inflection, of course...

would be the more accurate statement of intent. After all, left out of the disinfo script on display here daily =

"But the US and its allies have created the very situation and conditions they now find untenable. In Syria the West's fueling of an international proxy war for regime change pushed President Assad to increasingly rely on Iranian forces in a now more than 6-year long war against both homegrown and foreign Sunni jihadists"...

is the presence of a tiny terror statelets' HUGE ELEPHANT print - directing the entire sequence of events from the startup of the Syrian imbroglio - via its' dupe intelligence assets spread thru every level of the Merikan governing apparatus. Just as Srael directed the initial destruction of once prosperous Iraq... Libya...etc., the Syrian exercise and the Daesh distraction...

was the centerpiece of the GREATER SRAEL PLAN ... which incorporates the destruction of Merika via planned civil war and breakup...

likewise the scattering to the winds of Europe

and the imposition of the Eurasian energy cartel as the dominant geopolitical force globally. Iranians are simply playing their part in the sionist deception... no different than the rest of their "ARAB/MUSLIM" stooges.

Who dey? GUESS WHO!

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Been on this site for 6.5 years, or nearly. This post comes as close as I have seen to what resonates with my research and observations. My scale is a bit magnified, to include interdimensional influences at work that I won't get into here. I also think if we know their names, it ain't them, nonetheless as succinct as this post is salient I agree, there is, in fact, an ancient global agenda underfoot. The "us" "them" are those that print money and make law VS everyone else independent of cultural, religion, race.

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What the hell are these oligarch "people"?  I don't understand the unmistakable intense hatred that seems to have no known cause, not run of the mill indoctrinated hatred but something like enraged vengeance.  Vengeance for what, giving them a safe place to proper where they are respected? My landlord comes from a family of the Russian and E. European varitey and there is something really weird that happens when I listen to him talk too long, I start to zone out to his monotone self important drone (especially when he was talking about family history for about 20 minutes one day) and as I do this I lose focus of his face and it seems to contort, not like a monster but like one of his eyes is deformed, or that there might even be three.  It's so weird because it happens over and over in conversations.  I have tried to change my perspective, keep sharp attention, move my head, it still happens.  I am not one of those people that believes that green lizards have taken people over but I feel like it's a subconscious cue revealing something but I have no idea what.  I want to like this individual, he is nice to me sometimes but he is a bigtime shark.  There is something disturbing about him. What the hell did we ever do to them?  It doesn't make sense.  Even if every one of these sick banking families picked their sickest power hungry son, you still wouldn't end up with this because people with zero human empathy are not that easy to create, especially not if it is absolutely essential that they be the sickest humanly possible.  It's like they farm perfect evil with way too high of a success rate.  It's weird as shit. 

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It's a matter of perspective. Consider for example "In God We Trust".What "God"? What is the constitution of this god? good/bad?Who are the "we"? Common folk - or the "chosen ones"?And why is that the "we" have to "trust" a "benevolent" god? If that is in fact what "it" is.Those who rule - or think they rule, have put all their chips on one number/one color - they are betting not one - in all the history of existance - will do something no one has done.And in this sense - they need to trust.It's not evil - rather a will to power.I'd read Rudolph Steiner's the Acanthus Leaf - pay particular attention to the "surface" and the "graver's" chisle.

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ANyone in the USA who thinks the Iraqis, Syrias, Libyans or others like the USA is delusional.   The NeoCons looted the American Treasury and mass murdered probably millions of people in those countries and Vietnam for a profit $$$$$$.The USA should get out of Iraq and Syria and other leave these people alone. Putin and the Russians show up and he says - let's be friends and do business if you want to.Treat people and countries with respect.

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