Bombshell NSA Memo: Saudi Arabia Ordered Attack On Damascus International Airport With US Knowledge

The Intercept has just released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the war which has now claimed half a million lives.

The US intelligence memo - marked "Top Secret" - is arguably the most damning piece of evidence to date which gives internal US government confirmation of the direct role that both the Saudi and US governments played in fueling an armed insurgency which launched massive and well-coordinated attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure, as well as military targets in pursuit of regime change. The NSA report is sourced to the intelligence agency's controversial PRISM program - which gives the NSA the ability to sweep up all communications and data exchanged through major US internet service providers like Google. The memo focuses on events that unfolded outside Damascus in March of 2013.

Damascus International Airport: a major civilian transport hub targeted by the Saudi government with knowledge of US intelligence. Image source: AFP/Getty

One of the videos that Saudi-backed FSA fighters uploaded to YouTube identified by The Intercept as showing rockets launched on civilian areas of Damascus on March 18, 2013. US intelligence knew of the secret operation three days in advance yet did not stop it.  

According to the document, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was ordered to "light up Damascus" and "flatten" the Syrian capital's international airport by Prince Salman bin Sultan - a prominent member of the Saudi royal family tasked with overseeing operations in Syria as a top Saudi intelligence officer. The document further reveals that the "Saudis sent 120 tons of explosives/weapons to opposition forces" - presumably in the lead up to the operation.

The report not only confirms that the assault happened, but that the Saudi government was "very pleased" with the outcome: "Attacks against airport, Presidential palace and other locations occurred on 18 March," the memo reads. Also significant is that the memo confirms US intelligence foreknowledge of the attack on a major civilian airport: "Reports gave U.S. three days warning about 18 March 2013 attacks (2 year anniversary of revolution)."

Prince Salman bin Sultan, who is currently the Saudi Deputy Defense Minister. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

According to The Intercept, various news reports from the time confirmed significant attacks and damage from FSA-fired rockets upon civilian areas. Not only is Damascus International Airport Syria's main civilian transport hub - which was used by millions each year before the war - but it remained in daily operation for commercial flights in March 2013, when Saudi intelligence ordered the attacks with knowledge of US intelligence.

As The Intercept reports:

A number of videos posted by Syrian opposition media on the day of the attacks purport to show rebel fighters firing rockets at the same sites mentioned in the U.S. document. The March 2013 attacks in Damascus provide a concrete example of the role that foreign powers played in the day-to-day reality of the conflict. A number of videos posted by Syrian opposition media on the day of the attacks purport to show rebel fighters firing rockets at the same sites mentioned in the U.S. document. Local media reports from that day described an attack in which rockets struck within the areas of the presidential palace, a local government security branch, and the airport. A representative of the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted in a story the next day reporting the attacks, stating that they were unable to confirm whether they resulted in casualties. 

However, The Intercept's commentary is inaccurate in claiming that the Syrian Observatory (SOHR) did not report casualties from the attack as one of the Arabic news sources it links to above (Middle East based Alwatan News), reports:

"The Free Syrian Army targeted Kafr Sousa [an area of Damascus near Mezzeh] and they fired 24 missiles on Damascus airport… 60 people died in yesterday's attacks, according to the Syrian Observatory." [as translated by Zero Hedge]

And intense attacks continued through April and into the summer of 2013 according to international media reports from the time, also confirmed by a photo circulated through the AFP showing civilian passengers waiting in airport lounges the month following the initial March 2013 rocket attacks. 

While the Saudi-US role in fueling the jihadist insurgency from the earliest days of the war in Syria has long been thoroughly documented, this latest leaked NSA bombshell report provides astoundingly clear proof that the relationship between the anti-Assad insurgents and foreign intelligence was even more direct, and existed earlier in time than most analyst and mainstream pundits led the public to believe. 


Below is the leaked National Security Agency document published by The Intercept earlier today:

Leaked NSA document contents in text format: 


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Trump is no different, Bush and Neocon PNAC is still full steam ahead. Expanding the war to Africa for Israels benefit now.... Wake up.......PNAC: Project for a Nuclear Apocalyptic Century on 9/11 Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran's role in South Sudan under scrutiny amid violence… violence in South Sudan is casting a light on Israel's murky involvement in that conflict and raising questions about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new strategy of strengthening ties with African countries.Netanyahu has been forging alliances across Africa in an effort he says will help blunt Palestinian diplomatic initiatives against Israel at the United Nations.But critics says these new ties — illustrated by Netanyahu's high-profile visit to several African countries in July — have come without regard for the human rights records of those allies.Such concerns have been magnified by Israel's close ties to South Sudan, whose government has used Israeli arms and surveillance equipment to crack down on its opponents. Critics say Israel's global arms export policies lack transparency and proper oversight, and ignore the receiving country's intended use.What are Israel's goals in West Africa?… has seized on the appearance of "jihadi groups" in West Africa over the past few years as a golden opportunity.The threat has provided a convenient opening to brand Palestinian resistance movements as "terrorists", and to paint them in a similar light to violent West African movements.In doing so, Tel Aviv has taken advantage of the fact that Africa's political elite, swayed by Western media advancing an Israeli agenda, may not possess a deep knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict.Israeli influence in this region may allow Israel to expand its African footprint to other countries, such as Mali, Niger and Guinea. Israeli penetration of the region will not come without challenges: West African regimes may worry that a close relationship with Israel could make them a target for armed Islamist groups.Ahmadinejad visits uranium-rich NigerSelling mineral to Iran would be illegal, says West African nation's foreign minister… President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited the uranium-rich West African nation of Niger on Tuesday, although officials discounted that the mineral was the reason for his visit. Niger obeys international regulations on selling uranium, said Bazoum, who added that it would not be legal to provide uranium to Iran.

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Does this Deputy 'Wahhabi Pig-Scum Fuck' Defense Minister have International Warrants out for his Arrest or can he walk through the Front Door of 10 Down's Syndrome Street in broad daylight like BANDAR did before him?

Let's add him to THE LONG LIST of folks who'll be charged with War Crimes/Genocide when the dust settles over Syria & across the World.

xrxs Oct 24, 2017 11:56 PM Permalink

This was pretty fresh when Snowden released it, and was before major US involvement.Another example of why it pays to critique the narrative/talking points and dig deeper. Thankful for finding some actual truth about this confusing conflict in The Intercept.

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Your government at work...… idea that the United States government purposefully sprayed, injected and fed hazardous chemicals to countless Americans during the Cold War is one “crazy conspiracy theory” that has significant evidence behind it, and three members of Congress are finally demanding answers.Democratic Congressmen William Lacy Clay of Missouri, Brad Sherman of California and Jim Cooper of Tennessee all represent areas where Army records reveal that the U.S. government conducted secret testing of zinc cadmium sulfide that included radioactive materials on vulnerable and poor populations.

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Imagine what they are doing now. What tests are they up to in various pockets of the Homeland. If they are spraying self-organizing molecules on you and yours, you better watch it or they'll trans-humanize your ass and that's not about which bathroom you should use.  Morgellons, it's what's for breakfast for some, for now. Vaccines are from the government and they are here to help.

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So just in case you didn't pick up on the importance on the Intercept article. Let me break it down for you. The US Government under the OBAMA administration had information of a terrorist attack on a INTERNATIONAL airport in Syria 3 days before it happen and didn't warn innocent civilians who could of been flying in that day. Innocent civilians that for sure included AMERICANS What if you or one of your family members just so happened to be at that airport that day????. That my friends is what you call TREASON.

OldFahrtyPants sauldaddy Oct 25, 2017 4:14 AM Permalink

Correcto. i have actually landed in that fucking airport, on the way from Manchester to Delhi. we flew Syrian Arab Airlines, London-Paris-Munich-Damascus (3 hours)-Sharjah-Delhi. The duty free in that airport had one of the weirdest stuffed animals I have ever seen among all the stuffed eagles etc. it looked like something out of Star Wars.By my reckoning they actually improved the place by blowing that hole up.

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if we look deep enough I am sure we will find that it was not just information about it. They were behind it. This was after we saw what happened in Libya.

It was/is the "International Community" whoever was behind the "International Community" It wasn't you or me. Whoever that was they need to be hung.

Ask the reporters. When you said the "International community" who did those communiques come from. Track that back to its source. I don't care it it is the entire UN and the upper level Government from 10 countries. They are the guilty international war criminals that need to be executed for crimes against humanity.

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It's just one of the pathways to create destruction of a country that didn't want to obey.There are many different pathways for the various countries that they wanted to destroy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. It is about permanent war to sell weapons. Indonesia could be next because they prefer to buy Russian weapons which is their right. The Indonesian general was dis-invited from the US, no official reason given. It's pretty obvious though; they do not buy US weapons. 

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bombshell? not according to official reality aka cnn. no mention...just 4 anti trump puppets and an anti trump host. "real news" x 1984.. and that hillary story...thats old news fools. absolutely nothing to see there at all... they are all complicit...

Jack Oliver Oct 24, 2017 10:35 PM Permalink

China and Russia have played the 'long' game !

I have said before - since Russia entered Syria - 35000 'ISIS' have been turned into FERTILISER.

Russia's 'casualties' total 33 !!

There is not a 'snowflakes chance in hell ' that the Zio/US could defeat Russia !

Zio/US are all 'Piss and Wind' !!!

'Bluff and Bluster' are ALL they have left !!!

Robert A. Heinlein Oct 24, 2017 10:31 PM Permalink

'direct role that both the Saudi and US governments played inwhich has now claimed half a million lives.'  Where are the cnn's and the msmbc's shouting War Criminal at obama?  pos  

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Makes it a lot harder to extract money from Europeans for NATO.Worse still, the number of people that NATO cannot use for their wars is shrinking due to the fact that the number of people who shouldn't be trained with a gun is getting lower and lower.Then you get the situation where the European natives say 'what? I have to put on a uniform and these others can stay here with their families? Go shove it."  

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Looks like the worm is starting to turn. This news release and the Washington Post story about the DNC and Hillary funding the Trump dossier. Looks like some power behind the scenes has decided to start leveling the paying field. Perhaps the MSM is finally getting the message.