Hungary Launches Anti-Soros Political Campaign

Three decades ago, billionaire financier George Soros paid for a young Viktor Orbán to study in Britain. And as recently as 2010, Soros donated $1 million to Orbán’s government to help the cleanup effort following the infamous “red sludge” disaster.

But the once-warm relationship between the two men has deteriorated substantially over the past seven years, as Orban has drifted further to the right. In 2014, the leader of Hungary’s Fidesz party declared he would seek to model Hungary’s government after “illiberal” democracies like the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since then, Orban has elicited horrified condemnations from his peers in the European Union and NATO over his purported drift to the far right. His government constructed a border fence in defiance of the European Commission’s plan to evenly distribute migrants across Europe. His opposition to accepting refugees and Muslim immigrants has drawn accusations of Islamophobia. And his crackdown on domestic political opponents has also raised hackles with the Amnesty International set.

And now, some of his domestic critics are levying accusations of anti-Semitism, as his political battle of wills with his former mentor has morphed into an all-out propaganda campaign playing out on billboards across Hungary.

As Bloomberg points out, Orban’s Fidesz party has targeted Soros, whose “Open Society” organizations work to spread democracy and globalist values across Eastern Europe, in a nationwide, taxpayer-funded billboard campaign that’s been criticized as anti-Semitic. Soros’s image has been splashed across billboards, where he stands accused of being a political puppet master. 

The campaign is just the latest salvo in the feud between the two men, which spilled into public view earlier this year. Back in June, Soros famously accused Orban of transforming Hungary into a “mafia state” and of using Soros’s visage to scare Hungarians into supporting his party.

“He [Orbán] sought to frame his policies as a personal conflict between the two of us and has made me the target of his unrelenting propaganda campaign,” Soros said.

As Bloomberg adds if Orban’s call for Europeans to “take back control of their nations” from Brussels resonates, it could be a sign that ties are rapidly eroding in the former communist east.

Of course, Hungary isn’t alone in its rejection of western values: Poland is undergoing a historic fallout in political relations with the EU, of which it is a member. In Austria, a 31-year-old anti-immigration candidate led his party to victory in Parliamentary elections earlier this month. In the Czech Republic, a populist tycoon named Andrej Babis who’s been described as the “Czech Donald Trump.” Babis led his party to a landslide victory, making him the frontrunner to become the republic’s next prime minister. Italy's two richest regions overwhelmingly voted for autonomy over the weekend, and so on.

That said, with his unlimited financial resources, Soros is more than capable of striking back against Orban. The billionaire financier donated $18 billion in assets from his family office to his “Open Society” foundation, which oversees a network of dozens of nonprofits that seek to promote Soros’s political values. Incidentally, the final showdown - financial or otherwise - may be not between Soros and Orban but Soros and Putin whose wealth, according to some estimates as much as $200 billion, is orders of magnitude higher than that of Soros.


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I Assume the Elite Leaders of Banking & Global Corporations are just as bad as the Elites of Russia, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Nederlands, UK, AUS, USA,

- No difference, they negotiate together, the represent Lobbyists, Court Supplicants, Campaign Contributors, Special Interests
- Global Wealth & Income Gaps between Poor and Wealthy = grow bigger each year, GINI Ratios
- So... after communism falls... then Corporations move in and dominate Subsistence Level Farming & Ranching, and drive out small businesses... then Media & Education collapse to be equal to the West & USA... who are these guys that took over vital assets in communist countries?
- The formula or model is the same all over the world: Power, Propaganda, Control, Titles, Status, Positions, Access, Wealth

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Always they come up with hundreds of billions supposedly held by Putin but yet they can't find a single dollar. All speculation for headlines. It was claimed Qaddafi was worth trillions and they couldn't find that either nor factually account for how he supposedly accumulated it. When Libya finally fell and Qaddafi died the, contrary to the western media, banks were chock full of cash and weren't missing any funds and all the gold was still there. They came up with a BS story Qaddafi flew out his fortune to a warehouse in South Africa during the war. Right. They were going to load cargo planes and fly them out while NATO ruled the skies above Libya.

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I always liked the Hungarians.  Not that I've ever been there.  Or met a Hungarian.  But anybody who hates Soros is OK with me. 

Jethro NoDebt Tue, 10/24/2017 - 20:43 Permalink

They are good people.  I lived in Budapest for almost a year and a half in the mid 90s.  Excellent food, beer and wine.  Interesting culture.   Damned difficult language to learn.  Very cultured, but not overtly so.  I'm really happy they told Frau Merkle to go fuck herself, and keep telling her.

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I know them very well. Very proud people,who don't take orders from others.Hard working people,like to do things well.They like honest dealings and trade.Very nationalistic.Courageous people. Don't like to be chated. They still have Christian roots,not like US population. MR. Orban is a Christian,has 5 children and strong moral values(like Mr. Putin).He is very inteligent and educated. The funny part is that he had a scholarship from Soros and was first on US/Soros  side. But I think he has seen the light.

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There should be a guillotine on that billboard.  Pretty soon the biggest psychopathic mass murderers and nation destroyers wont be able to have immunity just because they are Jewish and pull the race card.  Tick tock... 

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If you're Jewish and you see Soros around your neighborhood, keep a sharp watch on your furniture and make sure that it is nailed to the floor.

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My Jewish landlord is a klepto, has OCD and is a hoarder.  Anything I leave outside on my porch he steals.  A metal rake and a mopping bucket so far, that I've noticed.  I asked him not long ago if I could borrow my rake back and he pulled a really weird maneuver to make sure he got it when I was done.  If anything is on my porch for my than 30 minutes it's fair game.  I am not even shitting you.  I once had a dream that he was in my house when I was getting out of the shower and I had to scream at him that he was violating my privacy and to get out.  It was one of those dreams where you wake up pissed off at somebody (pay attention to those).  I, no shit, went outside to let my dog out and see some envelopes under my windshield wiper.  One was opened it was a new debit card.  I asked him if he accidentally opened my mail because if it was a random I now have to get a new card.  His response: "I find that very unlikely!"  Wut?  I never activated it.Last night I dreamt somebody (probably him) stole my jewelry box.  He even looks at rampant tree branch growth as increase and gets OCD about it.  If you touch a branch that scrapes your car everyday he will shit himself, if he catches you.  He almost lost his pool some years ago because these super nutrient rich seeds, along with tons of other shit, keep falling into his pool, due to his OCD and lack of maintenance.  The entire pool filled with some black algae and it cost him thousands.  It was like the end of the world I guess.  The pool guys have told him repeatedly that it will happen again if he doesn't trim the hideous trees.  "I like them like that!"  Then he tried to blame it on the neighbors tree, nearly an acre away.  It is starting to happen again now.  Can't wait to see how that works out.  He tried to sell some trashed broken old desks last year and nobody wanted them so they are sitting next to a pile of bark that he is saving for some unknown hoarding reason, next to my place which provides housing for bark scorpions, which are in abundance to do his behavior as well.  He is sooo weird. 

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One: get a wireless indoor camera.

I remember videos from ten years ago about a landlord that went into the tenants house and pissed in their OJ. More recent video show gay guys fucking in the tenant's bed.

Two: move. I would rather live in a tent than deal with an insane landlord. I rented a place that was owned by a Jewish couple from NYC that moved to Canada. They were bat shit fucking cray cray. The guy would creep around the doors and do touch up paint. I tried to work for them, doing some basic cleaning as I had a residential cleaning business at that time, and they acted like I was going to steal the fucking paper towels and cleaning supplies.

Seriously? Why the fuck would I steal that crap? It didn't make sense back then and it doesn't make sense, now. They tried to rip off every vendor in town. They didn't like the black top job so they made the contractor rip it up and re-do it. They didn't like the landscaping job and refused to pay. And me, the cleaning person with mulitple clients in town, and they acted like I was going to steal from them.

I was renting the most expensive apartment in town and they thought I was going to jeopardize my business and my reputation for a roll of fucking paper towels? Oh hell no. Never.

Sick, sick people.

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My landlord (I call him Mr. Roper) is exactly the same way.  He doesn't want me in his house and when I first moved here and went to pay rent he didn't even want me to see any of his things.  I am thinking, bitch I don't want anything you have.  People who steal probably just assume others will, so they are paranoid about it. 

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"Soros famously accused Orban of transforming Hungary into a “mafia state” and of using Soros’s visage to scare Hungarians into supporting his party."

Actually George, you scared the people into supporting his party.

WorkingClassMan Tue, 10/24/2017 - 21:22 Permalink

Thank Jobbik for keeping Orban's feet to the fire.  If Jobbik had not been successful in defending Hungary from jew Soros' vile influence, Hungary would be firmly judaized.

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I visited last week. The young locals (atleast in Budapest) despise Soros but apparently Orban is a very polarizing figure and among the young people 20-30'sthey either whole heartedly endorse Orban's anti-immigrant push or they're snowflakes  as youngsters are wont to be. Politically it looks and feels like the Trump/Clinton divide.On a more pragmatic note, they told me that CEU is incorporated in NY state, is an American graduate university and so confers the same degree status in either country.In summary, they can take classes in Hungarian/English and get a US recognized degree from the comfort of downtown Budapest.In truth, Hungarians are ethnically homogeneous and don't really tolerate other ethnic peoples within their borders. I was reassured to see that concept was still preserved among the young people. Yes, I speak it. 

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Open Societies is NOT a charity, unless you consider decapitatiing children a charitable cause, because the people that did that  are the recipients of Open Societies along with many other terrorist networks operated by Soros that are parading as charities!Open Societies is a terrorist network! Rockefeller owned the CIA for all practical purposes,  and Soros owns open societies! Never trust a multimillionaire socialist! Who the makers and takers are is totally obvious! Trickle up crony central bank socialism! Even Netenyahu wants to prosecute Soros,  and last I checked he was a Jewish Zionist,  so I doubt that the anti-Semitic claim will hold water. It's the only thing that I agree with Netenyahu on!This is great though Hillary and Soros all in one day! No wonder the Petro dollar will end. The entire CIA, FBI, DNC, much of the RNC, probably MIC are all guilty and on collusion. They needed a national distraction to cover their tracks! No energy = no internet= no proof. Throw the whole fucking establishmeent in jail tonight before they do any more harm!