DOJ Clears FBI Informant In Clinton-Era Russian Bribery Scandal To Testify

Update (8:40 pm ET): The FBI informant who helped the Justice Department secure a conviction against the top official from the US subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, but was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying about Russian efforts to bribe and extort their way into possession of North American uranium assets - a process which was cleared by both Hillary Clinton's State Department and Robert Mueller's FBI - has as of moments ago been cleared to testify, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday evening.

The informant, who has yet to be named - perhaps out of concerns about his or her life - is being represented by Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Toensing joined Grassley in urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One deal, which was approved in 2011 by a committee on which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat. Around the time the deal was approved, Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee from a bank with ties to the Russian government, as well as millions more in "charitable contributions" to the Clinton Foundation from entities with ties to the Russian government. Russia’s Tenex nuclear sales arm also secured billions in new American nuclear fuel contracts around the same time.

The Obama administration said at the time they saw no national security reasons to block the deals, one of which gave Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of America’s uranium stockpile. But last week a series of stories published in The Hill disclosed that before those decisions were made, the FBI had gathered extensive evidence that Vadim Mikerin. Tenex’s chief executive inside the United States, was directing a massive bribery scheme that compromised an American trucking company that shipped uranium for Russia.

The evidence was first gathered in 2009 but charges weren’t brought until 2014. Mikerin pled guilt a year later to a money laundering charge and is currently in prison.

But key members of Congress said they weren’t alerted to the case at the time and are now deeply concerned the Obama administration had a good security reason not to approve the deals given the corruption was uncovered.

Now, finally, we are about to hear the full story.

* * *

“This cries out for a special counsel,” Toensing said on Fox News' “Hannity” Tuesday night. “Congressional committees are fine, but this is a criminal investigation and Jeff Sessions isn’t ever going to feel comfortable appointing that, and Rod Rosenstein is recused because he was the U.S. attorney.”

Toensing added that while Sessions can technically appoint a special counsel, he likely was “not going to be comfortable doing it.”

“He ought to get somebody in here and get this off their hands,” Toensing said.

According to the Hill, Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed the informant had been cleared to speak with Congress for the first time, nearly eight years after he first went undercover for the FBI. Two House committees, as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee, are investigating the deal. And the informant will now probably testify before one, or perhaps all, of the committees.

“As of tonight, the Department of Justice has authorized the informant to disclose to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as one member of each of their staffs, any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market, including but not limited to anything related to Vadim Mikerin, Rosatom, Tenex, Uranium One, or the Clinton Foundation,” she said.

Earlier, Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., threatened to use his subpoena power to get access to the informant, who had signed an NDA with the FBI and was unable to speak publicly about Uranium One.

NY Rep. Peter King during an appearance on Fox News accused the FBI of stonewalling Congress.

The committees are keen to learn what the informant knows about any Russian efforts to curry favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton, to win Obama administration approval for Moscow’s purchase of large uranium assets in the United States or to secure billions in new contracts uranium sales contracts with American utilities.

“The FBI has informed me that they are releasing my client from his NDA so that he can testify to Congress about his work uncovering the Russian nuclear bribery case and the efforts he witnessed by Moscow to gain influence with the Clintons in hopes of winning favorable uranium decisions from the Obama administration,” Toensing said.

“He is now able and willing to talk with the confessional committees seeking his testimony though I will be working with all parties to ensure his identity remains confidential to ensure his safety,” she added.

* * *

Hillary Clinton is back in the crosshairs of Congressional investigators after two House committees launched investigations into the circumstances surrounding the Obama-era Uranium One deal more than a year after suspicions of a quid-pro-quo were first raised by Peter Schweizer in his infamous “Clinton Cash” expose.

The Hill breathed new life into those allegations last week when it reported on an FBI investigation into attempts by Russian nuclear industry officials at the US-based subsidiary of Rosatom (the Russian nuclear agency)  to bribe and extort their way into control of Canada-based Uranium One - and by extension, the 20% of US uranium assets it controls.

And now that the Uranium One story has found its way back into mainstream consciousness, Chuck Grassley, the widely respected head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is calling for the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the deal. The thinking is, presumably, if Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein felt comfortable appointing a prosecutor to dig into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, he should be equally comfortable appointing a prosecutor to investigate these serious allegations from the Obama era. "Whoever in DOJ is capable" of launching an investigation into Uranium One should go ahead and do so, Grassley tweeted.

Earlier this month, Grassley’s committee became the first to launch a probe into the Uranium One deal. Last night, it was joined by two House committees after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said House Intel and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committees would be seeking to learn whether there was in fact an official FBI investigation into the Uranium One deal, and if so, why Congress wasn’t informed.

In addition, the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees yesterday announced a joint investigation into the FBI’s handling of a probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server after emails showed earlier this month that former FBI Director James Comey drafted a letter exonerating Clinton before the investigation had been officially completed.

Looking ahead, we wonder if Grassley will be joined by Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on Grassley's committee who has previously expressed support for an investigation into Clinton’s campaign-era conduct (specifically whether the Clinton’s improperly colluded with former AG Loretta Lynch) or perhaps some other Democrat.


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The media ignored this. CNN this morning was spinning as a GOP nothing burger essentially. It is not - it is the tip of a criminal iceberg likely unrivaled in modern American history.

We can't talk about the pervasive, ostentatious legacy media bias and predilection for weakly sourced, if not absolutely false news...

without talking about who controls that media.

Large corporations and Leftists/Democrats is not controversial.

But just as importantly in terms of this bias and deception is the absolutely MASSIVE 'Jewish' control of MSM news.

CNN is most brazen about it both in terms of execs, presenters and guests. The Jewish/Zionist dominance is inarguable - but somehow they want to convince us that it is 'hate speech' to mention the fact a tiny, ethnocentric minority with deep ties to a belligerent foreign state which meddles in our elections more than any other.

To which I say: Yeah, I don't care about you crying antisemite in the hopes of obfuscation and preservation of insidious Zionist power. You can go fuck yourselves.

I invite downvoters to list relatively major news sources that are not owned, managed, or disproportionately staffed/controlled by Jews.

Why will no one accept this challenge?

If 'jews control the media 'is a 'canard' in a country that is, after all 97.5% NOT jewish - why can't you quickly generate a list of major news media orgs with few (or no) Jews?


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You got that right. I have given up hoping for the least integrity and courage below the level of Trump who has both, even if he is emotional and rude sometimes.  I am reverting (again) in total trust of God Almighty, who I am well aware is fully in charge of all these proceedings.

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The long-help suspicions that Andrew McCabe is intimately involved in this dossier procurement are gaining traction:"...FBI insiders say fired FBI Director James Comey and Andrew McCabe, deputy FBI director, used Bureau funds to underwrite the controversial dossier on President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, sources confirm.And the deal to dig dirt on a presidential candidate was put together with the help of Sen. John McCain, sources said.These new revelations in fact might be the worst kept secrets in Washington, D.C. but now rank-and-file FBI agents want the Bureau to come clean on its relationship with the author of the problematic Trump dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele..."…"...Senate investigators are demanding to see records of communications between Fusion GPS and the FBI and the Justice Department, including any contacts with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, now under congressional investigation for possibly obstructing the Hillary Clinton email probe, and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who is under investigation by the Senate and the Justice inspector general for failing to recuse himself despite financial and political connections to the Clinton campaign through his Democratic activist wife. Senate investigators have singled out McCabe as the FBI official who negotiated with Steele...""...Steele hadn’t worked in Moscow since the 1990s and didn’t actually travel there to gather intelligence on Trump firsthand. He relied on third-hand “friend of friend” sourcing. In fact, most of his claimed Russian sources spoke not directly to him but “in confidence to a trusted compatriot” who, in turn, spoke to Steele — and always anonymously.But his main source may have been Google. Most of the information branded as “intelligence” was merely rehashed from news headlines or cut and pasted — replete with errors — from Wikipedia.In fact, much of the seemingly cloak-and-dagger information connecting Trump and his campaign advisers to Russia had already been reported in the media at the time Steele wrote his monthly reports..."…"...Mr. McCabe’s appearance of a partisan conflict of interest relating to Clinton associates only magnifies the importance of those questions. That is particularly true if Mr. McCabe was involved in approving or establishing the FBI‘s reported arrangement with Mr. Steele, or if Mr. McCabe vouched for or otherwise relied on the politically-funded dossier in the course of the investigation. Simply put, the American people should know if the FBI’s second-in-command relied on Democrat-funded opposition research to justify an investigation of the Republican presidential campaign...."

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Yeah, I don't think so either.Hillary blew it. She was supposed to be selling the country piece by piece to her owners/doners by now. Instead she handed the show to Trump. People have to pay for that level of fuckup. The calls are starting to be made. I mean first the NYtimes takes out Harvey. Why now when they could have done that any time in the last decade? Now the Wapo got their orders to burn Hillary. Who's next? I'm betting on Podesta.Ordinarily, I say they should be handled by the law, but since these bastards are all above the law, I'll settle for justice from above the law if thats what it takes.

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perhaps the anti russian cold warrior neocons are willing to sacrifice the now no longer useful clintons and obama, not to mention weinstein in order to pursue a russian story of at least some credibility.  sometimes the legacy news/deep state must stoop to actually telling some of the truth to keep the sheeple's wool pulled firmly over their eyes.

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Game of chess, anyone?Note that nearly every Trump "blunder" yields results, some short, others long, and the progressives see this and it drives them to only greater heights of desperation.The threat of Trump has always been foundational to progressive corruption, a corruption that they have worked decades to build that encompasses Republicans as well as virtually EVERY public employee. They are sacrificing their most obviously? criminal and corrupt pieces in hopes of demonstrating some moral principles, HOPING it will create a firewall against this growing purge.Trump has enabled this. His rope-a-dope flailing has given them confidence to bring their immense corruption into full transparency. Their deflection upon Russian collusion was enabled by Trump's own comments off the cuff at a rally. Trump was encouraged by Rosenstein to fire Comey KNOWING it would trigger a special prosecutor (Mueller) that of course he recommended. Mueller, as it turns out is a coconspirator in this whole thing. Trump has seemingly fallen for the whole thing, YET, HERE WE ARE. The lights are suddenly switched on and here they all stand, pants about their knees, busily stroking each other with shit eating grins on their faces.MAGA

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It is so tempting, even easy, to view this as that bitch Karma finally making her way to Arkansas, but it feels too good to be true. How does an enterprise such as the US Federal Government go from protecting, obufscating and even colluding to investigting, reporting and convicting in the span of no-time-flat? Is this what happens when you spend decades insulting the intelligence of nearly everyone with transparent, but lucrative, shake-downs and hustles OR is there another shoe to drop somewhere?Call me Paranoid, but I want to see whats in the other hand, too.

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The Clintons are and have always been Arkansas trailer park trash that won the Mega Ball lotto. They were told more than once to take it down a notch by TPTB. They are getting real close to getting the reverse Arkanside, from here on out this will be about damage control and everyone of their cronies wandered way to far out of the circle during the Obama years, right about now the red shield is praying for the Clinton Crime Clan annual Christmas Party and a major “natural gas leak” in the kitchen.

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@ IH,

You’re absolutely wrong.

Deputize me & it would be done.

Someone needs to go Wyatt Earp on her Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath ass & her Security Detail.

Simple as that.

In the words of Marsellus Walus from the movie Pulp Fiction.
“I’m gonna call a couple of hard pipe’n Niggaz tomorrow to workmon the Holmes here. With a pair of pillars & a blow torch. You here me talk’n Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Hillary Clinton! I ain’t though with you by a Damn sight. I’m gonna get Med Evil on your Ass.”







Execute. For Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

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It seems to be a popular line. It was in the movie "Charlie Varrick" (about a bank robbery)“You know what kind of people they are. They’re gonna strip you naked and go to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.”That was the message given to the bank president, who then went into his office and shot himself.… 

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Yeah, maybe - but before she does you KNOW she will be stewing in her angriest juices. That appeals to me. Think of the cytotoxic effects on all her ailments and bloodstream. Plus, knowing her legacy is as the most crooked cunt ever to achieve higher level office.

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