VXX Short Squeezed As VIX Beta Hits -19, Highest Since September 2008

Whether it is because bond yields finally broke out of 6 month ranges, due to nerves ahead of tomorrow's ECB tapering announcement, because the SNB is taking a long lunch break, or simply because investors finally realized that stocks have never been more expensive...

... but something odd is taking place today: selling, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the VIX ETN complex, where the VXX is suddenly caught in a vicious short squeeze.

... as the VIX is spiking, up 1.5vols to 12.63 and rising fast.

And while we recently showed that gross Vega outstanding on levered and inverse VIX derivatives including ETNs and ETFs has never been higher...

...as everyone scrambles to buy S&P calls at a rate not seen since 2007...

... here a rather striking update: as of today, the beta of VIX constant maturity futures to the S&P has been increasing during every previous selloff even as the VIX itself has crashed to record lows, and as of this moment, the beta on the vol index has never been higher. Here's Bank of America looking at various VIX constant maturity futures for 1M, 2M and 3M contracts:

we’ve discussed how VIX constant maturity futures have become more reactive to S&P 500 selloffs than they were historically. The relationship continues to be pronounced, though it is most notable in the front part of the curve as the beta of the 1M VIX constant maturity future and the S&P is now -8.33, the most negative we’ve seen dating back to Sep-08. Furthermore, the betas of the 2M and 3M contracts are also at record levels versus the S&P 500 at -5.65 and -4.26 respectively.

And here's the punchline: it’s also worth noting that the beta of the VIX spot index to the S&P is currently -18.99, also a record since Sep-08.

So keep a close eye on that VIX - whose response to a market selloff will be unlike anything seen in 9 years; and if the squeeze has indeed begun, all those famous vol-selling Target ex-managers, are about to lose everything.


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I tend to agree with that on many fronts.  But for the near future the markets are all about tax reform.   And Paul Ryan is trying to screw main street again.  Forcing DACA into the bill, gutting the only tax shelter for the middle class (401K's).  Trump is going to resists.  Setting up another showdown.All this plays into Bannon becoming the King Maker in 2018 as Main Street Reps and Dems finally wake up to see how they are getting screwed by both parties.

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 Chairman Yellen & The Destroyers - Long Gone  One of these days, you know it won't be long,you'll look for me and baby I'll be long goneI'll be down the roadYou'll look for me,but me you won't see Yeah, one of these days, you know the time is near,you'll look for me, but baby I won't be hereI'm gonna be long goneYou'll look for me,but me you won't see Yeah, one of these days, you're gonna wake up and find,this Fed Chairman has changed his cotton-picking mindHe's gonna be long goneYou'll look for he,but his bid you won't see Long gone!Long gone!Long gone!Long gone! https://youtu.be/nAQQ7w9uNcw

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VXX Short Squeezed As VIX Beta Hits -19, Highest Since September 2008Observation: Over the last several years, I have watched the "VIX SMASHING PROCESS" with ABSOLUTE AMAZEMENT. I guess when everyone in both companies and on wall street are greedy liars, another process must be found that will elevate stock prices. So we end up with DEBT LEVERAGED BUY BACKS, CENTRAL BANK BUYING and VIX SMASHING.Well, the VIX SMASHING may have been the lure to tempting to ignore. Everyone saw HUGE DOLLAR SIGNS by SHORTING THE VIX. Just take a look at the chart below of how TVIX has been CRUSHED!!https://www.finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=tvix&ty=c&ta=1&p=dNow that everyone is in the VIX SMASHING POOL, be interesting to see if the CBs can keep people from drowning in their own greed.The VIX rise may become the BLACK SWAN triggering event. There are TRILLIONS of DOLLARS at RISK.Let's see where the week ends. Remember, Oct 31st is Halloween and all of the DEMONS will be out and about promoting the SPIRIT OF FEAR.  President TRUMP may want to stop taking credit for market advances because markets go up like escalators and come down like elevators. 

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The meme has changed, if you have any money to save into a 401k you are no longer middle class, thats how it will be spun.  From what I am reading if you make less than 60k combined, that for the savings credit is the new definition of middle...Likely they will save the 401k at the expense of full amnesty for DACA.  Unfortunately watch and see.PT Barnum used to have the greatest show on earth now, well....

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That was said about 2017 too.Stock market crash sure but when? Warnings of a stock market crash have been numerous and rightfully so because the exuberance will end some day but for investors this info is worthless if there isn't any timing involved which nobody seems to know. But then we have this:This Will Be The Biggest Buyer Of Stocks In 2018http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-25/goldman-will-be-biggest-buyer-… single biggest buyer of stocks next year will be the same one as before: corporationg buying back stock, some $590 billion of it to be precise, and more than all other sources of stock purchasing in the coming year combined. In fact, without buybacks, instead of net equity demand of $400 billion in 2018, there would be nearly $200 billion of outflows, something not seen since the financial crisis.So this begs the question if, again, stock buybacks will save the year and bring it safely to the year 2019?

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this dip? you sure? maybe that next dip...yeah, that's the ticket...great fundamentals and exceptional value everywhere, not to mention the rock-solid domestic political climate in a new nation of serfs and the projected exponential growth of a dying imperial power...dip dip dip

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Welcome to the virtual reality algobot momo-masturbation to spikes and flatlines on banks of 25 inch monitors.I'll raise your double inverse VIX straddle spreads and shove it up your vol index beta.About as much connection to any real economic activity as the Cunton foundation has to charitable donations.

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