This and That Vol 3 – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

This and That Vol 3 – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire


Cognitive Dissonance



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There are a couple of phrases I often use to neatly describe the personal and social dysfunction exploding into view these days. On the personal side, my “We are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets” perfectly illustrates how personally damaging those things are that we hide from everyone, especially ourselves.

Since a society is composed of, and accurately reflects, its individual citizens, it stands to reason this dysfunction would reverberate throughout society even if it manifested differently on an individual basis. It is entirely possible, and in fact a regular occurrence, for hundreds of millions of people to share a ‘secret’ by simply not talking about the root issues of our social dysfunction.

We as a society will nearly always talk over, under and around the core issues that are slowly grinding away at our sanity. Therefore “What is not discussed is far more important that what is”.  A perfect example of this is the recent silliness of mass righteous indignation about kneeling or not during an act of coerced/conditioned symbolism (the ‘national anthem’) when so many far more important things are ignored like monsters hidden under the bed.

What is often lost by those on the sidelines, either participating in the drama or confused why there is so much ado about nothing, is that the drama IS necessary both for the participants and the viewers. It does not matter which side of the divide we lay on, only that we are engaged in not talking about the things we do not wish to talk about.

To many people my statements above will ring as nonsensical, even ridiculous, because in their view we talk incessantly about everything. The internet sees to that, which is abuzz with endless conversations and dialogue. In my opinion this is a false view and a misunderstanding of what is actually occurring. And it is a perfect example of how the illusion is often just as effective as the real thing, and sometimes more so.

Political correctness, also known as officially promoted self censorship, doesn’t just apply to political speech. We all moderate what we say (and think) in ways large and small depending upon a million variables too numerous to list here.

While we would like to believe society at large determines what speech is acceptable and what speech is not, in practice a few key meme makers leverage their influence via the mainstream media megaphone to set the water mark the public is then coerced into following.

You do not need to control the herd, just a few of the lead cattle. Even then ‘control’ is too strong a word, for nudge would be more in line with how directional bias is achieved by those who wish to command. This is done in part by subtly limiting subjects to be discussed, often but not exclusively via political correctness, but then encouraging everyone to engage in vigorous debate within these narrow confines.

Yes, there are people who will draw outside the lines and talk about anything and everything, particularly on the Internet. But for the brainwashed masses, meaning those who wish to remain safely within their mainstream cognitive comfort zone, these people are easily marginalized and dismissed as kooks, misfits, conspiracy theorists, mentally unstable and mad-as-a-hatter fruitcakes.

Never underestimate the lengths to which people (that’s you and me folks) will go to believe what they want to believe. Therefore all that needs to be done is to convince people they want to believe what they are told to believe. The glowing idiot box in the corner (and increasing in our back pocket) is the perfect vehicle for that task.


Smoke and Fire              


Color me surprised, shocked even, that at the last minute the ‘government’ has withheld full and final disclosure of the last remaining documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination, ostensibly because they needed more time to examine about 200 for possible (further) redaction.

I don’t even know where to begin here other than to confess to my cynical sarcasm. I do not believe a single word uttered by any ‘intelligence’ agency or those who carry their water. From their perspective it is their job, their honor bound duty, to lie about everything and anything in order to protect and promote their power and control. It’s all about furthering American hegemony at all cost, including abusing any and all remaining rights not previously stripped from average Jane and Joe.

Earlier in life I learned that once you begin to lie, even if you never lie again, additional lies must be created and promoted in order to support or supplant old lies. It’s a vicious circle that feeds upon itself and serves no purpose other than to maintain and support the status quo…especially our personal status quo.

We lie to gain some type of advantage, even if the benefit is merely to maintain our own inner lies and denial. The same applies to nations, particularly when that nation maintains its dominant position via bullying, manipulation, falsehoods and various other belligerent behaviors including outright war.

Ultimately the most egregious lies, thus the most carefully crafted and concealed subterfuge, is reserved for the thoroughly domesticated and conditioned native population.

We the People” have benefited greatly from American hegemony in ways not readily apparent to those completely immersed within the grand illusion of American exceptionalism. Obviously it is to our general and personal benefit for the lies to continue so that the status quo remains in place. The ultimate lie is that present day conditions can, and will, remain in place indefinitely.

They cannot, they will not, they have not. The financial, social and cultural rumblings currently echoing within the hollowed out shell of America are the precursor crumbling to the ongoing (slow motion) collapse. The lies promoted by the powers that be are intended to gain advantage over you and me, along with any one or thing still willing and able to lend the US money, power, prestige, faith and belief.

The looting will continue until the middle class has been stripped of all remaining wealth.

So why would they continue to lie about the JFK assassination? Because we want the lies to continue. It’s that simple. Daddy, tell me another lie so I can believe it’s the truth.

If you were told the truth, whatever that truth may be, exactly what would you do about it? Not think, not bitch and complain, but actually do? For example, if you were informed that elements inside and/or outside the government conspired to kill the President of the United States, then they, along with agencies of the government, acted in concert for decades up to present day to cover up this fact, what would you do?

The answer is mostly likely little to nothing. But that is not the point.

The secret sauce to keeping America limping along and the looting on track is your faith and belief things are not as bad as your average 3rd world banana republic. Undeniable evidence things might actually be equal to, or worse than, a Central American banana republic would propel a tidal wave of fear and disillusionment among the general public, quickly followed by a loss of faith and belief in our leadership and ourselves.

Deep down inside in places we dare not look, we know this to be the truth. We also know without a shred of doubt that not only are we sleeping with the enemy, but we are entirely dependent upon the sociopaths and their skewed and rigged socioeconomic system to maintain our own (declining) lifestyle. And that lifestyle depends upon our continuing faith and belief in both the sociopaths and the system.

We ARE the system. We support the system. Without our faith and belief the system rapidly collapses. This is called a positive feedback loop in that the faith and belief system is self reinforcing to the greatest extent possible. But nothing lasts forever, in this case simply because more and more parasites are sucking the lifeblood from the nation.

We know this. It’s obvious. But we are desperate to believe it’s fixable (with little to no ‘cost’ to us) when it is not. To admit to ourselves this inconvertible truth means we must confront the fact the end is near. And quite frankly, we’ve grown accustomed to having our cake and eating it too. Or at least to the prevailing illusion this is the case.

And so we lie to ourselves and expect, even demand, our leaders continue to lie to us even as we claim we wish to know the truth.

There is no doubt that, with regard to most ‘truths’, we really do want to know the truth. For example we want to be told when a government official has embezzled money, misallocated funds or lied to benefit others, for these truths do not threaten our fundamental belief in democracy and the rule of law.

But to discover, or be told without a doubt the government was involved in what essentially would have been a coup of the Presidential office of the United States which was, and continues to be, covered up to this day would rock people’s faith and belief in the foundation of so-called democracy. 

If this were to occur, we might actually have to start asking serious questions about other ‘events’ in the recent past. Worse, we would then begin to feel obligated to do something about it. At the very least it would threaten our own relatively comfortable status quo.

Can’t have that, now can we? If nothing else we demand (the illusion of) law and order from our keepers in exchange for remaining mostly quiet and compliant.

The durability and believability of a lie is in direct proportion to the number of people who benefit from the lie or who would be hurt if the lie were exposed and acknowledged. For many, the primary disadvantage, at least initially, is simply the assault upon our ego that we swallowed such a big lie for so long.

The bigger the lie, the easier it is to keep it going once swallowed whole by the public. Our subservient devotion to a higher authority and its paternal hierarchy helps to initially cement the lie in place, then to keep questions at bay while the cement cures and hardens.

Even those who remain skeptical or refuse to believe the lie are diminished and isolated by the tyranny of the majority opinion who (desperately) wishes to believe the authority, particularly when doubt is present. Of course, doubt is always present because only the authority can proclaim something as true or false.

See how that works?

At best the most recent JFK disclosures are part and parcel of an ongoing, and ever evolving, psychological operation directed at the American people. How do you control a large group of people that far outnumber those who wish to control the group? Divide and conquer is the age old method used consistently and successfully to distract, divert and divide the restless herd.

We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet! Stay tuned for more of the same technique applied with increasing force and less subtly.




I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that all of the above is not exclusively an American problem. While lying and denial are decidedly human traits, “We the People” seem to take it to extremes in our mindless pursuit of conspicuous consumption.

And what is the number one American export? That would be the American culture of mindless consumption and overall excess. More is always better, even when it isn’t.

This uniquely American export is an absolute requirement if the practice of non sustainable excessive consumption is to be maintained to the bitter end. When running a Ponzi, new marks must constantly be found and exploited if the status quo is to be maintained for those who ultimately benefit from the Ponzi, usually the founders and/or those at the top of the food chain.

This is a disease, a mind virus, an aliment of the spirit that will ultimately kill many of its hosts if only from an early death caused by disease and decay due to the excessive consumption. The obesity epidemic spreading throughout the western world is a perfect example. Everyone is looking for a single source, such as overeating, for what is causing the problem when it is the cumulative effects of a dysfunctional way of life that is destroying us individually and collectively from within.

If we do not recognize, acknowledge and then own our personal participation in this dance of self destructive insanity, nothing will change. How can we possibly expect others to change if we are not willing to do so ourselves? It all begins within.



Cognitive Dissonance


Winston Churchill Cognitive Dissonance Sun, 10/29/2017 - 16:52 Permalink

Drawn on the Malaysian Rubber Corp. ?Good article.Have you read Catherin Austin Fitts and her experiences asking her red button question ?Everybody wants sweeping  changes until their personal consequences from the changes are explained.The country is corrupt from top to bottom and nobody is going to give up their particular scam.Its going to burn to the ground for change to happen, and millions are going to die, because oftheir short term greed.Luckily,for oligarchs will be hurt in that implosion.They will crawl fromthe rubble with someone elses gold watch.

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Cognitive Dissonance Winston Churchill Sun, 10/29/2017 - 17:16 Permalink

"Have you read Catherin Austin Fitts and her experiences asking her red button question?"I have. There was a video out there of her talking to a group of what appeared to be mostly middle aged and older people. She had just outlined the corruption in the system and asked for a show of hands of those who wanted the corruption stamped out of the system.Everyone raised their hand.She then asked for a show of hands of those who wanted the corruption stamped out of the system if it meant a 20% reduction in their 401(k), IRA, stocks, bonds and various other financial investments. Two or three hands went up out of a room of about 40 people.That pretty much says it all as far as I'm concerned. People will tolerate just about anything as long as they get a piece of the action. It's only when the checks stop coming that people suddenly become righteously indignant.

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Daryl Zero Cognitive Dissonance Sun, 10/29/2017 - 18:54 Permalink

Most realize they have already sacrificed more than a gold watch's value to the thieving oligarchs.  Its the oligarch slave masters who have the ability to pay, and deserve to pay, for ripping everyone off, not the working slaves for their honest hard labors.  Why is this solution never even considered by Ms Fitts when she proposes the slave class must pay (even more) to end oligarchical corruption?  They do OWN the system, do they not?

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Daryl Zero Winston Churchill Mon, 10/30/2017 - 17:07 Permalink

I dont understand.  If she wants to claw back 20 trillion, why do the slave victims need to take a haircut or get adjusted out of the gain?  Because she wants the government to have it all?  Where does she want the money to go to instead of the slave victims who paid with their slave labors as reparations first? Shouldnt there be enough for everybody??  Maybe she's not counting on getting 20 trillion?  Are you/she saying a new system should cost us upfront even if we clawback the ill-gotten gains?  Theres that cognitive dissonance again!  Are we paying twice because we are still slaves of the oligarchs and government or not?  Can we reset the oligarchs too?

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Cognitive Dissonance Daryl Zero Sun, 10/29/2017 - 20:04 Permalink

"Why is this solution never even considered by Ms Fitts when she proposes
the slave class must pay (even more) to end oligarchical corruption?"
I don't understand the 'pay'. ALL financial assets have been inflated by the corruption. If you remove the corruption, pretty much all asset classes (but definitely financial assets) will deflate back down to their fundamental 'value'.Anyone who owns financial assets has been along for the ride up and will join in the ride down. The ride down is not 'paying' anyone.

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Cognitive Dissonance Whoa Dammit Sun, 10/29/2017 - 21:32 Permalink

It's a concept I have been fleshing out for some time now. It's difficult to convey the idea because so many people believe they are in total control of themselves, including their inner dialog. For them to accept this idea requires a complete rethinking of their view of their 'self', something most people avoid like the plague.Our ego gets in the way of accepting most of what we think and believe is not original thought, and never was. And that the voice in our head is almost always not 'us', but instead our ego.The ego will do everything possible to shield us from self awareness, because then we become aware of the ego and its alien nature.

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Gorgeous Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 10/30/2017 - 01:14 Permalink

Lot of words there Psi Psi.  How would you boil that down in one essential paragraph?  It seems you have several this and thats going on. About the inane drama dished out for comsumption, no doubt the producers realise that a massive number of people do consume the mind numbing poison.  But  i dont follow your theory of secrets.  I think it is emptiness and distraction from same.  Relating to any drama that can be made to appear as real life is better than the void many people live in.Re: your challenge of what would people "actually do" if they found out there was indeed a CIA/FBI/Mafia conspiracy to kill KFK.  Well, do we need them to confess before we belive it?  If not, then you go first.  What are you " actually doing about it"?  Honest question.

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new game Gorgeous Mon, 10/30/2017 - 06:50 Permalink

i have a theory that is working. i reject, discount, ignore and understand all this "conspiracy" crap and don't let trump, jfk, 911, bannon, alex, ect. ect. occupy very much my brain. same with the tv and nfl. i already know these as an evil force(s). they will prevail. mostly likely it will get way worse before it reverses, like the pedulumn. but most importantly, i can't change any of this crapola, except for my own pattern of lifestyle. by turning off the tv, and zero participation in social media(never had a facefuk acct), banking at CU, ect ect. I have become a 1 percenter by my own standards. refuse to be a tool!!!BY NOT ALLOWING ALL THIS STUFF ON ZH TO OCCUPY MUCH BRAINSPACE, ONE CAN SET ONESELF FREE TO BE MUCH MOAR HAPPY, OR at least be on that journey towards moar happiness. the brain needs to be taught consciously to reject bullshit upon impact(marketing in many forms). for some, as they say in AA, it can not be achieved, and from what i observe, that is the majority. they are owned by their own thoughts, as tools for others, and they(not me of course, lol) are clueless of this force.and yes, there is room for improvement, mainly anger management, or that "get even" , "righting a wrong"stuff. why own it, as they created it to control the majority- but i certainly feel caught up in a system not even close to my standards..for this i have no answer, except to try and let it go as one of lifes inequities...

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7thGenMO new game Mon, 10/30/2017 - 11:21 Permalink

+1, but isn't what you are really expressing something akin to, "I can't handle too much truth."  My logic professor once told me that all rational philosophers eventually go insane because human beings can only handle a certain amount of rationality.  I think your opinion is valuable because it probably explains the post-election readership decline at ZH.  People start to tune out as the truth starts to overwhelm them.  I don't have a problem with that as long as people continue to look to ZH to keep them informed and as a forum for those who, like me, see ZH as a megaphone to expose the criminality against ordinary Americans, i.e. even us hillbillies out here in District 12 understand that the opioid epidemic may be genocidal.

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Daryl Zero Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 10/30/2017 - 14:38 Permalink

Most of us have cognitive dissonance at the concept of clawing even a nickel back from the oligarchs.  Call it for racketeering or crimes against humanity, and civil asset forfeiture.  Shit, they can do it to us for nothing!  Call it windfall taxes for god's sake, but make them PAY for their greed!  How else should somebody "pay" their slave/ victims, and not the government for their dishonest and totally unfair economic slave system?  According to the comment I read, Ms Fitts seems to imply the victims should take further losses instead of the oligarchs who apparently deserve some losses after their hyperrealistic trillions of dollar huge gains that have broken our system to bankruptcy and made them wealthy beyond our cognition.

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Cognitive Dissonance Daryl Zero Mon, 10/30/2017 - 15:43 Permalink

The money/financial system is based upon smoke and mirrors. It is supported solely by faith and belief. Once "We the People" demonstrate our greatly diminished faith and belief, the system quickly dissolves.You labor under the illusion that the $20 bill in your wallet (or an inflated asset deemed worth $20) is backed by something that is fixed and inviolable and will maintain its value when repatriated back from the elite. It is not and it will not.

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Daryl Zero Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 10/30/2017 - 16:38 Permalink

demonstrate our greatly diminished faith and belief... like we have control, and thats all we need to do.  No, they have full control and that is exactly the point!   No, only 2 cents now, but that repatriation would restart the system, alright, with a much better understanding of what actually went wrong, greed.  And pure tyranny & oppression of mankind.  And if we dont acknowledge the problem, it will happen again and again, starting with the very next plan they have for us.  Especially if we cant share such truths more generously. 

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Cognitive Dissonance Daryl Zero Mon, 10/30/2017 - 20:52 Permalink

"demonstrate our greatly diminished faith and we have control, and thats all we need to do." We have tremendous control because we are the consumer that drives it all forward. If everyone were to reduce their consumption by 20% for 12 months, the Ponzi would quickly unravel....along with everyone's 401(k), property values and so on.We are tied into the system via the umbilical cord. Only in this case we feed them and they feed us. Mrs. Cog and I are in the process of withdrawal and have greatly reduced our purchased consumption and are much more self sufficent. But we alone have no effect upon the system. It requires "We the People" to utilize the only weapon we possess, the law of large numbers.We will not do this so we are essentially powerless.

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Zorba's idea Cognitive Dissonance Sun, 10/29/2017 - 23:25 Permalink

The America that I have come to know well into my second half of life, is that the vast majority of Americans are captured Debt Slaves, chasing waves of inflated monthlys, while wage growth is negative for most households and savings let alone funding a retiment is like pushing water uphill. Compound all this with our corrupt CONgress, Corporate Citizenship, Incorporated Constitution, and stinking fiat, the debt based currency our Founding Fathers warned us never to permit, are suffocating the American dream and the majority of Americans that still desire pursuing it. With all due respect CD, most Americans are too fucking busy to read ZH articles let alone afford a newspaper subscription. The Deep State of things loves this kind of playing field where they can dominate the narrative with 30 second video chits. You infer the majority of Americans are obese yet ignore the extraordinary obesity that is America's most "Well off and Well connected" Elites accumulation of taxpayer subsidized asset inflation and the Deep Staters asset extraction operation. I call BS on the suggestion that "people will tolerate just about anything as long as they get a piece of the action". WTF! Trump IS POTUS because the vast majority of his supporters are NOT getting apiece of the action and they are NOT going away. You and the Tylers want to put your money where your mouth is? Start your own 24/7 TV News Network and see if you can educate and inspire more of the disenfranchised Americans and perhaps,  scare a few Deep Staters.

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chestergimli Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 10/30/2017 - 09:54 Permalink

Robespierre: “When it comes to money, everyone is of the same religion.”

One of the myriad of reasons why any and all monetary systems and the numerical worth of everything is going down the drain.

Apocalypse 16: 21, “And great hail, like a talent, came dow from heaven upon men: and men blasphemed God for the plague of the hail: because it was exceeding great:.”

Talent: Webster’s Dictionary: #4-Any of various ancient weights and denominations of money, used in Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle East.

Acopalypse 17: 4-7, “And I heard another voice from heaven saying: Go out from here my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.” “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.” “Render to her as she also hath rendered to you; and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup wherein she hath mingled, mingle ye double unto her.” “As much as she hath glorified herself, and lived in delicacies, so much torment and sorrow give ye to her; because she saith in her heart: I sit a queen, and am no widow; and sorrow I shall not see”.

These passages refer to the world’s Babylonian money system and those who control it-mainly Khazarian Talmudist Jews (Gog and Magog) and all of their Shabbas Goys.

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7thGenMO TheEndIsNear Sun, 10/29/2017 - 23:36 Permalink

+1, as I was taught "M... D..." too.  However, the USA began as a spinoff of The Empire, before being re-absorbed, starting in 1913 with The Fed, then becoming the flag bearer, after WWII.  Obviously, it would have been better if we had remained The Republic envisioned by the Founders.  However, having seen what has happened to those stranded on the frontier as The Empire collapses (i.e. white farmers in Zimbabwe), it is suicidal to believe rational discourse will satisfy the hordes seeking to breach the walls.  At some point we will have to stand and fight - unless all of us of European extraction are going back to the Old World. 

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The Navigator TheEndIsNear Tue, 10/31/2017 - 02:50 Permalink

Manifest Dsstiny was a great hoax prayed upon my great grandfather who was born in 1853 and fought in the Indian Wars in Wyoming and Montanta. He believed in "the story" and helped settled the West. The "West" wouldn't have been here today (or in it's current version) without men like him; looking at his history, I regret what happened to the native Americans, but history is what is it, I can't change it.What I can change is to tell the truth of his days, his history, and not tell a politically correct version of his life. I'm working on releasing his diary, maybe on e-book.Reading his diaries, I would suggest you all to record your lives; your ancestors will appreciate your version of 1980-2017 when they read it in 2050 or 2090. Might be a nice note to go along with your Ag/Au hoard. Hope you're hoarding. Wish my great grandfather had hoarded some ag/au.

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