As Kurdish President Announces Resignation, Supporters Storm Parliament With Knives And Guns

Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani announced his resignation Sunday after the biggest gamble of his 12 years as president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) not only failed, but utterly backfired as territorial reversals reduced KRG power to its weakest position in decades. Though his push for an independence referendum had overwhelming support among Iraq's Kurds, and with even the encouragement of some external allies, the decisive military response by the Iraqi national government resulted in rapid forced handover of Kurdish-held oil rich areas and a return to pre-2014 borders, prior to the blitz by ISIS which aided Kurdish political expansion. Barzani will step down effective November 1. 

And now the future of the KRG is itself under threat as reports of inter-Kurdish fighting emerged Sunday night. Multiple international reports characterized Barzani's speech as "bitter" and it further appears that violence erupted during or after his televised speech before parliament. During the speech Barzani proclaimed that, "three million votes for Kurdistan independence created history and cannot be erased" while also denouncing rivals who abandoned the fight for Kirkuk as committing "high treason."

His supporters, angry at what is essentially a forced resignation after rival Kurdish factions failed to oppose Iraqi national forces as they advanced in Kirkuk and other areas earlier this month, reportedly stormed parliament brandishing knives sticks, and guns. There are also unverified reports emerging that opposition party members were attacked during the chaos, as well as arson attacks on opposition offices in various parts of Erbil. 

According to a statement described as an "urgent message" to the international community from the Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament, Yousif Mohammed Sadiq, we could be witnessing the start of a broader breakdown in security in Erbil: "We are gravely concerned about the attack on Kurdistan Parliament Building today by a number of rioters with utter disregard for all human values and at the encouragement of a political party without any attempt by the security forces to prevent them." 

Barzani supporters storm Iraqi Kurdish parliament as he announces his resignation. There were reports of wounded among Erbil opposition politicians and some media staff on Sunday. 


Barzani supporters blame the recent disastrous KRG territorial losses on the Kurdish opposition party PUK, whose fighters generally allowed the previous advance of Iraqi forces after Baghdad ordered the pacification of Kirkuk city. The PUK has admitted that it reached agreement with the Iraqi military even as fighters representing Barzani's Kuristan Democratic Party (KDP) continued to battle. For this reason the KDP Peshmerga accused PUK factions which refused to fight of “plotting” against the Kurds and committing “a great and historic treason.”

For the Kurds, the non-existent to lukewarm support for the referendum among international powers was the latest (and perhaps greatest) in a long list of historic betrayals. According to Kamal Alam, a Middle East analyst for the Royal United Services Institute the Kurds "overstretched and one cannot help but feel sorry for them" as they were effective fighters against ISIS after the Iraqi army all but disappeared from some parts of the country. 

Alam told BBC World Service radio in an interview late last week, "But they were warned not to do this referendum by both Baghdad and Turkey and they were hoping to capitalize on the disagreements between Ankara and Baghdad, but it seems the referendum brought both the two capitals together to work against Kurdish dominance." And he added "they thought that a hundred year wrong which had been done to them would be corrected and they were perhaps given some assurances in some Western capitals that this time we won't let you down - you saw loads of Western officials say it and write about it... they have been let down again and now they'll have to just stay with what they have."

As the Iraqi Kurdish independence project has now resulted in failure, it will be interesting to see how this impacts developments in Syrian Kurdish areas across the Iraqi and Turkish borders - no doubt the example of Iraq has now provided further incentive for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, whose core component is the Kurdish YPG) to go to the negotiating table with Syria and Russia, in the hope of retaining some kind of autonomous or federalized union with Damascus, as opposed to all-out war, which would result in being squeezed by Turkey from the north and Damascus from the south.


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Soon, the SDF will tangle with the SAA and get pushed back to the very small pockets that the Kurds came from. ...

err - which small pocket is that? Kurds have been in the region for millennia, adapting to the rise and fall of empires, the course of climatic changes, the movement of religions and ethnicities,

rather well it would seem - since - at the moment, "where they come from" includes major swathes of the territory where the notional "states" of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria... pretty much the same 'small pocket' that the "Gutians" controlled in the 3rd millennia, when they were wont to come down from their mountain fastnesses to wreak havoc pon

river dwellers and imperial pretenders. Not a bad 'timeline' of persistent survival! As for that 'small pocket' of the universe where the exceptionalist pretenders to their 'master of the universe' empire receive the latest meme from their media masterz... \not so large - or long-lived/

Seems that word has come down from on high here...

all experiments in 'stateless livin' MUST CRUSH NOW! 'sURian kUrD cHICks' fighin small wingin dicks in beards n turbans? bah... it's all 'propaganda' ... cause we sayz so! \\how discomfiting it must be//

for the beta boyz back in merika, whose battered testosterone levels and cerebral impediments reel... at the thought of REAL gals goin after goons with guns... who are soon on the run, as their worst nightmare is death at the hands of a woman, and the loss of their 72 virgin paradise!

Ho's runnin off at the mouth, bout their trumptardian dystoption utopia, sneering in contempt at every part of the world where folks still attempt the 'impossible' at which Merikans have given up trying - to live in a pluralistic, peaceful setting without the control of talmudic finance capital, to create structures of society which fail to follow the misery luvs company model beluved by retards...

and even ... maybe... making the effort to heal the breach between the genders ... to the horror of the gender-benders who scribble their pathetic disinfo here in hope of staving off the appearance of viable alternatives to their own dying occidental 'civilization'...

alternatives which - ronically nuff - will doubtless involve "the freedom fightin Kurds"... their "chicks"... and guys who still have dicks... long after yu surrender monkeys have exited, stage left.... back to their small pocket' of fantasy empire from where ye came.

Now bang those buttons till the pain goes way!

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Americans built plenty. The Kurds?  Not so much. (The veil is off.  They tried to claim extensive territory in Iraq and have been interchangeable with ISIS in Syria. Interestingly, I used to buy the propaganda when the war first started there.  I thought the fresh faced girls picking up riles to defend their homeland was quite a story. Turns out, it is hyped bullshit to elicit emotions much like the white-helmets. They are frauds to elicit emotions in the West.)

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Blind monkeys...unable to even follow along the bare outlines of the story... have endlessly confused the KRG barzani-gang IDF satrapy in northern Iraq... with theKurdish cantons in 'northern syria'... and right up to the present moment in time... proudly display their COMPLETE IGNORANCE of both the situation of the muddled east in general... and that of theKurds in specific... in such a way as to bring a smile to the face of their 'man in the yellow star hat' talmudist masters. Thus fulfilling their role.. as impotent lil suidicalists hellbent on a mission to make the world safe for Srael's 'new jersusalem'...and a graveyard for all freedom luvin peeples!Heck of a job BROWNIE! nOW baCk to yur 'emotive' buttons!tags,,, #winning @@ #votemetersmatter @@#cuttingedge/alt-rightfanbouysmatter

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The kurds are fucked, Assad will not allow the kurds to have an autonomous area to the north of his country and Turkey will do everything in their power to suppor assad on that idea.  They will essentially get pushed out to the north of Iraq losing everything.  The Kurds got used and their own people twisted the knife.  Get ready to see inter Kurdish fighting in the north and eventuallly one side of that fight asking for help from Baghdad to send troops into the north and then keeping them there.  

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For some reason, probably connected to their not getting a sovereign state in Sykes Peco (sp?) the Kurds continually get shafted by the powers as the great great- and super-powers look on. I’ll add: I have zero affection for Islam. It is a demonic atrocity incomparable with any present cult (the Aztec penchant for slaughter comes close as I suppose also do atheist creeds like communism, nazism or other outgrowths of socialism.)

But I digress: while like any mahound the Kurd can be radicalized by a mere cursory exegesis of the book they memorize without understanding, the Kurds are some of the most heroic and civil Muslims.

Plus I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of hot kurd chicks.

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That picture of Hulya Adsvar is 34(?) years old. She was remarkably beautiful. Today, alas, not so much; her figure is no better than Hillary Clinton's, and, hate to say it, Hillary is a couple decades older than she.But 34 years ago? Wow.Edit: I shouldn't have to say this, but the wolf whistle was for Hulya, not Hillary.Second edit: That's the nicest thing I've ever said about Hillary Clinton. In fact, it's the only 'nice' thing I've ever said about Hillary Clinton.

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That was a very dumb move to make, the timing was particularly wrong, they should have waited until ISIS was defeated in Iraq and they would have had better chances. 

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Add to that the fact that they are landlocked with nary an ally on any of their borders. Makes it kind of difficult to survive. They probably relied on Israeli promises, which are as empty as all hell given that they couldn't do anything militarility to help except try to get the US servicemembers to put their lives on the line, and it simply didn't work this time. 

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the isis is defeated. there are about 15k left  along the euphrates river basin it will take a week to execute them and weed out the embedded american units and parade them for propaganda purposes.  they got nothing left. kurds know it. the dude resigned because the "opposition"would kill him watch diffrent kurdish fractions turn on each other and SDF

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Err... no. Not really.

Barzani resigns because his mission is complete... he can no leave the stage and go enjoy his retirement with loot bags intact - much like his ol man, who,

having completed his service to greater Srael, was made Lt-General of the IDF. But in the bigger scheme of things - heavily obfuscated by the exceptionalist media well as the msm...

twas but a minor role - preparing the oil rich northern part of Iraq for the now completed ENERGY CARTEL which Srael has patched together tween a diverse group of "partners"/satrapies...

in furtherance of it's new jersusalem. A Eurasian alliance which will conduct the final push to take town a dying occidental world...

to which it's intended victims are either 'in denial'... OR... as is the case on these pages...

in full complicity - on a Jonestown style suicide mission which they hope to share the dubious pleasures of with kith n kin.

btw! ... err... "Kurdish fractions" formulate new plan outside your conceptual framework... stay tuned loon!

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That plan has been dealt a death blow by the removal of Kurdish control of Kirkuk, the major northern Iraqi oil center. The oil looted by the Kurds was used to launder the oil looted by ISIS for sale on to Israel (and Europe as cover) at low prices. Israel then planned to use this to allow them to sell energy developed from their own east Med oil/gas fields to Europe at top price. Now Israel has lost its cheap supply so the whole energy scam falls through. They will need their energy for themselves or will have to pay normal price for continued supply from Iraq which eliminates the profit of their scam.

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Well, umm, no.
Time to pull out the Bigger Picture part of yur scroll maps...
n looksee what happened in tween 2015-17/the short story of which being...
having... in the interim.. used the KRG Kurds/Daesh/and their new underlings the Turks - to supply cheaper than dirt petro to Srael from the port of Ceyhan for that period,

the sionists completed their diplomatic offensive by spring 2016... and secured the complete cooperation of Muscovy, in the creation of an Eurasian energy cartel which obliterates the need of KRG anymore...

and place the oil fields of northern Iraq - along with most everywhere else in muddled east - at the disposal of same.

In sum = KRG Kurds ... under da bus.

I wrote it all down, and published the details, but I know you guys are allergic to fact-laden information... so ... no point in guiding you to the real story.

Jus carry on screamin/dreamin bouys!

Under da bus... don't think for a minute could happen to Merika too! It's toooo |exceptional!|

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Iraq, Syria and Turkey should kick these fucks while they are down...and do it for keeps.
Better now than later. They will be an issue again.
Israel has already signaled ‘support’ for them and will be in there agitating before you know it.

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What I have read says Barzani's administration was grossly incompetent and steeped in cronyism. Apparently it focused on oil and charging fees on imports which was easy and ignored pretty much all other sectors of the traditional economy. The more local production of non petroleum goods fell, the more imports.  Some 300,000 who were integral to maintaining power and doling out the money were the administrations priority and the rest were left pretty much to find their own way the best they could.One journailist interviewed a number of people left out of the inner circle and some even lamented they were better off under Saddam.  Hardly a full throated endorsement of Barzani and his tribal associates.

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I hope factions fighting against what the US perceives to be its enemies take notes. We have now fucked the Kurds and the Northern Alliance. Neo-cons don't give a shit about the population of the country they're looking to conquer.

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There are no "moderates" in the Middle East.  It's not the European Union or the United States of America.  It's the goddam Middle East!  When will the Western nations acknowledge this fact? The majority of Middle Eastern men enjoy running around butchering each other, raping the women, and enslaving the children.  Peaceful prosperity is boring as Hell for them.  The few moderate men that do live there are crushed and beaten for being "soft".  

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Seems the opposition kurd party must have taken bribes from Bagdad. I can't see any other reason except that they would have lost to the Iraqi army with the support of Iran.

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more people who thought they could depend upon the usa and got fucked by the usa because most of the world(in land mass and population) could give a shit what the usa says and does anymore.