Chris Whalen: "Glad I Am On A George Soros-Funded Blacklist Of Journalists"

At the end of his note today (via, Chris Whalen dropped the following bombshell...

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that The IRA's Chris Whalen has been included in the list of enemies compiled by the minions of George Soros. 


We are in decidedly good company.  David Ignatius. Ann Coulter. The editor of The Nation. The "tout US journalism."


Apparently everybody who is anybody in the world of media has earned the enmity of Mr. Soros, the architect of the Ukraine disaster and one of the world's great war mongers


We bask in his scorn.

For anyone that knows Chris, this is certainly a shock to discover he is so subversive. In a tweet slamming the "authoritarian tilt of warmongers like Soros," Whalen links to an excellent discussion by Renegade's Claire Connelly... and why black lists matter...

Connelly begins...

There’s a scene in Aaron Sorkin’s critically acclaimed political drama, The West Wing, where President Bartlet, (played by Martin Sheen) is in an argument with his communications director, Toby Ziegler, (played by Richard Schiff) over a speech he has to write condemning Hollywood for its gratuitous use of sex and violence in entertainment:

“…If I were an actor or a writer or uh, uh, uh, a producer in Hollywood and someone were to start coming at me with lists of things that were American and un-American I’d start to think that this was sounding eerily familiar.”


Bartlett replies: “Do I look like Joe McCarthy to you?”, to which Ziegler responds: “Nobody ever looks like Joe McCarthy, Mr President. How do you think they get in the door in the first place?”

Well, I’m afraid to say, Democracy 2.0 is having its own, new, modern-day McCarthy moment.

Some very disturbing things happened this week which I have been trying to high-road by ignoring and getting on with the job, but this has really stuck in my craw:

About a week ago, gazillionaire, George Soros, became a modern-day McCarthyist by publishing a report and accompanying excel document via European think tank “European Values” (which he funds, incidentally), listing hundreds of writers, journalists, celebrities, authors, academics, experts and ‘miscellaneous persons’ that have ever appeared on the Russia’s public broadcaster, Russia Today, tarring them as ‘useful idiots undermining Western democracy’.

RT is often accused of acting as a propaganda mouthpiece for Putin and his ‘lackeys’. More on this shortly.

The report lists 2327 US and UK politicians, political figures, diplomats and military leaders that have appeared on the the channel including Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkinson, US Representative and Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison and US National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

British figures named include former Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, British MP, Vince Cable, former Deputy Labour Prime Minister John Prescott, former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage and Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

The many, many, names ‘gracing’ Soros’ excel spreadsheet include my colleague and mentor, economist Professor Steven Keen, Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, economist Professor Michael Hudson and feminist author and intellectual, Germaine Greer. Celebrities on the blacklist include SNL stars Fred Armison, Bill Hader and Alec Baldwin, Seinfeld star, Jason Alexander, and actresses Patricia Arquette and Christina Ricci. Fox News host Ann Coulter, journalist Seymour Hersh and MIT linguist Professor Noam Chomsky are also named, (at least I think he is named. Whoever compiled the document spelled his name wrong and referred to him as ‘Noah Chomsky’. I’m guessing it was some junior employ that helped build out the list because no seasoned researcher would misspell Chomsky’s name!). It even lists Virgin CEO, Richard Branson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, along with tv show host, Piers Morgan. Even the Dalai Lama rates a mention. Download the full list for yourself here.

The blacklist is designed to discourage advertisers from doing business with RT, discourage broadcasters from hiring anyone that has ever appeared on the channel, and create an environment that discourages anyone and everyone from putting their careers at risk by associating themselves with the network.

This is textbook McCarthyism.

Read more here...

As Caitlin Johnstone explained...

The plutocrats who own the media make alliances with the plutocrats who own the government, and the intelligence agencies which serve this establishment power structure actively infiltrate media outlets on all levels.

Which of course makes the current crusade against Russian state media ridiculous.

Your true rulers do not oppose RT and Sputnik because they want to protect you from propaganda and psy-ops, they oppose RT and Sputnik because they gum up the gears of the propaganda and psy-ops you’re meant to be consuming.


The only thing holding the omnicidal power structure in place is its propaganda machine, and as AI gets more advanced the manipulations of corporate propaganda and corporate censorship are only going to get more difficult to deal with. All it will take to overthrow the ruling elites who are choking our species to death is for us to kill the establishment propaganda machine and/or become much more difficult to propagandize.


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"Your true rulers do not oppose RT and Sputnik because they want to protect you from propaganda and psy-ops, they oppose RT and Sputnik because they gum up the gears of the propaganda and psy-ops you’re meant to be consuming"Absolutely. Does RT sometimes present a Moscow-centric view? Of course, as if the US MSM NEVER does so; give me a break. Yet despite everything, on balance RT is the best available source of REAL News and in depth discussion (remember that?) of important issues. Which is, indeed, why the elites are concerned about RT because it cuts through their propoganda.

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Soros has company...

Billionaire casino mogul and conservative donor Sheldon Adelson said Sunday that the Palestinians are a made-up nation which exists solely to attempt to destroy Israel.

At the conference, which also featured top Democratic funder Haim Saban, Adelson also said Israel would not be able to survive as a democracy: “So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” he asked Saban, adding that democracy, after all, is not mentioned in the Torah,and recommended that the country build a “big wall” to protect itself, saying, “I would put up a big wall around my property.”

Saban and Adelson should buy The New York Times together in an effort to bring more “balance” to the newspaper’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East, Adelson suggested to wild applause. Adelson already owns Israel Hayom, a free Israeli newspaper widely seen as reflecting the positions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is considered close to Adelson, and, more recently, news website NRG and religious newspaper Makor Rishon.

“I don’t like journalism,” Adelson said, highlighting what he said was the media’s insistence on focusing on the empty half of the glass.…

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Soreass is sore 'cause he lost out on his Ukie investment and is saddled with a boatload of nazi-thugs still on the payroll. During O'Barry's presidency he had a hotline to his Treasury Sec (jack-shit lew ) by-passing normal protocols. Next his Regime Change Foundations are being evicted from half a dozen countries. Will this Master Criminal, someone out of a Bond Moovee, ever snuff it?

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One Day Mr.Soros- the ghosts of the teenagers whose adrenalized blood you drink will haunt your vision every time you blink in Hell! 

Baron von Bud Mon, 10/30/2017 - 18:41 Permalink

After conviction, line up the 9/11 internal traitors in front of the Washington Monument and the journalists who lied for them - on the side facing the White House - and give the order to the firing squad. Let the bullet holes in the marble serve as a reminder to every future president.

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Soros is one of the biggest black spots in the history of humanity and if one ever built a time machine then they need to go back and get his mother to abort that piece of shit. Not many things are worse than psychopaths with power who are set out to fuck up humanity while trying to pretend they are caring and helping as they manipulate a large number of people. 

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As a response to this initiative by Mr. Sordid and his organizational syndicates, I would like to quote the "misc. persons" page of their RT blacklist spreadsheet.

From "P" section:

[go] Pound, [a] Dick.

(my apologies to the real Dick Pound)

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Soros just wants to be king and there will be no democracy.He pays the left wing NGO's on the pretence of democracy because ... you got to hire goons from somewhere.The fools ... Soros is not giving his wealth and power up for any puny minority group and they are mutually inclusive.What would Soros do if he had $0 and 0 power? Hence not going to happen.Now the bit that gets me is he believes the best years of his life were helping the NAZI's during WW2.Hmmm ... maybe his inner self is one? 

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I spoze every guest on Lauren Lyster's show "Capital Accounts" is on Soros' list.

Reggie Middleton. [chuckle] I can't think of any more, seems so funny. Reggie considered dangerous by Soros.

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$oros the CIA funded vilest of Evil zewishYes yes do whatever u wantu think u r powerful(Hah burnt offering pleases ur gawd YHWH)But all ur actions will end in smokesmoke of ur

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Yeah, well, McCarthy was right.  There were Communists and other political and cultural subversives influencing content and culture through entertainment and other programming.  Unfortunately, even he underestimated the magnitude of the infiltration and its consequences, and was not politically astute enough to pull off a counter-revolution.  And so, here we are, sucking swamp gasses and thinking this is normal, freedom, etc. 

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Did not the "Venona" files along with the opening of the Russian archives show McCarthy to be entirely correct?Why does the author continue to pedal the false narrative of McCarthy and his efforts?