Puigdemont Seeks Asylum In Belgium After Spain Files Charges Against Catalan Government For Rebellion

Update: As we warned earlier, La Sexta has just reported that (former) Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont will seek asylum in Belgium.

According to eldiario.es, Puigdemont has made the decision to travel to Brussels advised by a legal team that recommends him to remain in that country.

The movement of the former Catalan president intends to internationalize the judicial decisions and to force the Belgian justice to position itself on the possible emission of a euroorder of detention by Spain. In addition, the expresident and the exconsellers that accompany him raise the possibility of requesting political asylum in that country.

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As we detailed earlier, Spain’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Jose Manuel Maza, made a short statement this morning as he filed a suit against former Catalonian leader, Carles Puigdemont and his colleagues, accusing them of “rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds”. In total, charges have been made against 20 people, 14 of them former members of the Catalan and six of them members of the Speaker’s Committee in the Catalan Parliament (which facilitated the declaration of independence). 

Below is the front page of the document which details the charges, courtesy of the twitter account of The Spain Report.

The Spain Report published a summary of the charges.

  1. Accusations to be rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds. All very serious crimes under Spanish Criminal Code 1995.
  2. Charges to be against all members of former Catalan government and members of Catalan Parliament Speaker's Committee.
  3. So Puigdemont, Junqueras, Romeva, Turull, etc. (regional got) and Forcadell (Speaker, parliament).
  4. Accusations against Puigdemont, Junqueras, etc. going to National High Court. Having been sacked, they no longer enjoy special privilege.
  5. Accusations against Forcadell and Speaker's Committee going to Supreme Court. They still enjoy special privilege until new elections.
  6. No word on remand petition yet. Prosecutor will wait until first court appearances to decide.

If found guilty, the charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds carry prison terms of up to 30, 15 and 6 years, respectively, under Spanish law.

Prior to the Public Prosecutor’s move, events in Catalonia had got off to a subdued start on the first day of the new working week. Only one Catalonian government official, Josep Rull, turned up for work, posting a photo of himself online via his Twitter account.

Rull, who is responsible for territory and sustainability, tweeted that he was in his office... “exercising responsibilities entrusted by Catalan people”.

According to La Vanguardia, two members of the Catalan police force visited Rull and informed him that he could be arrested. Spain’s Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, urged Rull not to lead Catalonian officials “to the cliff edge.”

He subsequently departed. The newspaper also reported that accused Catalan Parliament Speaker, Carme Forcadell, cancelled a meeting of the group which organizes the Catalan Parliament’s daily agenda. The meeting had been scheduled for 10a.m. tomorrow.

Meanwhile, AP reports that one of the Catalan separatist parties is already drawing up plans for the upcoming regional elections.

A spokesman for a Catalan separatist party ousted from the regional government for pushing ahead with an independence bid has confirmed plans for the party to run in an upcoming regional election. Lawmakers of the Catalan Republic Left, or ERC, party, and their ruling coalition partners, passed a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain on Friday with the support of other separatist legislators. Making use of extraordinary powers, the Spanish government has fired the Catalan government, dissolved the regional parliament and called an election for Dec. 21. ERC party spokesman Sergi Sabria told reporters after a meeting of the party leadership that “we will find the way to participate on Dec. 21. Dec. 21 can be one more opportunity to consolidate the republic.”

As the news of the prosecutions was breaking, The Spain Report noted on its Twitter account that El Periodico de Catalunya, a Barcelona daily newspaper, reports that Carles Puigdemont is in Brussels.

Yesterday, The Brussels Times reported that Puigdemont could seek asylum in Belgium.

Carles Puigdemont, the former Catalonian President, could seek asylum in Belgium, the State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration Theo Francken has told VTM Nieuws. “No request has been submitted yet, but things change quickly. We’ll see what happens in the next few hours or days”, the State Secretary told VRT. The Spanish government has threatened to charge Mr Puigdemont because the regional Parliament voted for a unilateral independence resolution on Friday. A few days ago, Carles Puigdemont implied that it was possible he would seek asylum in a European country via an embassy. Belgium would be his preference.  


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When will the Zerohedge "community" wake up und realize that it's not a vast majority of Catalans that want secession from Spain?The communists and anarchists in Catalonia do not have much to offer other than empty promises of "freedom for all".Many separatist unicorns are also the ones who ran around with their "welcome refugees" banners etc.However, as usual, the ones who build and run real businesses in Catalonia are supposed to pay for the ones who want to splurge with other people's money.

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eldiario.es, La Sexta... ohh my God, ZH quoting literally the most leftist media in Spain. For Christ sake, this media support Antifa, independentism, host regular programs supporting and promoting immigration, helping african boats cross the strait, continuously showing their refugee-supporing "Venid Ya" sign on the corner of the screen, as in "Please come once and for all"... ZH, you are such a big disappointment.https://duckduckgo.com/?q=evole+inmigrantes&t=ffsb&ia=webhttps://duckdu… This comes 30 years too late. Public funds have been used to promote hatred against Spain among Andalusian immigrants to Catalonia, and now they are independentist leaders (Anna Gabriel, Trapero). Fuck it, and ZH aligns itself with the most disruptive leftism, come on, this La Sexta TV openly supports BLM and depicts American Police as black blood spilling animals.Fuck you ZH, ignoran suckers.

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Don't feel too bad. Even though there are many smart people on ZH, many are not as well informed as they think they are.Two examples:During all the rise in the stock market over almost a decade, ZH and the majority of the commenters and voters have been bearish - missing out bigly.During the rise of crypto currencies there was a comment writer (fonestar) who has tried to tell us that Bitcoin etc. was a great thing. However, the vast majority of ZHedgers ridiculed him and downvoted him forever. Eventually he gave up and went away - laughing all the way to the bank.

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'Tis certainly true that many Zero Hedgers missed out on the Mother of All stock market bubbles (I'm one of them). We thought that "real money" like gold and silver were the prudent "safe haven" investments in a world where fiat currencies can be printed to infinity.We were all guilty of ignoring the adage, "never fight City Hall." Especially when City Hall happens to include every national government, every central bank, every "too big to fail" Wall Street bank, every global bureaucracy, every neocon, the MIC, all the Fortune 500 Crony Capitalists, every "regulator" and every member of the mainstream media.In short, with the casino rigged this much, we should have known to bet on Goliath over David. Now, David happens to be in the right; his thinking was logic-based ... but what's "right" got to do with the price of eggs in America?When the Mafia runs and owns the world ... better show the Don the respect he deserves. Better invest accordingly ...   

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LMAO! Really? SO the "commies" or "socialist" as you will tried to go for independence - lets be honest here, fucking libtards thinking about some utopia - the rest must be fascist? It's TWO SIDES OF ONE COIN! No Franco was a sweety, or the current Spanish gub. People have been played. Doesn't that pisses you off even more? They used your country as a stage. Where the Fudgiecunt... I asked many times what he's really up to. He's now in Belgium trying to get some legal protective layer. It doesn't add up. "Commies" want to secede with no damn plan other than some fucking ideology?Can we talk about that please? This could have gone very wrong. Seems Catalonia keeps their autonomy but only will be handed back after the elections. See what happens then. I see the pro-independence camp already looking for a way to use the election as a way to secede. Think man. People are being played by the man behind the curtain. I would like to know what the pigeonman was thinking. You don't declare independence and flee right after to obtain political asylum. From what I see... By the end of the week this is old news, for now. Madrid outsmarted Catalonia is my educated guess. They thought they would go "Franco". He acted like that at the elections. However... That was hugely blown out of proportion as well. Rajoy, that corrupt piece of shit... He puzzles me. Did he back down not to get the scrutiny (and a later probe himself) of did he simply outplayed his "separatist" ? This never had much momentum. Looks staged. Spain should put a special team on this to find out how much foreign influence was there. I still don't get why Madrid has the law on their side and decided to disrupt the elections. What are they terrified for? Let them vote! He doesn't have to accept the outcome either way. Oh wait.... We're in the phase were most of us here know "democracy" is not what it's suppose to be. It involves listening to - "we" (This is a Spanish conflict, not international) the People. Just like the bullshit you've been peddling.It's not about whether Spain wants them to stay or leave! These are EU tricks. No... The question is: Does Catalonia want to stay or leave? Sit on that. What's next? The EU members their people get to vote on Brexit? That will be war! (Well not for Catalonia, they have no army.) While the UK is a sovereign nation, Catalonia is a autonomous. They have that self determination. 

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Time to take your meds. Maybe you talk less shit after that. Do your fellow readers a favour and stop typing. You can't make us read such a long post with only stupidities in it while writing it with a confidence like you are writing gold. This is one of the biggest shitpost I ever read here on ZH. A good thing you have at least a good avatar.

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Actions the big eared, faggot nigger's administration was enough of a reason to stay out of the stock market and even more so, the bond market. They completely ignored law, precedent as well as criminal behavior.  Have you forgotten Corzine? Bitcoin? It has no intrinsic value. None. The mistake made, by those who realize that fact and stayed away from it, was not recognizing how many stupid people exist in this world and how many of them will fall for it. 

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Left wing? As European to another... I'm "conservative liberal" (European meaning, although we haven't harmonized that one among each other). For a strong (European based) leftist country you talk grandeur words. I know you get me. Because when we come to the "socialist"... Well, we both agree. That was their silly try. Let's wreck both "nations" over some bullshit ideology.No... That's really us "conservatives", right? Besides... You were right. This asshat fidgycunt needs to accept you can't do shit like this and run. They ousted him. He will live in exile is my guess. 

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But if the occupation is responded to by people withholding their taxes, withdrawing their money from the banks and even low level civil disobedience Spain will not have the resilience to weather the resisitance. Brutal occupations work in the old pardigm but the just-in-time can-kicking whatever-it-takes economy we have now is too brittle.

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There is no occupation as there isn't even a majority that doesn't want to be part of Spain. And even then, why would Catalunya be occupied ? Maybe it is the Catalans that are occupying Catalunya because the first people to have ever lived in Catalunya were the Iberians, which are the Spanish. So Catalunya belongs to Spain and if Catalans don't consider themselves Spanish they are always free to leave Spain and move back where their ancestors originated from.

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It is not brilliant. It is history. The first inhabitants of Catalunya were Iberians. Iberians are Spanish. Look up the history. Some of the Catalan leaders say that Catalan people have nothing to do with Spain and that they are a different race. Well good, then get the fuck out of Catalunya. Catalunya belongs to the Iberians. Spain has both the history and miltary dominance to claim Catalunya. If these so called different race Catalans want a seperate state, they can go back to the country they came from and try to get an independent nation there. 

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The local tribes in Catalunya were invaded by the romans and after constituted Catalunya that was an independent country for seven centuries until 1714 that were crushed by Spain and France together to put a French king in Spain from which the actual king is descendant.As i told before is quite absurd to intoxicate and disinform in these times that with a single search in Google can be so easy dismantled.Anyway we consider catalan whoever works and lives in Catalunya,in that sense a great part of the movement is hold by people that came from Spain to live here.I know is a shortcircuit for you,simply analize that fact.Nobody ever talked here about the race or about the ethnics if not link the video ,the movemnt is absolutely TRANSVERSAL includes all origins ,all classes and all politic orientations from right to left.The three parties are one anticapitalist,other socialist, and the other far right..........expose the whole truth and let the people judge by themselves

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The other part of a 2-pronged Defense & Counter-attack, is that he should have said:"I Madrid uses force, rather than peaceful negotiations, we will stop paying Federal Taxes and we will resist their violence. If the military shoots on our civilians, they will face sentencing for War Crimes."Talk, talk. Talk, talk. Sure! At the end of the day, ALL power proceeds from the use or implied Brute Force. And all Freedom is earned by regular watering of the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Heroes and Tyrants.https://youtu.be/sTcBgs2huRoThe pansy leaders of Catalonia just learned that the hard way.

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Spain to Soro's hack Puigdemont:I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

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Brussels?   LMAO"No where to run to baby, no where to hide."  Maybe Iran or Russia. Brussels?   Should have stayed in Spain.  Well that revolt didn't last long.The 21st Century, an age of video game wars, robotic sex machines, crypto currency,  virtual reality, WH reality TV, and bloodless revolutions by vote...........yep, we are in the Matrix.

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He ran to Brussels of all places?He was hoping to plead Catalonia's case to them?Is he insane?Spain is a member of the EU and the whole point of that is total control.Catalonia is now out of control.The EU only sees things in terms of power grips.The Catalonians should have had a Constitutional referendum if they wanted something.The EU is hunkered down trying to decide what self determination really means, because they keep changing the goal posts and now they opened Pandora's Box.They supported the unlawful separation of Kosovo on the basis of self determination because it served their purposes at the time.They were against the separation of Crimea from Ukraine because it thwarted their plans for NATO expansion and confiscation of the huge Svastopol navy base.But the stupid Catalonians thought that they really counted for something and tried this stunt on their own.They are not really ruled by Spain but the EU and it is the EU that will decide their fate not Spain.For that matter the EU never once thought this through when they blasted Serbia to bits in order to carve it up on the phoney alibi of self determination.Brussels deserves a good clobbering with this boomerang and more.   

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