Tony Podesta Threatens Tucker Carlson After Bombshell Report On Russian Influence Peddling

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Tony Podesta sent a Cease and Decist letter to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” hours after resigning from his role at the Podesta Group – a D.C. lobbying firm accused by a former executive of pedaling Russian influence along with fellow lobbyist and short-lived Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.


The Cease and Desist letter sent by Podesta:

Manfort was indicted over the weekend on 12 counts ranging from tax fraud, money laundering and giving false statements between 2006 and 2015, and is currently under house arrest after turning himself over to the FBI Monday morning – fueling speculation as to whether Tony Podesta’s sudden departure from his firm is connected.

Of note, Monday's indictment lists "Company A" and "Company B" as firms involved in the investigation - which NBC reports are the Podesta Group and DC public relations firm Mercury Public Affairs.

Last week Carlson reported that Tony Podesta is a central figure in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Directly after his report, Carlson’s show was contacted by a former long-time executive of the Podesta Group with “direct personal knowledge” of Tony Podesta’s questionable activities, which Carlson divulged the next evening.

While the nature of Podesta’s threat has not been made public, Carlson later tweeted “We’re confident the Mueller probe will reveal a lot more about Tony Podesta’s lobbying practices in the near future.”

To review:

After meeting with the former Podesta Group executive who has been “extensively” interviewed by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, Tucker Carlson Tonight relayed several highly troubling aspects of the Tony Podesta’s relationship with business associate and fellow lobbyist, Paul Manafort.

According to the former Podesta Group executive, Manafort and Tony Podesta were running a Russian influence-peddling racket up and down Washington D.C., bringing a “parade” of Russian oligarchs to congress for meetings. Podesta was also “Basically part of the Clinton Foundation,” meeting regularly to discuss the now-infamous Uranium One deal.

Highlights, as previously reported (video below):

  • Lobbyist and temporary Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is at the center of the Russia probe – however the scope of the investigation has broadened to include his activities prior to the 2016 election.
  • Manafort worked with the Podesta Group since at least 2011 on behalf of Russian interests, and was at the Podesta Group offices “all the time, at least once a month,” peddling Russian influence through a shell group called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU).
  • Manafort brought a “parade” of Russian oligarchs to congress for meetings with members and their staffs, however, the Russia’s “central effort” was the Obama Administration.
  • In 2013, John Podesta recommended that Tony hire David Adams, Hillary Clinton’s chief adviser at the State Department, giving them a “direct liaison” between the group’s Russian clients and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.
  • In late 2013 or early 2014, Tony Podesta and a representative for the Clinton Foundation met to discuss how to help Uranium One – the Russian owned company that controls 20 percent of American Uranium Production – and whose board members gave over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.
  • “Tony Podesta was basically part of the Clinton Foundation.”
  • Believing she would win the 2016 election, Russia considered the Podesta Group’s connection to Hillary highly valuable.
  • Podesta Group is a nebulous organization with no board oversight and all financial decisions made by Tony Podesta. Carlson’s source said payments and kickbacks could be hard for investigators to trace, describing it as a “highly secret treasure trove.” One employee’s only official job was to manage Tony Podesta’s art collection, which could be used to conceal financial transactions.

Full monologue below: 

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"Carlson’s source said payments and kickbacks could be hard for investigators to trace, describing it as a “highly secret treasure trove.” One employee’s only official job was to manage Tony Podesta’s art collection, which could be used to conceal financial transactions."Wait a minute.  Why would it be hard to trace payments?  Aren't cash transactions over $600 to be reported to the IRS?  Aren't W-9's and 1099's supposed to be filled out?  Aren't checks to be written out to create a paper trail?  You mean he was "giving" them art, to circumvent the law?  Isn't that money laundering?  Taking money, buying art, and giving it to someone?  Isn't that a violation of the IRS gifting law?   I am sick of hearing how they can't figure out how to "trace payments and kickbacks".  Same with the Clinton Foundation.  The IRS shakes down all kinds of small business owners and yet they can't shake down these criminals?????

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NoDebt Beam Me Up Scotty Tue, 10/31/2017 - 08:18 Permalink

I'm with you, Scotty.  If they wanted to, they could figure it out pretty quick.  The question arises as to the "want to" part.CLEARLY, this stuff is starting to hit a little too close to home for their comfort.  Which I think is fantastic especially since they started this fight fully expecting to win and then cover it all up under a Hillary presidency.  I love it when shit falls apart for people like this.  It happens so rarely.  

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Pinto Currency Whoa Dammit Tue, 10/31/2017 - 08:30 Permalink

Alleged Manafort was go-between ultimately between Russia and Clintons through the Podesta Group. Running uranium with Manafort laundering the proceeds - includes Awan bros.  "... While media reports describe former “Black, Manafort & Stone” principal Paul Manafort as Trump’s main tie to the investigation, the source said it is Manafort’s role as a liaison between Russia and the Podesta Group that is drawing the scrutiny. ... ...The sources also told Tucker Carlson that Tony Podesta was in constant contact with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In fact, Tony Podesta was so close to Hillary that he was considered a part of the Clinton Foundation. ..."   George Webb on the the uranium selling operation:

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El Vaquero Smufty Tue, 10/31/2017 - 10:36 Permalink

I'd love to get a letter like that from somebody PUBLIC and powerful.  I could then reply and point out that letters like that are why "What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  A good start!" jokes are so relevant and funny.  They know, or should damned well know, that Podesta's involvement with politics and Tucker's likely genuine belief based on fact and evidence shields the shit out of him from any defamation suit.  This is a good'ole deep state civil war. 

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Creative_Destruct IH8OBAMA Tue, 10/31/2017 - 12:41 Permalink

B-L-O-W  B-A-CK  MAY just be starting. This thing COULD rip the skirts off all the slimy influence peddlers throughout the political spectrum IF Mueller is WILLING to follow the evidence without conforming to the pure Deep State anti-Trump agenda. Lobbyists of all political persuasions engage in this crap.One thing that seems lost in all of this discussion though is that "influence peddling" and "collusion" is NOT illegal, (slimy yes, illegal no)  EXCEPT if proper paper work is not filed with the Feds (leads to the "conspiracy" charges). The fact that Russians had contact with Trump and or Clinton camapign officials in and of itself is a LEGAL nothing burger- the "money laundering" and "conspiracy" charges are the legal substance- and the "conspiracy" is a catch-all stretch (usually based on failure to file proper paper work, which is is usually not prosecuted and handled administratively).This is POLITICS and smear tactics, transparently. Trump's and Clinton's associates are equally smearable. But the Deep State will almost certainly focus all of their smearing efforts on the Trump camp.AND even the New Yory Slimes correctly observes that these charges against Manafort "do not directly relate to Mr. Trump or the Campaign":"With the charges against Mr. Manafort, Mr. Mueller has taken a broad view of his mandate. He was tapped to investigate Russian election meddling, whether anyone around Mr. Trump was involved and other crimes that followed from that investigation. The charges against Mr. Manafort do not directly relate to Mr. Trump or the campaign. Mr. Manafort had been under investigation in New York and Virginia until Mr. Mueller was appointed and assumed control." 

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Beam Me Up Scotty Creative_Destruct Tue, 10/31/2017 - 14:12 Permalink

"and whose board members gave over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation"Here's the collusion and the conspiracy right here Creative_Destuct.  Why would the board give the Clinton Foundation that much money?  Charitable gifts by corporations are usually done as a public relations stunt to make the "community" feel like they are getting something back for their money.  I can see a publicly visible company like Walmart or Target or Best Buy giving charitable donations because they feel like they will get good will from the public.  But a company like Uranium One donating money?  And donating $100 million dollars no less?  There is no public goodwill to be had from that deal.  Only political "goodwill".  PLEASE!!  Why didnt Uranium One donate the $100 million to the United Way or Susan G Kommen Breast Cancer Cure??  Answer:  no political favors come from that donation.  Its an OBVIOUS conflict of interest here----a QUID PRO QUO of epic proportions!! 

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Creative_Destruct Beam Me Up Scotty Tue, 10/31/2017 - 20:43 Permalink

Exactly. Good points. Although there is nothing technically legally wrong with any corporation giving to a chaitable foundation, the only posssible motivations left for Uranium One to give to the Clinton Foundation was either "the goodness of their heart" (scratch that) OR for a quid pro quo. By  the process of elimination.....Investigating to find proof of a quid pro quo in this case would be is VERY justifiable and legitimate. After all the Clinton's are big on "pay to play," which to me always borders on,and sometimes crosses over into, quid pro quo.BUT.....I bet it won't happen.... sorry to say.

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MoreFreedom Creative_Destruct Tue, 10/31/2017 - 16:46 Permalink

I believe that Clinton and Obama are fighting so hard, because they are very afraid of what will be revealed, and it's not collusion or payoffs.  It's that Putin's hackers did get Hilllary's emails from her poorly secured server which included emails from Obama suspiciously using an alias, and Putin used them to blackmail both of them into "flexibility" and acquiescence for things like the sale of the US uranium, no real action on Putin's invasion of Crimea, great favors for Putin's close ally Iran (for nothing but false promises for us while leaving US hostages in their prisons), and help with Putin's ally Syria to fight ISIS.  Obama and Clinton had no choice but to cover it up at all costs.  Revelation that Putin hacked her server means jail for her but worse, revelation of the emails likley exposes both of their corruption.   Thus the immunity deals for all her staff, the politization of the FBI and Just Us Departments, the destruction of evidence and cover up.  Clinton should go to jail for erasing her server. Just think, if they were honest they could have gone into the sunset rich and happy.   Instead they're acting like they're fighting for their legacy and freedom, which would be the case if Putin hacked her server.   

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MisterMousePotato El Vaquero Tue, 10/31/2017 - 11:37 Permalink

"CLEARLY, this stuff is starting to hit a little too close to home for their comfort ... ."Which is, of course, why, all of a sudden, such as the Wall Street Journal is publishing articles on how DJT can shut down the Mueller investigation.Hmm. What's next? A NYT above the fold article on how it would be justified, legal, ethical and proper for The President to fire special counsels and attorney generals and whomever else he felt like, and how doing so would benefit America's children, women, and minorities?I don't think this is turning out quite like they all thought it would, but, for the life of me, I can't understand why or what they were thinking.I am nobody. A Nobody. My little understanding of the world is gleaned largely from articles and commentary here at the hedge. That's it.And yet, it was very apparent to me, months ago, where this all would lead if carried out to it's logical conclusion. But none of these fucking genius Democrats could see where an investigation of Paul Manafort would lead?By the way, who did give 70 million dollars to Paul Manafort? And why? Where did the money come from? And finally, much ado is made about his (the bagman, Mr. Manafort's) skim, but what happened to the other 85%?That's a lot of money.Frankly, I will be surprised if all this turns out to be aught but more common grifting by the Clintons, or maybe some other well-placed Democrat, but I guess we'll see.I think I'd enjoy it even more if this ends up being laid at the feet of - oh, I dunno? - Mitch McConnell? - than the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Withdrawn Sanction MisterMousePotato Tue, 10/31/2017 - 18:08 Permalink

"... but, for the life of me, I can't understand why or what they were thinking."(a) you're assumimg they WERE thinking (those facts are not in evidence), and (b) whether they were or not, one thing we do know (from observing their behavior) is they were buy time.  Do anything to postpone, delay, stall, cast doubt, anything but buy some time. Tony Podesta's shrill reaction smacks of desperation as the clock runs out.  Something big looks like it's about to blow.

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the artist fleur de lis Tue, 10/31/2017 - 16:00 Permalink

I was at a party in SF right before the election and a friend asked me what 'pizzagate' was. This friend grew up being horribly sexually abused. He made it out relatively intact but is very open about his experience (how I know). I explained a little bit to him about wikileaks and the emails. No reaction. Then I showed him Tony Podestas art collection using my phone. "That man is a pedophile!", he exclaimed. Not proof of course but it all rings with perfect harmony. As a side note...what a dumbass to be so public with your expensive art collection. Just inviting scrutiny from all sides. It shows the hubris of those involved. Second side note. After this swamp is drained the drainers will try filling it up again with their own creatures. That will not happen the way they think as the landscape of social media, the great democratization of information, has changed everything. In 2 years we will not recognize the landscape. very exciting. 

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Oldwood BennyBoy Tue, 10/31/2017 - 11:35 Permalink

Progressives are on a slippery slope of their own making, faced with a choice of continuing to defend a growing conspiracy or cutting their losses and sacrificing their players most closely tied to this mess....regardless of who they are. Progressives, much like we see with radical Islamists, will not hestitate to sacrifice their own to preserve "the cause".

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bluez Oldwood Tue, 10/31/2017 - 12:14 Permalink

I try to avoid labeling myself. But really, does Hillary have anything to do with so-called "progressives"? Because she's a fucking Democrat maybe? I have been fighting the horrible 2-party "system" since long before Hillary and fascist Bill.Get strategic hedge simple score voting.(And dear Lord, please don't bring up this "George Webb" fictional character. Clearly nobody knows what the hell he is talking about, including him.)

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bluez bluez Tue, 10/31/2017 - 13:34 Permalink

I just hate it when people get sucked into raving about scandals of any kind. It gets depressing when they begin to look like dogs leaping for a strip of bacon.This child raping thing is just unimaginable. Just becoming aware of such insanity makes a person think that maybe they need to get far off the grid. Just lock these monsters up. It's too sick to think about.

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the artist bluez Tue, 10/31/2017 - 16:13 Permalink

Answer to first question: Yes. Progressives are Marxists who want to 'Move-On' past our Constitutional Republic.Answer to second question: No. She is a Marxist/Fascist traitor who conspired along with lots of Republicans to overthrow our constitutional republic. She is the public head of the largest scandal in the history of the world. The closer we get to the people behind her the greater the odds that she gets thrown under the bus. FYI- there is no 'two party system' There is the 'fascist central state' and there are 'The People'.Sit through about 10 of Webb's videos and you will begin to get the feel of what is going on. 

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I probably have discussed strategic hedge simple score voting here. With this you get to give, say, between 5 and 10 votes to each of as many candidates as you prefer. This would destroy the two-party system. The whole "voting systems" / "election methods" field is a gigantic mess, sprawling over at least 100 pages of Wikipedia, for example. And I have written hundreds of pages about this subject.Now ask yourself, where do "communism", "fascism", antifa, moveon, all these things, come from? The answer is simple: Too many people listened to too many other people. People like Tucker Carlson and and "George Webb" for example. And if you look at it closely enough, you'll see that it is all a lot of crap. Telling people bullshit is the biggest industry ever. Ask any preacher (after a few beers perhaps). And don't expect any "justice" either. I am so sick of all these lying slick bastards.As far as the Clintons and the Podestas of the world, they're just sickening people. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the truth from some talking head. Or waiting for "justice". You can do that, if you really want to. But at the end of the day these things are just drugs.

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