Trick Or Treat: One Year Later, Is Trump A Blessing Or A Curse To The Deep State?

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

Has Donald Trump been a blessing or a curse to the architects of the American police state?

One thing is for sure: a year into his presidency, Trump hasn’t done much to improve the lot of the American people.

The predators of the police state are still wreaking havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives.

The government still doesn’t listen to the citizenry, it still refuses to abide by the Constitution, which is our rule of law, and it still treats the citizenry as a source of funding and little else. Police officers are still shooting unarmed citizens and their household pets. Government agents—including local police—are still being armed to the teeth and encouraged to act like soldiers on a battlefield. Bloated government agencies are still fleecing taxpayers. Government technicians are still spying on our emails and phone calls. Government contractors are still making a killing by waging endless wars abroad.

In other words, the American police state is still alive and well and flourishing.

Nothing has changed.

Rather than draining the corrupt swamps of Washington, as he repeatedly promised, Trump and his brand of reality TV politics have merely redirected our attention.

Trust me, the swamps are still stagnant with corruption.

Indeed, we are still the unwitting victims of a system so corrupt that it spans all branches of government.

We are still ruled by an elite class of individuals who are completely out of touch with the travails of the average American.

We are still viewed as relatively expendable in the eyes of government: faceless numbers of individuals who serve one purpose, which is to keep the government machine running through our labor and our tax dollars.

We are still being made to suffer countless abuses at the government’s hands.

We still have little protection against standing armies (domestic and military), invasive surveillance, marauding SWAT teams, an overwhelming government arsenal of assault vehicles and firepower, and a barrage of laws that criminalize everything from vegetable gardens to lemonade stands.

In other words, despite Trump (or because of him), freedom—or what’s left of it—is still being threatened from every direction.

Trump has done nothing to wrest control of the government from the Deep State, that shadowy elite group of powerbrokers and corporations who call the shots in Washington.

Trump has done nothing to prevent the government from continuing to plunder and steal from the American taxpayer. In fact, his administration has paved the way for even more theft in the form of civil asset forfeiture.

Trump has failed to end the government’s endless wars. To the contrary, he has fallen in line with the military industrial complex.

Most of all, Trump has proven to be as deaf, dumb and blind as every president before him when it comes to the plight of the citizenry.

The new boss really is just the same as the old boss.

We’re still on the losing end of a tug-of-war over control of our country and our lives.

The Deep State is winning.

Get ready.

We’re just a few short years away from the dystopian future depicted in the film V for Vendetta, which is no future at all.

Written and produced by the Wachowskis, V for Vendetta (2005) provides a powerful visual commentary on how totalitarian governments such as our own exploit fear and use mass surveillance, censorship, terrorism, and militarized tactics to control, oppress and enslave.

The lesson is this: once a free people allows the government to make inroads into their freedoms or uses those same freedoms as bargaining chips for security, it quickly becomes a slippery slope to outright tyranny.

In other words, it makes no difference whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican at the helm, because the bureaucratic mindset on both sides of the aisle now embodies the same philosophy of authoritarian government, whose priority is to remain in power.

So where does that leave us?

In V for Vendetta, it takes a desperate act of terrorism (V blows up the seat of government on the fifth of November) for the people to finally mobilize and stand up to the government’s tyranny.

This is what happens when a parasitical government muzzles the citizenry, fences them in, herds them, brands them, whips them into submission, forces them to ante up the sweat of their brows while giving them little in return, and then provides them with little to no outlet for voicing their discontent: people get desperate, citizens lose hope, and lawful, nonviolent resistance gives way to unlawful, violent resistance.

Do not wait to act until there is no alternative but violence.

We’ve got to make the government hear us using every nonviolent means available to us: picket, protest, march, boycott, speak up, sound off and reclaim control over the narrative about what is really going on in this country.

Mind you, the government doesn’t want to hear us. It doesn’t even want us to speak. In fact, it’s done a diabolically good job of establishing roadblocks to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment right to speech and assembly and protest.

Still we must persist.

For starters, stop worshipping false idols. Stop waiting for Trump to drain the swamps, or some whistleblower to topple the tyrants, or some other political savior to swoop in and fix all that’s wrong with this country. Stop allowing yourselves to be drawn into divisive party politics. Stop thinking of yourselves as members of a particular political party, as opposed to citizens of the United States. Most of all, stop looking away from the injustices and cruelties and endless acts of tyranny that have become hallmarks of American police state.

Remember, remember the fifth of November, warns V for Vendetta.

Why should we remember the fifth of November?

Because it commemorates a day in history when a desperate vigilante tried to bring about a violent revolution.

Trust me, no one wants a violent revolution.

Americans speak reverently of how our founders mounted a revolution to secure our freedoms, but our platitudes gloss over the terrible toll it demanded of them: families torn apart, lives lost and years of misery and hardship.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the moral choice before us is clear: it is the choice between tyranny and freedom, dictatorship and autonomy, peaceful slavery and dangerous freedom, and manufactured pipedreams of what America used to be versus the gritty reality of what she is today.


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The agencies that are supposed to represent the people and enforce the law have morphed into political tools for the Democrats.  How are you going to get an agency like the FBI to investigate the Clintons when they are in on the scam? 

A score of senior and rank and file agents should have gone to prison for burning all those women and children to death in Waco.  The Clinton Administration gave those agents a pass, and in the process the Clintons purchased the undying support of the agency.  When the very tool you would use to bring down a criminal enterprise has been coopted by that enterprise, you better tread softly.

I am beginning to understand that we are at a tipping point.  People are beginning to grasp the import of agency lies about the assassination of President Kennedy.  It is clear now that the lies were not told to protect the public. 

They were told so that the coconspirators could perfect their coup.  Once the coup was completed successive generations of politicians were given the message.  That message was simple.  We the shadow government can kill anybody we choose.  Look what we did to Kennedy.  You either toe the line or you will send in the cleaners.  Those that would not kao tau to shadow rulers got to meet their John Hinckley or died under suspicious circumstances in some West Texas ranch.

( Doesn’t matter the Criminal alphabet Agencies, the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA have decades & Trillions invested over the decades planting “Agent Smiths” in all of them Pentagram MIC included.)

People are beginning to understand that they have been herded by acts of terrorism conducted by their own state.  The scenario of the lone shooter with spectacular marksmanship and fantastic kill rates has lost its credibility. Just another in a lone, long line of “book depository”False Flags.

Trump full well understands that he is in mortal combat with a sinister and entrenched oligarchy.  This is not their first rodeo and they are extremely dangerous.  He has to be sure of his footing before he takes his next step.  By the grace of God, he may just very well be able to pull back the curtain and expose these monsters.

If they manage to kill him, buckle up because any agency with federal in its title will have lost any claim to legitimacy.  The oligarchs tried to steal the election and that failed.  If they steal the election by killing the President, what follows next is a turkey shoot.

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

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The only real "revolution" that matters is the one involving morality versus hedonism.  Without a spiritual revival and moral compass, whatever form of government takes the helm will be a moot point.  We must first and foremost eliminate (((those))) pushing the poisonous toxins of vice, corruption and sin into every orifice of our society.  Like the mosquito, which first injects an anticoagulant into the blood to make it easier to suck, so do our parasites who inject ideas which break down our morals and religious tenets.  Once this is accomplished, the subsequent feasting on the unsuspecting population is made much easier.  When it finally dies... on to the next gullible host.

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I'll repost here:

Austerity since 1979, check the Fred chart on Employment in Manufacturing. Followed by Bill Clinton Years of Most Favored nation Status for China, NAFTA, Deregulation of Banking and other industries to allow corporations cross ownership, vertical and horizontal ownership, derivatives of everything, financialization of everything, monopolies of everything, end to Anti-Trust Law, Bi Partisan Campaign finance reform to financialize the US Congressmen & their campaigns & monopolies... and as capital flew overseas and stayed in financial centers overseas... this was huge cut in investment in USA (see Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic investment, International Investment Position BEA)

2016 - 1979 = 37 years.

1970 OSHA after Union Rights & Welfare. 2016 - 1970 = 46 yrars.

Manufacturing: (12 Million down from 19.5 Million) All Employees: Manufacturing

Information Services: (2.65 Million down from 3.7 Million) All Employees: Information Services

Mining, Drilling, Logging (Peak was 1981, now .9 Million down from 1.3 Million) All Employees: Mining and logging

Goods producing Industries: (19 Million down from 25 Million) All Employees: Goods-Producing Industries (ratio top 1880),M1V,MZMV,#0 (M1 Top 2007)
(old figures, not updated below) (Top was 2007 Q4 at 10.7, now down to 6.3) (Top was 1997 Q3 at 2.2, now down to 1.5) (Top was 1981 Q1 at 3.5, now down to 1.4) (Top was January 1987 at 3.1, now down to .7) ($3.6 Foreign Investment USA) ($2.86 Private Domestic Investment) ($32 Trillion in Foreign Ownership in Property in the US compared to $26 Trillion of US Ownership in foreign countries) (Gini Ratio/Coefficient, what? discontinued?)

BLS historical data from CPS-survey shows weekly earnings the same in 1979 as 2017.

Weekly and hourly earnings data from the Current Population Survey

Series Id: LEU0252881600

Series title: (unadj)- Constant (1982-84) dollar adjusted to CPI-U- Median usual weekly earnings, Employed full time, Wage and salary workers

Year Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Annual
1979 339 334 325 328 332
1980 324 314 315 317 318
1981 317 311 304 314 312
2012 337 335 329 336 335
2013 334 333 330 337 333
2014 339 328 332 338
2015 344 337 337 348
2016 350 343 343 351

Constant Dollars, Weekly Earning same in 1979 as 2016.

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey (Historical Data, Table 2, constant dollars, all workers)

2014 Federal Outlays for SNAP, Child Nutrition, & WIC = $102.34 Billion (Dept Agriculture)
2014 HHS Payments to States for Child Support Enforcement
and Family Support Programs Outlays = $4.112 Billion
2014 HHS Refugee and Entrant Assistance outlays = $1.278 Billion
2014 HHS Child Care Entitlement to States outlays = $2.839 Billion
2014 HHS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF outlays = $16.267 Billion
2014 HHS Low Income Home Energy Assistance outlays = $3.537 Billion
2014 HHS Children and families services programs outlays = $9.373 Billion

2014 Total Outlays - Office of Elementary and Secondary Education:
Education for the disadvantaged = $15.775 Billion
2014 Total Outlays - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services:
Special Education = $12.605 Billion
2014 Total Outlays - Rehabilitation Services and Disability Research = $3.253 Billion
2014 Total Outlays - Special Institutions for Persons with Disabilities = $212 Million

IRS, Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax 2014 = $60.09 Billion
IRS, Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax 2014 = $21,49 Billion

Here it is:

- In 2016 there were 40.6 million people in poverty, 2.5 million fewer than in 2015 and 6.0 million fewer than in 2014

But there is this:…

"As of July 7, 42.6 million Americans were receiving SNAP benefits during the current fiscal year, down from 44.2 million in 2016. The 2017 figure is the lowest since 2010, when 40.3 million people were on food stamps. The number peaked in 2013, at 47.6 million."
Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate: 25 to 54 years (LNU01300060) 82.0 Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted, Oct 6, 2017
Not in Labor Force (LNU05000000) 94,513 Thousands of Persons, Not Seasonally Adjusted, Oct 11, 2017

with unemployment that is 100 Million working aged people 24 years to like 56 years old "not working"

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TeethVillage88s TeethVillage88s Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:54 Permalink

President Donald Trump;

Shalom, Peace be on your family.

But why do you hesitate to look at the Economic Issues of the USA.

- Jobs Going Offshore, Lose of Tax-Base & Consumers, Loss of Middle Class
- Trade Imbalance
- Loss of Pensions, Loss of Social Security, $6 Billion spent to bailout Pensions each year at least, SS Program is best consumer type program we have, under funded pensions every where, graft or corruption of conservative pension management every where
- Money Printing by TBTF Banks in London, Derivatives out of sight, no standardization of derivatives, little standard controls of money printing of TBTF Banks... WRC, USD Fiat, is poorly stewarded... why should we keep the WRC in BRICs world?
- Bankrupt Cities, Counties, States... standardize and get it straight
- Corporations with unlimited power, use of Non-GAPP Rules to report, hide assets from Examiners...
- No real clean up from 2008 Crisis
- Compete with China, but fake balance sheets, fake income statements
- No real advantage to conservative business practices from financial ratings agencies, independent audit agencies... since they are crap... just look at $20 Trillion in Federal Debt
- Weak Central Bank... why keep central bank if it is weak and caused 2008 global financial crisis?
- If we halt federal gifts to Foreign Country leaders... then our Currency collapses... so what are we doing? We grow since we have great financial leverage/financial corproatism... we print a lot of money and make a lot of loans... so where does this lead us? Maybe the banks will own us all like in Medieval England?

You want us to all work for UK/Brits/Bankers/London/New York City/Manhattan Banks?

Well maybe it figures.

TeethVillage, wanna be banker

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What a bunch of pussies.  We need to KILL THEM ALL obviously (apologies to Metallica for stealing their album title), but there is a certain little thing called TIMING. As in, TIMING is EVERYTHING. Many dams are breaking.  Much information is being spilled, in some cases at the cost of lives (cf. carbombing of Panama Papers gal in Corsica. RIP.  Truth Is Beautiful.) We are in the final fight of the free Republic. I know, many of us are prepared to take many lives. To commit acts that are 'over the line' in order to scramble the eggs of those whose ultimate fantasy/deceit/hubris simple word..... CONTROL. Fuck their control. They Shall Not Pass. This is the End, my Friend. We are more than ready.  We lack only the signal. Thank God for Trump.  We have, still, one more peaceful chance. But Peace at this juncture means DISRUPTION. So.......fight.   GO AND FIGHT>>>>>>>>Just, fight peacefully.   For another blessed moment. DISRUPT. Tell the fucking truth.  That is very disruptive. Pedogate.Seth Rich.Deep State.US = ISISComet Pizza.Podesta = SatanThe list of reporters "on the bus" for Hillary....meaning you HAD BETTER attend the cocktail party at the Podesta place.Debate questions edited and approved ahead of time.Pissing bed slut slander bought and paid for (on paper).Complete and total arrogance of power.The hatred for World Peace (which has now silently arrived, like an aborted Christ baby in the bloody manger).May God bless our fair RepublicAs we approach Chistmas with global PEACE in our grasp.We can and we must finish them off.  

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LISTEN TO THE ALEX JONES PODCAST HE DID FOR TUESDAY. Las Vegas layed out. Boy they all think we are stupid. Listen.Deep state needs literal eradication. Brazen. Insane.  Listen I think it's the second hour. Shepard from intellihub his guest plus a caller who called in who is in intelligence. Zach. 

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Trick Or Treat: One Year Later, Is Trump A Blessing Or A Curse To The Deep State?My response: While we are on the subject of Blessings and Curses, chapter 28 of the Book of Deuteronomy in the Bible contains 68 verses of blessings and curses.Read it and prepare to be both convicted and unsettled if you have the courage!!!Deuteronomy 28 deals with both personal and national behavior. I have come to the conclusion that people serving in legislative, judicial and executive branches of the US Government should be required to read it at least twice a year.

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Except for the bits about 'morality vs hedonism' and 'spirtual revival and moral compass', I fully agree.The problem is precisely that those terms are always used at the beginning of the next ideological reform campaign, including communism, which merely used different words for the same concepts.Freedom is enough for me, we humans in local community do well in the departments of balancing those elements except when under the lash of outside interests.History is written from the point of view of those outside interests, of course, at least the onest that won. The interests of the local communities have been entirely swamped by those outside interests in this bit of civilization. That isn't all bad, we consider areas that are outside of the control of central governments 'tribal areas', uncivilized and exploitable in uncivilized ways, and certainly this civilization has high points relative to any predecessors, technology, science, medicine, music, literature are examples.But the internet changes everything. This is the most rapid social evolution in history, fully doumented by Youtube, also a central element in the information exchange that is producing the social evolution.Social evolutions are inevitably accompanied by political change. Historically, it is a crap shoot whether the changes are net positive for civilization.Centralization always loses to evolutionary (organic) change, tho the edifices can grow very large before their collapse.That transition is what we are living through.Yes, 'moral reform', but reform of each of us in the aid of a better local version of Freedom.I think my link trumps yours :… 

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"How are you going to get an agency like the FBI to investigate the Clintons when they are in on the scam?"Bullshit.  Bullshit.  Trump has the reins on the FBI and the Justice Department.  Both are parts of the executive branch.  He can fire or hire anyone he wants.   How do you suppose Obama "took control" over these agencies?  Because he ran them.  Well, Trump runs them now.  Stop apologizing for him.  He lied.The CIA could also be ended (or at least seriously gutted) by the President, if he wanted to.

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LetThemEatRand Billy the Poet Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:02 Permalink

Trump is the head of the Executive Branch, of which the FBI and intelligence agencies are part.  Comey admitted under oath that he caused Mueller to be appointed as a special prosecutor as payback for being fired.   Trump could also fire Mueller, but he doesn't.Trump could literally fire the entirety of the FBI management tomorrow and replace them.  He could fire the guy he appointed to lead the CIA.  He could by Executive Order essentially tell the CIA to stop operations.   He could fire the guy he appointed to be head of the Department of Justice, who recused himself from anything "Russia" related.  But he doesn't do any of these things.  Interesting theory you have that Trump's hands are tied.

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Billy the Poet LetThemEatRand Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:23 Permalink

That's a better formulation than you presented above. But you're old enough to remember the Saturday Night Massacre and its ramifications The vitriol against Trump is even stronger than it was against Nixon. Obviously there could be political problems for Trump if he fires the man who is supposedly investigating him. Such action would likely exacerbate his problems rather than alleviate them.

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LetThemEatRand Billy the Poet Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:28 Permalink

I agree firing Mueller would have political ramifactions.  So what about Sessions?   Or Pompeo?  And you're avoiding my primary point that these agencies are controlled by the executive.  Where are the Clinton indictments?  You can have a special prosecutor investigating you and still have your justice department convening grand juries.  If Hillary is as guilty as we all think (Trump said he would put her in jail), indictments would be easy to obtain.

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Billy the Poet LetThemEatRand Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:37 Permalink

If Trump fires Sessions he has to wait for the Senate confirmation on a replacement and in the meantime he's still stuck with Rosenstein. And you're avoiding my primary point that these agencies are controlled by the executive.  I've said that it has become apparent that the president does not have supreme control over those agencies. That's what the Deep State is all about. If Nixon couldn't take complete control of his situation then why expect Trump to do so? If anything the power behind the  scenes has grown since 1974.  

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LetThemEatRand Billy the Poet Wed, 11/01/2017 - 00:44 Permalink

Nixon couldn't "take complete control of his situation" because he violated the law.  You think Nixon was some kind of victim?  Kennedy maybe, not Nixon.  Maybe Trump knows that he can't rock the boat because he'll end up like Nixon.  I don't think it's because he's worried about a JFK scenario.How about we simplify this conversation.  Why isn't Trump causing his justice department to convene grand juries over Hillary's pay for play etc?  Regardless of everything else going on, he could do that.   But he doesn't.

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Nixon did break the law but was also done in by the Deep State --Mark Felt and his FBI cohorts to be precise. Meeting a reporter (who is a former intel officer himself) in dark garages is an unusual way for America's premiere law enforcement agency to do business , don't you think? Why isn't Trump causing his justice department to convene grand juries over Hillary's pay for play etc?  Regardless of everything else going on, he could do that.   But he doesn't. Did Trump tell the FBI to drop the gag order on the Uranium One witness just for kicks? Or might there be something more to it? Does it make sense to investigate a newly unfolding scandal in which the Clintons took over a hundred million dollars in bribes rather than to rehash old grievances no matter how legitimate those grievances are?

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Billy the Poet LetThemEatRand Wed, 11/01/2017 - 01:20 Permalink

That continues to be an option.  Isn't it better to let Trump's few allies work for him and move things ahead one step at a time? How often have we seen Trump's enemies self immolate under stress? Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who had sought to interview the informant, told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday he’d still like to bring the source before a public committee hearing but praised the decision to free him up to speak to Congress in a private setting.“We ought to know about [what he knows], because transparency brings accountability,” Grassley said.    Grassley also tweeted Tuesday that the Justice Department should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One deal.…

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Rand can answer however he wishes -

I'll just deal with the mechanics of your precis - one which "makes sense"...

if, you're either too young to have watched what happened when Kennedy tried to pry power from the hands of those within the state apparatus who were waging a covert war from within... or never troubled yourself to put together the disparate puzzle pieces which tie the MIC/Srael/Pedocracy/ together in a shadow-government form of autocracy.

That past example of the mechanics by which the 'hidden hand' of the $power executes it's mandate from behind scenes of course needs be updated to accommodate the MAJOR STRIDES made in the half century since - via its now COMPLETE COMMAND of ALL communication channels - to augment its influence from within administrations with the influencing of public opinion from without.

Which upgrade has allowed for development of the absurd shadowpuppet theatre which now supersedes all aspects of 'GOVERNMENT' via its' daily display of witless red/blue dialectical diversions designed to keep the dupes from ever recognizing the steady erosion of their remaining personal liberties ... by keeping the focus instead upon the ever-eroding liberties of POTUS puppet princes -

who now, instead of occupying the position of 'most important executive authority in the world'... dangle on strings which are increasing visible even to the grown up children watching this FIREBALLXL5 production from their home screens.

That jerky 'cofevfe' style of Drumpfs' ain't nuthin but the real life acknowledge of those same danglin strings... and nuthin has changed in DC since us oldsters watched the jerky motions of our TV puppet heroes in between ads for COCOPUFFS & slinky Toys.

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Yea, unfortunately it is too late even for violent revolution. The elite has won. The public is thoroughly brainwashed and only believe what they see on TeeVee. I wish there were somewhere to escape to. Meanwhile I have found a little utopia that is isolated from all of it, but for how long I do not know.

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