Markets Shrug At 'Neutral' Fed Statement - Dec Rate-Hike Odds Hold At 87%

The wishy-washiest Fed statement ever was met with a nothingburger response from the market. December rate-hike odds are very modestly higher at 87%...

Stocks are unchanged, and bonds and gold are modestly lower with a slightly higher dollar.

As Bloomberg Intelligence Rates Strategist Ira Jersey noted:

"The Fed's policy statement was as boring and expected as could be.


The Treasury market focus will now be on the FOMC Chair and other Board of Governor nominees, to digest whether the committee might as a whole (and particularly at the top) incrementally or significantly change direction."

The dollar index is up for now but really can't decide...


ted41776 Wed, 11/01/2017 - 15:05 Permalink

even if they raise rates, wouldn't they just continue "printing" trillions of dollars and buying stocks and bonds anyway? who gives a fuck at this point, raise them lower them makes no difference