US Air Force Admits To Harvesting Russian Tissue

A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised members of Russia’s human rights council by informing them that some shadowy entity - possibly with ties to the United States - had been collecting biological tissues from Russians from different ethnic groups, the group responsible for harvesting the tissue has revealed itself.

While some initially discounted Putin's remars as another loony conspiracy theory, as it turns out, he was right: The group responsible for the tissue collection was none other than the US Air Force, proving that yet another conspiracy theory has become a conspiracy fact.

A representative for the US Air Force Education and Training Command explained to Russia Today that the choice of the Russian population was not intentional, and is related to research the Air Force is conducting on the human musculoskeletal system.

Eyebrows were first raised in July when the AETC issued a tender seeking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid and synovial fluid from Russians, adding that all samples (12 RNA and 27 synovial fluid) “shall be collected from Russia and must be Caucasian.” The Air Force said it wouldn’t collect samples from Ukrainians, but didn’t specify why.

According to AETC spokesman Capt. Beau Downey, the 59th medical group’s molecular research center is currently conducting “locomotor studies to identify various biomarkers associated with trauma.”

Downey told Russian media that the study required two sets of samples: disease and control samples of RNA and synovial membrane. The first set was provided by a “US-based company.”

Since the first set of tissue, provided by a US company, was sourced from Russia, the Air Force opted to collect the second set of data from Russians, too, to eliminate any confounding variables that could skew the results of the study. He did not say which set - the control or the diseased set - was collected first, and neglected to provide any further details about the study.

However, some suspect that this explanation is merely a ruse, and that the Pentagon is collecting the tissue for a much more sinister purpose, according to RT.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russian genetic material is being harvested all over the country. “Do you know that biological material is being collected all over the country, from different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical regions of the Russian Federation? The question is – why is it being done? It’s being done purposefully and professionally. We are a kind of object of great interest,” Putin told Russia’s Human Rights Council, without specifying who might be behind the activities involving Russians’ biological samples. “Let them do what they want, and we must do what we must,” he said.


The fact that Russian tissue samples specifically are on the wanted list made some wonder whether the Pentagon is working on a biological weapon to target Russians. “I’m not saying that it is about preparing a biological war against Russia. But its scenarios, are, no doubt, being worked on. That is to say, in case the need suddenly arises,” Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security, wrote on Facebook. “It is also no secret that different ethnic groups react differently to biological weapons. Hence the collection of the biological material from Russians living in different geographical locations. In the west, everything is done extremely scrupulously and is verified up to the tiniest detail.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed on Tuesday that Russian special services are in possession of intelligence suggesting that NGOs are collecting the genetic material - intelligence that presumably prompted Putin’s initial speculation about who might be behind the collections.

“Some emissaries are really carrying out such activities, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other bodies. Such cases were registered, and security services, the president naturally have this information,” he said.

This is not the first attempt to collect samples of Russian genetic material by foreign agencies in Russia, Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN biological weapons commission, told RT.

“Such attempts were made back in the 90s, when there was a Human Genome program, then there were various programs in the 2000s too… under different pretexts, including the most noble, but for some reason all this happens in the interests of the US military department, and this raises suspicion,” Nikulin said.

He noted that, as a rule, “samples of Europeans of the Slavic group, mostly Russians” are sought-after. “Blood samples are taken for analysis, and if an organization is foreign, what they are doing with the results is always unknown,” he said.


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It aint just elistists. I live in the nw quad of the greater houston area, and i can assure you  if we woke up tomorrow and foreign newspapers and websites were screaming out 9/11 info, exposing  bush, ghw bush, cheny  and the crew, some of these country faboulous mutherfuckers would off themselves, some would go out like charles whitman, and some would run to the arms of military, fed, harris county s.o. etc. people like me who go around scoffing at the gulf wars, NOT praising and dickriding the laws and the military, telling people that the stars on our flag are satanic, they would want to kill people like me first, but i'm heading to rural homeland if i can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is just me repeating pitential crap that ive read, so correct me if this is wrong.... but ive seen more than a few times where it was pointed out that nobody back then understood germs, or virus', or how contagion spread, and that the notion that they intentionally weaponized smallpox is more of the new trend of modern people looking at historical events through our eyes and and trying to attribute motive.Again, just repeating what Ive read. Anyone that has facts to confirm or deny this would be cool.

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Not exactly true, they may not have known the specific transmission method, but certainly after the fire ofLondon in 1666,which finally rid London of the Black Death after 4 centuries  of outbreaks,they certainly knew what,andwhat not to do,to stop it spreading.Close all  belongings and deceased in their home and raze it.Rats and all.Which they did in villages going north to Leeds.Giving out a deceased diseased blanket, was just onedown from catapulting dead plague victims over the walls of besieged castles.Another common practice ofthe period.

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I thought all people were the same?   Does this mean all the hippy dippy claptrap I've been ((programmed with)) since birth is wrong.  If biology matters, then that means race realism theory is correct too! Oh no, I must re-evaluate everything I thought I knew.  (sarc) 

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In one of the great ironies of "history," the evolving techniques of DNA genetics have provides us with compelling evidence that the fabled "Aryan" is \Eurasian/ in origin...

and that the direct genetic expression of its' continued presence in human populations exists within the Russian and so-called "Slavic" peoples = R1a clades

not Germans, Nordics, or the other stereotyped "master race" groups... populations made up of predominately R1b groups, who entered Europe as raiders from the east and south - causing a massive shift to the eastern steppelands of the former "Europeans" we now call "Russ!"

In line with the FACT that pretty all of the invented "Aryan" discourse behind the fanatic ideology of jewish half-caste MISCHLINGER and sionist funded/directed "Adolf Hitler" was agit-prop created to advance the project of talmudist hegemony - the only real "master racialist" fantasy which has arisen in history...

the existence of the "real" Aryan peoples in the form of those described above has posed a challenge and irritant to the Khazarian ashkenazi who were clubbed outta their bucolic pirate empire on the Volga by those same Rus...

nursing age old grievances which never fail to stir dark schemes of kabbalistic magic in the hearts of each generation of 'master race' kooks raised to regard the rest of us as "cattle" for their herding... the modern day inheritors of the ol talmudic potato-peelin vodka peddlers - now KINGS of the financial world,

use their golem proxies - like the USAF and MIC - to wage a covert war pon all their ancient enemies...

aka - the War on U!

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Closer.When stripped of the veil of lies which hangs over our history...the story remarkably deviates from 'WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW' ...bout most everything.Given that there was no "sweden" anywhere near the timeframe under discussion... and the obvious propensity of nationalistic type fanbouys to find and cling to phony ethinic fantasies... we need look at the antecedents of folks like the Varangians with an eye to 'just the facts ma'am' reportage.Just as with "merry olde" being a decoction of "vikings," danes, saxons, celts, picts, scots(Irish really)iberians and other, even more mysterious "founding races," Russ of olde was an amalgam of the 'viking' northerners with the 'sythian' peoples out of southern siberia, the turkic tribes which followed in their footsteps, and the groups which sprang out of the Caucaus in the wake of the "Great Flood" diaspora ... bound together in a pact to raid the rich booty of the Caliphate via Volga rowing boats and portage originally, later forming into horseman hordes to oppose the Mongol menace.Europes' real beginnings. Out of Asia. The new scientific paradigm which will counter and replace the phony talmudic "out of Africa" narrative.

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These Rus vikings portaged their ships across land with attached wheels.  They used animals to pull the ship from tributary to tributary.  In this way they navigated into the heart of now Russia.  R1A and R1B haplogroups are not that far apart genetically.  There is much greater genetic distance between the races, rather than within the white race.  Any sort of gene weapon that targets slav's will be too indescriminate, and will backfire and get all white people.Those who are more genetically distant ((our friends perhaps)) would be the winners, getting rid of their historical christian and white enemies.  

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here's one o my latterly produced pieces...…

but I gots' to warn yu - it's out there... as in "outlaw history" ... which nobody be ready to read, cause it's disaffects all ideology-driven biases. Long as I enjoy writing it...

its' good enuff for me! Besides,,, \African Spir/-yes, that was the mans' 'real' given name,,, despite him being a Russian aristocrat... is one of the coolest guys youll NEVER read about... save on Bobs' arcane history pages!

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Don't let (((them))) fool you. They operate by (((deception))).It is not "Russians" that they are targeting in their bioweapons, but a specific subset: White Russians. The rest are a decoy, to cover the true intent, and to make sure that Non-Targets are not affected.The bioweapon could be as subtle but nefarious, to cause sterility or something close to it. It would be Demographic Warfare at the Reproductive level, that takes several years or decades to fully kick in.Genocide by genetic weapons.Like I said: Deviousness^n

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