Corey Feldman Names Names: Accuses Former Co-Star Of Molesting Him

Corey Feldman has apparently taken Matt Lauer's advice and has decided to reveal the name of one of six Hollywood figures who molested him during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

During an apperance on the Dr. Oz show, he disclosed that the actor in question is none other than John Grissom.

The “Goonies” actor named Grissom just moments before calling law enforcement officials to report the allegations.

“That is him,” Feldman said as host Mehmet Oz held up a photo of Grissom on his phone. “That is the guy.”





Feldman, who has been a fixture on the daytime talk show circuit since first revealing in the mid-2006 that he and his friend Corey Haim were the victims of a Hollywood pedophilia ring. Feldman said he wanted to name Grissom in his 2013 memoir Coreyography, but his lawyers warned him not to.

Feldman has said the men repeatedly molested him, while Haim was repeatedly raped - a trauma that Feldman said contributed to Haim’s death by drug overdose.

Of course, Feldman’s claims are receiving new attention amid the deluge of accusations of sexual assault and abuse that have been levied against many powerful figures in the entertainment and media industries. Actor Kevin Spacey saw Netflix cancel his series “House of Cards” after actor Anthony Rapp said Spacey molested him in the 1980s.

Feldman has previously identified former child talent manager and convicted sex offender Marty Weiss as one of his former abusers. During his appearance on Today, Laur tried to goad Feldman into naming names live on air by questioning his credibility.

The “Stand By Me” actor encouraged Grissom on Thursday to turn himself in to police.

“Now is your time,” Feldman said Thursday. “Be a man for the first time and come forward yourself. ... Let it be known and you will be dealt with in a much more tolerant way, I’m sure. However, if you do not, we are coming for you.”

Grissom appeared in the 1980s movies “License to Drive” and “Dream a Little Dream,” which both starred Feldman.

As the Huffington Post pointed out, Feldman hinted at Grissom’s identity in a series of tweets published in March.





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Rumor has it that Kevin Spacey is not just an asshole, but he has almost caused the death of some of his conquests (if crazy days and nights is to be believed), but who knows how young boys are transported on and off Orgy Island, so maybe they just chop them up into small pieces and feed them to MC Shark.As far as Haim's drug overdose, the people in tinsel town who do all the drugs, just keep doing that craziness.  The end is always the same: quit, death, or prison.  

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He should've just named all six on the day he said he could name six.  Shoulda gonna has no currency.  He didn't.  So why keep listening?  I'd like to hear his story but if he ain't gonna tell it, if he's going to give his oppressors the chance to shut him up, well, now there's no guarantee we'll hear any story at all.  Can't waste time on "revelations" that aren't coming.

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