Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior


The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet scientists and psychiatrists left off.

German and American scientists of renowned Universities in Bonn and Lübeck do research on treatment for politically undesirable behaviour like their Soviet colleagues from the infamous Serbsky Central Research Institute in Moscow. In the Soviet Union people who protested the system had to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Vladimir Bukovsky, a world-known dissident survived one and described it.The same will be the fate of the so called Free World’s citizens if they fail to conform to the idea of a multi-cultural society. The powers that be have given a signal, and obliging, complaisant scientists are already busy working on bettering our collective and individual psyche. Apart from homophobia and Islamophobia, xenophobia is another psychiatric condition that needs to undergo therapy...hormonal therapy.

Throughout history, the world has been torn by two opposing factors that face each other with daggers drawn. These are natural biological, and unnatural forces, or reality and dystopia. It is natural for a human being to want to possess things and work as little as possible; to counter it, dystopian socialists, communists or Christian heretics came up with an idea of a society governed by the principle: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

It was supposed to work. And it failed miserably everywhere it was installed and implemented, from Cuba to East Germany, to the Soviet Union, to North Korea. 

The human being, an evolutionary extension of the animal world, is endowed with certain indelible features at the genetic level. Group loyalty and fear of aliens are among them. Man cannot survive alone. Mankind is not a biologically monolithic, homogeneous family. Rather, it is made up of human groups (clans, tribes, nations, races) that as a result of their long development are moving apart from each other. Biology is the basis on which human communities create culture and ultimately civilization, not the other way round.

Human groups, which have come into being as a result of living separately from each other for ages and so have developed incompatible cultures and religions, compete for resources i.e. for survival. Since man cannot make it through life on his own, he is a part of a group (clan, tribe, nation). In order for the group to function well and safeguard its (and simultaneously its members’ survival success), each group member is equipped with two psychological mechanisms (i) in-group loyalty and (ii) out-group enmity.

Group members collaborate, and support each other even to the point of sacrificing themselves for the whole. That’s the origin of altruism. Defection to another group means weakening one’s own group and strengthening the alien group, which has always been regarded as the gravest mortal sin: treason. (Dante’s hell has Judas Iscariot in its centre, which is the severest punishment for it).Altruism towards members of the out-group is something between in-group loyalty and defection. Its exuberant instances are technically referred to as pathological altruism.

The phenomenon can be compared to the rivalry among soccer teams. The team’s (survival) objective is to win the cup. The prize will be shared by all team members. In order to achieve it, each one of them has to cooperate with the others: no cooperation with members of any other, opposing, team is thinkable. A team’s player may want to sacrifice his personal career for another player from the same team by helping him to score as many goals as possible and thus becoming the team’s star, or by fouling the opposite team’s player and thus risk being sent out of the playground (death), thus enhancing the chances of his team’s win, but the same will not make things easier on the playground for any member of the opposing team. Helping members of the other team means lessening the chances for winning the cup (survival) of one’s own team and, ultimately one’s own chances.

If my well-being and survival depends on that of the group that I am a member of, and, conversely, if my group’s survival is contingent on the cooperation, altruism and self-sacrifice of its members, including me, then in-group loyalty is in high demand whereas out-group (pathological) altruism is detrimental. That’s evolutionary mechanism. That’s game theory. That’s common sense. Everybody knows it. So do social engineers.

Since social engineers have come up with the idea of building new, multi-racial, multi-national, multi-religious, multi-cultural societies, they have encountered the natural barrier: xenophobia, which is another name for in-group loyalty and out-group avoidance. Xenophobia is a biological mechanism imprinted at the genetic level that carries a survival advantage. It tells an individual to create bonds with members of the same group and be on his guard against aliens.To put it in plain language: xenophobia is practised at the very basic personal level each time parents warn their offspring to be wary of strangers: not to open the door to them, not to trust them. So modern social engineers have a problem. They need to overcome this deeply rooted biological barrier.

A sign has been given, most probably followed by substantial grants and other financial incentives, and so scientists got down to work to find a cure for xenophobia. One of the research teams included psychologists and psychiatrists from Bonn, Tulsa, and Lübeck scientific institutions. Urged by the increasing globalization and the mass migration of peoples, as they say, the mentioned scientists, who otherwise dutifully recognize the evolutionary advantage of the in-group loyalty/out-group exclusion, nevertheless set themselves a task of demonstrating whether oxytocin can enforce the acceptance of aliens and reduce xenophobic out-group rejection. To this end they devised experiments in which subjects were asked to donate a certain amount of money to people in need, either compatriots or refugees. Before the experiment the subjects were screened for the level of xenophobia. During the experiment the subjects were either allowed to act on their own, or were exposed to peer pressure or were administered oxytocin intranasally. It turned out that (i) refugee-directed donation among the subjects scoring low on xenophobia were significantly increased by oxytocin, whereas (ii) oxytocin alone was not enough in the case of the subjects scoring high on xenophobia: their out-group avoidance (or parochial, as it is patronizingly named, altruism) could only be overcome by the orchestrated operation of oxytocin and peer pressure.

The conclusions are obvious.

Citizens of host countries must be forced to accept the influx of aliens whether they like it or not. If they do not comply then, in the name of high-flown ideals of universal brotherhood of men, they will be forced either by peer pressure or by oxytocin or by both.

Oxytocin suits this purpose very well as this hormone raises the emotional well-being, it so to say oh-so humane. Like Aldous Huxley’s soma in his book Brave New World. The human being with his biologically-driven likes and dislikes is not to be tolerated, he must be changed. By ideological interaction or by chemistry. He must not be left alone. He must accept what he does not like not merely passively. He must be made to like what he previously disliked.

There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, based on the interpretation of political opposition or dissent as a psychiatric problem. The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet ‘scientists’ left off.


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The only true way to determine who is (politically) insane is to read the bumps on their head.PHRENOLOGY is a theory fact which claims to be able to
determine character, personality traits, and criminality on the basis of
the shape of the head (reading "bumps"). Developed
by German physician Franz Joseph Gall around 1800, and very popular in
the 19th century, it is now discredited
revived as a pseudo science.

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I would rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomyTom WaitsIn truth, my biggest the fear is in genetics (my old field when I was alive). I know of several genes involved in compliance. Different alleles code for different responses to threat and conflict. It would be feasible to produce a vaccine that makes the recipient highly prone to accept the stutus quo. A year ago Christine Charpentier, the leading scientist in manipulating cell lines was invited to the Bilderbergs. She probably just went for the good companionship though. I'm sure glad vaccines aren't mandatory

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"There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry" There continues to be an abuse of political psychiatry, that is increasing quickly, particularly in the US, and the EU.Had I complained of my deep-state-prescribed organized stalking and microwave torture, I would have ended up in forced psychiatric care in Finland.Because they would dare not be evil. /sarcasm

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Outgroup loyalty is ok if that group has similar levels of outgroup loyalty; ie, they are just as generous to you as you are to them, and have the same respect for you as you do for them.That doesn't seem to be the case with most third-world cultures; they have strong ingroup loyalty, and thus taking anything other than a similar stance towards them is suicide.I think it has a lot to do with Maslow's Heirarchy.

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I can, unfortunately, verify this. It's a Westernized revision of Communist East German Stasi 'Zersetzung' psychological terror campaigns. The dirtbag commies had "sluggish schizophrenia;" the West has "targeted individuals." The goal is to use non-stop 'plausibly deniable tactics' to get the target imprisoned or institutionalized on false charges, or to push them to suicide. It's designed so that when a victim complains about being targeted, the things they describe sound incredible and outlandish. You're being tortured incessantly, and to make things still worse, no one believes you.Mass shooters Myron May, AaronAlexis, and Gavin Long all complained of targeting. The number of people being targeted grows by the day, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of virtually identical reports found online. Make no mistake, this is undeniable evidence that the NWO totalitarian end game is in full swing. Fight, and maybe you'll die. Cower, and you'll certainly die, or be enslaved. In the end, is there a difference? Freedom or tyranny is the choice we're facing. We owe our children a better future than this!The days of dragging 'enemies of the state' out of their homes in front of the terrified neighbors is largely over (at least for now.) Way too much potential blowback from a heavily armed, perpetually pissed-off and nervous populace. Similarly, division only works for so long. The transnational police state is the biggest threat facing humanity! The "good cops" need to be honest with the public, and clean house, because they and their families won't remain immune. Our one saving grace may be that the NWO goons might completely lose control before their NWO plans are realized! 

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Anybody that has been targeted, a chosen individual, has been in a spiritual fight for many thousands of years with the Sons of Cain 2.0 (rulers and secret brotherhoods).We are modern time Jobs; we are being tested. Yes, it is a heavy burden. But I was created to withstand two heavy burdens.Be steadfast and do not raise the sword, unless you want to be judged by the Law; y embrace grace with lots of faith.Trust the three people I admire the most.The holy grail is within you, but you must deserve it.Lose fear, anger and pride (vanity), and cultivate the seven virtues.Stop sinning. Patience and faith are required.No fear.

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He won't define it, but the usual lefty definition is to create a false dichomoty between a caricatured version of corporations (they are all Wal-Mart and every CEO is a billionaire), and the government (which is really "the people"). Socialism is to pick "the little guy's" side, and capitalism is to pick "the 1%'s" side.

Reality is a touch more complex.

Use whatever ism you want, but multiculturalism comes not from the idea of mixing a bunch of people, but from destroying all cultures so as to turn humans into raw material, like iron, which can be forged in the hands of the philosopher kings.

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The non-academic real world form of multiculturalism is somewhat akin to a spider's digestive enzymes. An agent injected into prey in order to liquefy body structure into an easily consumed form.

Your atomization analogy is very accurate though, although I would expand it to not only include cultures but any competing structure which has a power greater than the sum of its parts. Families, communities, nations, tribes, unions, religions, etc.

You must also have picked up that a new Straussian framework is being built up. As the GOP de-legitimized Christianity in America by weaving it into their self serving Straussian ideology a new foundation was required.

It appears that the civil rights movement was seized upon as something that could replace Christianity in order to maintain the philosopher kings in power.

The money power behind the Democrats are fervently pushing this and my concern is that they are going to de-legitimize good relations between different groups within the United States as they are pushing the same sort of self-serving agenda the GOP did earlier with the Newt Gingrich crowd.

America is a relatively new country which heavily used frontier-ism and consumerism (both which have waning influence post 2000) within its spirit. The breakdown of 2 of the few remaining foundations, specifically civil rights and Christianity, as bonds will have a very destructive effect within the US.

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Capitalists don't fund studies when they can "convince" the govt to do it for them.  Cost savings.  Gotta worship the "share-holders returns".  Don't forget that the top Capitalists have already bought the Govt.  "Top Capitalists"?  My bad.  The banksters.  When you can print money (and all the other shenanigans) you can choose which Capitalists will be Top.

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general ambivalent:  The top Capitalists bought the govt.They use Capitalism when they are winning.  They use Socialism when they are losing.Capitalism and Socialism are both simply ideas that are only approximated in the real world.  In truth, All is Fascism - the merger of the Corporates and the State.  Capitalist?  Socialist?  They pretend to be whatever suits them at the time.  Behind the scenes, they continue to do as they please.And I haven't even introduced fiat fraud debt money systems into the mix:Who-ever has the best guns owns all the fiat and makes the rules.  If they like you then they lend you money.  If they don't like you then they make you pay it back.  If you won't sell them your successful business then they will lend to your opposition, undercut your prices until you go bankrupt and buy you out on the cheap.  If you are too prosperous then they'll lend money to an idiot to bid up prices at the auction - you either pay too much or do without.  Over-supply will be held off market or destroyed in order to keep prices high.  The inflationary fiat debt system guarantees that no matter how hard everyone works, bankruptcy and poverty is baked into the cake for some.Forget Capitalism vs Socialism.  They are good ideas but they are only ideas.  The real world is messier than that. The Ideal Voltage Source has zero resistance.  The Ideal Current Source has infinite resistance.  Neither one exists in the real world.  They all have some, finite resistance.  And a good thing too.  Otherwise shorting either one out would release infinite power and blow up the universe.Which is a convoluted way of saying that you can't have Pure Capitalism or Pure Socialism because both will enslave the majority of the population.  There is no escaping the muddle through somewhere on the middle ground - look at the yin-yang symbol.  It still has the little black dot in the white area and the little white dot in the black area.  Same philosophy.There is no brainless automatic solution.  You have to use your brain every step of the way and adapt to what is there.  And don't forget the banksters behind the curtain.  No ideal escapes the greed of the money printers / lenders... ... ... except, perhaps, "Shoot the person who lends / wants to lend you money."  That might work.

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You need to look deeply ... capitalism is feeding off all the social programs created.How the fuck do you think these corporations got so big? NOW STAND AND LOOK AT IT FOR A SECOND.Socialists love it, because they get the money pumped in ... the capitalists love it also ... easy pickings.So you actually have a hybrid of the two and really it is a whole new structure ... designed and crafted for the elites running the show.WANNA KILL THE BEAST ... kill socialism and watch the capitalism starve the more violent approach is to kill the capitalists or the socialists one or other does not matter for this mechansim to be destroyed.If anything that is what needs to happen, but capitalism will go to war before it gives up it position.THE BIT THAT REALLY REALLY PISSES ME OFF ABOUT THE LEFT WING LIBERAL RETARDS THEY DO NOT REALISE THEIR WANTS HAS GROWN THE CAPITALIST BEAST THEY SO DESPISE AND BEING SO DUMB THEY NEVER REALISED. Soro NGO's serve only to grow Soros not the rest of humanity who will in turn such as antifa create all the shit they are objecting too ... how fucking stupid are people? VERY. 

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They have a name for it now.  They are calling it ASIA syndrome.  It's what aluminum, mercury, silicone and some polymer have in common.  These things are used as adjuvants precisely because they freak the immune system out and cause it to overreact.  Then people get heavy metals and autoimmune disease, which consists of 100 different diseases which includes diabetes, arthritis and just about everything.  They tried to tell people this shit was genetic.  They can't deny it anymore when women who get breast implant sickness, gulf war syndrome and vaccine illnesses all start displaying the exact same symptoms.  The breast implants is what is bringing it back up because they are going down left and right now, including Hefner's wife (we are probably so overloaded now that when people get those put in they're instantly over the top).  Good luck getting them to do any real research on it though because the whole system would get sued.  It's too big to sue.  The damage cannot even be calculated.  They are also matching specific vaccines to specific types of physical manifestations now.Everybody should do some heavy metal chelation.  It actually reverses heart and blood pressure problems.  You used to have to pay out the ass to go to a hospital and do it by IV but now you can buy the pills for 14 bucks.  Make sure you take supplements at some point incase it pulls some good minerals out in addition to heavy metals.  Anybody who has heart or immune problems should have done this long ago, and periodically. 

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I wonder if this is why I feel much better the last two years, after consuming large amounts of probiotics (more recently, kombucha) and drinking a bit of lemon or lime juice in water (not lemonade, as I don't add sugar). IIRC citric acid is a chelating agent.

Separate form that though, my wife, the dietitian, has also shown me quite a bit of research on typical foods in the American diet, and aside from straight-up chemicals like artificial sweeteners, consider that excessive sugar and simple starch is in fact corrosive to body tissues. Recently WIC made a bombshell announcement that they no longer subsidize juice in their program, because there is so much data that excessive juice is tied to childhood metabolic syndrome, which is most visibly manifested as obesity and low energy.

We all like a good conspiracy theory, but having gotten to know some Monsanto folks through my wife (they will show up at any event to do with nutrition in an official sense), I think its more a case of people who would rather let Americans die than lose their high-paying job. With a few true believers mixed in.

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Being acid and having no probiotics is definitely a problem.  Sugar and wheat is a problem.  Starch is a problem.  GMO is a problem.  The pesticides are a problem.  I highly recommend the chelating though.  One way or another we all get loaded with metals.  Once you have heavy metals in there fungus and all types of nasty microbes start to thrive also (notice how autistic kids always have digestive problems and with some medications will pass giant cysts of fungus and bad microbes, metals will do that if the system can't remove).   Almost all cancer is found containing fungus as well, so much so that back in the day they thought it might be the cause.  It may just be because they are both sucking up sugar together but metals help all of that thrive as well.  Heavy metals cause arterial plaque, cognitive problems, metabolic problems and immune problemsYou never know how much better you will feel until you start purging it.  More often than not people are shocked.  The citric acid is a chelator but is supposed to have a far weaker affect and isn't usually considered real chelation by physicians, although they will add it to EDTA sometimes.  They also sometimes add acetyl cysteine if they have cognitive problems because that might pull some heavy metals across the blood brain barrier.  You still have to keep doing it periodically for quite a while to really remove a good amount.  It just pulls it primarily out of the blood and then it will re-equalize again, so you pull some more.  Lemon, even though acid, supposedly has the effect of alkalinizing the body which can make miracles happen too.  Cancer and tons of other nasties hate alkaline too.  Everybody is too acid.  I used to take some baking soda with water at night every now and then and I had tons of energy and my skin looked great.  I doubt all the employees at Monsanto are trying to kill everybody also but the people who organized it are.  If you look at what happened with fluoride it tells the whole story of everything else.  They always knew they were poisoning us and they enforced its municipal use through federal penalties.  They could have corrected it anywhere going down the line.  They will never remove it and there is definitely a motive there.  We are all targeted but they are after the baby boomers probably more than anybody. 

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Ever been in a checkout line with four people in front of you speaking into a cell phone, each one is speaking a different language? I have and it gets on my nerves.