Donna Brazile Says She "Feared For Her Life" After Seth Rich Was Killed

Perhaps the most shocking revelation contained in the excerpts from former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile’s book was, unsurprisingly, buried in a Washington Post overview of the various allegations (and frankly, we’re surprised the Post, given its status as a protector of the Washington establishment, deigned to publish it).

In the aftermath of Wikileaks’ decision to publish a cache of emails stolen from the DNC’s servers, Donna Brazile says she became increasingly paranoid about both possible Russian efforts to sway the election. Surprisingly, she says top Democrats initially instructed her not to discuss her concerns with others.

But even more than the Russians, Brazile says she feared possible retribution from shadowy elements within the campaign and the Democratic Party who might blame her for the leak. Her fears only intensified, she says, after the mysterious shooting of former campaign staffer Seth Rich, who the authorities said was killed during a robbery, though many so-called conspiracy theorists have speculated about a possible Democratic plot to kill Rich for his role in leaking the stash of DNC emails to Wikileaks. Brazile's anxiety eventually spiraled out of control, to the point where she feared for her own life while serving as interim chairwoman of the DNC.

Brazile describes her mounting anxiety about Russia’s theft of emails and other data from DNC servers, the slow process of discovering the full extent of the cyberattacks and the personal fallout. She likens the feeling to having rats in your basement: “You take measures to get rid of them, but knowing they are there, or have been there, means you never feel truly at peace.”


Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.


At first, Brazile writes of the hacking, top Democratic officials were “encouraging us not to talk about it.” But she says a wake-up moment came when she visited the White House in August 2016, for President Obama’s 55th birthday party. National security adviser Susan E. Rice and former attorney general Eric Holder separately pulled her aside quietly to urge her to take the Russian hacking seriously, which she did, she writes.

While she doesn’t elaborate on her reasons for suspecting that Rich’s death may have been a homicide, just the fact that Brazile says she, too, suspected that something nefarious might’ve been afoot is reason enough to take a second look at Rich’s death. Of course, if it’s true that Rich was killed as punishment for leaking the emails, then that would of course invalidata most of the evidence supporting the Russia interference narrative that has been propagated by the Democrats and their partners in the intelligence community.


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Throwing Weinstein under the bus was the first attempt to scare HRC away from another run; it did not work, as she recently stated on air that she would run again if that was what the people wanted, which means she will run again, full stop. So Brazile's book is yet another attempt to put a stake through her heart.

They might have to destroy the party to save the party.

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while the underlined sentence that closes the post above is true enough, there is considerable evidence apart from this that invalidates the russian connection.  first, unless rich was a russian spy, the fact that assange offered a reward for help in finding the killers busts the fake's some more:…’s-left-russiagate-–-are-we-down-1000-paid-trolls…

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This just goes to show everyone how stupid and delusional progs are, Donna Brazille ADMITS to passing debate questions to camp Hillary while working for Fake Nuuuz CNN then, is shocked (SHOCKED I SAY!) to find "collusion" as Chairman of the DNC between DNC apparatchiks and camp Hillary against Burnie Marx and paranoid about Russian snipers?

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Just imagine Ron Brown* coming out with a book in 1993 saying he was afraid for his life after Vince Foster's death.Wow. Even the ravishing mrs. chunga was up early to watch OANN. Trump mentioned this book but did not mention ethSe ichRe.*Ron Brown died in a plane crash

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Why would she “fear for her life” if Seth’s murder was just some “botched robbery “?!

She probably really was worried she was on Hillary’s list but is making up the Russian Sniper thing as cover.

Funny that anyone would believe Russian snipers over Hillary wanting her dead. Lol

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None of it makes any sense. Now I'm remembering back to the private detective Rod Wheeler who I think said it was Brazile that was shutting down the investigation. Hannity and others were talking all about it...and then stopped abruptly.Also I'm remembering about Ron Brown (DNC chair early nineties, and his death, supposedly a falling out with the Clintons, then talk of a bullet hole in his head and controversy over his death)

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Ron Brown (DNC chair early nineties, and his death, supposedly a falling out with the Clintons, then talk of a bullet hole in his head and controversy over his death)

I can see why Donna Brazile might be a little nervous.I wonder if she had a CCW and a food taster?

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I've seen a lot of hypotheses about Meuller and his investigation.  AFAIK, any one looks as good as the next for what's really going on.  In light of what Donna is putting out there, let me just add another one: Meuller's primary goal is not to get Trump, but rather to tie up DNC loose ends.  Or maybe get Trump is a secondary goal.  If the above turns out to be true, it would seem that Hillary is a loose end now.  At least Tony Podesta would count as a lose end.

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The funniest thing about all of this is that the Alt-Right fought harder to uncover Seth Rich then any of Bernie Sanders Bolshevik Communists fans or Bernie himself.  That tells you a whole lot right there.  F*ck those people are dumb.

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Just remember that the Wa Po, NY Times, CNN and others are the mouthpiece of the See Eye A. Clintons, Bushes and Obama are See Eye A.  Old Poppy Bush is their controller   He has seniority because he was there to kill JFK and he almost got Reagan.

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Just remember that the Wa Po, NY Times, CNN and others are the mouthpiece of the See Eye A. 

That's their problem, not ours.Destruction of the front business is not part of normal operations. False flags like Boston, Sandy Hook, and Charlottesville didn't use this model. They screwed up big time with Mandalay. Lawsuits, insider trading, partial ownership by a Saudi Prince arrested for corruption... might as well demolish the place.Once the media corps is discredited they have no value to the alphabet boys. Go ahead with the prosecution on RICO charges and revoke their FCC licenses.Sloppy. They shot themselves in the foot so many times they need a wheelchair. But it's done, now they're gonna have to rebuild. That is, if they don't get disbanded through the Executive agency budget restructuring EO.

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Did this rogue reporter write about Donna Brazile giving Hillary the debate questions? When caught later didn't Brazile say she would do it again? She worked very hard to get Clinton elected including underhanded means.

Why are her claims that she was forced to commit those acts now believed?

Clinton's political future is already finished. Chelsea has no future for years. Thus Brazile needs to cut her ties to Clinton, preserve her positions within the party, blame the crimes and lies on others, make herself the victim forced to participate and prevented from doing the right/honest thing and try to come out smelling like a rose.

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