The 'War On Terror' Has Cost American Taxpayers $250 Million A Day For 16 Years

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The U.S. government has spent a staggering $1.46 trillion on wars abroad since September 11, 2001, according to the Department of Defense’s (DoD) periodical “Cost of War” report. As International Business Times reports, this amounts to $250 million a day for 16 years consecutively.

The newly released version, published by the Federation of American Scientists’ Secrecy News blog, spans war-related activity from the September 11th terrorist attacks through mid-2017.

According to the report, despite the fact that the war on terror is still ongoing rapidly to this day, Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011) and Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2014) account for the vast majority of the cost, amounting to more than $1.3 trillion collectively.

It must be noted that this analysis only covers direct war-related expenses and is certainly on the lower side of such estimates of the cost of American wars to date. For example, in 2014, a report from Congress’ nonpartisan research arm found that the government had already shelled out over $1.6 trillion for the war on terror. That estimate would amount to approximately $337 million per day every single day for that 13-year period.

Last year, a report released by Dr. Neta Crawford, professor of political science at Brown University, found that spending by the United States Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, and Veteran Affairs since 9/11 was even higher, reaching almost $5 trillion.

That being said, the DoD’s recent report mainly covers the costs of military operational costs, support for deployed troops, and transportation of personnel and equipment. It does not include the expense of veterans’ benefits for troops who served in these wars. The cost of veterans’ benefits alone is projected to be somewhere between $600 billion and $1 trillion. The total also notably does not include “non-DoD classified programs” such as those conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency, which, as we know, has a significant budget of its own.

Further, war zones where the U.S. military has been actively engaged in recent years, such as Libya and Somalia, did not even receive specific mentions in the report. If $250 million a day for a 16-year period already sounds far too much to be spending on death and destruction, one can be assured that the true financial cost of the war on terror is, in reality, much higher.

As International Business Times explained, the war on terror has become America’s costliest war since World War II:

“According to the Congressional Research Service, the only war in U.S. history to cost more than the Global War on Terror is World War II, at more than $4.1 trillion in present dollars. Direct war-related expenses from the Vietnam War cost $738 billion in today’s dollars.”

As reports, glancing at the American empire, there are nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad. 

To maintain this global force,  the US Senate approved a $700 billion military bill this year. The amount eclipses $549 billion military spending cap established by 2011 Budget Control Act. More evidence fund flows are increasing, as the narrative is being set with America’s next enemy in the crosshairs.


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We need a Sally Strothers commercial for the MIC."For less than a dollar a day you can help create an endless stream of terrorists to destroy countries in the Middle East and as an added bonus you you can help destroy Europe as well.Won't you help us in this important mission by showing you care?"

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While eyes are on Kim's NK ...AFRICOM will ramp up: Haley made clear that the funding would be on a bilateral basis, subject to congressional approval, and not given through the United Nations..."We believe that the G5 force must be, first and foremost, owned by the countries of the region themselves," Haley said, referring to the group of five African nations. "We also have serious and well-known reservations about using U.N. resources...On December 14, the international community will meet in Brussels for a pledging conference to support the G5 force. The five countries are looking for a total of $490 million for the task force...2018 Game On - Africa....!

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Worth every penny.After 9/11 they decided to declare War on Terror and we haven't had a single terrorist incident since then.All those people bitching about how this money was wasted should remember that without this spending we would have had bombs going off all over the world and maybe even people using domestic vehicles to plough into streets full of pedestrians... might even have had a bunch of terrorists declaring their own caliphate in the middle east.  There would have been attacks all over the world.£250 million per day is a small price to pay for this period of unprecedented peace...Oh hang on. Wrong reality.  Sorry :(

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The 'War On Terror' Has Cost American Taxpayers $250 Million A Day For 16 YearsObservtion: Buying and giving these people BIBLES to read would have been much cheaper.What do the Holy Scriptures say?Hebrews 4:1212 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

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Here's the problem. Christianity says when your enemy strikes you, turn the other cheek. Islam says - cool, another cheek... You're not going to beat them by trying to love them to death.You do realize that muslims that turn away from the phophet are considered apostates, right? Apostates suffer the worst wrath. Christians can pay hegemony (tax) and live as second class citizens.  They can convert and be full muslims. Apostates are killed without mercy, and usually in cruel and unusual enough fashion to leave a strong impression on others not to make the same mistake.Rule one. Know your enemy.

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The key word is can.  Christians can live in the Muslim world as second class citizens.  On a whim however, the Caliphate may very well decide to seize all Christian property and march the prior owners out into the desert to be consumed by thirst.  For amusement, the holy warriors may decide to crucify the Christian women just to add a bit of symbolism to the mix.  

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And they live in secular states that are ostensibly Judeo - Christian with no risk whatsoever. See how that works? We even have people championing the Muslim cause, for fuck's sake.Bringing hugs to a gunfight. Committing ideological suicide.If we just want peace it's easy. Pass out Korans instead of Bibles. That's what we're effectively doing by being passive in the face of their aggression.

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Better to go back to burning the heretics.Muscular Christianity works. Look how effective Charlemagne was in spreading the gospel in Northern Europe.4,500 Pagan heads in a pile in one day at Verden was a pretty useful proselytizing tool to make the forces of Darkness see the light.Enlightenment is a tough business not for the squeamish or faint of conviction.

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Downvotes? Really?Hey, don't hate the messenger. What I said is factually accurate. In the Episcopal Church, for instance, they even fly a no concealed carry sign with special text on it describing the church's pacifist ideology. This won't win in a fight with an aggressive ideology.Bringing hugs to a gunfight may work for a deity, but not so much for us humans.

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And bailing out and juicing Wall Street and the banks/corporations/insurers for 9+ years has cost 10 times as much.Get us the Hell out of the M.E. and all the other World Police bases and bring our kids home, but shit, get the fuck out of Wall Street too!  End the FED!  Hang the money-changers!

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Funding the zionist empire.  Don't forget the billions sent to maintain the antichrist state.Nuttyyahoo benefited from 911 and even said so.Ehud Barak laid out the "war on terror", including laying blame on bogeyman bin Laden, the police state, countries to be attacked, before the smoke even cleared.  

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But they can't do anything to protect US citizens against random truck attacks or random mass shooting attacks.

In the mean time the TSA gropes every hot dude or woman they can.

What a fucking waste. I am sick of all the fake security theatre. Tell people to buy a gun and deal with it themselves.

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Way too late.  The Bush Clinton cartel in cahoots with the Wahhabis imported the wasps to the United States. They will marinate in this secular culture until they reach a point of regional superiority.  Then you will have a caliphate spring up in the United States.  Don’t think in spans of five or ten years.  Think in spans of fifty to a hundred.  

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