Did Russia's Iranian Energy Deal Kill Four Birds With One Stone?

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Russia’s gargantuan $30 billion energy deal with Iran simultaneously accomplished four objectives that are central to the grand strategic goals behind Moscow’s “Ummah Pivot”...

Rosneft chief executive Igor Sechin announced that his company signed a roadmap to invest the mind-numbingly large sum of $30 billion in the Iranian energy sector following his and President Putin’s visit to the Islamic Republic to hold three-way talks with Azerbaijan. This masterstroke of energy diplomacy wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for Trump scaring Western investors away from Iran and pushing the country closer towards Russia as a result, which totally reversed the intended dynamic of the Obama Administration that sought to reorient Iran in the opposite direction through the multiple concessions that it offered up through the summer 2015 nuclear deal. Russia’s foreign policy “progressives” are indeed making rapid progress in advancing their 21st-century grand strategic goal of positioning Moscow as the supreme balancing force in the Eurasian supercontinent, and this is in turn accelerating the global transition to a Multipolar World Order.

In order to appreciate just how profoundly significant of a geostrategic move Moscow made this week, one needs to look no further than the four objectives that were immediately advanced through the Russian-Iranian energy roadmap:

Unveiling A Trans-Azeri Pipeline

Russia intends to build a trans-Azeri pipeline to Iran, which will not only strengthen bilateral Russian-Iranian relations and their trilateral expansion with Azerbaijan, but also importantly demonstrates the success of the recent Russian-Azeri rapprochement over the past year. Moscow views Baku as an integrationist in the sense that it’s facilitating Russia and China’s supercontinental goal of linking the landmass closer together, while traditional Russian “ally” Armenia is seen as a Western-leaning obstructionist that’s suddenly become a wayward partner.

It shouldn’t be interpreted as coincidental that this new energy-driven milestone in Russian-Azeri relations occurred just weeks before the planned signing of Armenia’s “Comprehensive And Enhanced New Agreement” with the EU. The dichotomy of Azerbaijan moving closer to Russia at precisely the same moment that Armenia drifts towards the West is expected to have serious implications for the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process because it suggests that Moscow might more solidly support Baku’s preferred solution to this conflict in line with international law while the West (influenced to a strong degree by the powerful US-based Armenian lobby) might back Yerevan’s continued occupation of the region.

Starting The South Asian Stream

The other important outcome of this trilateral summit is that Russia also announced that it intends to build a tristate pipeline between Iran, Pakistan, and India, which the author recently remarked might signify that Russia has been successful in getting India to downscale its support for Baloch terrorism against Pakistan due to New Delhi’s newfound self-interest in this transnational region’s stability because of “South Asian Stream”. If successful with this strategy, then Moscow could prove that it’s indeed the only balancing force capable of sustaining stability in the Mideast-South Asian pivot region because of the influence that Russia is still capable of wielding in “moderating” the pro-Western pivot that India’s embarked on in recent years.

Neutralizing Iran As A European Competitor

In line with the abovementioned strategy that the Obama Administration had for gently co-opting Iran and its “moderate”-led government into the Western fold, a large part of the vision had to do with using Western investments to eventually transform the country into a formidable competitor to Russia in the European marketplace. That entire blueprint has now been neutralized because of Trump’s aggression against the Islamic Republic and the “rescue mission” that Russian energy investments are now engaged in to “save” the Iranian economy from the US’ anti-Iranian bullying of its Western partners (despite the President’s public denial thereof) and what appear to be impending sectoral sanctions against its resource sector. Under these circumstances, which are setting into motion reformatted years-long strategies by all sides, it’s all but impossible for the US to ever “guide” Iran in the direction of becoming a serious competitor to Russia’s marketplace position in Europe, thereby averting this scenario.

Reassuring Tehran About The Russian-Saudi Rapprochement

Finally, Iran had every reason to be concerned about the Russian-Saudi rapprochement if its decision makers viewed it from a “zero-sum” Neo-Realist angle, even though Moscow’s intent behind it had always been about forging a win-win solution for retaining state-to-state peace in the Mideast, but all of those fears were put to rest after the announcement about Rosneft’s $30 billion energy investment plans in the Islamic Republic. Tehran can now rest assured that Moscow isn’t “selling out” to the Saudis, but is indeed truly trying to balance the complex interstate relations of the Mideast, hence the very successful outcome of President Putin’s visit to Iran in proving just how successful Russia’s “Ummah Pivot” is shaping out to be.


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It's high time that the US break free from its 1913 high jacking by the City of London. Being the center of a reconstituted British empire is not in the best interest of the American people. Bring the industries home, tariff China and there will be plenty of jobs for everyone. All the treasure of America is better spent on infrastructure and improving the standard of living of Americans, rather than a soon to collapse imperial system.

DjangoCat Nov 6, 2017 9:58 AM Permalink

So how does this square with the Saudi king visit to Moscow a while ago?  Can SA and Iran get along?  Does the purge in SA push towards Moscow or US?

Money_for_Nothing Nov 6, 2017 6:07 AM Permalink

Russia is screwing Iran over and this deal is going to placate Iran? I think Iran and Turkey are going to cause everyone in the region major ass hurt. Saudi Arabia probably got the same info from Russia that Turkey did a few months back and is taking similar action. US got the Frack out of the ME. Sustaining Egypt, Kurds, and Israel with military equipment. Haven't heard of many new buys/give-a-ways of weapons and ammo to anyone else. Russia is shipping a lot but I would think most has to be sold at a discount.

WTFUD Nov 6, 2017 5:28 AM Permalink

Surely Trump the Businessman can gather together ALL of the SWAMP Reps from Singer, Elliot Mgt, Goldman etc etc, MIC/al-CIAd'uh and GOD forbid even the Clinton Klan, and Strike a Deal with Russia & China for say, 20% of the Whole Silk Road Energy Transit Infrastructure Build; especially now that the Syrian Pipeline Door is SHUT.

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The Armenians are the stupidest race on earth. They are proud of being the first Christian nation of history yet they spend their entire collective intellectual capacity towards ingratiating themselves to the Americans who not only designed, created and organized muslim terrorism but *are* ISIS itself. Americans court muslim AND Turkish Azerbaijan every opportunity they get!

Not only that, but anyone can see that America is a waning power primed to self destruct (there is not another First World country that treats its poorer classes with as much contempt and disdain).

Bye bye Armenia. Keep selling your daughters to the Persians on their sexcapades. Ever been to Erevan? The city center looks like a cross between Disneyland and an open-air American Mall. A few hundred meters away, it's pure poverty and misery with people making $50 a month. The upper class Armenians treat the poorer ones with pure contempt. There is not another nominally Christian nation on earth where there is so much corruption, nepotism and prostitution.

Have you seen the Armenians in Glendale, in Los Angeles, California? These morons have a hard time paying rent on their one-bedroom apartments yet drive those huge and extremely expensive Mercedes 600-series SUVs.

Same attitude as in 1920 when the Armenians ended up being occupied by the Bolsheviks after being annihilated by the Turks. Even in those calamitous days of yore, Armenian arrogance and hubris ruled the streets of Erevan where Armenian refugies from Anatolia were literally dying of hunger and disease after having been expulsed by the Turks from their homeland. No solidarity and compassion whatsoever for their fellow Armenians, just like today.

No wonder Armenians lose everything, and keep losing all the time. Respectable Christians? Check out those young Armenian girls in Los Angeles: they look even more gross than the lowliest Mexican whores.

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The author is big on blaming Trump and praising Obama.  Seems pretty slanted and alarmist, while at the same time poking the U.S. for not playing a good chess game to swing Iran's oil exports in a way that would favor the U.S.   I raise the bullshit flag.  The U.S. has real issues to concern itself with, not where Asian pipelines are going to be built and which country's oil is going to flow through them.  That's not our ball game.  Kill the last of ISIS and start bringing home our military stuck in these mid'East and Asian shit holes.

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In US it is the white man that gets killed with four stones thrown at him by the- gay gang, the libs, the feminists, and the self hating whites. Whites now are only 62% in US, and keep shrinking in number...... but it is racist to say that in the media and in public. 

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I see they have little mic's to talk to their colleagues across the other side of the table, nothing says 'made it' like needing a microphone to talk across the table, or 'brain dead', depends upon your point of view..

uhland62 Aussiekiwi Nov 6, 2017 1:38 AM Permalink

I reckon, this was arranged for the photo. There would have been other negotiators and translators at the table. It's not the best of times for the US, they have various ways of isolating themselves. Now the EU (ultimately US and NATO) are taking over Armenia. They will have to take African refugees, but they are not intelligent to see that now.20 years of independence, thrown away so easily, sad. 

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$30 billion is not so mind-numbing.  Putin spent $50 billion on the Sochi olympics, which is like flushing money down the toilet.

Royotoyo gmj Nov 6, 2017 1:29 AM Permalink

I take it you've never been to Sochi.  Most of that money was spent building a world class winter resort, almost from scratch.  I mean electricity generation, sewer systems, the works.  The money wasted on the olympics themselves amounted to only a few billion.  Also, a large portion of that budget was spent on something else entirely that needed to be shielded from prying eyes, likely something related to defense, the military or intelligence services.

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Russia is rapidly cementing it's influence in the region.  It is far closer to them and the USA, so it is much cheaper and efficient for them to project force there than for the USA, and they have a better understanding of the region and are more trusted.You've lost NeoCons.

DjangoCat IDESofMARCH Nov 6, 2017 10:10 AM Permalink

Why do you think that US/NATO world domination is a good idea?  Why do you think you will be more prosperous or freer because of it.  We see exactly the opposite developing with the rise of the deep state, the criminal banking system and the rigged politics of the west.A more balanced world would be a benefit, not a loss. 

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  cnn, hollywood and US justice department are       proof of corporate racketeering!             yes the USA Justice Departent has been comprimised. It’s not the game, that’s just another nail!   it’s the comprehensive destruction of America In 8 months American corporate racketeers and international oligarchs decided to:

  • ·        Destroy 50 years of social integration
  • ·        Freeze left / right party lines
  • ·        Mocked American History
  • ·        Controlled the justice system imperatives
  • ·        Branded a foreign trading partner as a cold war enemy
  • ·        Lied to every age group in every society

 Are there no patriots, only about 150 to kill the rest will run, It looks so easy in Hollywood, just start there.  

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TRy to follow the money The real reason for ME destruction, “it’s NOT for oil or gas pipe lines”! Islamic finance and economy has some admirable trades (in a nutshell: stimulating Productive Capitalism and repressing Financial Capitalism and not the other way around as the mainstream development in the Global West). Is the Islamic view on finance and economy not just a preference for Productive Capitalism and a statement against Financial Capitalism? Or is the Western economy and finance just too heavy influenced/poisoned by looting principles: as it facilitates a drain from the real economy towards the financial economy. And: Is draining the real economy a good/smart concept? Yet that’s just what Financial Capitalism does. As it widens the wealth gap within economies/societies. The Islamic finance and economic models are interesting, they even could be better than those that currently are destroying/imprisoning the economies of the Global West. Or more diplomatically said: The Islamic finance and economic models are delivering more the wanted output than the financial and economic model of the Global West. Better said: the Islamic finance and economic models are delivering Productive Capitalism (with all its advantages) and prevents the rise of Financial Capitalism (with all its downsides). Therefore, are the Islamic views on finance and economy way more attractive than the Anglo-American views on finance and economy that are currently prevailed in the Global West.

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Agreed.  Crypto currencies, especially deflationary ones like Bitcoin, cannot be part of a debt based system because it costs way more to pay back the debt when the time comes.The ICO token sales are a very interesting replacement for debt securities and dividend paying equities.  They are equity in the fuel of the network and owners benefit directly from the success of the enterprise.  A very Islamic friendly investment system.

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the following may help understand and think more about?  Multiplying Capital – The powers behind global finance aren't capable in thinking/acting in a mutual Interest way: they're parasites that just want to loot nations of their natural resources and use the limited purchase power of these nations as foreign markets for their interests.   Guidelines Not the Anglo American western view on financial deals, but a non-usury view on the financial the financial system. So, no usury and therefore no fixed percentage interest/revenue, but real risk/outcome convergence: both up and down. Not the Anglo-American view on fast fake profits, but a healthier long-term view on real profits. So profits are only real profits if they still are profits after 5 or 10 years (quarterly/yearly profits on an on-going exposure cannot be defined as realized profit: as the real value of an exposure is not clear yet).   http://www.planck.org/downloads/Iran-National-Economic-Plan.pdf 

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So Russia and China are building bridges and exporting technology...The US in the other hand likes to blow-up infrastructure and export weapons creating chaos...I wonder whose strategy will pay off later...