Israel Begins "Largest-Ever Aerial Military Drill", As Saudis Consider Missile Strike "Act Of War"

Today, Israel kicked off its largest international aerial training exercise ever - coined: Blue Flag 2017

Air-forces from nine countries with about 50 planes are now starting to drill in the most southern region of the country utilizing Uvda Air Base in Israel.  Teams from India, the United States, Greece, Poland, France, Italy and Germany with be flying over 300 sorties simulating ‘real war’.

According to Israel Defense,

Throughout the first week of the two-week-long exercise, the international aircrews will acclimate themselves to the base and get to know each other. Throughout the second week, the participants will rehearse complex scenarios and coalition flights.


During some of the sorties, the participants will fly against the “Flying Dragon” Squadron, the IAF’s aggressor squadron, which will simulate enemy forces via “enemy” aircraft, SAM (Surface-to-air missile) batteries and MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems).  

Lt. Col. Nadav, Commander of the 133rd Squadron (“Knights of the Twin Tail”), which operates “Baz” (F-15) fighter jets and is heading up the drill says,

“...the Blue Flag exercise is a significant quantum leap in our ability to hold an exercise and provide our multi-national participants with a quality training experience as performed in Israel. This is a significant milestone in our relationship with the international air forces, some of which are arriving in Israel to train for the first time. This exercise will allow us to continue cooperating with these forces in the future as well.”

The Indian Air Force sent a C-130J transport plane, other countries sent fighter jets, transport planes and refueling aircraft. Israel Defense notes some other various types of aircraft participating in the war games,

Participating on behalf of Israel are a “Baz” (F-15) squadron, a “Sufa” (F-16I) squadron and two “Barak” (F-16C/D) squadrons, alongside tactical transport aircraft, helicopters, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and EL (Electronic Warfare).


The US, Hellenic, and Polish air forces arrived with F-16 fighters; the French with “Mirage” 2000D fighters; the Germans with “Eurofighter Typhoon” jets; the Italians with variants of the “Panavia Tornado” multirole fighter and the Indians with a C-130J “Super Hercules.”  

According to Maj. (res.) Tal, Head of the Blue Flag Management Team:

One of the more significant ways to improve international relationships and connect countries is to create military cooperation. The IAF is Israel’s ‘display window,’ and the direct encounter between the air forces is an inseparable part of forming strong, continuous relationships with other countries, near or far.”


*  *  *

Meanwhile, across the sand dunes this evening, a far more interesting story is developing, and could shed light on the end game for Blue Flag 2017. Yesterday we reported that the Saudis intercepted a ballistic missile over the nation’s capital of Riyadh. Now the Saudis call the missile attack “blatant act of aggression” by Iran and “could be considered act of war”. 

The smell of war is in the air and simultaneously Israel and other countries are drilling for ‘real war’. As, what we’ve seen before – drills sometime go live.


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Watch this video of Gen. Wesley Clark describing how, just after 9/11, he was quietly told that the plan was to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq. Why Iraq? Because it's there, basically. Then: Syria; Lebanon; Libya; Somalia; Sudan; "...and finishing off: Iran."Iraq: check. Syria: check. Libya: check. Somalia: check. Sudan: check. Lebanon: work in progress. Iran ...This was all supposed to be over by 2006, however. They are more than a decade out. They must be getting very agitated. This "they".I'm not so young, I remember where I was when I heard John F Kennedy was shot, I remember the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the bombing of Cambodia. More bombs were dropped on those tiny countries than were dropped in the whole of World Wars One and Two combined, including the atom bombs.But I have never seen the world in a more fractured and fragile situation than it is now. We  really are on the edge. Zero Hedge on the edge of the ledge. All the best from the Third World (South): I am very glad to be in the southern hemisphere. Much safer. Far fewer people.

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It is evolving isn’t it?  Now we know what all that behind the scenes stuff going on in Saudi Arabia is all about – attacking Iran.  Having to work up the nerve, with Israel and the USC (United States Company 1871, a Rothschild construction) backing you, go ahead it is a win-win situation.What did Evelyn or was it Jacob promise?  Did they promise you, Saudi Arabia, a piece of Iran, don’t count on it.  The Rothschilds have a really mean way of paying back the people who do their bidding, look at Germany WW2, Europe today, what was the United states of America 1776.  Go ahead you big noses all think you are so much smarter than the rest of us with little noses, go ahead, it will be the end of Saudi Arabia.  Muslims ought to know by now, it is just like it was then, it is all about the Empire of Rothschild and Saudi Arabia is or at least will be, just, a part of it.  Just a part of it but without the name anymore.  The Africans, they need to get ready, and won’t it be easy there, sticks and stones against modern military weaponry, a cake walk.  Europe is in the bag, The Middle East is close and Africa will be nothing to worry about.  The largest Empire by land mass ever in all the history of the world and it is named after the father of it all -Mayer Amschel Bauer, the first Rothschild, the first Jew… The world better get over Trump – Russia, Hillary, Soros, and all the other horsecrap we are being buried under, MSM’s ploy, Hollywood, fake Professors, Darwin, Freud, Einstein; planets, temples, gods, and wars, people, better wake up, the New World Order is four hundred years old, the New, New World Order, a hundred years old, the King is on his throne, the world is his toy and he will have his Empire, for himself, for his glorious Family, Rothschild. Human beings, animal life, plants, the oceans, willing to sacrifice it all, thinking we can rebuild after they are gone.  Trouble is we aren’t going anywhere, we are multiplying like there is no tomorrow, not white people, people, are ravaging the Earth, the Rockefeller’s, the Turner’s, the Gate’s and the Bush’s are so right about that, are so right that there are too many humans on Earth, that humans are destroying the Earth, that humans need to be culled, trouble is it isn’t happening, not nearly fast enough and they, the King and his Court (and I do mean Court, as that is where the murderous conspiracies find their true friend) don’t have a plan B.  So confident were they that humans would like a forest under the saw fall, so sure of their destiny as they planned it, but, it isn’t happening and they do not have a plan B… Societies laws, the old laws that made humans human are killed, murdered under the knife of the new, new world order, (call it a Freudian kind of thing) and it looks like it will be a thousand years before the rebuilding of these laws, before the rebuilding of the human machine can even begin.  A thousand years of murder and conflict, how will they, the filthy rich and the Political sellouts, escape the death they planned for us, all of us?  They won’t and we won’t, it will be the intervention that stops the killing, an intervention not intending to save humanity but to save the precious to all the Universe, Earth.  Yes, Earth, Earth is more than any human, more than all the humans, more than any god made up by men, more than anything we can ever be, Earth is the treasure and I can guarantee you, it will not be sacrificed for the greed of men. If we are to have a hope it will begin when we find the old ways and reinstate them, it will be when we shake off the religious idiocy that has nearly destroyed us, it will be when we decide murder cannot ever be forgiven…

falconflight Nov 6, 2017 6:24 PM Permalink… Israel’s Financial War on Terror Led to Global Shift in Targeting MoneyBook reveals secret task force code-named HarpoonBY: Bill Gertz  November 6, 2017 5:00 amIsrael's government waged financial warfare on terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, which became a model for most states battling terrorism today, according to members of a once secret Israeli task force called Harpoon.The operations ranged from financial operations that caused terrorist groups to lose tens of millions from bad investments, to commando raids on banks linked to the funding of suicide bombings, to targeted assassinations of terror group financiers."Harpoon showed the world that there must constantly be new angles to attack terrorist groups and infrastructure," said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, coauthor with Samuel M. Katz of a new book, Harpoon: Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism's Money Masters, to be published Tuesday."The Israeli task force realized ahead of everyone else that money was the oxygen for the terrorist networks and you could badly damage them by choking it off," she said.Beginning in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Israel, led by Gen. Meir Dagan, a commando veteran who later headed the Mossad intelligence service for nine years, combined old and new spy methods to squeeze the finances of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and the regimes and paymasters behind them. The operations greatly reduced the deadly suicide and rocket attacks used by both groups against the Jewish state.Dagan advocated targeting terrorist financing as a top priority. He died of cancer last year, and the book highlights the major role he played in leading Israel's covert war against terrorists and supporters like Iran.Harpoon was first formed in the early 2000s and was a task force made up of spies, bankers, lawyers, tax officials, and others who used new and innovative ways, along with many traditional intelligence techniques, to attack terrorists' financial networks.The task force also worked with nongovernment organizations to bring lawsuits against Middle East banks linked to deadly terror attacks.A former Harpoon member said in an interview the task force proved to doubters that financial counterterrorism can be a strategic weapon in the fight against terrorism. Harpoon was one Dagan's many significant legacies, said the former official who spoke on condition of anonymity.One of Harpoon's early operations involved a covert raid on the residence of a Palestinian moneychanger in the West Bank city of Ramallah in 2003. Operatives obtained the Palestinian financier's laptop and records that revealed extensive links to terror groups. The Israelis would learn that most of the well-organized terrorist groups like Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah had set up intricate financing and funding systems for their operations.The West Bank operation was followed a year later by Operation Green Lantern, one of Harpoon's most successful operations. Israeli spies and commandos raided a Palestinian branch of the Arab Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, and obtained account information on 390 accounts linked to terror funding for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.At the time, Israel was being rocked by a wave of deadly suicide bombings. The Arab Bank would eventually be linked by Israeli intelligence to a dozen suicide bombings and terrorist attacks.Other financial intelligence exposed a money trail from Iran to Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based terrorist group that was used to fund a series of suicide bus bombings in Jerusalem."Dagan wanted terrorists to look for money instead of targets," the authors wrote. "Dagan didn't give a damn about the international outcry; he knew that American outrage would dissipate."The George W. Bush administration at first opposed the financial attacks, fearing it would destabilize the Palestinian and Lebanese economies. Eventually, however, both the Bush and Obama administrations adopted their own aggressive methods to target and stop terrorist funding streams.Against Hezbollah, financial warfare played a major role in Israel's 2006 summer war in southern Lebanon. Harpoon identified an unspecified number of banks that were being used to fund Hezbollah's forces. The banks were hit with 500-pound bombs dropped by Israeli air force F-16s and F-15s in secret raids.The raids proved very effective tools for putting the bank buildings into ruins and destroying an estimated $100 million in currency, along with damaging banking computers. "Two weeks after the IAF's targeting of the banks, Hezbollah sued for a cease-fire. They had run out of cash," Darshan-Leitner and Katz wrote.Among the many disclosures of Israeli intelligence activities in the book, which the authors say were reviewed by Israeli security services prior to publication, are:

  • A Harpoon undercover operation caused Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasser Arafat to lose $100 million in an Israeli-directed investment scheme. The PLO chief who died in 2004 was found to have embezzled some $326 million from the PLO.
  • Master Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, responsible for killing scores of Americans, was blown up in a secret operation in 2008 using a bomb planted in the headrest of a vehicle bomb in Damascus, Syria.
  • A Hezbollah financier in Lebanon, Salah Ezzedine, lost some $1 billion in an intelligence operation that caused a major financial disruption for Hezbollah.
  • The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency worked with Harpoon to counter Hezbollah drug trafficking in South America.
  • Harpoon-provided intelligence to the Treasury Department led to sanctions imposed on Hezbollah's financing entities in 2006.
  • Israel ran an agent inside a bank used by Hezbollah, the Lebanese Canadian Bank, until the agent was uncovered by Iranian-trained counterspies.
  • Israeli agents conducted a hit on Hamas financier Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010 that sent a message to the terror group that its financiers were a major target.
  • Mossad planned but never carried out an operation to discredit former International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed El Baradei that would have planted money in his bank account that appeared to come from Iran.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden said Dagan's Harpoon served as a model for U.S. counterterrorism financing programs."Meir was a wonderful intelligence partner, incredibly creative in learning about and dealing with threats to Israel," Hayden said. "We here in the United States also learned the great power of financial steps to disable and dissuade our adversaries."Dagan faced bureaucratic resistance to making financial counterterrorism a top priority. Officials within both the Israeli military and intelligence communities opposed a heavy reliance on financial warfare, preferring more traditional spy and military means to kill terrorists and their leaders.The Poland-born Dagan overcame the opposition through both the force of his personality and his ties to senior Israeli leaders, including the late Ariel Sharon."The issue was do you follow the money or obstruct the money," the former Israeli official said of the innovative approach.Under Dagan, the Israelis succeeded in learning about the financial support networks that are needed for nearly all terrorist operations.For example, Hamas suicide bombers were being recruited for attacks with promises of lifelong payments to their families. Harpoon operations were able to disrupt those payments and in so doing undermined Hamas's ability to find people willing to blow themselves in attacks.Darshan-Leitner, who worked with some Harpoon officials in a legal group in Tel Aviv called Shurat HaDin, said Harpoon sent the message that there would be no safe, white-collar jobs in terror groups. "If you helped finance the attacks, you were going to become every bit as big of a target as the bomb makers and gunmen themselves," she said in an email.Harpoon operations placed intense pressure on the international finance systems that in turn sent the message that anyone taking part in the terror funding pipeline at any stage and place would be targeted."In time, every western state came to adopt Harpoon's strategy in the field of counterterrorism," Darshan-Leitner said. "It really proved to be one of the most successful and disruptive Israeli start-ups of them all."Aggressive financial counterterrorism was highlighted in March 2016 by the U.S. special operations raid that killed ISIS finance minister Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al Qaduli. The Pentagon said his death was a severe blow to the terror group's ability to conduct operations both inside and outside of Iraq and Syria.The former Harpoon team member said if Dagan were still heading Mossad his new focus would be on applying similar innovative ways to target terrorists' use of new social media. "People will complain about violating First Amendment rights but this is an arena that is being used to create terrorists," he said.Darshan-Leitner agrees. For example, new means are needed to thwart the recent trend in terror attacks, like the vehicle ramming attacks, highlighted by the deadly terrorist ramming in New York that killed six people.Western security services must become more effective at countering terror attacks using innovative methods, novel technologies, and creative strategies like those of the Harpoon task force, said Darshan-Leitner. "Israel's security services, operating on the frontline constantly, were compelled to innovate new tactics like targeting terror finances and eliminating the money men.""Just as the terror groups continue to adapt, to transform and to surprise, Western intelligence agencies and law enforcement need to evolve, startle and innovate at a fast pace right along with them."After Dagan retired in 2011, he spoke out against using military force against Iran as a way to stop Tehran's nuclear program. As Mossad chief, however, Dagan likely oversaw the aggressive operation that resulted in the mysterious murders of several Iranian nuclear scientists who were assassinated in daring operations inside Iran. The operations are presumed to be targeted Israeli covert operations although the government has denied any links to the attacks.

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Where's leftist Donny's apologists?  Come on guys, is it 4-D chess or "deep state" (lmfao) mind control?  Donald has Israel's cock so far down his throat just like his leftist loser friend Bannon it's incredible.

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Is there even one monument or museum dedicated to the murder of 34 and wounding of 171 US sailors by the bloodthirsty israeli jews?Probably not, but there's a holohoax museum in every major city in every white country.Surprised Howard Schultz hasn't built a mini-holohoax museum inside of every Starbucks just to beat the goyim to death with their lies.Never forget, goy. YOU BETTER NEVER FORGET !!!!!!

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A back door for the US to attack Iran. SA declares war on Iran and since the US is an ally............That Missile atack was a FF by the way which supports my assertion.The US never attacks without some sort of preceding FF to justify it.

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So now Israel = India, the United States, Greece, Poland, France AND Germany. Thats really something.But it does make sense. Why would Israeli service men and women risk their lives when the majority of the free world (minus Asia) are perfectly willing to kill and die for them. Pathetic piece of propaganda.

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Trump has an Israeli agent and Jewish Supremacist as senior advisor, appoints Goldmanites to top finance/economic roles, has expanded SF/SO footprint in Syria in a race to fracture it, and regurgitates Zionist lies on Iran...

But he's your only hope to avoid this last War for the Jews (Zionists and Bankers)?

Trump is simply Global Zionism's puppet, a man most concerned with his children's power and wealth in the 'World to Come.'

No, we will need to look elsewhere for heroes.

It's nearly time, boys and girls. Nearly time to identify Zionism as our world's gravest threat.

Israel has chosen to reject wisdom, peace, and mercy.

Over and over she has lied and murdered and stolen all while using the name of a false god.

So she must be destroyed.

Iudaea Delenda Est

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The world would be a far better place if those entities rose together and removed that cancer from the Middle East... You say, ignorantly, what Israel's neighbors give to them, but omit the cancer Israel gives to it's neighbors.  You do now Hamas was a creation of the filthy Zionists to undermine the PA, only to have Hamas rise against Israel. And Israel is the one running around demanding war on Iran, and Iraq, Syria...Why was Iraq destroyed, because it was a threat to whom??????? This is not CNN< you can't make up lies that are passed as the truth. Here, we all know all too well the evil that is Israel. 

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Great post, love it when Americans point out the obvious corruption of Trump and his administration. I never know if most Americans agree with you or not, because the ZioMedi hides the truth from us.  Even on this site, it is infested with paid Zionist hasbara trolls, spinning their lies, praising Trump as a patriot  The media only interviews or reports stories that support their anti American narrative, as does hollywood, and politicians. 

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the war is at home. its fucked up that this has to happen so i can hurry up and
buy the dip. dont want to miss out on the carnage.

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I'm sure once Donny wipes Bibi's cum from his face he'll make a public statement that the US will send our people to die for Israel.  "Anti-establishment", lol, fucking morons.

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Well, I hate it when they drill. They usually do something evil/stupid! And with Saudi royalty and elitists disappearing (supposedly killed), things may get hot in the area. Who else is disappearing? Trump, Rand Paul, Weinstein ... and others. I am guessing they are going to ground.

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European Air-Forces should dis-associate themselves from that fascist Apartheid state of Israel.They need to be isolated just like Apartheid South Africa was.

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The Houthi alliance is at the gates of Saudi Arabia now, having beat back the invasion of Yemen. Houthi will be pushing into Saudi soil shortly.

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CLICK BAIT!!ISRAEL was a pre-planned military war games, and Saudiconsidered the YEMENI missile as an 'act of war' by IRAN.In other words, a big fat nothing burger. Saudi must waitfor the Trump:Kushner $112B US Arms package to arrive.They must wait for the USRael advance attack on Iran, sothey can drive their $112B worth of US arms into Tehran,mostly White Toyota Tundras 'Made in America' (sic) withmedium machine gun mounts, they can resell to I$I$ Twoand use against our own US troops, just like I$I$ One did.Then Putin will catch them massing in the desert and putthem out of their misery, so Trump:Kushner can makeanother 1% 'rainmaker fee' selling another $112B deal.MAGA!! WAR PROFITEERING!!

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Once again I would like to thank Hezbollah and the Syrian government for protecting the minority Christians from the genocide that was perpetrated by the states of USSA, Israel and SA, and their proxy mercenaries ISIS. God willing the truth will further be revealed to my American brothers and sisters about the evils that our government and their allies are doing with our tax money. So far it's been at least 1 million innocent people killed between Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. All for the petrodollar and the project from a greater israel.

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It's past time to clip Iranian wings. Sic 'em, boys.… "Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir also warned Tehran."Iranian interventions in the region are detrimental to the security of neighbouring countries and affect international peace and security. We will not allow any infringement on our national security," Jubeir tweeted." The Iranian response to this was laughable. It had the same lack of logical flow & precision of thought that some of the pro Iranian shills here display.