Soros & The Myth Of European Democracy: A Shocking Revelation

Authored by Alex Gorka via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

It’s an open secret that the “Soros network” has an extensive sphere of influence in the European Parliament and in other European Union institutions.

The list of Soros has been made public recently. The document lists 226 MEPs from all sides of political spectrum, including former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, seven vice-presidents, and a number of committee heads, coordinators, and quaestors. These people promote the ideas of Soros, such as bringing in more migrants, same-sex marriages, integration of Ukraine into the EU, and countering Russia. There are 751 members of the European Parliament. It means that the Soros friends have more than one third of seats.

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor and the founder and owner of Open Society Foundations NGO, was able to meet with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker with “no transparent agenda for their closed-door meeting”, and pointed out how EU proposals to redistribute quotas of migrants across the EU are eerily familiar to Soros’s own self-published plan for dealing with the crisis.

The billionaire financier believes that the European Union should receive millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa, provide each one with an annual 15,000 EUR in aid, and resettle these migrants in member-states where they do not wish to go and are not necessarily welcome.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has accused the EU of “eating out of the hand” of Soros. He believes that the billionaire open borders campaigner is behind the attacks on Hungary. The reason is the government’s attempts to take legal action over a new law which requires foreign-supported ‘civil society’ organizations — many funded by Soros — to list their big overseas donors in a public register and be transparent about their funding sources in their publications. The Hungarian government is applying efforts to close the Budapest-based Central European University founded by Soros.

“The whole of the European Union is in trouble because its leaders and bureaucrats adopt decisions like this,” said Orbán.


“The people support the ideal of the European Union. At the same time, they can’t stand the leadership of the EU, because it insults the Member-States with things like this, and it abuses its power. Everyone in Europe can see that. This is why the European leadership is not respected.

The Visegrad group is trying to stand tall under the EU pressure on migrants’ policy. The European Commission of Migration and Home Affairs is pushing a new bill to make migrants quotas obligatory. At least 30 Soros supporters work for the commission.

Many people listed in the document are known for attacks on Russia. For instance, Rebecca Harms, a MEP from German Green Party, regularly calls the European Parliament to toughen the sanctions regime against Moscow. Guy Verhofstadt blames Russia for almost each and every thing going wrong in Europe. His article Putting Putin in his Place made a lot of noise last year. In 2012, former Croatian Primer Tonino Picula, who was the head of an observer mission from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), slammed the Russian presidential election of 2012 as unfair, saying it was “skewed” in Vladimir Putin’s favor.

The Soros list sheds light on the question of what makes the EU leadership implement policies, which run counter to the interests of Europeans. The answer is corruption. The politicians bribed by Soros dance to his tune. They fight against the attempts of national leaders to protect the interests of their peoples. Quite often those who oppose such policies have to face the resistance of political elites of their own countries. The standoff between Hungarian PM Orbán and the Soros network is a good example to illustrate how it works. The European Parliament under the influence of Soros friends is pushing Europe to suicide by letting millions of migrants in.

It shows that the much-vaunted European democracy is a façade to hide the activities of power structure close to feudal system with local lord holding the reins. It can hardly be called the power of people. The publication of Soros list provides a clue to understanding who rules the EU and who instigates anti-Russia sentiments in Europe. Actually, this is the case when EU member countries like Hungary happen to be in the same boat with Russia opposing the very same US-based forces, while protecting their sovereignty and independence. This is the time for Europeans to think about transforming the system to do away with outside pressure.


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What does everyone always need to keep in the forefront of their minds concerning "European" "Democracy"?"there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties"Meaning, "Democracy" only is okay here if it supports the EU.  If it hurts it, it is undemocratic and illegeal.  There is no real democracy in Europe, only a faux democracy to keep the population placated into a state of believing their vote matters (which it doesn't). 

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Ghordius Haus-Targaryen Mon, 11/06/2017 - 05:41 Permalink

European Democracy?
it involves over one hundred political parties in 28 sovereign Nation States
it involves coalition of parties in elected parliaments

yes, some aren't in power. you were supporting AfD in Germany: 13% of the votes, 13% of the seats, no outlook to join a majority, no compromises

so? your "there is no democracy" sounds a bit hollow, if taken in context

and there is the problem: you don't like the context. nor our constitutions

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And according to the article, one third of these are bought and paid for by Soros. Of course, you mean that the individual countries have their own political leaders, who always do right by their voters, and never bow down to the constraints forced upon them by the EU central authority.So strange - the world you live in, and the world I live in are the same, and yet so very, very far apart.

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When will people wake up to the truth that is before their very own eyes...Soros is not the mastermind, he is the figurehead puppet (just like the man JP Morgan before him)...their strategy hasn't changed in 2,000 years...… is the attempted rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire using classic Jesuit tactics...

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We've all seen what happens to "European democracy" when the vote works against the euro or the EU.  Great examples:1) Berlusconi being replaced by a technocrat at the behest of Brussels2) The Greek Oxi vote being completely ignored3) The Catalonian vote being tossed aside EDIT: 4) I forgot the poor Irish who had to vote -- what three times (???) before coming up with the result Brussels wanted.  Funny that -- as soon as the vote went the way necessary for the EU to continue to exist -- they quit voting.  Isn't "democracy" in the EUSSR fantastic? Line up everyone!  Your vote really matters! Then again, when something works in favor of the EU, even if the same or similar grounds as above are the goal -- the EU and the euro are all for it, see the Kosovo independence gambit, the Maidan, etc., etc.,Then there is the question of importing savages into Eastern Europe, the Eastern European nations have made it pretty clear they want nothing to do with it (through their "democracies") and the EU is all butt-hurt about it.Perhaps you can tell me these are all "local" issues, and the EU falling on their own side of the fence literally every single time is simply a coincidence. 

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European Democracy?Soros the old nazi and Junker from the old nazi family are members of a fourth reich which hides within the E.U.The true fascist agenda of the EU represents only the bankers and the multinational corp financed Euro Lobby which bribe the EU MP's.The unelected EU commision has a large contingent of "democratic" GoldmanSachs vampires who also rotate from positions of Prime Minister or Finance Minister of most member governments, often unelected, as with Greece and Italy.There is also the issue of media influencing elections and postal and computer voting fraud - and even fraudulant ballot counting and tallying.Soros & The Myth Of European Democracy: A Shocking Revelation seems to sum it up.Usefull article thankyou.

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Organ grinder = commission.Monkey = EU parliament.The monkey does not tell the organ grinder what to do and you know full well it is not democratic.As for Soros as the article outlines only needs to consider"he will be one of those who picks those in the commission".As for his NGO's paid shills ... = his private army / mercenaries.Gets them on the cheap too they should demand much more for what they are doing.

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the EU is the new tower of babel.
people vote for MPs who talk and talk and talk
while all of the actual policies are developed by unaccountable committees.
now and again the MPs at large get a chance to vote on policies that have already been settled on.
whenever a particular member state gets uppity and wants to buck a decision, the EU beats them into line with threats. and soon with an army if the EU gets their way.
the EU is a faux democracy. makes the US almost look functional by comparison.

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We precieve the World in, at least, two ways, by the voice in everyones head which regurgitates what it has been told, including the messages which interpret what you have heard, and the other instinctual way which manifests as physical feelings, when these two systems are at odds you have cognitive dissonance and you may say as you go along with what you have been told, (which is the most powerful motivator for modern men), I don't know, but this doesn't feel right! but you do it anyway because you are a good person who follows their conditioning anddoes what he has been told to do!

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soros is evil personified.

all of his acolytes should be stripped of all power and tried where their actions have led to destructive national policies

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Amschel Rothschild died, JP Morgan was installed in his position...JP Morgan died, George Soros was installed in his position... I thought zher's were smart enough to realize that these "moguls" are not the head of the beast, but merely an appendage?The greatest trick of the devil is to convince people he doesn't exist...and that the pope is his vicar...

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Soros in an enemy to every European and North American European. How this evil fuck has not been declared Public Enemy #1 completely escapes me.

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yes, philipat, I tend to comment on things I know something about
you live in Bali, which is in ASEAN, isn't it? a trade and cooperation pact modelled after the EU (not my quote, more the usual way media explains it). why don't you take that as reference? tell me how it impacts you daily life and your future. or how it differs from the EU, and why
I'd be delighted to read a "I'm there, I know/see... account"

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what mythical rubbish

and this sentence tops the rubbish-meter:

"The Visegrad group is trying to stand tall under the EU pressure on migrants’ policy"

nope. no "trying". the 2015 EU Council decision has not been implemented in the Visegrad countries and... period. that's it.

Joe A Ghordius Mon, 11/06/2017 - 03:58 Permalink

The migrant distribution programme has been scrapped because the Visegrad countries were not taking any. But the LIBE commission (and I wonder how many of these MEPS in that document are member of that commission) want a new agreement that ties accepting migrants with EU subsidies under the banner of "you will get solidarity (subsidies) if you show solidarity (in taking in migrants). Visegrad countries and others already pissed off with that.What do you think of the claim that Soros has many MEPs in his pockets?

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I'd love to see some Muzzies get shipped to BFE Poland somewhere. >Be uneducated goat-fucking muzzie in nowhere Poland B >Go to club, see scantily-clad women dancing around>Encounter alcohol for the first time>Get hammered and start molesting Polish girls>Polish girls, instead of being "Refugees Welcome" cum-guzzlers like their Western counterparts call their brothers, boyfriends and cousins ... not the cops>Polish bros show up in mass to the club, and beat the goat-fucker to death>No one calls cops and no charges filed Let this happen a few times in the Visegrad countries and the Muzzies will be climbing over one another to NOT go there. 

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it's a claim similar to the first: sounds bombastic, but if you scratch the surface of simplifications of mythical nature, you find quite boring politics beneath

I told you before: the "honeymoon" with the Visegrad countries is over. Brexit UK changed the equations. there is no further "having cake" and "eating cake" to be had anymore, in the EU club. the door is there for all who want to leave the commonly agreed frameworks

"alliance politics 101", actually. it's based on compromises, not "grandstandings" for domestic political reasons

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I don't like Soros. I don't like these power brokers (whether they are the likes of Soros or big companies) that influence things behind the scene. I don't like the MEPs going to bed with them. It is all very nontransparent.The honeymoon with the Visegrad over? I think that works both ways. Remember, these countries are +100 million people. You can't ignore them or teach them a lesson. Macron tried that and he got burned. Other Eastern European countries whether MS or candidate more or less think the same way. These countries are then easy pickings for the US.

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